Thursday, December 21, 2006

Au Revoir Judge Young

Judge Young soon retires to leave the REGJB for greener pastures on television. Here is why his absence will be felt as a true loss.

In this day and age of “strict constructionists” and criminal court Judges who were neither prosecutors nor public defenders, Judge Young could see the forest through the trees. Cases before him were not just charges with corresponding guidelines. Cases were in fact people.

Judge Young could always see the good in almost anybody who appeared before him. That is not to say he was not a tough sentencer. He was, where the facts of the case called for it. But he was also the type of Judge who understood, because he was a former prosecutor, that there was more to any particular case then an arrest report and an allegation.

We have oft decried the devaluation of a criminal case. What we mean is that there is a qualitative difference between the burglary charge where a stranger breaks into a house, and an estranged husband who gets arrested when he returns home to pick up some items and gets into another fight. However the Husband may well plead to CTS to get out of jail rather than fight the charges. If either of those two people were to get re-arrested, Judge Young was the type of Judge who you could get to look beyond the priors, and into the facts of the case, to really see who your client was.

This is a trait sadly missing in many of our current Judges.

The “its not my job” philosophy has taken hold. Judges know that hundreds if not thousands of people plead guilty every year to charges that are not supported by the facts of the case, just to get out of jail. There isn’t a judge in the REGJB who doesn’t know that. Yet, many of them will turn a blind eye to that fact when it comes time to evaluate a defendant, for either bond, or an appropriate sentence.

What we are trying to say is that Judge Young understood the practicalities of the system; the good and the bad. He was not afraid to make the tough call either way. And in the end, whether you liked his decision or didn’t agree with it, you would have to agree that Judge Young did what he believed was the right thing to do, not the easy thing to do.

It's not an accident that Judge Young has sat in the courtroom where Judge Cowart's portrait hangs: two Judges who were known for their interest and concern in all who appeared before them.

We wish Judge Young well. We just wish he wasn’t leaving. The citizens of Dade County are a little less better off the day he resigns.

See You In Court.


Rumpole said...

I just read the remaining posts from last night. You poor people. While I never confirm my whereabouts for obvious reasons, do you really think I would attend some dopey xmas party with a bunch-o-lawyers? My tastes run to the free caviar and champagne set, not chips n-pigs in a blanket with warm light beer. For shame to think I would be so easily discovered. But just go right along with those super sleuths at channel 6 and do your best not to think "outside of the box."


WERE ARE YOU? said...

Not to offend you Mr. Rumpole (if thats your real name), but I have had just about enough of the serious post. Were is the guy that was funny? Made us all laugh at a drop of a dime? Made the day go by fast by writing serious with that special kick of humor that made you a huge star?

Stop the crap about those who are leaving and get back to the libel remarks and outright lies of the powerful judicial branch with the humor that only you can do just right!!!

You have become BORING!! (please do not take this the wrong way). You are one funny guy and thats the guy we all miss.

Rumpole the real Rumpole this is your official AMBER alert!! Come home to insults, lies, libel, slander and all the humor that made you the funniest guy around!!!

Rumpole said...

Many posts ago, (actually a little over a year ago) when we mourned the death of Rosa Parks, we wrote one of our favourite lines:
"Some days just cry out for the reverent, not the irreverent.
December 1 is one of those days.
Thanks for reading."

I can't be funny all the time, as shocking as that may seem. This is the JUSTICE BUILDING BLOG not the comedy blog, but I do understand your point, and one of my goals is to entertain. OK: There was this Rabbi, a Priest, and a lawyer, and they get into a car crash and all three die and approach St Peter in Heaven. And the Rabbi says..........

Anonymous said...

"Were are you" can't spell and is an asshole. (How's that?)

Anonymous said...

not that funny

Anonymous said...

Has David already resigned or is it just inevitable?

Anonymous said...


A Robed One said...

Nice tribute to Judge Young, Rumpole.

Who will the D-Train hire?

