Saturday, January 05, 2008


WILDCARD WEEKEND- where anything can happen, like first appearances North Of the Border, but more fun.

Washington at Seattle. In spite of our legion of Redskin fans who count on us to post on their blog about the Sean Taylor case (you should see the emails I get from female Skins fans-lots of skin to say the least) I must disappoint them and say the Seahawks -4 is the lock of the day. And if you look hard, you can get it at -3. We admire the Skins scrappy play and toughness, and lord knows that they have an emotional issue to play for. But these Hawks are two years removed from the Super Bowl. They have many of the same players and they have picked up their play in the last few weeks. Seahawks -4, over 39.

Jax at Pittsburgh. We looked up this stat: In 75 years, and during many of them they were the worst team in the NFL, the Steelers have never lost twice in one season to the same team at home. The Jags have the chance tonight to be first. The Jags are favourites by 2.5 to 3 and you can make a good case that when the Jags went into Pittsburgh a few weeks ago and beat the Steelers at their own game- running in the snow, that was no fluke. But the game was closer than it looked, and the real question here is how bad is the Steeler offensive front line? They are down to a third string left tackle against a premier defense. However, Steeler QB Roethlisberger has been in the playoffs three of his first four years and he is the youngest QB to win a Super Bowl. On the other side, the Jags QB is making his first playoff start, in Pittsburgh no less.

We haven’t been able to pick a Steeler game right all year, so our advice is to leave the game alone. However, a fun play that you can make a case for is the money line- Steelers +130. Bet a hundred, win 130, no point spread. Or, a traditional analysis says that with a beaten up offensive line, no way the Steelers can win this game. However, they have a very good defense, and Roethlisberger can make plays, so we may just risk the 100 to win 130, but go light.

The NY Giants rumble into Tampa tomorrow with a lot on the line. A “one and out in the playoffs” probably means the end of the line for coach Coughlin, not to mention Eli Manning. The team came together nicely at the end of the season and gave the Cheaters all they could handle. They are getting three points from a Tampa team that quietly moved through the season without making much noise. The Bucs did a good job this year and they are on the right track. But the Giants D has roared at times this year, and we like their running game. Giants +3 on the road to win. Because we like the Giants to win, we also suggest you forgo the points and lay 100 to win 130. The Giants money line +130.

Tennessee at San Diego. Ah, San Diego and QB Rivers. Out favourite early season punching back. We loaded up against them early and that made it a very profitable season for us indeed. However, there is a thought that the Chargers just needed some more time to pick up and execute Norv Turner’s new offense. And there may be some truth to that. On the other side, Coach Fisher is our pick for coach of the year for the second year in a row. He is good. He is smart. And he teaches his players to find a way to win. The problem is that his star QB Vince Young is limping. And his team just doesn’t have the guns to run with these lightening bolts just yet. This year you can file the Titans under the category “Just happy to be here.” Although we will be rooting otherwise, no upset in the making here. Go ahead and lay the 10 points if you’re a Charger fan. The over 39 seems like a better play. And watch these Titans. Because with a few good draft picks in the Offensive line and linebackers, they may just start going deep into the playoffs.

Of note in the Titans/Chargers game is that the outcome determines who plays the Cheaters next week. If the Chargers win, then the Steelers/Jags winner goes to the land of secret videotapes and coaches who cheat in grey hoodies. If the Titans manage an upset, then the Steelers/Jags play the Colts and the Titans earn a trip to 16-0 land.

By the way, lets just get it on the record right now.

The MVP of this year’s Super Bowl, just happens to be the famous winning quarter back of this year’s Super Bowl. Yup, we are talking about the obvious here:

Brett Favre and the
Green Bay Packers.

Coming up: on the blog next week: after a month of vacations, short weeks, and days off, what do the Judges of Florida do? Schedule a Judicial seminar of course. And Rumpole gives you a sneak peek at some of the topics.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Green Bay to win it all. Brilliant insight! Maybe they can play Tennessee in the Super Bowl. That would be fun!

