Monday, April 29, 2013


Hialeah Police Sergeant Tomas Munoz was arrested over the weekend for possession of  cocaine. 
Remarkably, Sgt. Munoz wasn't injured. You know how, mostly in Hialeah, defendants will repeatedly smack their head in to the jail cell bars while officers plead with them not to injury themselves? Or how a defendant in custody will throw himself down a flight of stairs, repeatedly? 
Well thankfully, those "accidents" that so often occur in Hialeah (Motto: "City of accidents, Ay Caramba!") did not happen with Sgt. Munoz. 

What did occur today, according to The Herald, is that Sgt. Munoz claims he was set up.....
by his girlfriend's pimp!!

This is an actual quote-we swear we are not making this up: 
"I met a girl- she happens to have a pimp, and we fell in love" Munoz said. "And he doesn't let her be free. This came about because he set the whole thing up."

Isn't that the way things always happen?  You meet this great girl, and she seems fantastic and you have a few dates, and then BAM! She happens to have a pimp, or a cat, or is a Jehovah's Witness, and the whole thing falls apart. 

And you have to sympathize with the poor sergeant. What's a lowly sergeant against a purple feather wearing, cadillac driving,  pimp? What can he do? The who thing is just so sad. Hopefully the truth comes out and justice is done. 

Jorge Ayala. Griselda Blanco- the godmother of cocaine. Paco Sepulveda. Centac 26.  Mickey Munday. Pablo Escobar. The shootout at the Dadeland Mall. Where  to begin? It was, it seems, an entire lifetime ago for us.  The names, the snitches, the deals, the cops, the cash. It was a world that no longer exists. 

 We'd have to explain most of Miami of the1980's to you to explain who Jorge Ayala is and how he fits in with out city's history. But for our purposes, he is a convicted hit man. And now, according to David Ovalle, he wants out after 25 years.  
For the whole story, just rent the movie.  Or send a tweet to @billycorben, just not while he's a juror. 

Boy, that was an unexpected blast from the past. 

See you in court. 

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Anonymous said...

Get the sock

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the video of this Sgt. Munoz? And have you seen what his girlfriend looks like ?

He is a poor excuse for someone who wears a badge and is supposed to "protect and serve".

Anonymous said...

Breaker 19

Anonymous said...

Go ahead breaker 1-9

Divorced said...

Props to sgt shultz for learning way early what every divorced guy eventually learns about his ex-wife. This dude doesn't know it but he just saved himself a half mill or more in alimony. Rather deal with a pimp then a dIvorce lawyer any day. More honest and credible.

Fake BTDT said...

I'm appalled at this post, our honorable officers derserve more respect than to be "tormented", simply because some snarly pimp took his wholesome girlfriend and set this poor guy up. I calling Michelle Maulkin and Michelle Bachman and my twin sister Ann Coulter to file a petition. We must embrace our community's officers even when their girfrliend's pimp facilitate their secret drug addiction, I met set them up.


CAPTAIN said...



The JNC is in session today and they are interviewing 10 candidates (including two County Court Judges) to replace Judge Joel Brown. They will forward up to six of these names to the Governor. Your next Circuit Court Judge will come from the folllowing list:

10:00 - 10:15 Jason Bloch
10:15 - 10:45 Robert Luck
10:45 - 10:55 Michelle A. Delancy
11:00 - 11:15 Alan Sackrin
11:15 - 11:45 Ayana Harris
11:45 - 12:00 Steven Reininger
12:45 - 12:55 Sandra Miller-Batiste
12:55 - 1:25 Thomas Cobitz
1:25 - 1:55 Wendell Graham
1:55 - 2:15 Donald J. Cannava

Good luck to all the applicants.

Captain Out .....

Anonymous said...

Tomas Munoz; you would not except him to have been beaten. He was arrested in Miami not Hialeah. Why didnt he use a Hialeah motel? He would have got it for free or at a cop discount rate. In Hialeah he would have been protected by his own people.. Why a Miami Motel.?

Anonymous said...

Ah breaker 1-9 whats your 20? Looking for a smokey report heading to the keys.

Anonymous said...

Negatory 12:23. My 20 is Fla Ciry. Them Bears are thick as bugs on a bumper. They even have a bear in the air. Reck you slo it down big fella.

Anonymous said...

Re: 11:20 am

amen, pal

and get the sock....

Anonymous said...

Get the sock.

Say whaaat?

Explanation por favor?

Anonymous said...

On twitter @draculawyer fake alex michaels says he loves this weather. But I say no clients will come in in this weather so i'm calling the shumie and heading home.

Anonymous said...

Wasnt the SAO sued by one of the secretaries in federal court and the jury awarded $250,000 plus attorney fees? Who were the lawyers who brought that case against Kathy?

Anonymous said...

Not half as bad as Bobby Scola saying that MPD is full of corrupt cops.

Bobby, I know you don't have to run to keep that job but, you need to watch your mouth because you're wrong. Only about 10% of MPD is corrupt.

Contrast that to Opa Locka or Florida City. THEY are 99% corrupt.

Anonymous said...


Actually, I think there is NO place in the system for officers (or prosecutors or judges, for that matter) who break the law. Period. Everyone (including the community, subjects, victims, and fellow officers) deserves better.


Anonymous said...

ACUNA," bring the sock"