Friday, June 22, 2012


UPDATE: Coming soon: The captain rises to the defense of the Heat. 

No one will ever mistake the 2012 Miami Heat with the 1969 Mets, or the 1972 Dolphins, or the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team. No, the Heat have all the emotional impact of a black stretch limo pulling up to a G4 at a private airport.

When Michael Jordan spent all those years falling just short in the playoffs, he didn’t demand a trade to play with Magic Johnson. When the Larry Bird led Celtics beat the Lakers, Magic didn’t play out his contract and sign with Boston.

When Ali walked into the ring in Kinshasa, Zaire against George Foreman- the George Forman who had arms the size of most men’s legs and the George Forman who in 1973 knocked Joe Frazier to the canvas five times in less than two rounds; the George Foreman who faced Ali with a record of 38-0, 35 by knockout- Ali didn’t demand that Ken Norton help him in the ring.

In the 1980 Olympics it was a bunch of college kids, mostly from Minnesota or Boston University, that faced the Russians- the greatest hockey players of their generation, and won.

Name the starting lineup of the 72 Dolphins. Their quarterback Bob Griese will never be remembered as the premier quarterback of his era. The 72 Dolphins achieved perfection because their coached molded an entire team. When Griese went down in the fifth game of the season, 38 year old journeyman Earl Morrall, claimed before the season by Coach Shula off of waivers for $100.00, stepped in and guided the team to wins through the rest of the season and the first playoff game.

Americans love an underdog. Namath beating the mighty Colts in 69. The miracle Mets of the same year. Sea Biscuit was an undersized, knobby kneed horse who was raced 35 times as a two year old before being claimed for $2,500.00. The horse went on to win the match of the century against Man of War and then recovering from a seemingly career ending injury, went on to win the Santa Anita Derby after having lost it twice before.

No one will ever look at the 2012 Miami Heat and think of Ali on the ropes doing the unthinkable and unbelievable. No one will remember the Heat the way they think of the 69 Mets or the 1980 US Hockey team. There are no Earl Morralls on this team of high priced superstars. There are no athletes on this team with the heart of Sea Biscuit. No member of the Miami Heat ever looked deep inside of himself and found a way to will his team to victory like Michael Jordan did or Magic Johnson did when he took over center for the Lakers in game six of the championship series. With hall of famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the bench, Magic scored 42 points as the center and beat the Dr. J led 76’ers for the title.

Sure Lebron James is a good player. He has great talent. But he doesn’t have heart. When he couldn’t win in Cleveland he left. Magic never left LA; Larry Bird never left Boston. Mike Eruzione and Jim Craig never let their hockey team give up and Tom Seaver and Cleon Jones and Tommy Agee always believed that their Mets- the joke of the league during the 1960’s- could win it all.

The Heat victory is a victory for corporate America. With limos and luxury suites and seats that costs more than most people make in a month, they are the best team money can buy. The Heat and their fans will never know what it is like to take the field of play being an underdog – being given no chance- being written off by everyone but themselves. Ali reached deep down inside of himself and found the courage and heart of a champion; Lebron James skipped town when he couldn't  win with the Cavaliers.

The Heat are the champions; we give them their due. Go celebrate their victory if you want to. You can have them and all that they stand for.


Anonymous said...

NOT A HEAT FAN, however:

You lack real knowledge of basketball if you think James is a good player and not a great player. His 2011-2012 season is historically great. Look at his PER and you will see.

It is time to stop the whining and remember he fufilled his contract with Cleveland. He didn't hold them hostage like Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard and many, many others to force a trade. So did Barkley and Kareem. Free agent means you go where you want.

James spent 7 years in Cleveland with an incompetent GM who couldn't surround him with decent players. My favorite player was Magic, who played with countless hall of fame players, as did Bird. Think about what their careers may have looked like with Cleveland's rosters between 2003 and 2010. If you don't think they would have left when they had the chance, you are fooling yourself.

Anonymous said...

A selective memory is a dangerous thing.

The Babe went to NY to play on the worlds biggest stage, to make big money, to win championships. His old team never forgave him, and took decades to recover.

Sound familiar?

Take your statement regarding Earl Morrel and substitute the name Tim Tebow. Or any of the numerous quarterbacks who started as backups and wound up stars. It happens all the time.

The Lakers?? I suggest you do some research regarding how the team was built to include Jabbar.

Jordan- no he didn't quit an go somewhere else. But the team brought in hired help, to get them over the hump.

And the bottom line - please explain why any of that matters. When has any team ever showed any allegiance to a player who they felt was no longer worth what they pay for him? Why is there anything wrong with any player in any sport going to play where he has the best chance at accomplishing their goals.

If Lebron felt Cleveland was not makin the moves to win the championship, why should he stay?

And I said it before- this illusion you bought into that in the golden age of sports players showed a faithful devotion to their teams and cities is just wrong. Players stayed in one city for their entire career not because they wanted to. It was because they had to. As soon as those restrictions were lifted, it was every man and team for himself.

That is capitalism in America. Get used to the economic reality of sports entertainment. As a fan of Ayn Rand, I woul think you would have a deep respect for people who do everything they can to maximize their own production and value.

