Tuesday, July 19, 2011


from any of these characters?

REGJB Irregular Alex Michaels is in trial for the defense of Andy Rodriguez who is charged with fatally stabbing a fellow Coral Gables Highschool Student. Jury selection began Monday before Judge Tunis.

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around, does it make a sound?

Does a business dispute a Judge has, which began when he or she was an attorney, merit discussion on the blog?

If the US deafults on its debt does that mean the Government can't get an AMEX Black card (which is our favourite card and the only one to have. It's anodized Titanium and when we pull it out hotel clerks cannot upgrade us fast enough- plus we get a free night's stay at many top notch hotels like The Mandarin when we book at least one night and that alone plus the travel upgrades is worth the price.).

Appropos of nothing but the last Harry Potter movie was very good and ended the saga in a very satisfying manner.

See You in court. How were the lines Monday?


Anonymous said...

Is it wrong of me to chuckle as I whiz thru the line w/ my Court ID I get as a PD? Its like being a celebrity on SoBe, skipping past the rabble, being let in by the doorman.


ps: dont you love the line as it wraps around the corner, especially in the rain...

Rumpole said...


Rumpole said...

Yes it is wrong. No, I don't "love the line..."

Twosie said...

The Q in London to help the Murdpchs before Parliament today. Not sublime.

fake matters and adelstein said...

We hereby nominate Scott Saul for a Blog prize for his exceptional comment yesterday on "the line".

Anonymous said...

How about some postings about the Court budget cuts in California. San Francisco Court system to close 25 Court divisions and cut 40% of staff. Chief Judge estimates t will take 5 years to get a civil case to trial, 3 years to get divorced and no delays in criminal matters due to constitutional requirements.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the person you eluded to in your blog a judge-elect at the time? He was already "elected" a judge when the rent was not paid.

Anonymous said...

The person you have eluded to in your blog was a judge-elect at the time the rent was not paid. He was already elected a judge.

Rumpole said...

I don't know. It just seems like its not that big a deal. Its a dispute over rent, ending a lease and a corportation which seems a big difference from not paying your bills.

All of us old guys remember Judge Roy T. Gelber declaring bankruptcy to get out from under his law school loans which at the time seemed like a real dishonorable thing to do. Then we learned he was selling court appointments so the law school loan scam should have been a tip off.

FACDL Miami said...


You are always fair and straight to the point with your posts. You use your name, which very few are willing to do on this blog. Your comments are nearly always right on!

Yesterday, you posted a great post and you ended it with:

"I could do better! There's room for improvement. Whose got the common sense, decency and motivation to recognize that this is a problem and, whether you are a professional or a defendant, nobody should have to stand in line, in the hot sun, to get into a public building?

Come on! Don't be a poser! Do something! When there is a problem, you don't complain about the problem, you solve the problem."

In response to your post, you are being sent a membership application to finally join the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Miami Chapter. That way, you can join our effort that Betty Llorente, Bob Pardo and others on the Board have been working on for several weeks now. We met with the Chief Judge about this issue in June. As a result of that meeting, we believe that we should be able to get private attorneys passes to enter the GJB similar to those used by the SAO and the PDO.

Of course, the private attorneys will have to become members of FACDL-Miami and go through the process of obtaining the pass which we are attempting to set up with the AOC and/or the PDO as soon as possible. There are several administrative hoops to jump through, (as you can imagine) all involving security issues, but we invite you to join the effort by becoming a member and then by stepping up to the plate on this issue, as we have always known that:

"[You can] do better"!!!!!

Again, great post.


Anonymous said...

Rumpole, see, I wonder what else he has done. I guess the point is he signed a contract and being an attorney and judge, should know that is a legal document and is obligated to pay. He should know better. He probaly thought he would just get away with it. I will say no more.

Bill Clinton. said...

I think the Constitution is clear and I think this idea that the Congress gets to vote twice on whether to pay for [expenditures] it has appropriated is crazy.

Lifting the debt ceiling is necessary to pay for appropriations already made. You can’t say, "Well, we won the last election and we didn’t vote for some of that stuff, so we’re going to throw the whole country’s credit into arrears.”

Kissimmee Kid said...

Here in Florida, we think that the the line outside the courthouse is a symbol of how justice is done inside the courthouse.

In some areas the process is clean, polite, fair and just. In Miami . . .

Anonymous said...

Not paying rent that is due. Isn't this again telling of that judge's questionable character?

Anonymous said...

Suck it up

Stand on line

Anonymous said...

The Casey Anthony prosecutors apparently suppressed favorable evidence in the trial regarding the chloroform issue. After arguing that 84 hits were found on the Anthony computer, one of THEIR experts recalculated the information and the software and found only one inquiry. The expert notified the prosecutors who ignored the information and didn't notify the defense.
Both prosecutors should get referrals to the Bar and should be fired. No wonder there will be no perjury prosecution against Cindy Anthony. To prosecute her, the state would need again to rely on this erroneous evidence.