Anonymous said...

Rumpole I am a huge Marlins fan. Save him please!!!

Star Marlins pitcher Dontrelle Willis was arrested outside a South Beach nightclub this morning on a DUI charge, Miami Beach police said.

Police first noticed Willis, 24, early Friday when he double-parked his black two-door Bentley near Mansion, a nightclub in the 1200 block of Washington Avenue.

Double-parking was far from Willis' most egregious offense. Police say he later stepped out of the car and urinated on the street.

Willis then got back into the Bentely and drove away.

The police officer was unable to pull over Willis' car -- he had to attend to an emergency call first. But when the officer returned to the same place a short while later, Willis' Bentely was parked outside of the nightclub again.

It was still blocking traffic.

Police said Willis appeared ''confused and disoriented'' and had ''bloodshot, watery eyes.'' He did not have his drivers license, according to the arrest form.

Around 4 a.m., Willis failed a field sobriety test, police said. He was put under arrest and brought to the Miami Beach Police Department for processing.

Willis refused a Breathalyzer test, police said.

He was being held in the Miami-Dade County Jail. Bond was set at $1,000.

Willis recently finished his fourth season with the Marlins. A two-time all-star, he has a 58-39 career record with a 3.44 lifetime ERA.

''We're aware of the situation, but we have no comment,'' said P.J. Loyello, Marlins vice president for communications.

The arrest is sure to tarnish the squeaky-clean image and detract from the rags-to-riches story the precocious pitcher has developed during a four-year big-league career.

The product of a broken home, Willis grew up on the tough streets of Alameda, Calif., where his mother, Joyce Harris, worked long hours as a welder atop some of the tallest bridges and buildings in the Bay Area. Yet she rarely failed to make it to her son's baseball and basketball games.

Drafted by the Chicago Cubs, Willis came to the Marlins in a 2002 trade -- the first major deal made by general manager Larry Beinfest -- and a season later he was in the big leagues.

Named to the National League all-star team 10 weeks into his first season, Willis would go on to win the league's Rookie of the Year award that year while leading the Marlins to their second World Series title.

The winningest pitcher in franchise history, Willis led the majors in victories with a team-record 22 in 2005 when he made his second all-star team. That also earned him a $4.35 million contract last season, which made him the richest Marlin as well. Willis is currently in negotiations for a new contract and is expected to earn more than $6 million next season.

It's uncertain if today's arrest will affect those negotiations or if it will have a lasting impact on the pitcher's off-the-field accomplishments. Twice Willis has been nominated for baseball's Roberto Clemente Award, one of sports' most prestigious community service awards.

Willis has won special recognition for his work with children, sponsoring T-ball leagues in South Florida and spending countless hours with sick and disadvantaged kids. Last month he treated 50 children to a private two-hour shopping spree at the Sunset Place Niketown followed by lunch and two hours of play time at Gameworks.

A year ago he angered the coaching staff by refusing to blow off a scheduled visit to the home of an aging Marlins' fan with terminal cancer simply because he was pitching that night. And later that season -- hours after losing a tough pennant-race game -- Willis showed up at a local restaurant to pass the hat for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

''When you think about it, it's not hard to put baseball games aside. People win and people lose. That's sports,'' Willis said of his philosophy toward charity. ``Being able to help people, sometimes that opportunity will just come and pass.''

Anonymous said...

The State should bring Grieco back to prosecute him.

Anonymous said...

my fees are too high for most so i dont frequent the justice bldg much anymore.[thankfully] i had a sentencing in front of young. he made arragant and inappriopate comments to the defendants who were married. he "ordered" them to tell their children of the arrest which has no legal basis. i came close to taking other action against him although i thought it over and decided to give him a break. in my humble opinon he was not a good judge and could never make a nickle in private practice. i say good riddance to him. he has a large ego and is a lightweight judge.

Anonymous said...

your a douche bag and I can't think that anyone would pay big #'s for your services but keep pleaing those clients.

