Saturday, December 16, 2006


Well it was bound to happen. The folks up north banded together and started a blog.

I don't know the lawyer who is runing the blog, but -get this- he has used his real name!!

My understanding is that he is expected to be out on bond by Monday.

Courageous? Or in need of a psych eval?

Say what you want about ol'Rumpole, but our years of mingling with the criminal element has done nothing if not teach us the ins and outs of avoding a consipracy rap.

" Never tell anyone. Never trust anyone. Never reach for the check. "

That's our motto.

Best of luck to the Broward Blogger.
And if necessary we will establish a defense fund for you.

PS. Folk- tis the season to be jolly. Stop posting mean things about each other in the comments section or Santa will make you the last person on a 100 page sounding calendar before Judge Adrien or Areces.


Anonymous said...

Is there any real possibility we could have a president in 2008 named "Mitt"?? That bothers me.
a lot.

Anonymous said...

Just who is that arrogant ass who is driving a 125,000 FORD that parked his car in the atty parking lot? 125 K for a FORD???? gET REAL duDE!!

Anonymous said...

The female defense attorney beats Rumpole to the football pick of the day:

Big D over Atlanta

Even Steven said...

Just who was that newly single 40ish attorney dropping a K at Nobu before his party of very young models limo-ed off to Mansion last night, where the $800.00 bottles of Vodka flowed like cheap water?

I know, because my spies told me.

Rumpole said...

Ok Toots, wanna play with the big boys? Just for the heck of it, I'll take the Atlanta homes boys as a 4 point dog tonight.

Say a $20.00 Starbucks gift card?

(PS. That cowboy coach better lay off the triple chocolate Lattes or he won't be able to fit into his stretch pants by the end of the season.)

Anonymous said...

I think that ford costs about 150 grand. When your civic dies, maybe you can get one.

Anonymous said...

So the idiot is driving a car that costs as much as a down payment for a house; or 4x the median salary in the US? How many kids in Florida could get new clothes, food an health insurance for that ego inflating waste of money?

I hope some old lady drives her Civic into it and scratches the paint beyond repair. Would be Karam baby, Karma.

Rumpole said...

PS. Just because you spent some time cheerleading doesn't mean you know about the game.

(I'm not really a sexist, just an inveterate trash talker.)

Anonymous said...

I bet Barry Wax wishes he stayed with the Zen Master now.

Anonymous said...


A new poll was the only way to resolve the current crisis, Mr Abba said.
He was speaking live on Palestinian TV after days of escalating tensions between Hamas and his Fatah movement that have raised fears of civil war.
Hamas, which was elected in January and does not recognize Israel, immediately rejected the call.
" I decided call for early presidential and parliament elections," Mr Abba said at the end of a major policy speech in Ramallah.

Anonymous said...

Rump, I quickly reviewed the new Broward Blog...In the section of "Blogs to read" he doesn't even have your incredible blog on it. What a dope. You know he reads your blog everyday and can't even admit to it.

E. Garcia

Anonymous said...

Another record week for new DUIs for the Q


close your eyes

become the Q

Anonymous said...

if I charged what he charges for a DUI I'd have a record week too.

Anonymous said...

Barry Wax teamed up with Naftali Wachs and they are doing just fine.

I fear Q.

The zen master is really a turd master.

Who the hell is E. Garcia.

Even steven is a yentta.

Anonymous said...


If you think I "don't know the game" you need to talk to my ex-boyfriend. I blew his mind with my sports trivia knowledge on the first date. I'll have to invite you over sometime, my condo is packed with sports memorabilia.

Anonymous said...

12:26-are you hot?

Anonymous said...

Sissy I think you give Joel and Country too much credit - those posts were not done by them.

Anyway, Happy Hannukah to Weed, Stein and Brummer at the PD.

And to you Sissy keep trying those
3rd degree felonies Mr. C.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rumpole...If you post a comment on that Broward Blog after typing comments it give you a "spell check" option before submitting post.

Can you add spell check to this blog so I dont get teased for a misspelled word?

Anonymous said...

Broward blog's interesting, seems like a venue for intelligent conversation, not trashing people for, well anything

Anonymous said...

dont hate on that ford gt. thats a tight ride. b/c you have a little cash, does it mean you should give it away to feed the homeless? no, enjoy what you earn. at the same time, be kind and give back to the community, whether it be time or donations. i know the owner of that sweet rig and he does indeed help the community. you're just jealous of that car (as am I).

just funny shit said...



The request seemed simple: a public record demand for six pages of documents from the Department of Children and Families. It came from a food stamp client who repeatedly bombards the state with request.

No Problem, said staff lawyer Meryl Gold-Levy [now a traffic magistrate]. Pay for the copies – 15 cents a page — and they’re yours. The client paid. Ninety cents. With a $100 bill.

Gold-Levy gave him change – $99.10. In coins.

