Monday, October 22, 2012


You know things are really bad when Hialeah cops are exposing corruption. Here's David Ovalle's story on three Medley cops fired after they wrongly accused a driver of DUI to cover for an officer who crashed his car into the innocent motorist's mini-van. 

If you have a moment scroll down to the weekend post and watch the video on USA Today's investigation into prosecutorial misconduct. 

George McGovern died Sunday. The man most associated with the peace movement of the 1960's-1970's and the call for immediate withdrawal of all US armed forces from Vietnam was a World War II hero. McGovern flew over 30 combat missions as a pilot in the B24-Liberator in Europe and was awarded the distinguished flying cross after safely landing his plane on an island in the Adriatic after it had been hit.  The year after his trouncing in the 1972 election where he received all of 17 electoral votes after a disastrous misadventure in naming Missouri senator Thomas Eagleton as his running mate only to find out Eagelton had received shock therapy for depression, McGovern remarked in a speech "Ever since I was a small boy I wanted to run for president in the worst way. And I did." 

Windows 8 sucks. But then. all Microsoft products stink. 

Enjoy your week. See You in court. 


Anonymous said...

Quite a stretch to get "Windows 8 Sucks" from that article. I've been using Windows 8 for 2 months now. I took me an hour to figure out the new layout and the theory behind the layout. MSFT needed an OS that was touch-friendly. Windows 8 is it. I was so impressed with Windows 8 once I learned how to use it that I sold my iPad in anticipation of the MSFT surface coming out on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Good morning,

"Be not a witness against thy neighbor without cause; and deceive not with thy lips."

Proverbs 24:28

"He that soweth iniquity shall reap vanity, and the rod of his anger shall fail."
Proverbs 22:8


Anonymous said...

Say what you want to about George McGovern and the hippies of the 60s and 70s but they were right about Viet Nam. 54,000 Americans and God only knows how many Asians killed in the war and what did we accomplish? Even though the Communists won the war and took over the whole country, now Viet Nam is one of our biggest trade partners and really does not seem to be any worse off than it was under the dictators who the U.S. government was propping up. We would have all been better off just letting things run their natural course without trying to impose our will on Southeast Asia. Everytime that I think about Viet Nam, I feel bad for the families of all the soldiers who were killed and wounded in a totally senseless war.

Rumpole said...

7:14 am. I just hate microsoft. There's something about a computer taking a dozen minutes to boot (and don't tell me to get a new one- every new one I get takes the same amount of time to boot after a few days) its continued vulnerability to viruses and the fact that it just is no longer innovative that bugs the bejeezus out of me.

bunker chunker said...

"Chunking" To catch the really BIG Stripers, our bait of choice are "bunker heads", using the remainder of the fish cut into small chunks for chunking. Discard the tails! To catch "fresh" bunker, our most effective way is to throw a cast net. Our 10' 1.5" mesh Calusa net sinks really fast. One good cast and you have enough bunker for a full days trip and more. We will also cast weighted treble hooks and "snag" bunker too. We like to hook the bait (head) through the gill plate so that the head lays facing an oncoming Striper. Remember, Stripers swallow the head first as they don't have teeth and can swallow the head for an easy pickup. We use a 24" long 30# flourocarbon leader tied to a 6/0 to 9/0 circle hook on a fishfinder rig and cast the head away from the stern of the boat and fish our reels in "free spool" and the clicker on until pickup.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder how many other people have been falsy accused by cops in situations like this one.

This is why no police department should ever be trusted to handle the investigation when one of their own is involved.

Remember the Hollywood cops who said they would do a "little Walt Disney" on the file?

Remember the recent Coral Springs case where the cops were caught on a GEICO recorded call discussing how they would change their testimony to cleear the cop from a false arrest allegation? (Carmel on the case)

Remember Rodney King?

All police cars should have videos in them. Hell. Bal Harbor cops have video recorders on their belt.

Anonymous said...