Anonymous said...

Rum, What drugs were you on when u wrote this posting? Young will do great in front of a camera. That's his forte.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
The State should bring Grieco back to prosecute him.

Truly Funny!!!

Rumpole said...

I took down the Baker Act post about the Judge for a few reasons:

1) You could make a good case for baker acting just about any of the wearer of the robes over there.

2) Mental illness is not funny. I would not leave a post up about a Judge with diabetes, so a Baker act is no different.

3) The Judge is retired, meaning it does not affect anyone but his family. If this news is true, it is sad, and our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

The holidays are a tough time for the best of us.

Anonymous said...

If D Willis knows what's good for him- and there is no reasons to believe he does- he will drop everything and beg, beg, beg the BIG E- Elortigui - to take the case and save the day.

Anonymous said...

trying to compare a lightweight like Young with judge cowart is like comparing ex-judge gelber with william douglas. judge cowart was the best judge ever to hold a gavel in dade county and probably the state.Young could not carry cowarts robes.... u should be ashamed of yourself. he will not be missed and his replacement will be an improvement.

Rumpole said...

Ashamed of myself? For having an opinion? For runing a popular blog? For drinking too much? I am not ashamed one bit. Why, I'm proud of my opinions. So proud, that I have decided to announce...never mind.

Wheew. That was close.

Anonymous said...

Word up! The Zen Master has sewn up the Dontrelle Willis DUI for FREE. That's right. For Free. Do one free DUI, get 15 at 3500 a pop because of the publicity.

Thats why they call him the zen master. Smart.

Even Steven said...

Just wonderin which high profile attorney whose new sports car has drawn lots of attention on this blog, has a Meunedo CD in the dash??? Meunedo????Yup, Meunedo!!

Anonymous said...

Remember: You can't Spell DontrEllE without the E.


David Young said...

Rumpole, I am touched by your comments. I will let you know I send my resignation letter to the Governor. My warmest wishes to you, your family amd all your readers (including 3:05)for a happy and healthy holiday and New Year.

David Young said...

oops....should have included the word 'when' and spelled 'and' correctly.

Anonymous said...

Taking down the post about the Baker Act, shows the class and respect you have.
We wish Happy, Healthy and Peaceful times ahead to all who "labor seeking the truth."

Caryn and Larry Schwartz

Anonymous said...

I agree that Judge Young was terribly inappropriate in Court. To wear costumes on halloween shows a huge lack of respect. You just don't do that even if it's a once a year thing, shows his human side, etc.. He also treated Hispanic defendants very poorly. I once heard him say in court to a defendant "no glove no love". He was just inappropriate.

I am glad he slammed the drunk pilots and like him very much when he's off the bench. I think he'll do great on TV.

Rumpole said...

Judge Young did not take himself too seriously. That is a good thing. He took his responsibility to do the right thing seriously, and that is also a good thing.

Three Judges have just complimented me in the last hour. You guys are going to ruin my reputation.

Rumpole said...

No Glove- no love- How is that disrepectful of hispanics? Trying to teach young people to protect themselves from STDs and AIDS is bad?

You might not agree that a quick sex ed quip is appropriate in court. So be it. The Judge was not preaching, just trying to help, which is his prerogative. The amount of possible harm was so minimal, the amount of possible good (saving a life for one) was so great, that I'd take those odds any day.

Anonymous said...

Today I learned that Rumpole was not Phil. That means Rumpole does not play Texas Holdem.

Rumpole, how bout a poll of possible suspects?

And take down the Brummer poll already. It seems I'm banned for life.

Anonymous said...

Judge Young ignore these lame brain negative post. All the sane people who normally post are with there family and those losers who are posting today really say very little.

Judge Schwarz and Judge Young have a Merry Merry Christmas.

From those who only seek the truth.

Ps, Rumpole ya starting to be a ass kisser.

Anonymous said...