Anonymous said...


Shumie's dog said...

Grrrr...Steelers ruff ruff...grrrr Giants Arf arf arf...grrrr...Titans...grruff grruf...Obama grr New Hampshireruffruf, grrrrr Redskins ruff ruff ruff. Grrrrr.McCain arf arf arf arf.

4th floor asa said...


From the memo:

"...and after meeting with new Vice President of operations Bill Parcells, Cameron was told in no uncertain terms that a new general manager would be hired and that the new GM would be hiring a new coach. However, despite that clear statement, Cameron- who was latter questioned by the media denied that he had been informed he would be fired.

As you know, it is a cardinal rule at the Dade State Attorneys Office that an individual cannot under any circumstances lie or misrepresent why they were fired. Because he was the coach of a team that went 1-15, and because he deliberately with malice aforethought chose to lie about why he was fired by VP Parcells, it is hereby the decision of the Dade County State Attorneys Office that Cam Cameron be immediately terminated.
A copy of this memo shall be placed in his permanent personel file."

ASA Don Horn, Esq.

Anonymous said...

Are the Regional Counsel scab sellouts up and running for real?

I got two appointments just this
past week. What's up?

history prof said...


Who said "fear is a great motivator."?

A. Hitler
B. Stalin
C. Patton
D. Kathy Rundle

Who said "first prize is a Cadillac, second prize is a set of steak knives, third prize, 'you're all fired.'"

A. Alec Baldwin in Glen Gary Glen Ross

B. Donald Rumsfeld

C. Saddam Hussein

D. Kathy Rundle

Who said "The only thing you have to fear is getting fired."?

A. Franklin Roosevelt
B. Mitt Romney
C. Ross Perot
D. Kathy Rundle

Who said "To err is human, and if you err you're fired."

A. Ed Koch
B. Richard Nixon
C. Mel Torme
D. Kathy Rundle.

Good luck, and no cheating.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to dissappoint you but Edwards is clueless and going down in flames. He will hopefully take Hillary with him. He has no shot and no clue. I am surprised you would support him despite that.

Anonymous said...

John Edwards is awful. he is all ambition and nothing else. he is dragging his wife around the country while she is ill, and puts his ambition before his family. Furthermore, he was an awful running mate to Kerry who begged him to hit the republicans harder...Now 4 years later, he claims Kerry wouldn't unleash him. He also has no clue how to be a leader or about foreign affairs. his speech was arrogant and out of line. He would be a disaster. Obama08

Anonymous said...

Abe Bailey- Regional Counsel SCAB

Anonymous said...

I heard Judge Ward assigning a defendant the "Office of Regional Counsel" just this week, so I guess it is up and running. Or sputtering.

Wait until the State gets the final bill on what the Regional Counsel's office costs per case is in this circuit. They'll head back to the old wheel system before you can say "over budget."

Anonymous said...

Who are the Regional Counsel Scabs besides Abe Bailey?

Anonymous said...

Is this guy full-time?

ID Number: - 480398
Address: Abe A Bailey P A
18350 NW 2nd Ave Ste 500
Miami, Florida 331694519
United States
Phone: 305.6538860
Fax: 305.6535286
E-Mail: abe@baileypa.com

County: Miami-Dade
Circuit: 11
Admitted: 06/25/1985

10-Year Discipline History None

Anonymous said...

abe laeser quit the state attys office to work for george????

well known packer hater said...

The Seahawks will beat the Packers next week by at least one touchdown (especially if the weather is too cold and windy for old greybeard) and look like they might even make the Super Bowl. And, by the way Rumpole, Hillary is going to win the NH Primary--the rumour now is that Obama was busing in college students from Illinois to vote in the Iowa caucusses.

Anonymous said...

7:49, do you have a law license? ITS ABE BAILEY, NOT LAESER. R-E-A-D!

Anonymous said...

All Abes look alike. Just a joke.