Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It's that time of the year again.
We received this email:
 The League of Prosecutors will be honoring a current prosecutor with the Prosecutor of the Year Award at its annual Justice Awards Dinner on Saturday, September 22, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at Jungle Island.  The League of  Prosecutors is currently accepting nominations for the award.  The award is given to a current prosecutor who has demonstrated dedication to the profession, integrity, professionalism, initiative, responsibility, and has
 a positive attitude.  Only current members of the League of Prosecutors may make a nomination.

 Please submit nominations with a detailed explanation as to why the nominee should be honored with the Prosecutor of the Year Award to Barnaby L. Min at 
 bmin at miamigov.com  by August 1, 2012.For further information on the League of Prosecutors, the Justice Awards Dinner, or the Prosecutor of the Year Award, please visit our website at league of prosecutors.

Speaking of prosecutors, the Broward SAO, whose policies are firmly rooted in the 19th century (or early twentieth century Soviet Russia, or twenty first century North Korea) has joined the 21st century by allowing attorneys to enroll in an electronic document service: 
Attorney Information Update Form

Now you can get your five year state prison plea offers for possession for first time offenders (make that black first time offenders) by email. Progress marches on. 

And speaking of Broweird, their State Attorney will be debating the other two candidates for State Attorney. The details are below:


Will somebody please ask Satz about his policy of prosecuting innocent people? If we had a dollar for how many times we've had a prosecutor in Broward tell us that their supervisor said to let the jury acquit the defendant, we would have more than enough money to buy a few dozen hours of air time for Satz's opponents. 

See You In Court. 


Anonymous said...

what about their policy on PTD. If you invoke discovery its off the table. Make sure you delete that part off your NOA before you file it!

Anonymous said...

Do they wear colorful tights and capes, this league of prosecutors?

Anonymous said...

Memo to judges who notice everyone for 9 and still aren't are the bench at 945 ( daily ) - show some respect. And stop sending me campaign solicitations. You're not getting a dime.

Heat fan said...

Rumphamed. That's funny. Have to admit that the comments section on Monday were some of the most intelligent that have ever appeared in one day on this blog. No angry guru, no a.m., no shumie, just articulate responses, to rumphamed. Sorry couldn't resist.

Now let's see if the Heat can manage to hold off KD and RW and the bearded one for another night.

CAPTAIN said...

The Captain Reports:

from the ABA Journal

A Louisiana attorney who told a New Orleans judge, two days into trial, that he could not competently represent a defendant in a child-rape case was jailed Tuesday, apparently for contempt, until he becomes willing to "perform his duties."

It wasn't clear Tuesday afternoon how long Claiborne Brown would be held in custody, reports the New Orleans Times-Picayune. A hearing is scheduled Friday in the St. Tammany Parish case.

Meanwhile, Judge William Burris, who said Brown had been doing a competent job so far in selecting a jury and giving an opening statement, rescheduled the trial of Brown's client, Joshua Cumberland, for July.

Cap Out ....

Anonymous said...

Can we nominate a sitting Judge?

CAPTAIN said...

The Captain Reports:


Newly-uncovered e-mails indicate TD Bank head knew bank official helped fraudster lull victims and prolong crimes

Emails suggesting the regional president of TD Bank knew that a bank executive had signed letters on the bank’s letterhead that lulled the fraud victims of its customer, Scott Rothstein, have emerged belatedly in a federal case in Miami.

Dated just five days after Rothstein’s $1.2 billion fraud exploded into public view around Halloween Day in October 2009, the e-mails show that TD Bank’s President for Florida was aware that his subordinate, Frank Spinosa, had signed sham “lock letters” that assure Rothstein’s victims that the large sums they had “invested” in Rothstein’s scheme were secure. Rothstein’s fraud involved selling fake
shares in legal settlements to wealthy individual and corporate victims using accounts at TD and at Gibraltar Bank, in Miami.

The attorney for fraud victim Coquina Investments, David Mandel, of Mandel & Mandel, in Miami, released the e-mails in a June 14 court filing.

Read the entire article here:


Cap Out ...

Anonymous said...

After interviewing with Governor Scott's general counsel, the 3 finalists for the 3rd DCA:
Judge Antonio Arzola
Thomas Logue
Eduardo Sanchez

The 3 that didn't make the cut:
Judge Darrin Gayles
John Greco
Judge Jose Rodriguez

Anonymous said...