Upshot? She got fired, and he’s threatening to sue. “I hereby demand payment of $2,500,” he wrote. “I suffered am injury to my right hand, which was used to carry the heavy bag of coins.”


Who is this guy? The state refuses to identify him. Can’t legally, it claims.

Gold-Levy, a nine year veteran, says she didn’t intend to be mean, just funny.

“My sense of humor kicked in high gear.” Her bosses weren’t amused. Unprofessional, they said. “Bad judgment. We don’t do that. We’re lawyers.”

“I’m respectful,” says Gold-Levt. : “I have a mind and a heart. But he’s a pain in the butt [ASS]. We get faxes from him every day. He’s a full time job”. Staffers spend hours, she says, answering his public records request. Once, she says, he faxed her a memo demanding she explain the use of the word “many”.

“Consult your dictionary” she responded.

Gold-Levy is the wife of former Circuit Judge D. Bruce Levy.

—Posted because it is funny----

Anonymous said...

sounds like the levy family likes the name "former" in front of their names

Anonymous said...

you are both wrong ($125k or 150k) go higher ... and the wheels are owned by none other than Rumpole. I know it, it is a fact and I can prove it.

Anonymous said...

umm .. so if we sue this rumpole guy for libel we may get some $$ ?

Anonymous said...

rumpole owns a 125K car? rump is this true? I thought he hid in your office avoiding creditors and not answering your phone?

Anonymous said...

I like this one excerpt from the DBR article that the Broward Blog got permission to reprint and that they forced the Broward Blog to take down after they rescinded the permission:

"The rambunctious side his friend Forman recalls once ended up on a police blotter. In April 1969, during Spring Break, Ross was arrested by Fort Lauderdale police after he and a buddy slugged a bartender who caught them heisting a keg of beer from a cooler at the old She Lounge in the Marlin Beach Hotel.

Ross, then 21, told police the caper was “a lark” and refused to identify his pal. To this day, Ross won’t name the man, saying he doesn’t like snitches.

Police charged Ross with the felony of breaking and entering a business, and misdemeanor counts of assault and battery and resisting arrest without force. Records show the felony B&E was later reduced to petty larceny."

Chief Judge Dale Ross doesn't like snitches. Guess that's why he doesn't like open dockets either...

Rumpole said...

1) i DO not drive a 125k car.
2) I will not comment on what you did to your boyfriend on the first date. Rumpole doesn't even kiss on the first date.



Rumpole said...


Anonymous said...

Sure, the bet is on. However, I have never been a FAN of coffee.

How do you plan on delivering my "prize" w/o revealing your identity?

I hope you realize that Vick is going to choke yet again.


Anonymous said...

A pic please Toots.

Anonymous said...

I was working for "HRS" back then and the Levy story is VERY true. Down to the last penny. I'm trying to remember his name. The individual was constantly harassing Ms. Levy and showing up at her office all the time. Meryl was a fun lawyer to work with and always tried to not let us stress about the impossible job we had to face each day.

Anonymous said...

Levy is now a traffic magistrat does that mean I can pay that $180 speeding ticket with coins when I show up in her court?

Anonymous said...

To Sats 246pm
Did you forget to sign your name? What is wrong w/ being a C? Do you think my "talent" are wasted representing people who face from 5 to 30 years in prison ( as HO/HSO/PRRPs); or do you think that C clients dont deserve a quality attorney?'

David Sisselman

ps its Mr. 1000 Feet, to you

Anonymous said...

are you really still a "c"?

Anonymous said...

LAy off sisselman. sisselman, ferster and petre are part of an ever shrinking group at PDO--- lawyers who dont think they are doing gods work and dont take themselves too seriously.

It's hard to imagine but PD'd really are more annoyingly self righteous than most ASA's.

Anonymous said...

Sisselman and Petre I agree with. Ferster on the other hand is a self righteous prick.

Anonymous said...

Sisselman and Petre are great guys. They ARE among the last of a shrinking group.

RIP Joe Reyes.......

Anonymous said...


dog_shit said...


Anonymous said...

talking about long calendars. What is Adrien doing in criminal court? His calendars are the the longest in the building. EVEN longer than Areces. And he passes private cases till the end of calendar with no intention of getting involved. At least Areces treats lawyers in her courtroom with professonalism and respect. At least Areces gets involved. Adrien is ripe for opposition. EVEN if he uses that Camacho thing again. In 2012 other than the open seat Adrien will be the only candidate with multiple opponents. Forget the fact that he is ignorant about criminal law, (that's expected since he did not practice criminal) but he is mean and ignorant. If he were intelligent we could at least respect his evil intellect. NOT EVEN THAT. Adrien will have opposititon. Somemone will have the courage to run. Judge are not expected to be defense orriented just to be considerate of the attorneys in his courtroom and have an at least decent and professional disposition.