Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Having battled back from the brink of elimination,  your Miami Heat now stand at the brink of an NBA Championship, their first in the Lebron era that was ushered in with confident assurances that multiple championships were not just likely, but inevitable. 

We shall see. 

DOM has a nice piece on the 11th Circuit's dismissal of Giglio issues in a Florida Death Penalty case
 ( Trepal v. DOC)

As June winds to a close Supreme Court Justices become increasingly edgy to start their summer vacations. Thus the speculation on the imminent decision in the Affordable Health Care case has become rampant. 
Closer to home, defense attorneys are waiting breathlessly for Judge Brown to release his administrative order implanting Florida's Affordable Court Appointed Attorney Act (Motto: "Cheaper is better."). Rumors that the FACDL among others will strike hard and quick at the law and the administrative order are- thankfully- true. 

Wednesday is the first day of summer, so naturally it's raining in South Florida. 

The law suit of all lawsuits has been filed alleging that Hebrew National hot dogs are NOT kosher. As the South Florida Lawyers blogger would say: Oy!. 

Longtime and careful readers remember that we've always been partial to Chicago style dogs. 

See You In Court. 


South Florida Lawyers said...

There's also an antitrust conspiracy regarding matzoh ball pricing but you didn't hear it from me.

Fake Kenny W said...

Sometimes when I'm trying a big case, nothing other than a couple of Burger King double cheeseburgers, extra pickles & extra ketchup will do. Plus the cashiers at the BK near the courthouse load you up with fries for an extra buck tip.

Fake Mendy said...


Cafe Tutti Frutti said...

At Cafe Tutti Frutti in hip NoBe the specials this week are:

kumquat glazed slamon carpaccio cured in organic Meyer Lemons and Organic Key Limes;

Jewish Rye Bread crusted Veal Chpp served with spinach

Apple glazed ham shank deep fried in basil and garlic infused oil;

Hand made sea urchin roe ravioli with hotate (scallop) tartare.

Coconut flan with 22 year old cherry wood casket aged whiskey in which a bee hive of honey was added at time of sealing;

Butter rum hand churned ice cream with fresh organic vanilla flakes

Toasted walnut flour waffles infused with Oregon organic strawberry juice and organic mint topped with coffee flavored chocolate sauce made from organic coco beans harvested by hand in Peru.

Bon appetite!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely refuse to eat chocolate unless it is made from hand harvested beans. The difference is startling. Think Sanka vs. freshly ground Jamaican blue mountain coffee.

CAPTAIN said...


Anyone hears about this case? ...

Kirstin Blaise Lobato is an innocent woman stuck in prison while evidence in her case goes untested for DNA.

In 2002 at 19 years old, Kirstin was convicted for the murder and sexual assault of a homeless man named Duran Bailey in Las Vegas. But there was no physical evidence tying Kirstin to the crime and the evidence that was tested for DNA actually excluded her. There were four identifiable crime scene fingerprints - none matched Kirstin's. A bloody shoe print was found next to the body and a footprint expert testified that it came from a "U.S. men’s size 9 athletic shoe." Pubic hair found on the victim was tested for DNA and the results excluded both Blaise and the victim as the hair's source. Multiple people testified that Kirstin was nearly 200 miles away from Las Vegas at the time of the crime.

What happened to Kirstin could happen to anyone. But now, Kirstin has the opportunity to prove her innocence if Clark County District Attorney Stephen Wolfson makes two very reasonable decisions: to allow DNA testing of crime scene evidence and to not file any opposition to Kirstin's appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court.

The Innocence Project, an organization whose DNA testing work has freed 292 innocent people from prison, has offered to pay to test and re-test 13 pieces of evidence related to the crime using the latest in DNA technology and Wolfson still won't allow it.

In addition to the DNA evidence, Kirstin has proven her innocence by way of her Habeas Corpus petition's new evidence grounds. If the State of Nevada District Attorney doesn't oppose her Appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court, justice will finally be served and she can regain her life.