Use live eels to catch the biggest stripers.

Anonymous said...

Shumie Time.

Anonymous said...

Rump, get a Mac and your problems are over. Fast, fast, fast and never a virus. Well worth the extra money.

Fake Microsoft Tech said...


You need to get a solid state hard drive and install it into your computer. These drives are the future and soon you will not be able to find the old "platter" style hard drives that hum inside your computer and take forever to load. You can get a good brand (Samsung or Crucial) for less than a couple hundred bucks. The only problem is that they are relatively small in size (mine is 128GB), so if you are one of those people that has to have a 1TB drive, you're gonna spend big bucks. I installed mine, loaded just Windows 7 and Office on it and I'm blazing faster than any other Windows or Mac.

Bill Gates

Anonymous said...

John Rivera, president of the Miami-Dade Police Benevolent Association, which is representing two of the three officers, called the firing “harsh and unfair.”

Really, John! What about all that the real victim endured being set up by 3 police officers, spending a night in jail, and having this nightmare.
When is the PBA gonna fire John Rivera?

Anonymous said...

NO SHUMIE AT 1146 for goodness sakes. But how about calling the Shumie now? 4:03?
Long Monday. I have a headache. Sort of bored.

shumie time ref said...

Yeah, I'll approve it. Snap those brief cases shut, power down the computers, call ahead and put the beer on ice. Shumie Time everyone.

Anonymous said...

4:02 this is 11:46. 4:13 gave the big nod yes.

Anonymous said...

Here is the definition of a trainwreck lawyer making a fool of himself, re : Medley:

Jose M. Herrera, the cops’ lawyer suing the city, said he believes Fraga, who works the night shift, was impaired “by exhaustion.”

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shumie = Loser

Four witless, inane posts by the same loser in four hours

CAPTAIN said...


It's time to live Blog the debates.

Cap Out ...

CAPTAIN said...

Tonight the topic is foreign policy, but expect Romney to tie the economy into this with China, jobs, etc.

We will provide you with updates on Game Seven of the NLCS where the Giants are attempting to win three in a row again, just like they had to do to avoid elimination against the Reds.

After two innings: Giants 2 Reds 0

And the Bears are continuing to prove that defense wins games. What happened to the darling Detroit Lions of 2011?

First Quarter: Bears 7. -Lions 0

Let the debate begin ...

CAPTAIN said...


Tonight they are seated instead of standing. Bob Schieffer moderating and Foreign Policy is the topic. Live from Boca Raton at Lynn University.

Cuban Missile Crisis 50th Anniversary ..

Libya is first question. Romney has big flag on lapel again. Nice red tie. Boy do those facials make him look good.

Smart move by Romney as he congratulates Obama for killing Bin Laden. Trial lawyer tactic. Things are unraveling in mid east

Obama. We have kept the eye on protecting our country. We have built alliances. We have coalitions, liberated Libya,

Obama decides to attack Romney on his strategy. So Obama has decided he needs to keep it up like last debate.

CAPTAIN said...

Obama is continuing hard attack on Romney. You don't know what you are talking about and you have "not been in a position to make these decisions". That was kind of pompous on Obama to say that.

Romney says stop attacking me and say what your foreign policy is. Obama is interrupting him continually. Just like he did last week.

Obama pulls off the interruption, with the help of the moderator. Is this going to be two on one again

CAPTAIN said...

Second question. Syria. What are we doing about it.



Giants clear bases with bases loaded double for 5-0 lead.
Bears kick field goal for 10-0 lead.

Back to the debate.

Obama. We can't give heavy weapons to opposition. We need to coalition build.

Romney. Syria is opportunity for us. We need to get Asad out. But we don't want military involvement. Organize an opposition that is already there, help them defend themselves, and work with our allies.

CAPTAIN said...


Romney says:

Obama left it to UN and Russia and others. He did not lead in this area.

