Thursday, January 03, 2013


Good Thursday morning. It's the third day of 2013. 362 days to go. Today is the 1,444th day of the presidency of the 44th President of the United States.  No idea what Reggie Jackson (# 44) is up to today. 

While the 113th Congress is convening today at the constitutionally mandated time of 12 noon, we here in Miami have our own version of the fiscal cliff  in our own REGJB! An email from Eduardo Pereira (an FACDL big-wig) explains how we're dangling on the edge:
 I spoke with representatives from the the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) today and they are aware of the desire for attorneys to renew their IDs and the need of new applicants to begin the process. AOC is experiencing delays but would like everyone to remember that the current IDs have been extended until 1/31/2013 and that if delays persist, that they will be extended again.

There you have it: A deadline approaching; an agency in deadlock; last minute frantic negotiations to extend the deadline. Looming ahead for those affected: long lines; interminable delays; forced fraternization with the unwashed masses. Angry constituents. Stay tuned. 

Rothstein Redux: Kimberly Rothstein, the sultry wife of disgraced/convicted  Ft. Lauderdale attorney/ponzi scheme specialist Scott Rothstein, is set to plead guilty before new federal Judge Robin Rosenbaum. K-Roth was not indicted in the ponzi scheme. However, she plotted with her attorney to hide assets (diamond rings, etc) from the feds after her husband pled guilty. Her former attorney- Scott Saidel- is also set to plead guilty after K-Roth flipped against him and wore a wire for the feds. What a nice client to have. David Tucker represents K-Roth, while former REGJB regular Alvin Entin represents Stacie Weisman, a friend of Rothstein's who is also set to plead guilty.  The Sun Sentinel has the post-ponzi scheme fallout story  here

See You In Court next week, or so. 


Anonymous said...

New look of the blog SUUUUCKS! Looks like a cheap do it yourself website.

Circle K

Anonymous said...

Hell, attorneys going to jail, cops planting cocaine,informants testifying against all. Judges resigning pending JQC chargers, this is fucking Cuba, not Miami.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the new looks cheap. I think Rumpole borrowed the format from SFLB. It looks kind of cheesy.

7-11 Brand

Anonymous said...

Attorneys quiet here, prob somewhere sweating having a drink a scotch shaking in their boots... Uncle Sam coming for you next...???

Anonymous said...

Still gawking about how Bill Matthewman handed Anna Howell's ass to her on the stand, and lead det. Angulo didn't even show up for trial, goes to show you when real Lawyers do their homework the state gets T-Boned. Hats off to Al Milian an Bill, trial of 2012.

Anonymous said...

Sergeant Iglesias must be an arrogant son of a bitch he didn't get the memo you don't go to trial in the feds and in January. He is fineto. They're gone to make an example out of his ass.