Saturday, June 09, 2012


"It's rainin', but there ain't a cloud in the sky...."
Bruce Springsteen, Waitin on a Sunny Day

President Obama asked his Attorney General to investigate the recent spate of leaks of national security information. From the secret hacking of Iranian computers to the administration's policy on drone strikes (The President makes the final call) there have been a series of articles lately, all of them casting the administration in a good light- which then put the President on the defensive in his presser yesterday to the charge his administration is leaking these items for political purposes. 
AG Holder bypassed the Special Counsel option and appointed US Attorneys for DC and Maryland to run concurrent investigations.  No surprise that "No Drama Obama" didn't want to go the Special Counsel route. Those guys are like hostess twinkies- once you create them they take on a life of their own and never just fade away. 

Prometheus will either be very good or a real snoozer. 

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip) has left the hospital after a five night stay that caused him to miss the finales of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee. 

Chris Pole is your newest Broward County Court Judge (should that read the way it does, or should there be another "county" after the first county because we are referring to a county court judge in Broward County?) 

The cardinal rule of being a political consultant is never, never, never tell the truth about your candidate. Always lie. Always spin the negative into a positive and spin a positive into a momentous event.  But Steve Schmidt, John McCain's campaign manager in the 2008 election- and the man directly responsible for the selection of running mate Sara Palin- is ignoring the cardinal rule and telling the truth about his selection of Palin: 

“My regret is I should have been the guy to say, ‘Stop, it’s too risky,’ ” he said, walking slowly up the road to his home. “As opposed to the guy saying: ‘Let’s take the risk. We have to win this.’ ”
How does that make him feel? “Terrible, terrible, terrible,” he said. “I have a level of regret that is hard to put into words. The notion that I would be a participant in a decision that, had events turned out the other way, this person would have been in national command authority? I am sick about it.”
It makes us sick too, and we had nothing to do with the decision. 

Chuckie Cheese:
Query: What's dirtier than a Hialeah cesspool? 
A: The north Florida prosecution of former Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer. Especially when former Governor Charlie Crist files an affidavit for the prosecution. Greer's lawyer called Chuckie's mouthpiece to see if the Governor turned hack attorney would consider revising his affidavit after further reflection. Chuckie and his gang ran crying to the FDLE.  Now everyone is pointing fingers and printing out emails. 

What's on your mind this weekend? 


Anonymous said...

Hey Rumpole why does it have to be a Hialeah cesspool.......how about a Miami one or a Homestead one or an Aventura one ?Is it because of the people living there or is it some subtle bias?.....Not accusing just requesting a little self examination ....."just saying"

Angry Gurl said...

So the 4th of July food orgy is just a few weeks away. Better start stocking up on 30 liter coke delivery systems and the trash bag size bags of potato chips. Remember- what you eat on a holiday doesn't count.

True story- a man a bit older asks me out several times. I say yes and meet him for lunch and he can't wait to show off his new Porsche. Second date is dinner and after dinner discussion turns to work and he starts asking pointed questions about family law. Then he takes out his martial settlement agreement and says he doesn't think his lawyer did a good job and could I read it?

After throwing the rest of the wine on him, (he never said he was married) i really debated keying his porsche on the way out (I didn't).

What is it with married guys, mid-life crises, and Porsches?

Anonymous said...

Angry Gurl, toxicologists should consider if what turns people into zombies is the combination of bath salts and junk food, specially carbonated beverages with a high content of fructose or aspartame. It may very well be that these substances act sinergystically to facilitate the activation of zombiefication enzymes and neurotransmitters in people's brains.

Rumpole said...

Fair question. I find Hialeah to be an incomprehensible , dirty, over developed, confusing ( streets often have three names- one of them an ave and one a st- how is that possible?) cesspool. Not that Aventura or Homestead are much better. Actually Homestead has a quaint southern home town feel to it. Lots of very nice authentic restaurants popping up.

Anonymous said...

Angry Gurl seems like she would be a very tough date; hard to imagine what she thinks is a good time (definately not eating or drinking and its sounds like even breathing sometimes puts her into a fury).

