Monday, June 18, 2012


BREAKING: THE ROCKET IS FOUND NOT GUILTY. Roger Clemens  was found not guilty of al charges in his federal trial where he was charged with perjury related to the steroids investigation. A great win for Houston trial lawyer Rusty Hardin, who battled it seemed at times both the government and the judge in the case. The rocket can still bring the heat and the government was sent back to the dugout  after a swing and a miss. 

The CJA lawyers are back from their federal retreat over the weekend. It was said to be a great success.

Rodney King of LA riots fame has passed away at age 47. The NY Times has coverage here. 

The New Democracy party won enough seats in parliament in Greece Sunday to form a coalition government. The party is in favor of a bailout and keeping Greece in the EU. The election should calm jittery markets. For now.

In NYC in 2011 the police conducted over 700.000 stops and more than 350,000 frisks and more than  600,000 of those people were  black or latino. On Sunday Jews, Gentiles and Muslims, black people, white people, hispanics and asians - almost 10,000 in total- marched down Fifth Avenue to protest the loss of the 4th Amendment in the Big Apple.

Your  Miami Heat won game three in their championship series with the Oklahoma Thunder Sunday night to go up 2-1 in the seven game series. Game three is a strategic game. In the history of the NBA Championship series, under the current format the team who wins game three has gone on to win the series 11 of 12 times. That one exception? The chumps who blew the series last year. What team was that again that watched the Mavs celebrate a championship while moping  on their home court? 

It's the start of another hot and muggy week in the magic city and its favourite courthouse. 

See you in court. 


Anonymous said...

The Heat will win the championship this year Rump! Mark my words!

Anonymous said...

Rumpy, get over it, it's not a matter of "If" but "when"...Lebron will win his ring as the world just figured out something last night, the Heat are the better team with the best player in the game!!!

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Rumpole (and the rest of his legion of Heat-haters) to take a Heat victory and turn it into a way to ridicule the Heat. The fact that the Heat won this game while shooting a pathetic .37% from the field and have the two next games at home augers well for the hometown team--the best is yet to come.

Fake fred noris said...

Is it true that assistant public defenders are now saying " baba booey" when asked to arraign their clients?

Anonymous said...

Rumphole can't admit when he is wrong but the whole blog will have to watch him eat his words when the Heatles bring the championship trophy to Miami!!!

Rumpole said...

If the Heat manage to win a championship, then they will be champions. Until then, they are the world's most expensive also-rans and the chief poster children for the "woulda" "coulda" "shoulda" club.

Anonymous said...

No, Dan Marino is the poster child for coulda, shoulda, woulda.

Most expensive also rans? I have one word for you - Yankees.

Rump, I don't get you. For someone who is so level headed, informed, and generally fair, why the Heat hate?

I don't understand how some people call the Heat big three spoiled. Spoiled players chase money. These thre guys are paid less, while they chase a championship.

Spoiled players get arrested, beat their girlfriends. These guys have never been accused of anything like that, and Wade has done more charity work than anyone I can think of.

I am not a Heat fan. In fact, I don't even like basketball. I watch the playoffs, only because there is nothing else going on in sports. (Don't even say baseball. Snoozefest.) So don't tell me I'm a blind fan. I just don't understand the ire directed at Lebron and the Heat.

As an uninterested outsider, it all seems like sour grapes. Fans from other cities would all be singing a different tune if Lebron had made the decision to play there.

Rumpole said...

I guess it starts with Pat Riley. I don't like him.
When the going got tough in New York, he got going. Just like his star baby player Lebron did in Cleveland. Two spoiled prima donnas who have no team loyalty. They deserve each other.

I think Wade and Bosch are quality players and team players. I think James is a chump. He couldn't carry his team in Cleveland so like a spoiled baby he took his ball and ran away because he didn't like to lose.

What do you think Jim Brown thinks of james?

Remember Ernie Banks for the Cubs? "Lets play two" was his motto because he loved the game so much. He didn't pout that he didn't win a championship. Neither did Ted Williams or Carl Yazstremski- they played their heart out for their team.

Willis Reed had the heart and courage to limp out in game 7 against the Lakers and Chamberlin and scored the first four points of the game to lead his team to a championship. I don't see that kind of
heart from James. What I see in james is a guy so desperate to win that he throws away his conscience and his pride in his team (The Cavaliers) and stabs his teammates and his fans in the back and scampers off to South Beach because he lacks the pride and guts and fortitude to carry a team. He's a no heart jerk.

DS said...

sorry Rump you are wrong here .

Pro Sports are a business. The Teams are companys , not a county you owe allegeince to. Players are the Labor, the entertainmant.

They have a limited life span IF they get to the Pros/Majors. They need to make their entire life earnings in a few years while owners split billions.

Team loyalty is only as long as a contract. Even then a player can be traded. The Team uses and discards players or trades them for the Business' profit and success, not caring about the the` players feelings.

Why is the player under such pressure to be loyal to The Team when he is just a pawn for the Team. The Team has no loyalty to the Player.


Anonymous said...


A couple points:

Remember that LeBron's "decision" earned over $2 million for the Boys & Girls clubs of America. Poor execution? Absolutely. But his heart was in the right place.

And if you had a choice, would you live in Cleveland or Miami? Since you live in Miami, I guess we know the answer to that one.

