Tuesday, October 16, 2012




CAPTAIN said...


Debate Central .....

First strike by the President on Romney and Detroit. He is coming out stronger. Let's seen if he can stick it to him repeatedly.

Romney will be asked for specifics.

Cap Out ....

CAPTAIN said...

Second question. Second strike. Coming after him.

CAPTAIN said...

candy Crowley not taking any shit. Control the show.

CAPTAIN said...

Point to Romney on energy. President tries to preemptively strike; Romney strikes back harder.

Can someone address why gas has more than doubled in the past four years.

CAPTAIN said...

Ouch. President keeps on striking. He is loaded for buck and he is shooting with each answer.

Now it's getting interesting.

CAPTAIN said...

Fact checkers get ready. We will here from them on this issue.

Now Romney hits him with the price. That is where he cannot respond. It has more than doubled.

President has a comeback. Bad economy means lower gas prices. Better economy means higher gas prices. Not sure if that is much of a come back.

"American Minority" said...

Yes sir,

Romney made the biggest mistake of turning his back to the crowd, and abrasively engaging the President.

"Does that make him the angry white man"?

CAPTAIN said...

Deductions. Specifics. Romney speaks.

President. Specifics. And hitting Romney with his previous answers.

Is Obama doing enough in the first 30 minutes to get back what he lost in the last debate?

He needs to continue bringing it on strong. Romney is doing less attacking and just pushing his policies. Obama is and must continue to attack Romney.

Anonymous said...

When did baseball players get so fat???

CAPTAIN said...

Oh the President pulled out the Big Bird cut. He is not holding anything back.

Will he pull out the 47% secret tape next?

CAPTAIN said...

Obama has some work to do to respond on the issue of the Six Trillion Dollars he added to the debt.

Softball question for Obama on equality of pay. Lillie Ledbetter bill.

Anonymous said...

AM, why do you bring race into almost every issue?

"American Minority" said...

So Willard stated that,"he has extensive business experience."

If America is run as a business, will we be tax exempt?

Anonymous said...

Stop making about race AM.

"American Minority" said...

The President has put Willard on the ropes, momentously.Jab,Punch,upper cut. Go, POTUS!

"American Minority" said...

How ignorant is that, Romney says they went to a women's group to find and hire women he sounds like a cave man.

Someone cut off his mic, better turn his mic all the way up.

CAPTAIN said...

Only way President gets back to even is to attack Romney every chance he gets. Compare Romney to his policies.

He has to keep taking the shots and put Romney on the defensive.

"American Minority" said...

Ladies and gentlemen this is a prime example of a conflated argument on behalf of Willard Romney.

CAPTAIN said...

Interesting question. Compare Bush to Romney. How are you different.

Romney answers the question. Nice job.

Now let's see if Obama says you will get more of the same as Bush if you hire Romney.

Obama touts his stuff. Needs to hit Romney with SAME AS BUSH POLICIES. WOW. "Governor, you're the last person that will cut down on China". Looking at him, in his face.

Different. Obama hitting Romney vs Bush.

CAPTAIN said...

Well Obama certainly has a lot more energy tonight than he did two weeks ago.

Romney hits Obama on what he has not accomplished when compared to what he promised. Strong hits.

CAPTAIN said...

Justin Verlander has given up one hit. Yankees losing 2-0.

Now back to the debate.

CAPTAIN said...

Immigration. This should be interesting. ROMNEY wants to run everyone out. Now he is for the Dream Act. That's breaking news.

Obama. Didn't answer why no comprehensive immigration reform despite majority in congress. Hits Romney with Dream Act. Arizona law support.

Once again, Obama speaks for longer and longer, but says less words than Romney. Repeat of last debate.

The Pundit said...

Romney a bit more poised than Obama, but 1) seems arrogant at times, 2) generally not offering specifics and 3) running as a moderate. Giving Obama plenty of opportunities to strike and Obsma taking advantage. Plenty of opportunities for attack ads by Obama.