Obama says we stopped the massacre in Libya. Romney suggested we should have pulled out before we got Khadafi. Obama says we worked with those to get Khadafi.

Giants extend lead to 6-0, have bases loaded and nobody out and threaten to blow this game wide open.

CAPTAIN said...


Obama. We did the right thing in Egypt. The new leadership must abide by their treaty with Israel or that is a red line with us. woman's rights.

Romney. I agree with President on Mubarek. But we were late on all of the Arab Spring. Our mission in Mid East. Make it more peaceful. We should lead but we need to have strong economy in order to lead, we need a strong military, we cannot cut them by One Trillion Dollars.

CAPTAIN said...

What is American role in the world.

Romney. We have a responsibility to make world more peaceful. End the conflicts, but we must be strong in our economy and 23 million unemployed is bad. Must strengthen military.

He brings up Israel. Obama silent in areas he should not have been.

Obama. We are stronger now than when I entered office. We ended war in Iraq. We have much stronger alliances. We need to bring manufacturing back home, best education here. We cut oil imports.

Giants lead 7-0. Looks like a Giants V Tigers World Series.

Obama attacks Romney says Romney likes Dick Cheney

Romney. I have a policy for the future. 12 million new jobs. Unemployment too high. Five step policy. Energy independence. Increase trade. Training programs and schools first, and unions goodbye. Balanced budgets. Champion small business.

So much for a foreign policy debate.

CAPTAIN said...

And now we are talking about education. Or at least Obama is and he is attacking Obama.

Romney wants to respond about education. Moderator tried to bring debate back to foreign policy.

CAPTAIN said...

Bigger military. where is the money coming from?

Romney says we can reduce spending, get rid of Obama Care, and cut programs we don't need. And have the money to spend on the military.

Obama. Romney is going to cut five trillion in tax cuts, and spend two trillion on military. We have raised budget on military all four years. You can't cut five trillion in taxes and spend more on military and balance budget.

CAPTAIN said...

Ouch. Obama pompous again. "This is not a game of BATTLESHIP". The Navy is smaller because we have aircraft carriers. We don't need more bayonets.

CAPTAIN said...

Question. Is an attack on Israel an attack on the US?

Obama. I think he said yes.

Romney. I think he said yes. A little stronger. Iran. Crippling sanctions in Iran should have been in place years ago. Indict Akmendinajad. Military is always last resort.

CAPTAIN said...

Iran. Report in news today about negotiations ?

Obama. those reports are not true. But sanctions are working but take a long time. We had to get Russia and China on board with everyone else.

Romney. Iran sees us as weak. Obama had his apology tour in Mid East. He shunned Israel.

Anonymous said...

Romney is such a liar. It's hard to watch.

CAPTAIN said...

Question. What if you got a call from Israel, saying our bombers are on way to Iran

Romney. We would not get that all because my relationship with Israel means that type of call would not happen.

I see our influence around the world receding not increasing.

Obama. Romney has been all over the map. Thanks for finally agreeing with our position. You have been flip flopping on all of your foreign policy.

Obama pulls out the tear jerker. Spoke to little girl at Ground Zero who was four years old. Now 14. Thanks for getting Bin Laden.

CAPTAIN said...

Question. Afghanistan. What do you do if date arrives and they are not ready to take over.

Romney. We will be out in 2014. Pakistan is an issue.

Giants still lead 7-0. Bears still lead 10-0

Obama. We ended war in Iraq. We will be out in 2014. We got Al Kaida leadership while we were there. we need resources here like veterans getting jobs and health care.

Anonymous said...

Captain, we are watching the debate. We don't need your Cliffs notes about it. Shut up.

Anonymous said...

Captain, do you work at Fox?

CAPTAIN said...

Question. Pakistan. Should we divorce them.

Romney. No. They have 100 nuclear weapons. We cannot afford a failed state there. They are an ally. We have work to do. We can't walk away, but support needs to be tied to them becoming more civil.