You dont like it because it doesn't give you a warm fuzzy feeling of teamwork?? Too god damn bad. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Very true.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a pointless sour grapes rant...Majic had Kareem, Worthy, Micahel Cooper, Kurt Rambis, Bob McAdoo, Byron Scott and so on, Bird had McHale, Parish, Dennis Johnson, Ainge...Lebron had Who?? Booby Gibson and Anderson Verajao...please take ur garabage somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

sadly, you do not realize how wrong you are. Bird didn't need to leave boston; they had a slew of stars already. Magic did not leave LA; why would he, with Worthy and Kareem and McAdoo in place. The fact is that had Lebron gone to the Knicks, you would be riding around today with a Knick jersey and a cigar. Rather than accepting you were WRONG you try to justify your smugness by claiming the other guy's win is not good enough. Silly, silly man.

Anonymous said...

How can you say that Lebron doesn't have heart? In one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in the game of basketball, the guy scored 30 points in the first half of a must win, elimination NBA playoff game, carrying his team on his back into the finals round. If you ask Magic or Larry Bird or any of your other heros about this, they will agree that Lebron has heart.

The trialmaster said...

Me thinks that Rump is crying over spilled milk. He picked the celts in 6.The heat won without Bosh early,and came back when everyone counted them out and survived game 6 and went on to win game 7 over a great celt team. Then, not having home court advantage beat the favorite, younger thunder on their court, gaining a split, and winning 4 in a row over the thunder who whipped the spurs 4 in a row after the spurs had won 10 playoff games in a row and 30 in a row overall. Rump is bitter because he must have lost his ass beating against this couragous heat team. Forget the big 3, former gators Haslim was great, and a crippled Miller hit 7 big 3s to help rout the Thunders in an "all weather final". and contributions from Jones, Chammmmmbers and othes were big. It was said that the heat did not have the bench or height to match up with the Thunder. We won because this team had heart. and it was said, that Spo could not coach. wrong again. he outcoached Doc. and Brooks. This is only the first of 7 maybe 8. Eat your heart out Mr. Rump.

Rumpole said...

Bird played with Hall of Famers? Robert parish is in the hall of fame? Tiny Archibald? Kevin Mchale? Who is in the hall of fame from those celtic teams?

Rumpole said...

BTW- James said yesterday was the greatest day in his life. Interesting comment from a man with two children. Even Rocky Balboa, when he beat Apollo Creed and won the heavyweight championship said that it was, outside of his id being born, the greatest day in the history of his life.

But of course what do you expect? He sold out his home town and his team mates, why not his family. He's a gutless no heart wonder. And anything he did in these playoffs he did with his spoiled teammates surrounding him.

Rumpole said...

Miller has heart. I He played well with the championship at stake. I'll give the heat that.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I don't care about NBA basketball or the Heat, but I am quickly losing respect for you Rump......you are getting whipped in your arguements and sound like a little crying baby, making no sense!

Rumpole said...

I think I make plenty of sense. And I didn't bet on any NBA games. I know enough to know I don't know enough about basketball to gamble.

But you long suffering Miami Heat fans- oh for so long you packed that arena rain or shine- good days or bad- even when the heat weren't in contention- can't say Miami fans are fair weather fans, right?

Sheesh. You all make me ill.

Anonymous said...

Robert Parish
Michael Jordan
Scottie Pippen
Dennis Rodman

All Hall of Famers - and let's not forget the other outstanding players on the teams who may make it in one day.

S your argument is that Lebron should have renewed (he did not demand a trade) his contract to see if he could win a championship single handed, unlike all the other great teams that assembled a great bunch of players?

You go to the 72 Dolphins...really? You can call them the no name blah blah all you want, but they had a helluvah football club.

Anonymous said...

Your blog officially just came off my favorites. Your points are worthless and you sir need to seriously get a life to have so much hate in your heart for someone who has never done anything to you. I have no reason to read this blog anyway but have for years because of one particular post I came across. But the time has come, GG Rump, and to the rest of you, I'm calling my first and last Shumie!

Anonymous said...

Yes Miami has fair weather fans, because there is so much great stuff to do in this city, we don't want to waste our time cheering a bunch of loosers....and why should we? Football aside, the only reason I could give two shits about Basketball, Hockey or Baseball is if the team is actually relevant and playing for a championship....otherwise, I would rather sit on Lincoln Rd. and watch hot chicks walk by while I drink a Mojito.

Rumpole said...

4:13 please no. (sniffle) please don't go.

I sort of feel like Neil Rogers when callers used to complain and then he would yell at them and ask why they listen and they would say they don't listen they just tuned in by accident.

And yes Robert Parish was elected to the hall of fame in 2003, deservedly so.

Watching Germany-Greece Euro 2012 and wow! The Greeks had the temerity to tie it 1-1 and the Germans just blitzed them (pub intended). It's 4-1 now.

Rumpole said...

I can't believe I forgot that no talent gutless wonder Pat Riley. Another one of those when the going gets tough
(when he was the coach of the knicks) the cry babies get going. Makes sense James came to Miami. Birds of a feather....

Anonymous said...

Soccer is for pussies.

Baseball is for fatties.

Lacrosse is for Yankees.

Hockey is for spousal abusers from Canada.

Basketball is okay (but only because the HEAT won)

Football is for Men!

Fake Alschuler said...

Calling the ßhumie!!! EVeryone to Monty's. ANyone wearing a Heat Jersey gets a beer or pain killer on me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@4:51--- Without question, football is a brutal sport. Frightful collisions between enormous men occur on most every play. While hockey players can't match football players in sheer girth, their collisions are more frequent and performed at higher speeds. If play gets too rough, hockey players may also drop the gloves and settle their differences with punches. Boxing on ice never fails to entertain the masses.