Good, not great, appearances for each candidate. Looks like Obama wins this one by a modest margin. Will be interesting to watch the polls over the next 4-5 days.

CAPTAIN said...

Libya. This will be tough. Obama says what he did after the fact. But question is, who is responsible for cutting the security force.

CAPTAIN said...

At least he takes responsibility for his actions. The buck stops with him.

Romney makes all the points he needs to make on this. And brings the whole region into play. Iran, Middle East, etc.

Very classy of him to accept full responsibility. Now he is looking at Romney and says what you are saying is OFFENSIVE.

Careful Candy. Don't get involved.

CAPTAIN said...

AK 47's. Interesting question. Gun rights. Second amendment.

Assault weapons ban reintroduced. Says Obama.

His weakest answer of the night. Need to be like Sugar Ray. End each round stronger than the last. Must end strong.

Romney not in favor of any new laws on gun control. Also giving a soft answer here

Both of those guys are scared to death of the NRA VOTE and won't touch this question.

CAPTAIN said...

Six minutes to go. Time for closing statements. Will there be any?

Anonymous said...

Robinson, or Leonard ?

CAPTAIN said...

Outsourcing of American Jobs.

Breaking news. On day one, I will label China as a "currency manipulator". Romney.

Verlander still pitching a one hitter. Yankees still losing 2-0.

Now back to the debate.

Obama. Hitting Romney. Needs to continue right to the end of the debate.

CAPTAIN said...

Candy Crowley asks question. How do we get them to build the IPhone and the iPad here instead of in China.



And the last question is:

From Barry Greene. Who says this is a tough question I have. RIGHT BARRY

What are the misperceptions about you?

Romney: I care about everyone , not just 47% of the people. I believe in GOD.. He is doing his closing argument now.

Obama. I don't believe that government has all the answers and creates all the jobs. I do believe that everyone should play by the same rules.

BINGO. Obama hits the final question with 47% quote. Romney walked right into that with his answer about caring about everyone.

Thank you both for your participation.

And thank you all for letting us blog the debate.

Obama did what he needed to do and more. Romney held his own but clearly when you compare the debates you feel better if you are a Obama supporter. If you are
a Romney supporter, you should still feel good.

But, now, will the numbers swing back to any degree to Obama. That is the real question.

Now back to the Tigers Yankees ball game. Bottom of the seventh, Tigers lead 2-0. Verlander gives up two hits, no walks, 101 pitches.

Line of the night:

Romney looks right at Obama and asks him: "Have you looked at your pension? Romney was trying to bait Obama for having China investments just like Romney.

Obama responds. "I don't look at my pension, it is not as big as yours. "


"American Minority" said...

Stellar Debate, the next debate performance, I expect will be impeccable, Romney was very erratic abrasive and usual non-descriptive of his "The devil is in the details policy." proposed financial policy.

The Pundit said...

Modest win by Obama. Not a knockout punch, but should at least stabilize the poll numbers.


1. The Moderate Mitt is back. How will this play to the ultraconservative base? Is Mitt opening the door for "waffle" attacks? Obama did a nice job pointing out some inconsistencies. Will he follow up?

2. Romey was clear on what he would do, very vague as to how he would do it. Again, opening a door to attack?

3. Obama still seems more tentative than Romney and a bit shellshocked from the first debate. Can/will Romney exploit this?

Barring a knockout in the third debate, still expect a close race with Obama re-elected.

Anonymous said...

Cap - I thought best line of the night was "Get the transcript". Second best was the pension comment.

Best gaffe - "binders of women"

Anonymous said...

If Obama knew, the day after the Libya attack, that it was deliberate act of terror, why did he claim that the attack was the result of a demonstration about a You Tube video. For two weeks that was the claim? That claim was made on the Sunday news shows and repeated by the President at the United Nations.

CAPTAIN said...


They lead 3-0 in the series.

Anonymous said...

Could this "commentary" be any less insightful? I doubt it. Stick to being a talking head on CourtTV, Eiglarsh. As for you, AM, please kill yourself.