Here's something for you vultures to spew about over the holidays:

McCollum Names Senior Management Team
Attorney General-elect Bill McCollum announced the first appointments of his senior management team Thursday. Here they are, straight from the press release:

Cindy Guerra, Regional Deputy Attorney General for South Florida - Guerra is currently Bureau Chief for Children’s Legal Services in the Attorney General’s Fort Lauderdale office.

C'mon, trash trash trash you pricks

Anonymous said...

If you want another no personality judge who does whatever the state wants, then ofcourse you will be happy that Judge Young is leaving.

However, if you want a Judge who
will do what he thinks is right and
will treat criminal defendants as the human beings they are, then you
better hope Judge Young stays.

Look at all the Judges in the courthouse now who are Prosecutors
in a robe - Jimenez, Schwartz,
Perez, Areces, Tunis, Leban,
Schelsinger, etc.

We need more Judges like Young
who treat defendants with respect
and don't talk down to them. Who
will look the State in the face
and say that plea is inappropriate.
Who will undercut the State when

Good luck Judge Young - you will
be missed.

Anonymous said...

Jimenez a prosecutor in a robe? You crazy? He's a nightmare for prosecutors. Ask Laura Adams.

Anonymous said...

oh how the worm has turned. Cyndy Guerra a Deputy Attorney General? she was part of the dade pd death squad that was sent in to "take down" judge Rothenberg. what happened was rothenberg beat them down like red headed stepchildren.

but note it has been a good year for the "death squad". Michelle Towbin a judge in broward and Cyndy Guerra a Dep ag.

wonder what ever happened to the other members--the always warm and fuzzy joyce brenner and Marlene Montaner?

anyone know what happened to them?

Anonymous said...

8:25 pm put the fuckin crack pipe down!!!

Judge Tunis and Judge Leban are far from being in the pocket of the State Attorneys.

They are two of the finest Judges Dade County or for that matter Florida has elected to the bench.

You are a hateful rat pig and just cant say anything nice about good decent honest Judges.

Go have lunch with Leslie Rothenberg....

Rumpole said...

I told you mopes a year ago I didn't play cards with you-you can't afford my stakes. Think outside the box. How many times can I say that? Plus, the email is the key.

Anonymous said...

short list for dontrelle willis is rumoured to be:


Anonymous said...

Saban denies Alabama rumors -- again
Saban denies Alabama rumors -- again

By TIM REYNOLDS, AP Sports Writer
December 21, 2006

AP - Dec 21, 3:51 pm EST
More Photos

DAVIE, Fla. (AP) -- Nick Saban says he doesn't browse the Internet, never sends e-mail or surfs from site to site.

He may have to start soon, if only to follow the persistent rumors about him and his future.

A story posted on NFL.com earlier this week said Alabama "keeps on making runs at Saban" in an effort to convince the Miami Dolphins coach to return to college and take over in Tuscaloosa for the fired Mike Shula. The same story even said an unnamed NFL head coach said Saban is getting closer to joining the Crimson Tide.

So on Thursday, Saban -- who has tried to denounce the story about him potentially going to Alabama numerous times in recent weeks -- again, and adamantly, denied that he's headed back to the college ranks.

"I guess I have to say it," Saban said. "I'm not going to be the Alabama coach."

Anonymous said...

Walter Reynoso is representing Dontrelle Willis.

Jason Grey said...

Walter R. old school, always a gentleman.good choice

Anonymous said...

Dontrelle Willis was overheard to say this in the jail=

Anonymous said...

Joyce Brenner, yuck

Anonymous said...

Judge Young is a nice guy but, I am tired of nice guys denying every single motion I make.

With all due respect, Judge Young is way too state oriented/

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should write better motions, or have Sy Gaer argue the ones you do write.

Anonymous said...

I was the A prosecutor when the "death squad" was sent in. Didn't faze Leslie. She had her Israeli army fatigues on under her robe and kicked their, and my, ass.

Anonymous said...

Judge Young really nice guy. Mediocre Judge.