My boss of many years ago, a State Attorney in a midwesterm state, used to joke "Hell, anybody can prosecute the guilty. It takes a real prosecutor to convict the innocent."

Barrister of Ballentrae said...

Dearest Rumpole and Jude,

Could you so kindly explain why the Justice Building Blog and the FACDL- Miami list-serve decided to print the League of Prosecutor release requesting Nominations for Best Prosecutor.

The list serve is for defense Attorneys. Even if some Defense lawyers are ex-prosecutors, they would get the message thru the league, IF they are members of the League of Prosecutors.

Would Barneby fail to email all of the League to solicit Nominations? Why tell us, I cant vote, never been a Persecutor..

As the release said:
" Only current members of the League of Prosecutors may make a nomination".

Rump, dear chap, do You plan to attend ?

B of B

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the honorable milton hirsch also on the list of names to the 3rd dca. I am so sad to see him stay- somebody please take him away from us at the Gerstein bldg.

Anonymous said...

515 pm - I'd like to drive your old boss' bicuspids through the back of his throat and giggle while he cried for help, to see how funny he finds that.

Anonymous said...


I also fail to see why that was sent out to the FACDL.

No harm in it, but why would he even request that it be sent out to us?

As far as why Jude would agree to forward it? I'll let you speculate on that yourself.

Anonymous said...

5:15p.m., That is truly a travesty. People who think like that need psychological help, and should be disbarred.

Anonymous said...

If we could nominate sitting judges for prosecutor of the year, I can think of one on the 2nd floor, two on the 3rd floor, at least one on the 4th floor, two more on the 6th floor and one of the 7th floor.

Rumpole said...

I decided to post the email because this is the "Justice Building Blog" which means that it is equally appropriate for the prosecutors to request to post information. Granted, as a defense attorney I have defense oriented views on matters, but I have endeavored (within reason) to be even handed. Ms. Rundle has left comments from time to time and I would be encouraged if more prosecutors participated more often.

I am not a member of the LOP, I am certain they wouldn't have me, and I'm not sure I would feel comfortable within their midsts.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole and Loyal Readers,

I talk to many private attorneys and so many give me different opinions on what the market looks like out there. Some say business is good and they are easily makign $150-$250K a yaer. Others say they are losing their shirt and considering applying to regional or the pds office. I don't know what to make of these different opinions. What does the market really look like out there? Are people able to make a comfortable living? Or is the majority of people just cannibalising each other?

Anonymous said...

In response to June 15th's Sat,3:01pm, I am grateful of the intent of your post. However, I would like you to understand some points in my response.

First, your right the most of "Minorities" that many of the Judiciary comes in contact are in the form of defendant's and not counselor's. That is the first reason I chose the Title "American Minority", as sort of a Philosophical rejoinder.

Secondly, you said I should stop self congratulating myself. If we as minorities, or for that matter any individual who stands or works alone, doesn't encourage him or herself, who shall. So yes I self congratulate and I don't feel that I spiked the ball. Let's face it every now and again we should spike the ball, for hard work done. G Wya pretentiously did so with the big banner on the U.S. Battleship.

Next, I not aiming to be defined as a minority, I am making a responsive statement in a country that has already automatically categorized, and ostracized my descritption. I am the reciprocal answer to that specious subjective, and ignorant classification.

Lastly, you mentioned, my Role model who I feel statistically, and ability wise, was the Best Lawyer in America. You said that "No one remembers you as one hell of a Black Lawyer, I beg to differ, he was, and is remembered by "The majority", as exactly that. I think you should look up one of his interviews where he says "We are exiles in our own country", and should seize every civil opportunity to serve, influence, and control our outcomes.This is the very reason I have chosen to use the name not to be defined as a minority, but to sarcastically respond, and exhibit, that I am not what you have categorized me to be. I have traveled all over the United States of America, up north, deep south (Martin Luther Kings' Home and Museum & University, Spellman Alma Mater), and (Thurgood Marshall's Alma Mater) Howard) in D.C. Gettysburg,Pa Battlefield, the Black Science Museum, the Capitol's Congressional Chambers, and while I was at the U.S.S.C. and saw the POTUS motorcade arrive for a Justices' Investiture, it was venerating, and it reinforced my over standing, that I am not what they ("the majority"), say or think I am, but I am the the ultimate "American Minority".

Anonymous said...

Who are some of the Beat Appeal's Lawyer's in Florida?

Anonymous said...

