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Four weeks from today, our nation goes to the polls to elect the next President of these United States of America.  In many places around the country voting has already begun.  In Florida, if you ordered an absentee ballot, you should be getting that in the mail later this week.  Here are your choices:

Just ask yourself the following question: Do you want to vote for the candidate who took out Bin Laden, or, do you want to vote for the candidate who has vowed to take out Big Bird?  Those are your choices.

On a more serious note, 538.com, the New York Times online thread, still shows President Obama winning the Electoral College on November 6th.  They show him with 302.5 and Romney with 235.5; (it takes 270).

The Times calls the following states Competitive: Colorado (leaning blue); Florida (toss-up); Iowa (leaning blue); North Carolina (leaning red); New Hampshire (likely blue); Nevada (likely blue); Ohio (likely blue); Virginia (leaning blue); and Wisconsin (likely blue).

How close is this election?  If Romney pulls Florida into his court, he picks up 29 electoral votes.  He then needs only 6 more to become our 45th President.  Virginia has 13, Colorado has 9, and Iowa has the exact 6 votes he would need.

The next three debates could prove crucial.  This week it's Biden v. Ryan on Thursday night from Danville, Kentucky.  Next week, on Tuesday, Obama and Romney will hold a town hall style debate from Hofstra University.  The final debate takes place in our backyard, at the FAU campus in Boca Raton on Monday, October 22nd.  That debate will be about foreign policy.

If Obama wants to have another four years of free rides on Air Force One, he better bring his "A" game to his final two debates; last week he didn't even bring "a" game to Denver.  Rumpole has stated more than once on this blog that the only two things that could cost Obama the election are: the debates, or, some world event.  We had a convergence of both in the past couple of weeks.  First, was the attack on our embassy in Benghazi which cost the lives of four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens.  It has now been revealed, by recently released emails, that the State Department (Hillary Clinton) pulled most of the security from Libya a few months before the attacks.  Second, was the no show of Obama last week in Denver.

On the local scene, don't forget that we do have one outstanding judicial election as a result of the County Court Run-off between Incumbent Judge Andrea Wolfson and Challenger Greer Elaine Wallace.

North of the Border, in Broweird, there are three run-offs.  In Circuit, former Judge Julio Gonzalez faces Laura Watson.  In County Court, Incumbent Robert Diaz faces Challenger Roshawn Banks.  And, Olga Levine faces Robert Nichols.

Most important in the judicial races is the Retention Vote for three Florida Supreme Court Justices.  Justices Peggy Quince, Fred Lewis, and Barbara Pariente all face the possibility of being voted out of office.  If any of them are, then Governor Scott gets to choose their replacements.  There has been a lot of posts recently concerning the fact that, last week, the Republican Party of Florida voted to make this a campaign issue and supports ousting the three sitting jurists.  Numerous Republican leaders throughout the State have taken a stand publicly supporting the three sitting Justices.

We will also be watching the races for State Attorney in the 16th, Monroe County, as Catherine Vogel (D) is up against Mark Kohl (R) and in the 17th, Broward County, where Mike Satz (D) faces Jim Lewis (R).  There will be a new State Attorney in the 15th, Palm Beach County, as Dave Aronberg (D) is up against Dina Keever (R).

It should be an exciting 28 days running up to the Tuesday, November 6th election.  We look forward to reporting on all of the happenings right here.

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"American Minority" said...

Ballot done mailing it out today.
Capt. What do you think about amendment proposal No.1,2,3,4,5 which would change the rules of the Judiciary by repealing the requirement of a two thirds vote of each house of the legislature, to a majority vote, and also subject the governors appointment to the Senate confirmation for Supreme Court appointments.To many proposal for repeals I voted "No" on amendment 5. When we get our Democratic Governor I don't want filibustering and hold ups for their appointments.

Also, just wait and observe these next two debates, you do not become the President of the Harvard Law Review by not being adroit, so stay tuned.


DS said...

Go Dave Aronberg.
Graduate North Miami High and Harvard. State Sen from Boca, Worked for Bob Butterwork and AG Bondi . He Helped clean up the Pill Mils.
He Believes too many Juvy Bind-overs. A` Great Guy and he Will Be a great State's Atty.

Anonymous said...

No post on west v. Murphy? West the darling of the tea party largest fund raiser in the republican party and all around hate monger.

Anonymous said...