Anonymous said...

David Young is one of the finest people, and one of the finest judges I ever met...good for you David...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with 10:19am...if he had a loaded gun it is newsworthy. Who beat him in the election? Do they know he had a loaded gun?

Anonymous said...

Is this true????

While I sympathize with Judge Samuels and his mental health issues, I disagree that it is not a tpic for the blog. He was in chambers with a loaded gun on his last day of work. That is newsworthy in my opinion.

Saturday, December 23, 2006 10:19:00 AM "

Someone tell me this is not true or provide more details as this blog is were I get all my facts.

Rumpole said...

Why is a retired Judge's health (mental or otherwise) an issue? Do you care what his blood pressure or glucose levels or PSA count is?

Please respect me on this. I don't ask for much. If this type of post is repeated, I will put the blog on moderation. It is very very unfair and invades the privacy of a dedicated public servant.

Are you detecting that I know this Judge and respect him very much? You bet. But I would do it for any person, Judge, Lawyer, whomever. It is an invasion of privacy. I would even hold my nose and do it for the robed ones north of the border, who if you ask me, all should be evaluated monthly, but that's another story.

Anonymous said...

Young is a fair minded individual, forget about Judge or anything else, the essence of a person are not defined the position but by the qualities the person brings to that position. D brought human qualities to the bench, seeing himself as he was not in the imaginary image of all powerful others delusionally envision themselves when clothed or vested with the authority or power of their position, be that police, prosecutor, politician, or judge. D’s leaving the bench is a lost to this community, but perhaps he will reconsider or consider a pursuit which will contribute to this community while allowing him to purse his TV persona. D - should consider teaching a course for incoming judges, with a mandatory retraining curriculum to keep judges focused on the realities of life, i.e. courtesy, a human touch, justice not revenge, and so one. Even better, how about, KFR hire the D to train and troubleshoot in her office. Either of these would improve the quality of justice in this circuit. How about it?

Anonymous said...

I'd post more details but Rump doesn't want it.

Rump kisser said...

Our dearest Rumpy.

Oh how we hate to see you so grumpy. Isn't it amazing how interested we are in other people's misery. Makes us see past our own, i suppose. How many of us this holiday season haven't thought just once how they'd like to take out an in-law? Should we wonder if that's a mental issue? Umm homicidal/suicidal thoughts,still not our business nor the news. Our job:CLEAN UP. We deal with the puzzle pieces after the mess.

Yet we're afraid the preschoolers are not done pushing this issue with you. If moderation is needed,so be it.

Put us on time out again, watch us like toddlers and see how many temper tantrums arise from not getting our way. So put up the cockblock,then we can't do anything but respect your authority.

Anonymous said...

Reynoso is a classy attorney, and you gotta love the video of him picking up the D Train at the jail. As Reynoso is walking around the left side of the car, about to get inside, he is approached by a reporter and here is the exchange:

Reporter: Are you his attorney?

WR: It's Reynoso, R-E-Y-N-O-S-O

Reporter: Reynoso?


Go get em Walter

poet said...

A barrister by the name of Rumpole,
got upset by falsehoods other people told;
so he gave them a lashing,
and promised a thrasing,
and away they went into the cold.

Anonymous said...

Was there ever a more fabissina PD than Joyce Brenner?

Anonymous said...

Brenner is more of a meeskite that Edith + that takes a lot of mees.

Anonymous said...

I will miss Young. A little lazy, less than bright, big-mouthed, but always a gentleman in every way. Preety good for what is out there.

Anonymous said...

Joyce was both meerskite and fabissina--a great combo.

Anonymous said...

rump you are giving away you identity by making that post

and I think you are Judge Brown and I have my reasons or at the very least a robed one in the Family court down at 175 sw 1 street

Rumpole said...

Oh, at least now you're thinking "outside the box." Good work. Keep it up, the email is the key, and it might just lead you somewhere other than phil this, fingerhut that, luvery, etc etc etc.