As for your "oh so funny" remark about soccer-- I dare you to say that in a pub full of Europeans. You won't have any teeth left, sir.

Anonymous said...

"Collectivism holds that the individual has no rights, that his life and work belong to the group . . . and that the group may sacrifice him at its own whim to its own interests. The only way to implement a doctrine of that kind is by means of brute force—and statism has always been the political corollary of collectivism."

Which leads us to...

"Collectivism does not preach sacrifice as a temporary means to some desirable end. Sacrifice is its end—sacrifice as a way of life. It is man’s independence, success, prosperity, and happiness that collectivists wish to destroy.

Observe the snarling, hysterical hatred with which they greet any suggestion that sacrifice is not necessary, that a non-sacrificial society is possible to men, that it is the only society able to achieve man’s well-being."

Yes Rumpole you are right. Lebron should have stayed in Cleveland, because tradition and custom demands it. He is a turncoat, and he should have showed loyalty. When the going got tough, he got going. Therefore, he is a punk for not abiding by the collectivist code. His life is not his own.

"Collectivism holds that, in human affairs, the collective—society, the community, the nation, the proletariat, the race, etc.—is the unit of reality and the standard of value. On this view, the individual has reality only as part of the group, and value only insofar as he serves it."

We pretend that Lebron chose to leave his team, and chose not to perservere under impossible odds. Therefore, the lack of respect comes from him not having the weakness of character of seeing it through to the end of his useful days.

But the truth is, projecting this onto Lebron, as if this is the mark of a champion, and that he is forever slated to be less than this because he chose to live the life he wanted to live, is the collectivist bias.

No one said Lebron was the greatest player, or even among the greatest. Yet he deserves his celebration. Had he failed, you would have rode him to the end of time for being a failure. That you expected him to fail, and that he defied the odds that you set for his success.

Now that is where something great actually happened. In my life, I have learned that labels are a nasty powerful thing. I have been labeled. I have been written off many a time. I haven't always had my shining moments. I haven't always exercised the best of judgment.

Yet in the moment where people expect me to fail, and I show the strength of character to improve, to succeed, and learn from my mistakes, that is where I feel that my greatest triumphs are.

And why Lebron should be allowed to enjoy his own triumph. We only live one life.

"Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew.
But through it all, when there was doubt,
I ate it up and spit it out.
I faced it all and I stood tall;
And did it my way.

I've loved, I've laughed and cried.
I've had my fill; my share of losing.
And now, as tears subside,
I find it all so amusing.

To think I did all that;
And may I say - not in a shy way,
"No, oh no not me,
I did it my way".

For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught.
To say the things he truly feels;
And not the words of one who kneels.
The record shows I took the blows -
And did it my way!"

Rumpole said...

appels and oranges 5:17. There is no correlation between the philosophy of politics and sports.

But lets remember, when Howard Roark couldn't get a fee as an architect and make a living at architecture HIS WAY he went into the marble pits of Connecticut rather than join Peter Keating's firm and compromise his principles.

Anonymous said...


Rumpole said...

check your spelling. You meant "better" I'm sure.

13th Man club said...

Congrats to Heat super fan Simon Steckle, who paid for the corporate "13th Man" experience. For a fee Simon gets his own ring during the ring ceremony, will be on a float with other corporate 13th Man fans, and next season will have access to the 13th Man locker room where he;ll be able to shower and dress before and after games. Whoo hoo! Everything is for sale by the Heat. Rump is right. You can't get a damn cup of ice at the area without paying 5 bucks.

Anonymous said...

As always Rumpole you're right. You're never wrong. Ayn Rand couldn't possibly have meant for her views to be a way of life that could be transcendental and adapted to all aspects of reality and the living. Of course she would have viewed Robert Nozick as a charlatan for using the famous Wilt Chamberlain example to justify his political philosophy.

Rand indicated that the primary theme of The Fountainhead was "individualism versus collectivism, not in politics but within a man's soul."

"My morality, the morality of reason, is contained in a single axiom: existence exists—and in a single choice: to live. The rest proceeds from these. To live, man must hold three things as the supreme and ruling values of his life: Reason—Purpose—Self-esteem. Reason, as his only tool of knowledge—Purpose, as his choice of the happiness which that tool must proceed to achieve—Self-esteem, as his inviolate certainty that his mind is competent to think and his person is worthy of happiness, which means: is worthy of living. These three values imply and require all of man’s virtues, and all his virtues pertain to the relation of existence and consciousness: rationality, independence, integrity, honesty, justice, productiveness, pride."

The Heat will never know what it is like to be underdogs?

The team started out its inaugural season by losing its first 17 games, including a blowout 138–91, to Magic Johnson's Los Angeles Lakers, at the time an NBA record. The Heat were placed in the Midwest Division of the Western Conference, in defiance of all geographic reality. This forced them on the longest road trips in the NBA; their nearest divisional opponent was the Houston Rockets, over 900 miles from Miami. The team ultimately finished with a league-worst 15–67 win-loss record (tied for worst season in franchise history).

"My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute."

Howard Roark had integrity, and he went to go work in the pits to avoid breaching that integrity. But how did we determine, that Lebron had no integrity? He served a contract. The contract ended. He did not renew it.

He took a pounding in the semifinals against the Celtics in 2010, and was roundly criticized by Clevelanders for his 15 point performance in Game 5. he improved to 27 points in Game 6, but with 9 turnovers, and another loss, that was a wrap. He had a choice to stay or go.

Roark made his choice and he did what he thought was right. Even if it had dire consequences for him.

