Sunday, January 20, 2008


We read with sadness this morning in Joan Fleischman's column in the Herald, that former municipal court Judge Nelan Sweet passed away at age 85.

There is a service today, Sunday, at 2:30 at Mt. Nebo at 5505 NW 3rd Street.

Old timers will remember Mr. Sweet in the courtroom as a courteous attorney. And really old timers will remember Mr. Sweet along with Alvin Goodman as judges on the old Municipal Court. And really really old timers will have practiced in that court.

Sy Gaer. Alvin Goodman. Nelan Sweet. These were the lawyers who practiced law in the criminal courts as Miami turned from a sleepy southern tourist town into a bustling metropolis.

When a prosecutor or defense attorney walks into a courtroom a seeks justice, they are, in a sense standing on the shoulders of these pioneers. It's just something to remember the next time you, dear reader, think nothing happened in this town until you graced us with your legal genius. And that applies doubly to our robed readers.


Anonymous said...

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fake alschuler said...

Just a gem of a guy. A fellow Miami Beach guy to boot.

fake golembe said...

Just how does this affect me?

real fake eli manning said...

I dunno. I'm just feeling real good right now.

fake favre said...

Dream on city boy. It's gonna be cold tonight. Hope your momma lets you out to play.

fake urlacher said...

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old guy said...

Sad to see Nelan Sweet go. Always a kind and 'sweet' man.

Moving up the seniority list is NO FUN.

fake blecher said...

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fake denaro said...

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well bred said...

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well bred said...

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Anonymous said...

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well bred said...

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fake ted mastos said...

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shumie's dog said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

the only thing sy gaer was a pioneer in was in rule 3s because of his ineffective assistance of counsel.

Anonymous said...

5:13, go back outside and yell at the kids playing for making too much noise.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we can have Sy Gaer, Alvin Goodman, and Nelan Sweet as a panel on the high Court. Something tells me the panel would condem many of the "Robed ones" who have forgotten where they came from, all too often foresake compassion and with it all semblance of humanity, and are intoxicated with their dillusions of granduer!

Anonymous said...

5:13--there's no other way to put it--you are DEAD WRONG. Were Sy Gaer's methods unorthodox, to say the least? Yes. Would they work with 98% of defense attorneys out there, myself included? Heck no. But Sy managed to do things his way and win more than his fair share of jury trials. More than a few ASAs took a slam dunk guilty to trial only to get whipped by Sy.

A little bit of Sy's success was his shtick. But he had a keen knowledge of the law and could pick holes in the State's case as well as anybody. Did he win all of his jury trials? No, but name me a trial lawyer who has a 1.000 winning percentage. And Sy would the be the first to admit he did not win all of his cases. Did Sy make mistakes from time to time? Yes, but what attorney doesn't.

The simple fact is that Sy Gaer was unorthodox yet, most of the time, extremely effective. Don't disrespect him now that he is gone.

Anonymous said...

To the idiot who castigates Gaer:

Sy gave his clients dignity and an adequate defense. A client is not entitled to outstanding representation but adequate representation. His clients paid him modest sums and Sy did wonders for them.

I daresay that most defense attorneys I meet do not give their clients outstanding representation though they may charge 5 times what Sy charged.

The man is dead -- let him rest you moron.

I'm gonna Quit when the lawyers start calling me Ma'am said...

I had the pleasure of being secretary to Sy Gaer and he honestly loved his work and his clients. They gave him great joy and he seemed to win most of his cases with just his little black book. He was always kind and generous to me. I miss him.

As for Nelan Sweet, he was a good friend of mine and very much a gentleman (although he loved to flirt with the - then young ladies).

To those of you new to the community, savor every moment, learn all you can, take chances and dream big . . . life is