Question drones. Use them. .

Romney. I support usage of them. But we need better strategy on removing terrorism from the region.

Obama. We have formed coalitions in the region. And all over the world. Al Kaida is weaker now than when I came into office.

CAPTAIN said...


What is biggest concern to our national security.

Obama. Terrorist threats. China we challenged them in international court. We won and that means more jobs for Ohio and Pennsylvania. Brilliant. I was waiting for first candidate to incorporate an answer to speak to states that are on the most competitive states.

Romney. Greatest threat is nuclear Iran. On China. We need to be woking with China. But right now China does not think we are strong economically. So they won't work with us.

CAPTAIN said...


Currency manipulator.

Romney. I will declare them a currency manipulator. That permits sanctions. You need to play by the rules. And china is not. Steal our jobs and our economy

Obama. You Romney helped to ship jobs overseas. You wanted auto industry to go bankrupt. Paying taxes for overseas profits, you got that wrong too. US exports to China have doubled since I came into office.

CAPTAIN said...

Final five minutes.

CAPTAIN said...

Romney. Stop attacking me. That won't get us more jobs.

Hey Romney it's called a debate. That is exactly what Obama should be doing.

Romney responds on auto industry.

Talking over each other now. They know they are near the end

Arguing on auto industry and what Romney said.

Obama you invested in car companies and other failed companies.

Obama tries to interrupt and Romney talks him down.

CAPTAIN said...

Obama. "Romney. You keep trying to air brush history"

Obama. We should not cut education budget. We should not cut research. Both will hurt us with China.

Second half of football begins. Still 10-0

Bottom of the sixth. Still 7-0

CAPTAIN said...

Each man trying to get their closing argument as the last word as it is 10:28 pm

Romney slamming Obama on jobs, food stamps, keeps talking re education.

Romney succeeded.

Obama closing. He goes first.

Romney closing.

That's a wrap folks. Thank you for joining us in the live blogging of the third and last debate.

Oh yeah.

Bears 13-0 in third quarter.
Giants 7-0 in seventh inning.


CAPTAIN said...

Go Vote. It's make you feel big and strong. That is how Schieefer closed the debate quoting his mother.

Obama quote on Horses and Bayonets will be quote of night.

Obama 42:11
Romney 41:30

Pretty close.

Obama much more aggressive. Romney not as attacking. Romney felt he would take the high road. Obama felt the need to draw distinctions.

Anonymous said...

The distinction is drawn and clear.

Told you so.

Anonymous said...

Captain, you really are full of yourself. Do we really need your blow by blow of the debate?

Anonymous said...


It's ironically sad how only two comments are posted in regards to the subject matter, which is rogue cops caught embellishing police reports, again.

DS said...

Likely so few comments because those of us in the pits see it as old news, nothing new - btdt

Rumpole said...

Sorry but I was on a plane for part of last night so I couldn't clear the debste comments until this morning.

Anonymous said...

I'm a kinda independent guy but, Romney looked like an idiot last night and Obama had answers for every question.

Looks to me like the Republicans picked a guy who lied and said he is severely conservative (when he really isn't) and now has to eat most of his words.

I hate it when politicians lie to us and Romney has done a whole bunch of that just to get the nod to sit next to the POTUS last night.

I'm voting for Obama.

Anonymous said...

American Minority,

Take a chill pill and pull your skivvies from your tuchus. This isn't your private blog, and Rumpole isn't your humble servant. Rumpole is a busy man: he is routinely consulted by both President Obama and ex-Gov. Romney; he is slated to be the keynote speaker at the next Ted talk; and he teaches a graduate level poli sci course at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. What do you do with your time?

Why not start your own blog if you have issues with Rumpole?

Anonymous said...


Don't you mean ironical?

Anonymous said...

Rumpy, please make Bernard a contributor so he doesn't have to wait for his comments to be cleared. What this blog really really needs is instant Bernard!