Monday, October 15, 2012


Judges of all stripes, sizes, abilities and temperaments have come through the doors of the REGJB over the years. Some can't handle it, some think they can handle it but can't, some do a good job, and some do a great job. Every so often a Judge takes the bench who is liked and respected and does an outstanding job and then leaves us all too soon.

Such was the tenure of the late Judge Henry Leyte-Vidal, who was taken from us and his family way too soon by cancer. He is missed and not forgotten and we are proud to help spread the word of the Inaugural Judge Henry Leyte-Vidal Domino Night Against Cancer Benefiting La Liga Contra el Cancer on Friday, November 16, 2012 on the 6th floor terrace of 2100 Ponce De Leon Boulevard in Coral Gables.

If we recall correctly, the judge liked a nice scotch, so come, play some dominoes, help remember an outstanding jurist who is missed, and contribute to a worthy cause.

Leyte Vidal


jorge said...

Henry was a wonderful man...A great and loyal friend...a devoted always eager to help...Not many like Henry...."Life is short, shorter for some than for others" Gus McCray in Lonsome Dove...Too bad he is gone.

Anonymous said...

now he was a judge to have a drink with... a man's man.

GB said...

He was a great and devoted Father. He was a smart and fair Judge. He had a great sense of humor, the courage to use it and the wisdom to know when to not.

Anonymous said...

We miss you Henry. You made my day better just by being in your courtroom.

Lazaro Vazquez said...

I hope to see all of you in attendance at the event on Friday, 11/16/12.

The outpour of support from lawyers and judges alike, the moment the organizers (myself included) began kicking around the idea of organizing this event, has been overwhelming.

The legal community has become a driving force for a night that we aspire will not only honor the late Judge Leyte-Vidal's memory, but more importantly raise lots of of money for La Liga Contra El Cancer, in the continued fight against this horrible disease.

Unfortunately, the legal community has suffered several devastating losses as a result of cancer, particularly in the judiciary, in recent years.

While I regret not having had the opportunity to have appeared before the late Judge Leyte-Vidal, I hope our efforts will properly serve to honor his legacy, and others who have similarly served on the bench.

I urge you all to please buy your tickets in advance to help our inaugural event became a maintstay for years to come. We have confirmed attendance of many, but have lots more money to raise and tickets to sell. If you cannot make it, you can also donate directly to La Liga in Henry Leyte-Vidal's name.

Thank you and see you there!

Lazaro Vazquez

Anonymous said...

I've been doing this for over 25 years. Henry Leyte-Vidal was the only Judge, when ordering dinner for the jurors, to offer a meal for the Defendant as well. I'll never forget it. A truly decent and honorable person.

Anonymous said...

Henry was (with Jose Rodriguez) my closest friend on the bench. The three of us ate lunch together, played dominoes together, played golf together, consoled each other when sadness overcame our personal lives and dealt with his illness when it was first diagnosed. I miss him more than you can imagine. The nicest and most decent man I have ever known.

It will be worth the trip to Miami just to sit at a domino table and think of him. I will do everything I can to be there.


the trialmaster said...

I first met Henry when he was a baliff for the late Judge Sam Silver. That is when I tried my first civil trial. I followed his career throug law school, becoming a lawyer and finally as a judge. I only appeared once before him when he was a Judge but he was always fair and it is a great loss to our already depleted bench. He was one of our best judges. He is missed.

Anonymous said...

He was a friend of mine. Jose, Henry and I would go to lunch very often. He was a mentor to me and I miss him daily. I hope to be as good as a father, person and lawyer as he was.