Am Min-

Once again you prove our point.

When you say it's ok to do something because GW (meaning George W Bush) did it, you are not helping yourself. That moment you speak of made him look like an utter fool. If that is the legacy you are hoping to leave, you are well on your way.

Quiet dignity, and even being a biit self deprecating is much more appealing, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Minority, perhaps if you could form a coherent question with proper use of apostrophes, you would receive a response to your query.

Anonymous said...

Lawyers!!!! Not lawyer's - seriously AM, did you even finish high school?

Layperson of this community. said...


I hate to go back on time but I am still confuse in re. to the 12 jurors in the A. Kaufman case. I read your explanation, and I also read the Motion that is on file. The Motion was denied by Judge Miller, is stamped and dated. My question is how did it happened that the State even with the Judge denial of the Motion agree to such a departure from the Rule. And being just a layperson with very little knowledge of the law, I would like to know: What is going to happen now? Is it going to be argue for 12 jurors in each case facing the same charges? Is this going to be a Precedent for future cases going to trial? I guess it will only be fair that if Mr. Kaufman had that opportunity of defending his case at front of 12 jurors, other Defendants should also be able to, with the same charges.
Please someone explain this to me, I think this issue is very important.
I take this opportunity to thank every one on the Blog, and every one posting comments. The Blog and some of the comments are learning tools for someone like me just trying to understand and learn about the Justice System in this great city. I always read and read, and this is my very first post. Please pardon my ignorance but these questions in re. to the 12 jurors at that particular trial prompted me to write.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks the beastest appeal's lawyer's is Amy Weber.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Meta World Peace's opiinion of James Hardin--"all beard, no brains."

Anonymous said...

The beat appealleate lawyer's in Miami are kula and samson. Hahahahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Rump, I am a super Heat fan but I must say that I am super impressed with OKC! They are a great young team and while I want my Heat to win more than anything, I would not be heartbroken if they lost to the likes of Durant and Westbrook. It would be much better than losing to a dickwad like Nowitzki. I would be happy either way except for the fact that you will write some horrible shit about them.

Heat fan said...

Hey Rump. Your favorite player had his best game of the year. One rebound short of a triple double. Guess you'll criticize him for getting leg cramps and not being on the floor for the final minute.

Anonymous said...

8:18 p.m., I guess you meant "best" instead of "beat", right?

Anonymous said...

8:07, people are cannibalizing each other driving prices to the ground.

Anonymous said...

To 6:35:
I know AM's reading comprehension skills are weak, but did you fail to see the word "joked" in 5:15's comment?

Kenneth Weisman said...

Not a close call. Best Criminal Appellate Attorney is Richard Klugh.

Anonymous said...

8:07 : 20 years in and last year $$ was what I made about 8 years ago.
Have to charge less, work more, and still make less.

9:48 Layperson:
Welcome to our world. I'm not right one to answer your question but glad to see you here asking.

Anonymous said...

Obama just asserted executive privilege in the Fast and Furious debacle, saving Holder's rear end for the time being.

I voted for Obama but probably won't vote for him again. I certainly won't vote for Romney. I will see who else is on the ticket. At this point I would rather vote for Fidel.

Can someone please tell me how and why Holder became Attorney General? The guy is a putz and is a real embarrassment. Then again, since a fish begins rotting from the head, I now see why DOM is frustrated dealing with lying scheming federal prosecutors.

Anonymous said...

very interesting read on recent American history... have things really changed in Florida like elsewhere?


Anonymous said...

D O Markus is best trail land appellate lawyer.

Anonymous said...

9:09pm, Sir if you would carefully take the time to thoroughly examine my post, before attempting to ridicule me you would have realized, I precisely stated that, "G Wya pretentiously" celebrated his own debauchery. It was satire, which I oft, incorporate into my posts.

As more the comma's again this is only a blog, and I am not the only one who makes errors, in my post.
However I bear the brunt of criticism for it. Perhaps I shall use more commas to separate the many series, that I construct, and elaborate on.
If you checked my transcripts and asked my former professor's the only complaint they ever gave me, was that I write without any feel or personal touch. However if she read this blog I'm sure she would change her opinion and, cite me for the minimum comma usage.

Anyhow back to issues of material substance, precisely, the issue of Mr. Matthewman's motion and for a 12 person jury". That was phenomenal lawyering. Instead of attacking myself, and trying to discredit me let's discuss this very perplex motion.