Anonymous said...

You know AG I told you I was seperated. The wine throwing was totally uncalled for. Nice cans btw.

Anonymous said...

Fake Kenny and AG Sittin by a tree
Eating ravioli stuffed duck foire gras at Cafe ing

Amarillo slim Pando pando pando said...

Never follow an empty wagon Rump

And never draw to the flush with a pair on the flop
(your opponent could be sittin full and you'd be busted if you make your flush)

Anonymous said...

Maybe showing you the settlement agreement was his way of showing you he is available?

Chloe said...

I have a different view on Ms. Anrgy Gurl. I am a law student from Europe. I am in my second year so my summer job is important for future work prospects. I am a few years older than the average law student (all the 2Ls in my school read your blog Mr. Rumple) and I know being foreign, I look a bit more exotic than most female law students and I try and modify my behavior and dress accordingly to keep my professional standards high. I am working in a large firm; I would most certainly accept a position upon graduation if offered and I have the grades to merit an offer.

I was assigned to a senior associate who is very dashing, a great litigator- 44 years old. No denying I was attracted to him, but he was married and I conducted myself very professionally. We were working late on a Friday night preparing for a major federal hearing on Tuesday- I had done research and was labeling exhibits spread out on a large table. He had a team of five- from technical support to new associates working on various projects. The night got later and eventually it was the two of us, and as we stood together looking at exhibits he leaned in and kissed me. I kissed him back.
Then he got a bit flustered and excused himself. A few moments later he came back and walked me to my car. He handled (and won) the hearing next week and the following Monday (last week) I found myself re-assigned to a partner. I was told the move was a promotion because the firm liked my work and partners need to see my work to evaluate me for a job offer. But yesterday he came by my office to tell me while it was a promotion, he requested it because he was fearful of us working together. The firm could be sued, his reputation wrecked, so he moved me away from his supervision to immediately remove any hint of sexual harassment.
From a legal standpoint he was correct. But I am hurt. I am also confused. He didn't say he didn't want to continue the relationship. And I noticed for the very first time he wasn't wearing his wedding ring.
Any advice?

Rumpole said...

Liking the #5 horse here- Dullahan in the Belmont.

Rumpole said...

What a beautiful race Union Rags just ran. The horse with the right rider finally got the ride (and rider-with John Velasquez up for the the first time) he deserved and he showed what kind of house he is.

Fake Kenny W said...

Why you unmitigated little hussy. You flaunt your foreign wiles before an overworked married man, who in a moment of weakness succumbs momentarily, and then does the right thing and sends you sashaying on your way and you have the unmitigated gall to complain about being transferred and then ask us for help in seducing him!
Go shake your European assets at someone whose not taken, trollop.

Anonymous said...

Let's go Heat!

Anonymous said...

I think someone should turn this into a screenplay.

I see Ralph Feines as the overworked, tormented litigator.

Emma Watson as the beguiling law student, torn between passion and her longing to prove herself as a serious lawyer to be. Hopefully she can do a French accent.

Although a Shemar Moore / Rianna combination might be interesting. Maybe she can do a French thing??

Cecil B Demiles ala Rumpy said...

As long as it's not Julia Roberts/Tom Hanks; or Adam Sandler- Sarah Jessica-Parker/Jennifer Aniston.

Maybe a Gwenth Paltrow/Matthew McConnaughey, but really we need a younger ingenue. ,
Maybe Kimberly Yates or Evan Rachel Wood, Eva Green is smoking hot, Anne Hathaway is sexy and demure or of course Scarlett Johansson.

Anonymous said...

Rumphole was totally wrong about the Heat/Celtics! Admit defeat and predict that Oklahoma will win in 5! Your prediction guarantees the Heat win the championship this year!

Juwan Howard said...

i just got into the game. Suck it Rump. We aren't favored in the finals so picking against us would be what everyone else is doing.

Anonymous said...

We are going to the NBA finals!!! What say you, Rumpole?

Anonymous said...