Lebron did what he thought was right. The team owner Gilbert used publicity to smear his name with selfish", "heartless", "callous", and "cowardly betrayal". Clevelanders burned his jersey. That was extremely mature and grown up of them all to do.

But Lebron did what he did in spite of the repurcussions. You want to talk about lack of integrity? Discuss the New England Patriots. Free agency done in this way, falls far short.

If what was done to Lebron isn't the mark of a collectivist response, I don't know what is. He gave Cleveland 7 years of his life. As if those years meant nothing. As if the Cleveland camp wasn't acting like a bunch of babies.

Did people react as badly to Jordan when he went to play baseball? How about when he went to become a owner and president, and then player for the Wizards? Not very loyal if you ask me.

But then again Jordan didn't have a Gilbert type conspiring against him to turn public opinion against him, all due to spoiled grapes over revenue loss.

After all Roark raped Dominique because it was what she wanted and he gave it to her. So that makes it all right in the world, and that makes him a far better man than Lebron.

Rumpole said...

Ms. Rand was a singularly unhappy individual, which is both tragic and ironic in that she advocated that one's primary goal in life was happiness. WHile she advocated honesty and morality and decision making based on reason and not emotion, her personal life was filled with startling contradictions of all of her principles. This is again ironic since I believe one of Rand's most famous statements and contributions to philosophy was that contradictions don't exist. if you find one, check your premises.

So I suggest you check your premise- which is that james acted as a rational objectivist would by jettisoning his home town and teammates for a better place.
My response is that James is clearly not an objectivist. He is a person of little integrity who places no value on loyalty. Objectivism only holds that things like loyalty and love and belief cannot be forced upon one by the government. Those things can only be obtained in a free society by an individual capable of free will. I would never support a law or rule prohibiting James from doing what he believed was in his best interest. I am merely commenting on what his choice means for his other values and attributes. Like loyalty, courage, ability and fortitude,of which he has little or none. He will never know the feeling of standing up to a more powerful opponent and prevailing. He is no Churchill.

BTW- copying portions of Rand's philosophy from wikipedia or some other website impresses no one, especially me. I've read all those sites and can recognize the writing fairly easily.

At least have some pride in your own thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I personally don't give a fuck about basketball but I can't understand why anyone who is not on the court, field ,rink or in the ring would feel anything more than a passing moment of elation from the victory of a team you are not playing for. Those guys don't know us, they don't care about us, it's all about them. Sports are great to watch when it's tight, and close; when guts and courage,and toughness are the difference between winning and loosing, otherwise, yawn! It always weirds me out when people refer to a team and use "us" or "we" as if they were players.get off the couch and do something. Pro sports are just games played by others none of whom could beat my 11 year old in Jepordy .Enjoy the contest for the entertainment of the moment then move on. Jason Grey

Rumpole said...

Can't disagree more. James really cares about the fans. Everything he does is for them, not himself. Just ask the people in Cleveland.

Also the NBA is considering a rule awarding the first round pick every year to the team James plays for and that any team James plays for shall have to right to choose one player from any other team in the league. Just to make things fair so he can win every year.

Anonymous said...

Wow Rump. I seriously hope you argue better in court then you do on this subject!

Anonymous said...

Don't even like sports but Rump, you sound like a hater, lol.

Anonymous said...

There is no reasoning with Rump on this one.

Playing out a contract then moving on to a better place sounds like a perfectly reasonable way to manage your career. I don't know why this is indicative of a lack of loyalty. But if that is how Rump sees it, I suppose he is entitled to his view.

I don't really care abut basketball or the Heat. I'm happy for the city they won.

Let's get this blog back to important topics.

Rumpole said...

I agree I am from a different era. A player played for his team, period. Ernie Bankks? Cubs. Ted Williams? Red Sox, Joe Dimagio? Yanks. ditto for the Mick. Roberto Clement and Willie Stargell? The Pirates. Johnny Bench? The Reds. WIllis Reid, Walt Clyde Frazier? The Knicks.

I don't like the current way things are in sports. Basketball and Baseball are the worst. The Yankees make me ill just like the Heat do.

Anonymous said...

I have lots of pride in my thoughts. You saw quotations. Quotations mean: these are not my words.

I didn't include Rand's words to steal Rand's thoughts because I am incapable of forming independent thought. I brought the horse's mouth because you know the story about telling one person on one end of the room something. Let Ayn Rand's words speak for themselves, as they appear in her works. That avoids the taint.

If you want to know what someone intended to say, read deeply into the context of what they actually said.

She specifically said she wanted this to more than just about politics. She specifically said this applies in all aspects of life. That she viewed her way as a way for people to be true to themselves.

Now Rand is understand by many charlatans to mean that maybe she advocates selfishness for the sake of selfishness. Which is why a whole generation grew up pretending to get her, as meaning be selfish. And that is not true. That is why she denounced the whole Libertarian movement.

She loathed that concept and called Libertarianism a fraud. She regarded her views as a way to live.

And that's she modeled Roark as a man of integrity. If the Milgrim experiment taught us anything, it's that people when led like sheep, will commit the worst atrocities. Rand wanted to teach us that you should never violate your own moral code, and should do your best to be your best. Not for anyone else, but for yourself.

In this sense, even the independent human being, can realize good, and do good.

You Rumpole at the end of the day are just a petty man. You resort to cheap ad hominem attacks, when logic fails you. But unlike the both of us, I'm willing to just say that based on my gut feeling perception of the way you are doing what you're doing and just say it without needing to sound high and mighty about it.