There is one factor that the polls or Nate Silver is not taking into account when it comes to Obama's real advantage...a ground game. Obama has a network of thousands of workers on the ground in key states registering voters, organizing GOTV efforts and fighting back against Romney on the grass roots level. I think that a lot of these states that are horse races now will break for Obama for that reason alone.

Anonymous said...

Hey RUMP -- thought this would not turn into a political blog. Does every other candidate get equal time? Or should we just assume that if DS supports someone we should vote for the opponent?

Rumpole said...

Any candidate is invited to write and submit a post and we will post it without changes.

election freak said...

Cap. Thanks for the comprehensive analysis of the election and south florida races. You and Rumpole cover all the bases; clearly the best blog around.

You didn't mention anything about the local race between David Rivera and Joe Garcia. Do you think Rivera will be indicted soon. It appears that the Republican party has abandoned him.

I am voting NO on all eleven amendments and would recommend that everyone do the same.

Anonymous said...

Whoever DS endorses on the Blog, I encourage everyone to support the opposition.

Fake Josh Gradinger said...

I am voting for the Replacement Refs!

Anonymous said...

AM is really Charles Manson. I hear Charlie is allowed on the computer under supervision.

DS said...

Dear 10:10 AM & 1:04 PM

I am of course voting and endorsing ALL Republicans running ,

Especially Willard ‘ Mitt ‘ Romney,

Connie Mack IV for Senate

and for Congress
Karen Harrington & David Rivera

Also I'm voting for all the Admendments to the FLA Constitution.

Please vote accordingly

DS said...

Now on a totally different topic:

- A Frenchman and an American shared the Nobel Prize in physics Tuesday for inventing methods to peer into the quantum world of ultra-tiny particles.

Serge Haroche of France and American David Wineland opened the door to new experiments in quantum physics in the 1990s by showing how to observe individual atoms and particles of light called photons while preserving their quantum properties

DS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CAPTAIN said...

to 10:10 am.


We elect a President once every four years and go to the polls every two years for to elect Judges.

This is just one part of a very comprehensive blog, certainly more than any of those other rags out there; (and I say that with much respect to DOM and SFL).

Enjoy the political discourse for four more weeks. Then we can go back to anonymously bashing every single successful lawyer that has ever appeared in state or federal criminal court.

That seems to be the primary MO of most of the posts on this blog anyway. I guess you would prefer that when the alternative would be intelligent discourse.

Cap Out ....

Anonymous said...

D.S. Your Dad would not be pleased that you have turned turncoat and are now supporting a full slate of conservative Republican candidates. Shame, shame!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone read today's DBR article about Dennis Murphy's alimony appeal in the 3DCA?

He loses. Leslie Rothenberg writes the dissent.

4813 said...

No discussion on Amendment 5, the plan to let the legislature overrule the Florida Supreme Court?

DS said...


Don't you know that the purpose of this Blog is so the unNamed & UnKnown can go on " anonymously bashing every single successful lawyer that has ever appeared in state or federal criminal court".

No one in the shadows wants or prefers ' the alternative that would be intelligent discourse'.

But Thank you for hinting that I might contribute to any
alternative that would be intelligent discourse'


Anonymous said...

The Brilliant Captain stated:

"Then we can go back to anonymously bashing every single successful lawyer that has ever appeared in state or federal criminal court.

That seems to be the primary MO of most of the posts on this blog anyway. I guess you would prefer that when the alternative would be intelligent discourse."


Well said, Captain! Those are my thoughts exactly. There's just too much bashing and not enough intelligent discourse taking place on the blog. Thank you for raising awareness.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, what a blowhard!

Thanks for cheering up my Tuesday night, DS.

Anonymous said...

DS, were it not for this blog, I would have no idea who you are.

I am neither intelligent nor successful, and I confess to being amused at your postings and then the bashings that follow...but, as the most frequent recipient of "comment removed by moderator", dont you think you are the lowest common denominator here?

Anonymous said...

Are DS and AM the same person?

Anonymous said...

20 years ago, when i was a PD, DS was the biggest joke in the office. never tried a case. never had anything constructive to say. always wanted to get himself ahead. then he tried to campaign for judge. that failed. now, being the joke of the pds office and unable to be a judge when its so easy to be a judge, he's the blog commenter. what a sad life. he is like spaghetti, without the sauce. no one respects him

Grey Tesh said...