I've said it before- what a bunch o mopes.

danlurvey said...

It's Lurvey.

Anonymous said...

My money still remains on Stan Blake.

Anonymous said...

What e mail?

even steven said...

Hear about our sobe single defense attorney who always dresses better than other lawyers, whose partying ways maybe coming to a sad end? His tab at bed was plus 4K the other night and as one gold card after another was declined, it was the office debit card that saved the day. His business doesn't do that well when he sleeps to noon with his 20 something models. Oh well, at least he's having fun.

PS Maybe I need glasses but on one large media website, did I see everyone's favorite soon to be ex Judge in the background shaking hands with some troops as the cameras clicked away at sec def Gates in Iraq? Could be.

Anonymous said...

I posted the "no glove No love" comment yesterday. It was not supposed to refer to his ill treatment of hispanics. It was supposed to be two different comments.

He made that comment to an African American defendant he had just sentenced to substantial prison time on a robbery. The comment was in the context of the defendant kissing his baby goodbye and asking why he wasn't married to the mother. He also ordered corrections not to cut the defendnat"s hair (long braids)-- I;m sure corrections had fun with that order. This was right after he yelled at my client, a first time offender who stole a weed whacker from someone's shed. My client was Hispanic. It was not the only time I personally witnessed him humiliate Hispanics in his courtroom.

For those wondering, I am African American

Anonymous said...

Judge Young will be missed, He is one of the most caring Judge's to ever sit in the Justice Building. I don't always agree with his rulings, but they are not done with malice. I strongly disagree with 9:51. Having been in front of Judge Young for the past 10 years, he treats everyone with respect--everyone.

Anonymous said...

Judge Young will be missed, He is one of the most caring Judge's to ever sit in the Justice Building. I don't always agree with his rulings, but they are not done with malice. I strongly disagree with 9:51. Having been in front of Judge Young for the past 10 years, he treats everyone with respect--everyone.

Anonymous said...

23:05 give up trying to qualify for MENSA, you should perhaps try out for FAM (Foolish Attorneys of Miami). Young is a good judge and one of the most dedicated to justice in that building with the ironic name "Justice Building".

Anonymous said...

to 11:43: you obvioudly aren't in Young's courtroom every second of the day so you can't comment on what he does when you are not there. those who defend him do so becasue they tolerate his unprofessional behavior. Give me a smart, respectful judge any day like Emas, B. Scola, Leyte-Vidal (RIP)

Anonymous said...

2:30--you are a homophobic ignorant bigot.Being on the blog at 2:30 AM--get a life man. Judge Young might at times be unprofessional, but his heart is in the right place. I wish all the Judges had an understanding heart. I would much rather be in Judge Young's court than most others.

Anonymous said...

9:20:52 you are a fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

moderation time rump. don't ya think?

rump kisser said...

Seems someone needs their mouth cleaned with soap and water, such potty mouths these children can have.
A time out is in order for those comments. Not anything to ever joke about nor accuse one of having. Serious shit there!
Whom ever wrote those comments: you just opened up the gates to hell for yourself! Sick mind. Grow up.
Merry Christmas to all.
Well expect that one grinch who has a stocking full of coal(you'll need it to burn in hell man)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Judge Young's departure will be a loss to the attorney's who work every day in the system. He added levity when things just seemed to be going down the wrong track, he helped young lawyers and had patience with the lawyers who were long winded.

Judge Young made the job of being a state lawyer, a job which can be full of red tape, poor pay, poor support staff, lack of proper resources, WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Anonymous said...

first time visitor and quite dissapointed.
Don't you people have any thing better to talk about?
Are we done with David Young?

Anonymous said...

What is comment moderation?

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that D. Willis was arrested...
I hope that B. Reiff does a thorough investigation into the officers involved. A little suspicious that Dominguez is the arresting officer and that Willis refused to blow into the instrument/machine. Also, the facts are poor, at its best!