You just hate Lebron, just because. Like all human beings, your internal process arrives at a judgment. Which is fine. And that gut reaction is: stick it through to the end, be loyal, whatever. He doesn't follow that - then he's trash. Because guys like him are rich spoiled whiny babies.

Then you try to dress it up in logic. And it's not really logical. It's just a judgment. Everyone makes judgments about others all the time, and then looks at the evidence in the light most favorable to sustaining that judgment. Negative evidence is discarded. Supporting evidence - front and center.

I can't fault Lebron. When someone finds a closed door, they could do what you say and be loyal because that's the way sports works, yada yada, and stand by the closed door, trying to bust it down until the very last moment.

Or perhaps they take a new door. It's not a popular door. Cleveland and Gilbert reacts with the "What WE MADE KING JAMES!" We made you we can destroy you. How dare you grow beyond us and leave us behind.

Richard Wright could have lived out his whole life in the US. He could have stayed loyal to a country that pretty much viewed him as a traitor. Being under watch of the CIA and FBI. Living in less accepting racist times. Or he could have done exactly as he did: go to France to rub noses with Sarte and Camus, and write more books, short stories and poems, and continue to be the prolific author he was.

You don't like Lebron. You don't like Lebron. You want him to be the pariah, go right ahead. But being self-righteous about it, is extremely lame. But it's your blog. So if I don't like it there's the door, right? I know the drill.

But I continue to read because I find something redeeming about it. But in between the price of admission is reading crap like this. So be it.

CAPTAIN said...

LeBron James finally gets it

Read: By Brian Windhorst | ESPN.com


CAPTAIN said...

And this:

How LeBron embraced his true stature


CWS fan said...

Boy FSU, the Free Shows University, couldn't manage to overcome one of their star players getting arrested out in Ohama and got spanked out of the CWS.

Bye Bye FSU.

SEC Rules

Anonymous said...

You're right Rump. Just like Garnett and Ray Allen stayed with their original teams.

Anonymous said...

There was a poll taken and out of the 50 states only one state picked the heat to win the championship this year. Guess what state? Its amazing how people have such short memories, and hate for a young man who does nothing to no one, is a model citizen a great father, and a great role model to many young kids who grew up in a single parent home, with no father, living in poverty. Held a conference and raised thousands of dollars to give back to under privilege kids.Lets not forget the fact that professional sports is a business.Lebron James stated "If I busted my knee today they will trade me tomorrow". The big three is a new term but if you looked at history Magic, Kareem, Worthy...Jordan, Pippen,Rodman, were Big three's and Durant,Westbrook, and Harding,
Pierce, Garnett, and Rondo is no different.

Rumpole said...

I don't hate Lebron but I don't like him for the same reasons I don't like Pat Riley Birds of a feather. Yes Rand wanted her philosophy to reach beyond politics. she wrote extensively about art and aesthetics. However, the application of her philosophy beyond giving Lebron the right to do what he did ( and I repeatedly have said I would never support any law to prohibit his actions) is suspect. Since beyond having the ability to so something is the morality of action and the ethics. My - and the key word is "my" ethics and morality which I- again the key word is "I"- have decided to view James actions and criticize him for are based on concepts of loyalty and teamwork. As Rand would say- you owe no loyalty but to yourself. However this is a too simplistic view of her philosophy.

The loyalty you owe yourself cannot completely guide your actions if you are a member of a five person crew in a bomber over Germany in WWII. Parachuting out to save yourself and doom your plane and mission is not ethical under Rand's concepts. The loyalty you owe yourself when you run a company does not give you the right to sell out at the first opportunity when you have recruited employees to work for you and made them promises.

Rand recognizes the value of loyalty and the concept of an individual being part of something bigger. If you truly understand her philosophy then her attacks on altruism and collectivism and her support of the individual are ONLY understood in the context that the political systems of every nation (but one) were founded on the belief of altruistic collectivist ethics: The belief the individual owed society his life and the fruits of his labours to make the society better. Only the United States was founded on the philosophic brief that an individual had a right to his own happiness.
Therefore, because Rand identified the evil of forced altruism, she was criticized for being the person who said one should never sacrifice themselves for someone or something. That a husband should never sacrifice himself for his wife or family.Nothing could be further from the truth. But your attempt to paint James as some Roark like figure falls into that simplistic view of Rand and a misunderstanding of what her philosophy is and what drove her to write the things she wrote.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah. Dude, admit the Heat performed better than you predicted, predict they will lose next season, go read Aesop and get back to writing the great stuff you usually write.

If you want anybody to seriously consider your opinion on this, you gave to acknowledge you were way off on your assessment of thirty ability to play and win together.

Angry Gurl said...

Blah blah blah blah blah. All this wasted energy over a group of spoiled over paid athletes who contribute nothing to society. So now that the Heat have won, is anyone's life in Miami any better? If you had money troubles Wednesday, are they gone today? If you were sick on Tuesday, are you better today? Is anything in your life better because the Heat won?
Sports like religion is an opiate for the masses. It makes you feel better but does nothing to make you better. it does not improve your life one bit. Life in Miami will not be any better. All it is is a massive scheme where you are bombarded with images and messages to pay outrageous sums of money to buy seats, get preferential parking, pay enormous sums of money for horrific food. For what? Whose life has improved one bit after the last game?

Anonymous said...

Garnet should have stayed in Minnesota and wasted his career under your reasoning.......same with ray Allen. Explain the difference please Rump

Rumpole said...