Rob Gershman filed as an independent for State Attorney in the 15th judicial circuit. Rob is a stand-up guy who has tried death penalty cases and is a former assistant state attorney. Rob was a registered Dem, but got shunned by them. So, he just changed his party affiliation. Rob doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning. Rob may, however, take away some votes from Dave Aronberg. This could be an interesting race. Dave has raised way more money - about $500k so far. Dave is ahead in the polls right now. His tv commercials just kicked in too. I don't know Dina, but I've heard good things about her from former AUSAs that I respect. Republicans are about 40% of the registered voters in Palm Beach county. No matter who wins, the people of Palm Beach have already won because McAullife resigned.
Grey Tesh

CAPTAIN said...


Thanks mom for reading my blog posts.

Cap Out ...

Anonymous said...

You're very welcome!


Anonymous said...

8pm. I was thinking the same darn thing though I wouldn't have been able to put it so sweet. You are some kind rare prick. But I love it

Anonymous said...

I hope Vogel wins in Monroe. Good Luck Kathy!!

DS said...

5:56 PM
Read what 10:10 am & 1:04 pm wrote again.
If they are voting against what I suggest than a little reverse psy is in order.

Dad and I disagreed, but I think he Would NOT be disapointed too much in me:

No I am still a die Hard, life-time, life-long ,
Progressive Labor Democrat:
I am a liberal in the old fashion way, Just like the 'Founders".

One Person, One Vote,
Equal Rights & treatmrnt for All,
Equal Tax Burdens ( Flat tax), Pro-Union, especially Public employees like Teacher, Cops & Firefights [ When did they become the ENEMY].
Oh and a shout out to the Hialeah Wal-Mart workers..

DS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DS said...

I can remove my own posts as an contributor and have many times on review.

Rumpole has only removed ONE [1] of my posts, I have removed the rest.

Thanx. My mission as an contributor is to get you to read and respond.

After all, We all know I'm full full it.
If you dont, just ask the MRS.

Anonymous said...

So you lack conviction? Or, you view the world as your own private etch a sketch

Fake Josh Gradinger said...

All of this voting talk got me thinking:

Best Deli in the City?

2nd Ave Deli

Talk amongst yah'selves

I tweet said...

#JBB #unawesome

zzzzzzzzzzzzz said...


Anonymous said...

2:30 shumie? or too early?

Anonymous said...

D.S. One day you're recommending left-wing Dems and the next day you flip-flop and endorse right-wing Repubs. Only to flip-flop again and boast of your leftist Socialistic point of view. If I didn't know better, I would suspect you have a basic intrinsic learning disability or are just meshugah. Please try to explain. (This should be funny)

Anonymous said...

Shumie = Loser. With a capital L.

DS said...

3:38 pm

Read what 10:10 am wrote:
Or should we just assume that if DS supports someone we should vote for the opponent?"


What 1:04 pm wrote: whoever" DS endorses on the Blog, I encourage everyone to support the opposition" .

If they are voting against what I suggest than a little reverse psy is in order.

Is that any clearer.

I said the opposite of what I believe cause yhey are going to vote the opposite of what I say.

jeezz, what dont you get about reverse psychology?

DS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DS said...

One Other thing. Only an Asshole would think Democratic Laber is Socialist. Those people built the Industrial USA and won WWII, Korea, & the Cold War.

Lets stop this 1950s Red Baiting, Bull Shit talk

DS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DS said...

10:48 PM


My Dad ran for County Commish.

20 years ago in Arthur Rothenber, Phil Davis & Arthur McGinness I tried cases every few weeks .

From 1991 to 1993 I tried about 40 Felony Jury Trials. I'll have sent Rumpole the list, if anyone cared.

In 1993 through mid 1995 I was in ERU and ERU Attorneys WERE NOT ALLOWED TO TRY CASES. They did Arthur Hearings instead, back then.
Maybe that is what you rememmber.

F914093;F9134732; F9037433;
F9134748; F9137262A;F9138044B;

Plus 3 trials I second sat that I have have names of the client but not case #s.

Secret Judge said...

Mr. DS who I suspect is Assistant Public Defender David Sisselman, is a qualified advocate and all around nice guy, however he is spending an inordinate amount of time unnecessarily responding to the nonsense on this outlet. My unsolicited advice would be to spend less time on the Blog, more time visiting clients in the jail.