Clark County District Attorney Stephen Wolfson has a chance to do the right thing and to seek true justice in the murder of Duran Bailey.

heat fan said...

Not inevitable.

His statement was:

"We believe we can win multiple championships if we take care of business and do it the right way".

I think they have shown that they are doing it the right way. With class. With hard work. With no excuses.

Anonymous said...

Rump- I met this super cool girl and we dated and she gave me a super cool book to read: Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard. And now I am invited to a meeting at a reading room in Coral Gables tonight. I am so psyched. I've been told many hollywood superstars like Tom Cruise practice Scientology. The chick- who is a hottie- says she only dates guys who practice scientology. I'm game. Who wouldn't be? Can you post this and get some more people to come? i get points if I bring friends.

Anonymous said...

@4:40--- Super cool girl?

Who talks like that? Are you gonna meet at the malt shop with Biff and Cricket after the meeting? Can I came and meet all your super cool Scientology fans?

Listen son, let me school you in some of their beliefs-- when a woman gives birth she must do it silently-- it is based on Mr. Hubbard’s research into the mind and spirit. He found that words spoken during moments of pain and unconsciousness can have adverse effects on an individual later in life. They are recorded in the reactive mind as engram.

Scientology poses as a religion but really is a ruthless global scam -- and aiming for the mainstream. it's a school for psychopaths." Their so-called therapies are manipulations. For nearly 40 years, the big business of Scientology has shielded itself exquisitely behind the First Amendment as well as a battery of high-priced criminal lawyers working for the organization and shady private detectives.

It ABSOLUTELY IS a dangerous cult. It's a manipulative, dangerous, greedy, lying, scamming, bullying, brainwashing, mafia-like criminal enterprise . Get out while you can.

Anonymous said...

"Can someone please tell me how and why Holder became Attorney General?"

Are you kidding me? Do you even need to ask that question??

Anonymous said...

Judge Rothenberg lays a smack down on Lewis, Tein:


Her language is rather strong. I hope the Florida Bar is listening.

Heat fan said...

To all Heat Fans. As great as the Heat have played over the past three games, each game was a two possession game at the end and one play could have potentially changed the outcome.

All OKC needed coming to Miami was to win one game to regain home court advantage. With a win Thursday they would leave Miami with home court. It didn't really matter which of the three games they won.

So, this series is far from over. If the Heat want to lift the Larry O'Brien Trophy, they better play their best game of the season on Thursday evening.

Anonymous said...

Even though I doubt the veracity of the recent post, I can attest to the fact that Scientology is not some crazy cult and happen to know that several well-known judges in our county practice Scientology.

Anonymous said...


I think Scientology is just what you need. A little direction and guidance through life is always appreciated. Some people need others to help them know wrong from right, tell them how to live and what to do. You sound like you just need that little prodding.

Welcome the light into your life, and good luck with the girl.

By the way, I guess this means it didn't work out with the girl from Juvi??

Anonymous said...

5:58: Brutal, brutal, brutal opinion. I have appeared before several judges who clearly didn't know the law and who acted a bit "pompous" but I never ever ever called them on it in open court. I certainly would never resort to name calling in front of a judge or in written documents. It seems as if Judge D. gave L&T the benefit of the doubt, something they should be grateful for.

Weren't L&T recently cleared by the Florida Bar?

Anonymous said...

So because several well known judges are scientologists, it means it's not a cult???
Give me a break. As soon as they put on the robe, judges join a cult of their own. often it's more dangerous than what we typically recognize as a cult.

"American Minority" said...

If there are 250 or more officer's being prosecuted each year, why isn't there a Brady List like the one in Dade County to help identity possible bad arrest, and help alleviate an already overburdened court docket. Broward has a Brady List with the pending investigations and prosecutions of officers, the name of the ASA that is prosecuting them, and the nature of the crime.

"American Minority" said...

*Line 1, *Like the one in Broward County that is.

Anonymous said...

Good thing Rothenberg doesn't have to run for election anymore, lol!

Fake American Minority said...

I'm voting for Rod twice.

Anonymous said...

Mijammy Heet baby!