Monday, April 08, 2013


We've been besieged by emails asking us who we think will win tonight NCAA Men's College Basketball Championship game? 

While we admittedly lack the expertise in College Basketball that we exhibit in other sports,  we think that the combination of the favourite team (Louisville) and the better coach (Rick Pitino) has us leaning towards the chalk and the Louisville Cardinals. 

But it's just the slightest of edges to Louisville against a tough Michigan team that runs a very hard to beat high- post screen offense that confounded the vaunted Syracuse 2-3 zone D.

So there you have the sum of our basketball knowledge. 

Tomorrow: Que Pasa Judge?  

1 comment:

Wolverine supporter said...

Besieged. Please don't make us laugh too hard. You got as many emails as Louisville's seeding in the tourney.

Stick to what you know best, picking the coin toss at the Super Bowl.