Riley is actually a legitimate and down to earth guy. I dealt with him once on a matter and he changed his mind and came over to my way of thinking. He is alright with me.

Rumpole said...

First of all the road to hell is paved with good intentions. secondly, don't pretend for one moment that those charitable acts took one red cent out of James' pocket. They didn't. It was tax deductible.

I for one have always adhered to the Muslim tradition of doing charity in secret:

The Prophet Mohammad said that one of the seven groups of people that will be granted shade on the Day of Judgment includes the one who gives charity but hides it, so that even his left hand does not know what his right hand has spent.

Islam places a great emphasis and reward on giving charity in secret. It preserves the dignity of those who receive the charity, and also prevents the giver from being boastful or seeking praise.

Islam teaches Muslims that giving in secret is far superior to giving publicly, and that drawing attention to one’s charitable actions is a highly undesirable quality. The Prophet said: “Allah loves the God-fearing rich man [who gives much in charity but still] remains obscure and uncelebrated.”

Anonymous said...

Why does LeBron keep saying South Beach?
He plays for the MIAMI Heat. The arena is in downtown MIAMI. He bought a house in Coconut Grove which is not it's own city but is actually a neighborhood within the City of MIAMI.
The folks who live in Miami and buy tickets and t-shirts and car flags would like him to show some respect to us and at least refer to the correct name for the city and team he plays for.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, Mohammad copied the charity-in-secret from Jesus, who said six centuries before Mohammad was even born. It's in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 6, verses 1 through 4:

"1But take care not to perform righteous deeds in order that people may see them; otherwise, you will have no recompense from your heavenly Father. 2When you give alms, do not blow a trumpet before you, as the pharisees do in the synagogues and in the streets to win the praise of others. Amen, I say to you, they have received their reward. 3But when you give alms, do not let your left hand know what your right is doing, 4so that your almsgiving may be secret. And your Father who sees in secret will repay you."

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's huge news , re clemens, proving once again that when the accused is a celebrity or a cop, real evidence is required to convict. That rusty hardin! what a tough case...not.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole: The Jews gave charity anonymously long before the Moslems did.

Typical anti Jewish Brit!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Islam, Rump? Are you really quoting Muslims as a way to explain Lebron. That's taking it a tad too far. Do you even remember how screw-up and confused when where were in your 20s? Now, multiply that by the pressure of being a great (GREAT) athlete, multimillionnaire, good-looking Black man, then, and only then, can you judge. Until then, GO HEAT, all the way. And if not, they're the second best team in the NBA. Not Bad, not bad at all.

Anonymous said...

Lebrun can't take a dump in secret. And as a celebrity, part of his charitable work is lending his face to causes, which make other dig in their pockets who otherwise would not.

And dont kid yourself, the reason players in the golden years were so dedicated to their teams, was because they had to be. There was no free agency the way it exists now, no salary arbitration. Players were owned by teams. Each owner was loathe to go after another's players, because they knew about the can of worms it would open if the talent had any say in where they peddled their wares.

And it has been about money for a long time. Remember the quote by The Babe the year he was paid more than the President of the United States...

Perform and get paid has always been the name of the game.

On another note, You are going to be hard pressed to get many people to agree with your assessment of the Muslim people's dedication to charitable work.

You should tell the Florida Bar about your view on charitable work. Maybe we all would not be required to perform pro bono work and disclose it each year.

Anonymous said...

The Torah says the same thing about tzedukah, giving without thought of personal gain.
And our govt doesn't really let us deduct for charity in an unlimited amount. Most wealthy people that give do it for other reasons, . Govt puts a max on donations based on income.
I rarely agree with DS but he is correct about a players allegiance and the teams to him

Anonymous said...

The NBA forces all of the players on all of the teams to do a shitload of charity work. The NBA forces them to do it publicly and then forces them to be in commercials about it. Maybe some of the players would do it if they were not forced to but the NBA would not allow them to do it in secret. This is a fact. What say you now Rumphamed?


The trialmaster was not at the cja "retreat". Its good to see the bottom feeders getting together.

Anonymous said...

Lebron is awesome to watch. You must have been a shit athlete to hate on a dude who can ball like that. Then to give creds to the muslims for some shit they didn't invent is wack. Blog on bro.

Anonymous said...


Wow. I have never been to a CJA retreat but know some of the best lawyers to be a part of it. Your comment sounds a bit ignorant.

Anonymous said...

bottom feeders like the self proclaimed "Trial Master" were not invited. he obviously couldnt qualify to be on the CJA list.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how everyone jumped on Rump for the Koran reference.

The Jews did it first, then the Christians followed after them. When we quote from the Gospels, do we sit around and trash Christians for stealing from the Jews.

The Koran is in the same vein as both the Torah and the Bible. Those books are considered holy works too to Muslims. Just as Christians believed that their religion surpassed the Jews before them, the Muslims believe their religion surpasses the Jews and Christians before them.

As do Mormons, who believe their Book also came after the Bible is superior. We should be celebrating the common nucleus between these religions. Not trashing one particular religion.

Kissimmee Kid said...

"Don't pretend for one moment that those charitable acts took one red cent out of James' pocket. They didn't. It was tax deductible."

Doesn't "tax deductible" mean you deduct it from income? Therefore, it still comes out of your pocket, you just don't have to pay taxes on the money you give away.