"way off in my assessment"?? I predicted the Celtics in six. In the sixth game of that series, the Celtics were playing for the series win and the Heat were on the verge of elimination. Was my predication wrong? Yes. Way off? No. Barely off is more like it.

Fake Kenny W said...

Looks like today is a rain slicker day. LL Bean and REI have a wide selection of rain jackets and I suggest having some fun with this accessory. Go for a surprising color- say purple or green. Play a sweet yellow sport shirt and some blue slacks or the classic chinos and you are ready to me a man about town in the rain.

MR. Justice Milton HIrsch said...

As befitting my position, I will be officiating at the Miami Heat parade. Members of the bar are reminded that they have an image to uphold, thus all lawyers who attend are expected to dress appropriate to the professional image I insist upon. Blazers with ties for gentlemen, and dresses with a frock or petticoat for the lady lawyers who wish to cheer the Heat with bonhomie.

Anonymous said...

Rump, I understand why you don't like LeBron, although I disagree with you. But what about Wade and Bosh and Haslem and Chalmers and Miller and the rest of the team who suffered defeat in the finals last year and came back this year and played like champs and won the whole thing. This is a great team of nice guys. Don't they deserve a little credit? Wade is one of the best and nicest players in the NBA who was drafted by the Heat and stayed loyal when every other team was throwing themselves at him, especially his hometown Bulls. If you value loyalty, Wade deserves a big round of applause. Why does your hatred of LeBron overshadow any positive feelings you might have for you hometown team bringing home the championship? He didn't do it alone.

Anonymous said...

Anybody else get hit with the USB- USC port scam? These guys make an appointment with my office manager and say they're from Microsoft which has monitored our web access because we use their products and our USB ports are clogged with viruses and also are outdated. They show up, run some electronic tests with hand held meters, say they can run proprietary software for $475.00 per computer, we have six, and then after that they explain we still have USB cables and should upgrade to USC cables for $225.00 per computer. All said and done they hit us for close to five grand and even after I called a number they gave me to verify they were with microsoft- the woman answered the phone "Microsoft small business support hotline" I later found out that they were a scam. They cashed my check that day and are long gone. Beware.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to our own Freddy Moldovan who has survived two rounds in the Kingsford Bar be sue masters competition. Freddy roared out of the southern division competition held in Fernandia Beach when his Moldovian Pork took a surprising second, and the top four moved on. Fred snagged a very solid third among over a hundred competitors in the Texas challenge held in Austin a few weeks ago when his dry rubbed chicken thighs wowed the judges. Now its on to the semis in Chicago - two rounds over July starting with the 4th of July competition in Chicago and then two weeks later a KC steak shoot out. The six top scores of both competitions head out west for the Arizona challenge which has the best of the west. The top ten from that compete in the finals for a half a million dollar first prize and a feature in "smokin" magazine. Go Fred!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah?


Anonymous said...

Rump, predicting they would not make the finals, when they did and won, makes you way off.

Anonymous said...

A few thoughts: (1) Angry Gurl is starting to sound like my mother; (2) If anything will make me take this blog off my favorites list, it is when the Ayn Rand fanatics emerge from their basements and glass houses and start bloviating philosophy; and (3) Rumpole is more like Steve Kane than Neil Rogers in that his whole "Heat-bashing" rant is nothing more than contrived controversy designed to ratchet up comments on his blog.

experience counts said...

There's lot to be said for an old guy like me keeping company with a 20 something college girl. But the down side is that my latest girlfriend is a snot nosed know it all- (albeit one with a killer killer body). Now she's telling me we have a naval base in Cuba. Settle the argument please. I told her Cuba was commie since before old Artie Maginnis was knee high to a Milam Dairy heifer but of course she has no idea who Maginnis is of that cows were at the Milam dairy. So she reads this blog, shut her up please.

Anonymous said...

American Minority - you are so f'n stupid. It is James Harden.

Anonymous said...

We do have a Naval base in Cuba. You just can't see it because it is full of submarines.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping this was a joke that I just don't get. But just in case- Guantanamo Bay is a US Naval base.

If you don't know that, or were unable to find out easily, I suggest you check your bank account. I can see why a 20 something is with you. She must be robbing you blind.

Anonymous said...

Angry Gurl i hate to say this because i too am a lawyer but i dont think that anoyone in our profession ought to be criticizing anyone for not "contributing anything to society"

Anonymous said...

You brought up the Roark comparison against Lebron not I. I also stressed that Rand wanted people to do good and that it was not about selfishness for the sake of selfishness. I am not averse to the idea that Rand would value loyalty. But it is too easy to "assume" as Felix Unger points out, when loyalty is due, and when it is undeserved based on these facts.

I was trying to get you to fathom the slippery slope you are embarking on when you project the terms of what being loyal truly means. Should a person remain loyal to a cause they do not believe in? Should we want people to do that?

The world makes it seem as if the land of Cleveland, its fans, and its owner, and the business of the Cavaliers was good unto itself. We were not there. We have no clue what its like to work there in that capacity. We can sit and pretend that life in Cleveland was good, and that somehow leaving was wrong because he left without just cause to benefit some corporate conspiracy.

And as you admit, you come from a different era where you believe loyalty is paramount. Many people the years in between toiled loyally in service to people who at the end, became the ones who betrayed them.

So subsequent generations like the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, etc. began to realize that loyalty is meaningless when you serve a master who is not loyal in return. How many sports teams have let their players go when they were plagued with injuries after years of service, to have that player have to spend their remaining years at a different team because they are not ready to quit the sport.

