Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Can you spot the very young-someday-to-be-Judge? 

Every actor has an Ishtar and a Heaven Can Wait for every Bonnie and Clyde or Splendor in the Grass. 

Hint- it's not Judge Newman or Rebull. 

See You In Court. 


Anonymous said...

Great work Bill

Anonymous said...

Bill as Sharon's date!!!

Anonymous said...

In the very back towards the end because of the poor productions value you can see a young Rebull as the gaffer on set. But don't blink or you'll miss it.

Fax me said...

I'll be damned- Miller and Maria Dennis fighting on Que Pasa before fax machines were ever invented!!!!

Anonymous said...

Judge Cueto as the crazy angry latin guy.

Fake Kenny Weisman said...

The episode was directed by Milos Foreman.

Anonymous said...

How come Bill didnt go to the Que Pasa USA reunion at the Miami Dade Public Library downtown about two years ago on a Thursday night ? Sharon was there-- she works for DCF and Luis Santiero the writer/director was there as well as other founders of QP USA.

Funny fact I learned is that the rights and and royalties or what ever you call payments to broadcast it are paid to the US Government as it was the producer of the series through the Dept of Education.

Look at that head of hair on Billy !!!! oy vey

Que Pasa USA is timeless and brilliant-- the grandparents were my faves

Anonymous said...

A struggling Nora Ephron wrote the screen play for that episode

Anonymous said...

The episode is in the smithsonian because of the historical value of one of the first uses of the now famous "cuban two camera shoot".

Anonymous said...

Won the Neilsens for that episode in their time slot. Beat out Emergency and All in the Family.

Anonymous said...

I made a mistake.
Miami-Dade ASAs start at @$40,000 annually
APDs start at $38,000
Five years with the Court's General Counsel's office takes you to $43,000.

If I were the administrative assistant to the General counsel's office office, I'd be making $62,000 annually. Like many of us, I wouldn't be knee deep in debt and looking to leave.

What does the administrative assistant do? She doesn't work with the general counsel. (She actually hired someone competent). She doesn't make copies or type documents for attorneys. She doesn't do anything that a fresh MDC grad couldn't do better for less.

If you said this was sour grapes, you would be correct. So what. A manager (and system) which allows an incompetent to out-earn the attorneys she 'assists' is perpetuating a daily crotch kick to the respect of the entire staff. This is a general counsel who puts attorneys on punch clocks but ignores an employee who comes in late, leaves early and really seems to enjoy lengthy shopping trips to Macy's.

If the chief judge is interested in the moral of her legal staff, she should take a look at the discrepancy. At the least, she'll get a kick out of GC's explanation.

Dixie crat said...

Lee surrendered to Grant today i always stay home and keep the blinds drawn.

The south will rise again.

One chorus of Dixie everyone! Oh I wiish I was in the land of cotton

Thomas Yardley said...

Dear Mr. 9:51:00:

You sir, are a Clerk. Sure, you have had some legal training, but you are not a lawyer, you are just a Clerk.

Long ago, when men were free, living under Britain’s judge-made Common Law, lawyer judges were found only on the appellate bench. Trial court judges were lay people, that’s why the system was respected more, the specious bullshit lawyers spew, did not come from the bench. A free country has to have laws everyone knows; you can’t operate a free market economy with obscure rules enforced by a capricious sovereign. If the law is so complicated that you have to be a lawyer to understand it, then it is time for revolution. Thus, the Common Law judges were laymen who heard the lawyers advocate and picked a position.

There were times when there were complexities in the law, differing honest opinions by advocates about the state of the law, or complicate legal research that would aid the Common Law judge in his search for the correct decision. For this, Judges had Clerks; men trained in the law who were guided and instructed by the Judge.

Now, things are more modern. Law and Equity have merged. Judges are lawyers, but they still have Clerks. If we look at our modern judicial system we have to ask, what does a judge need to make her effective. The courthouse; the bricks, morter, desks, chairs and tables are provided by the county where the judge sits. Security is the job of the County Sheriff. Keeping files and evidence is the job of the constitutional Clerk of Court. All a judge really needs is a secretary.

The secretary has a skill, he required to interact extensively with the general public, and the myriad of people and groups the judge is responsible to interact with. The secretary must be capable of emulating the style, philosophy, and persona of the judge for whom they work. They require tack and judgment. As typists, they are directly responsible for the appearance of permeant work of the court. As editors and sounding boards, they provide meaningful input to the written expressions of judicial labor. As confidants they can listen as their bosses speak, perhaps venting, or working out a difficult decision.

A worker with the skills to be a good judge’s secretary could find work as a high-level administrative assistant. $62,000 would be the starting salary for a good secretary. They have skills. Travel to a top lawyer’s office and you will find a skilled secretary. They don’t come cheap.

Compared to a skilled secretary, a Clerk is a luxury. $43,000 for somebody to sheperdize a judge’s cases?

So, what I’m saying is that you, dear 9:51:00 are sitting in a seat that should be eliminated and you should stop wasting your law degree and get honest work.

que pasa fan said...

Bill's wife is also named Sharon.

Anonymous said...

A good clerk is worth more than a good judge. Judges and lawyers come and go, clerks are there for far longer.

Anonymous said...

Yardley's comment on salaries is one of the most amusing in months. While a good secretary is invaluable (and deserves a good salary), it's ridiculous to suggest that they should earn more than the attorneys who handle cases.

The sanctimonious crap about the law is just ridiculous. The system he waxes eloquent about was grossly unfair. The modern decisions that give meaning to our Constitution were all written by lawyers. Spare me the sentimental crap about "simpler times."