I guess u don't know basketball or people!! Hahahahaha. Hater! "U gotta Want this game as bad as ur next breath" lbj

Don't hate the player hate the game.

Secret Judge said...

The Celts played their hearts out. Rondo is truly amazing. Four Celtics will ultimately be inducted into the HOF, but the Heaters were younger and faster. Bosh & Battier came up big in the clutch. Lebron is from another planet. The finals will be showtime at its best. OKC has a player to rival James in Kevin Durant, all of 23 years old. On game days, all judges should recess early enuf to allow people to see or watch the games. Two great teams in the finals, head to head. What more can a sports fan ask for. My heart says Miami, but my brain says OKC in seven.

CAPTAIN said...

Welcome back Chris Bosh. And hello Finals. Next stop OKC.

Cap Out .....

Anonymous said...

McConnaughey can't act his way out of a paper bag. If he can show his abs, he is pointless on screen.

Julia Roberts hasn't been attractive enough to play the role in at least 20 years.

This is a character and story driven piece, so we don't need a "big name" to sell tickets to offset the costs of explosions and computer generated aliens.

I think I can get a rough draft out in about two weeks. I'm expecting we can make it for about $25 million tops.

Backdrop should be Chicago, some good Midwestern feel rather than glitz and shallowness of Miami.

I think we can get Brain Dennehy to play the Managing Partner.

Chloe said...

I was hoping for some sensitive and serious responses.

Rumpole said...

Couple of thoughts:
Bad decision in the Paqueio/Bradely. Questionable to say the least after seeing the punchstat stats.

Heat- If the Celts played defense like that In game six, they would be in the finals. That collapse at the end was both inexcuseable and very surprising.

Bosch remains the straw that stirs the drink. His three point shot was the clutch shot of the game.
Heat are where they were last year. Are they any better? We shall see. I think not.

Anonymous said...


This is not the place for serious or sensitive feedback. I suggest therapy. If you are going to work in a huge firm you are going to need it.

Rumpole said...

Chloe- if you are serious, send me an email and I will assist you privately. If you resd the blog frequently, you shouldn't have expected any serious responses.

Blonde bombshell atty said...

Ok honey, you want some advice?

Go get him. Dress sexy, lean over his desk, show cleavage, flirt, seduce him, give him sex like he forgot ever existed and never gets at home. Then have him break out the Amex black- new iPad, new macbook, trips to Vegas, maybe the Bahamas or Europe on a firm trip. Get the job at the firm. Get a great assignment with his help. Get promoted, and raises, and bigger bonuses than your colleagues, and all the while- because you say you're attracted to him, enjoy the fact that you are on his mind all the time, and his wife is not.

No don't be too easy. Make sure he knows the rules: while he's married you're still officially single. WHich means you can date. Don't answer your phone or texts on Saturday nights, Tell him Monday you were "busy" or "out". Make him nuts. Of the few possible outcomes, most have you ahead: 1) you do very well at work; 2) he leaves his wife: 3) you do well at work until something else comes along better.

Don't expose hm or ever threaten too, even when he hurts you. Become a stand up gal but don't let him walk all over you or ever let him think you are home alone thinking about him even if you are. Make your single life seem so exciting that he will do just about anything to be a part of it.

In the game of life honey, you've hooked a fish. Now it's all about how you play it and land it.

Best of luck.
Been there, done that, and now I drive a 911 and own my own Condo on Brickell - and it's paid for.

DS said...

Go to him, tell him how you feel, force him to submit to your foreign female wiles. Get Marride after he is divirsed and live happily ever after.
OR, Later sue the firm, be sure to get his DNA on something yours.
If not you should write scripts for Bang Bros. or Forum...

LMAO, but I am available...

Anonymous said...


I apologize. I made light of the situation, and now I feel bad.

Here is my take, as a 40ish hetero male.

Sounds like you actually ran into a decent but unhappy guy. He does not appear to be a philandering jerk like most of the rest. It appears he actually felt guilty about making a move behind his wife's back, and even has some idea that his actions could have an adverse effect on himself, his wife, the firm, and you.