How many teams have traded their longtime players, fan favorites to get newer talent? The sword cuts both ways.

We agree to disagree on what her philosophy really means. As you point out she was a woman of contradiction and many struggle to understand what she was truly trying to say. We leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

Rump I am a fan of this blog but when you start going all gaga over ayn rand it really is fucking sickening. Her nonsense is the pseudo-intellectual basis for much against what you rail against. The Morons in our state legislature who think that lawyers should be paid 22 an hour to defend people and think that public school teachers and asa's and apd are all overpaid fatcats, all espouse rands idiotic philosophy.

Ayn Rand was a blowhard polemicist. You lose all credibility when you start citing her in any argument.

it was great when you were in high school--its time to grow up

Anonymous said...

Also Rump who gives a fuck what Subprime loan Huckster Dan Gilbert thinks about anything?????????

Anonymous said...

11:42am, You are very ignorant. I'm sure you are not a good lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Rump, I did not know you had this much disdain for the Heat. No wonder you never gave me props for calling the Boston series, before it even got started.

Anonymous said...

11:42am What is your deal, I believe you are a coward for your comment. Why do you feel it is necessary to attack for using an, "i" instead of and e. Are you some sort of psychopath or just a bigot, which one, if not both? You always seem to have a beef with me. I see typos on numerous post, and I say nothing about it because they're harmless error. I don't call them "f'n" stupid so why do you resort to such ignoramus behavior, when you are suppose to have good moral turpitude ? Perhaps you are a republican and live by the standard "Do as I say do and not as I do". I'm pretty sure you make typo's on this blog from occasionally and are not attacked for it. Cut it out and show some class. Other wise you are just as ignorant and classless as the people you assume are.

DS said...

So much to say :

Rump :

You are right; '72 Dolfins, '69 Mets , '80 US Team were all extra special. Mot champs , year to year DONT compare. They, the 3 teams, were Extra-ordinary.

By the way, as a kid, I was in the OB when Grease got hurt and Morrell came in.

I am not a fan, but you have to respect that the HEAT WON the championship. You waited only 2 days to bash them. At least wait till after the parade to bury them, old chap. Its only polite.

Angry Girl,

I can not agree with you more. Miami hasnt really changed for the better in measurable ways because the Heat won..

Just look 40 blocks due north of the State Attorneys office, That is STILL one of the most dangerous, most Deadly places in Dade ,if not all of S.FLA.

But, Local residents feel pride as if We did something, which we did, We Paid for the AAA, though Our Name Aint on it.

Also consider that the City , County and State made sales and hotel/tourist taxes from the extra business. Just media bookings and per deim, gave a nice boost to local business.

The Media coverage was a Positive PR flood that could not be measured , but would cost a billion or two for the same amount of AD/ Commercial space/time.

Again , At least wait till after the parade to bury them, Dear Lady. Its only polite, even if you are right.


DS said...


The Navy DOES have a base on Eastern Cuba. Had it since 1898, got it in the Spanish-American War, ie The Cuban War of Indepence.
Its called GITMO.


Eye On Milt said...

From: Mr. Justice Milton Hirsch
To: Ms Moneypenny
RE: Misc

A few things: first, there will be no summer recess for court. Work is piling up. You may not schedule a vacation while court is in session. Next scheduled vacation for the court is Thanksgiving week, subject to change.

Have we hear from Alex Acosta? Get him off his ass! UM is offering a 2700 foot scholars center for my papers from my judicial. my judiciary...from the time I am a Judge. WHat is FIU offering besides naming some vending machine area/student rest area after me? If I don't hear by the end of June we go with UM.

Please get Mr. Caro to confirm dinner for the 2nd at The Capital Grille. He will be breaking from his book tour on the Johnson stuff and needs to commit to a biography of me. I'm thinking three volumes (the early years) (private practice) and (assent to the bench) should cover it. Book the dinner with Maurice at the Cao. Tell him I want my table all night, no if ands or buts.

Anonymous said...

Angry Girl-

If you think that nothing is better and no one any better off for the Heat winning, and as a result it is meaningless, then how do you explain yourself and your comments.

Certainly you have never made a difference in anyone's life here on the blog, you have made no positive contribution to society, an make no one else but yourself happy.

By your own standards of worth, you yourself are worthless.

Anonymous said...

Rump's perception of Lebron's lack of loyalty is starting to sound like a gimmick. Think heel wrestler.

BTW, more Angry Gurl please.

Anonymous said...

AM - I am 11:42 and I am also a sitting Circuit Court Judge. You need to stop embarrassing yourself, both on this blog and in court.

Stop claiming typos are made when it is ignorance. You said his name was Harding, when it is in fact Harden. That is not a typo, but sheer ignorance about the subject you are talking about.

Even the poll you spoke about, was not true. You are referring to an ESPN Sports Nation Poll which had only Washington and Florida picking the HEAT (for those not in the know, HEAT is supposed to be in all capitals per the organization).

See you in court.

Anonymous said...

American Minority:

Your use of the word "typo's" in the sense of the plural and not the possessive--was THAT a TYPO?

You are an illiterate moron.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I had no idea the HEAT was supposed to be in all caps, officially.

I checked the official website, and it is in all caps.

But strangely the "official t shirt" of the championship team sold on the NBC website is not in caps.

I cannot reconcile this.

As a result, I feel that anyone who comments on the blog may use either representation, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Since by all accounts it appears that "labor" orchestrated the creation of this team (Lebron, Wade and Bosh colluding to go the same place together and to take less than maximum salary to do it) rather than "management," how exactly is this championship a win for corporate America?

Anonymous said...


Presuming you ARE British(I really think you are Italian from Jersey) what is the difference between you leaving GB to come to America to seek your fortune and LeBron leaving Cleveland to seek his? If your parents brought you here to seek their fortune, well, that changes the story just a wee bit.

Presuming that you didn't shoot out of your mom's womb a wealthy criminal defense attorney, would I be correct in stating that you had a series of jobs and bosses along your way? Why didn't you stay with your original boss if you trumpet loyalty so much?

Heffe, if people stayed in one place their entire lives, you might be stuck slogging the peat bogs like your not too distant relatives, or still selling fish and chips to American tourist. Hmmmm, you tell me which is a better life: practicing law in Florida or slogging around in a bog looking for heating material?

If people didn't migrate and move on we would all still be cruising around the Fertile Crescent, Kenya, Ethiopia, or wherever man was first put on the Earth by his / her creator, or wherever it was he / she first crawled out of the water and developed legs.

Migration is in our genes. Nobody does anything by themselves in this world. Even you.

Anonymous said...

Lebron James left Cleveland because it was time to find another job. If you were in his position and you didn't do the same thing, you would be considered short sighted and stupid at best.

The owner of his company trashes him in the media and then fires his manager? And you expect him to stay in that work environment? He did the right thing by getting off that sinking ship.

And Magic and Bird had plenty of support through their careers. Lebron was looking for some of the same. Magic had one of the top scorers of all time in Jabbar. James Worthy? Bird had Mchale and the Chief. Come on now Rumpy, don't be a hater. The Heat are champs of the basketball world and it took some sacrifice and hard work to get there. Give them and Lebron their due.

dice13 said...

I was going to post some FACTS that the article lacks, but then I read some REAL basketball responses in these comments. The author lacks the knowledge of basketball. That is clear. GO HEAT.

Anonymous said...

To change the subject to law; it seems the answer to the dilemma on court appointed fees would be simply do away with depositions in all criminal cases that are not pbls. Most delays, and costs are related to depos one way or another. Do away with most criminal depos then there will be plenty of money for reasonable attorneys fees. Curtailing depos will both drastically reduce the hours spent preparing a case and save on tracscript and related costs . It's a no brainer

Anonymous said...

Sure, if a defendant isn't facing life, why should an attorney need to prepare for trial by knowin what witnesses will testify to. No need for testimony for motions to Supress.

After all it isn't life, it's just a couple of small felony counts adding up to a hundred and five years.

Anonymous said...

You do not need to post this, I just wanted you to know that I am not much of a sports fan outside of baseball and I think you should change the name of your blog to reflect the new changes. It's not very interesting to read anymore for the last few months and I find myself forgetting to even bother checking in. I liked the prior posts on cases that were interesting and silly things that people do in the bldg. You've certainly lost my interest for what it's worth but thanks for your efforts and i wish you luck in your new direction. I am afraid that once you tire of basketball, another sport will be the topic of interest. I mean really, how much more can you say about it. Please don't answer that cause I suspect it could go on in perpetuity.

Anonymous said...

Right, do away with depos. Are you kidding me!!! We don't have preliminary hearings. We need something to find out about our cases and depositions are the best manner to do so.

Anonymous said...

11:42, You digressed from the question. Obviously I wasn't familiar with the players' name. Does that call for your overzealous reaction. Unless you are who I think you are than don't bother because you evidently do not care to exercise any professionalism anyhow. You take one name away from the whole idea and expatiate some sort of literacy innuendo. Suit your self. BTW It really help me intuitively discern who you are or might be, just by you proclaiming your judgeship, during a sports debate. You are so full of your self I cant fathom how anyone can put up with a sociopath nut job nut job your self. If you are indeed the Circuit Court Judge I think you are you need help, everyone knows you are a prosecutor from the bench, and a real Meshugener, or in your case, what some fellow scholars of mine title you, "EL Loco Juez".It's one thing to do your job,it's another thing to brag about how much time you give out, during open court. I want you to overstand this,"For What Judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged, and with that measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. God is the Chief Justice, and You are not his consigliere, "Loco Juez".

Sat. 7:58pm, You just stuck your own foot, in your mouth. Yes, "Typo's" meaning more than one of mines, you mental invalid. Now go henceforth, before you are subjugated, by the grammar police, peasant.

Anonymous said...

11:42, btw, with all the names you mispronounce, you must be ten times as illiterate as you suggest I am, and the constituents you duped to voted for you also, whom which you do no justice, because you "Have an axe to grind", or maybe the only names that you can proficiently pronounce, end with Ez, or O. You be the judge. I can stand for myself.

DS said...

Court REPORTERS I am sorry. I know you will hate this, BUT....


Why not become a notary, subpeana the witness, swear witness in your self and record audio or audio -visual ( even on a laptop or digital recorder or Vid cam )..

No court reporter, no court reporter/depo cost .

You have recorded statement. You can even use speech recognition software [ like Dragon} for a printed statement . Print it and have Witness swear n sign it while there or mail them a copy w/ cover letter. Notorize it.

Send copy on cd-rom or e-mail to SAO/ASA and file same electronicly w/ clerk.

Cost is the time to do the depos and cost of doing Subpenas., JAC covers the subpeana costs does it , for PCAC/SAPDs ?


Anonymous said...

How does one mispronounce a name in writing?