I would say give it some time, summer internships are short, and you maybe getting the job offer in just a few weeks. You may find yourself back working in his office.

Wait till you know for sure. Bump into him from time to time to make sure you are still on his mind. See if that ring is still MIA in September.

Do not take the advice of the previous commenter who told you to dress like a hooker. Sounds like he already is interested in your classiness. Being a sleaze may turn him off if he is the decent guy he seems to be, and it may cost you your job offer, to be known as the slutty intern.

Work hard, get the job offer, get paid by the firm, and I bet this guy doesn't forget you. You can have your 911 and the condo on Brickell some women seem to crave, all with the satisfaction of knowing you didnt earn it on your back like many others.

And who knows, maybe you will move into his Gables house, and you can use he condo as the weekend getaway for both of you.

Good luck, hope you both end up happy.


Slightly Jealous Trial Attorney

Angry Gurl said...

There is a lot I do not agree with on the advice of that Blonde Bombshell, who in this matter is the true hussy. But honestly, she is not all wrong. This is life. You only get once chance (that we know of for sure) to play your hand. Play it well. Best of luck, and if you want to chat, tell Rump, and he will send you my email.

Fake Kenny W said...

This blog is infested with tramps.

Anonymous said...

Nice exits by Rondo and Garnett, leaving early so they don't have to congratulate the Heat players, but, sadly, just what you would expect from two graceless and classless individuals. By all accounts that I have read, Rondo is a miserable individual (but, of course, a great basketball player), and they probably had to get him off the court before he did something stupid again like attacking one of the referees. At least Pierce and Allen were willing to mingle with the Heat players at the end, and Ray Allen is one of the true class acts in the NBA. I don't think any of the Heat players would have did what Rondo and Garnett did, if the Heat would have lost the game.

Anonymous said...

Jeeze we go from law to the heat to Peyton Place in a blink of an eye.

DS- two words: "spell check"

Anonymous said...

DS is grandfathered in under the "no spell check rule"

Everyone knows he can't spell, but he is understood in spite of it.

Anonymous said...

Homestead is THE place to get real authentic Mexican food. Several excellent Mexican restaurants down there. I've been exploring them, one by one. Not a bad one yet, though some are better than others. Ask the Homestead cops for recs, they are always willing to discuss good food.

DS said...

Sorry My fingers move faster than my brain.


If you are real tell him how you feel. Maybe he is looking for a way out of a long term unhappy marriage and you are the light at the end of the tunnel. Go for it. Grab the golden ring.


The Voice Of Experience said...

I hate to say that Blonde Bombshell is right, but she is right. Life provides only so many openings, so many chances, and this is a chance. There are a thousand good attorneys qualified for the type of big firm job you can land Chloe. if your BF can help you, then get the help. You're still going to have to do the work and do it well. Let him get your pretty little foot in the door.

As to Rico Suave, let your conscience be your guide. Become his mistress or not. Let him know you have feelings for him but will not be a mistress if that suits you better. Your call. Many many women live the life of the other women willingly and would never have it any other way. Marriages fail for a reason. But how many middle age guys have you ever heard say "I'm bored with my younger GF?"

Your call, just think before you act and remember only you have your best interests at heart at this point.

Anonymous said...

Stay far away from this guy! He's married! Make it on your own. You don't need to use anyone.
If your grades and work are that good, you'll get the offer all on your own.
Forget about him. There are plenty of single available men out there. You don't need to be playing with this one.

Anonymous said...

Why are married guys equivalent to deadly venom, but if some guy bags a hot married MILF nobody cares?

Anonymous said...

8:46, married women are deadly venom too. Stay away from them.

On this blog, when someone brags about "bagging' a 'hot married MILF" the reason no one cares is that we know they're full of crap.

Look around you at the guys walking around REG. Very few of us could get a hot married milf and if we did, we'd be too scared of her husband to put it up here, even anonymously.

Anonymous said...

I bag a hot married MILF every chance I get. She lives at home with me.

Second time around is always better.