CAPTAIN said...

Thank you 1:04 pm. I did reprint parts of the article in the previous day's post:

The Captain Reports:

BRADY ... doesn't he play QB for the Patriots .....

Assertions by the prosecution that Casey Anthony conducted extensive computer searches on the word “chloroform” were based on inaccurate data, a software designer who testified at the trial said Monday.

The designer, John Bradley, said Ms. Anthony had visited what the prosecution said was a crucial Web site only once, not 84 times, as prosecutors had asserted. He came to that conclusion after redesigning his software, and immediately alerted prosecutors and the police about the mistake, he said.

According to Mr. Bradley, chief software developer of CacheBack, used by the police to verify the computer searches, the term “chloroform” was searched once through Google. The Google search then led to a Web site, sci-spot.com, that was visited only once, Mr. Bradley added. The Web site offered information on the use of chloroform in the 1800s.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office had used the software to validate its finding that Ms. Anthony had searched for information about chloroform 84 times, a conclusion that Mr. Bradley says turned out to be wrong. Mr. Bradley said he immediately alerted a prosecutor, Linda Drane Burdick, and Sgt. Kevin Stenger of the Sheriff’s Office in late June through e-mail and by telephone to tell them of his new findings. Mr. Bradley said he conducted a second analysis after discovering discrepancies that were never brought to his attention by prosecutors or the police.

Mr. Bradley, chief executive of Siquest, a Canadian company, said he even volunteered to fly to Orlando at his own expense to show them the findings.

Cheney Mason, one of Ms. Anthony’s defense lawyers, said it was “outrageous” that prosecutors withheld critical information on the “chloroform” searches.

“The prosecution is absolutely obligated to bring forth to the court any and all evidence that could be exculpatory,” Mr. Mason said. “If in fact this is true, and the prosecution concealed this new information, it is more than shame on them. It is outrageous.”

The State Attorney’s Office in Orlando did not return messages seeking comment.

Mr. Bradley, fearing that jurors were being given false information based on his data, contacted the police and the prosecution the weekend of June 25. He asked Sergeant Stenger about the discrepancy, and the sergeant said he was aware of it, Mr. Bradley said. He waited to see if prosecutors would correct the record. They did not.


Cap Out .....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 1:12:00 AM

RFB said...

Rump- nobody answered the question, so I will.

NO I would not buy a used care from any of those mopes.

Anonymous said...

I know who you are Rump. Saw you take that picture. Judge.

Anonymous said...

So..Who are the candidates for RCA?

Anonymous said...

RE: The Long lines.

Listen. Head out to Two Dude Cigar Emporium (formerly Shumie's Cigar shop of Oswego, Auckland, Lantana, Honshu and of course the famous store in Milan) and put a big one in your mouth (Cigar of course) and just relax while waiting in line.

Smoke em if you got em...and if not head out to Two Dudes.,,,

Anonymous said...

Speaking of which- it's raining and I'm bored...calling the Shumie if its not too early.

midlife crisis said...

I'm planning on spending some of my new found PI Booty (25% of 1.965Million) on a nice trip to Italy with my 23 year old girlfriend (second acts in life are grand) and I decided to spend a few nights in Milan and check out the original & famous Shumie Cigar store.

Anonymous said...

Rumor re; RCA candidates-

Gene Zenobi
Rick Freedman
Sky Smith

Becker & Fagin said...

Dear Midlife Crisis:

Hey Nineteen
That's 'Retha Franklin
She don't remember the Queen of Soul
It's hard times befallen
The sole survivor.

Anonymous said...

Do all the lawyers who purchased properties and have since stopped paying their mortgages and property taxes because they lost their shirts really think they are any better than Judge Hirsch?

It isn't about morality, it is a business decision.

Maybe someone should run a check to see how many lawyers are named in foreclosure cases, and have their names printed in the paper?

Phil R said...

Let me just point out that it is July 19 and my beloved Pittsburgh Pirates are in FIRST PLACE! The team of Honus Wagner, Pie Traynor, Elroy Face, Bill Mazeroski, Manny Sanguillen, Dave Parker, Willie Stargel, and the Great One- Roberto Clemente- is back in first place this late in the season, which hasn't occurred probably since before Barry Bonds said "just what can these creams do for me again?"

Lets Go Bucs!

Anonymous said...

Baseball is boring and it sucks.

They have even succeeded in making the home run derby a long, drawn out, Stinkfest.

Call me if they start playing football again, or if Ben rapes another girl.

RF said...

I shall not seek and will not accept the nomination of my party to a term as RCA, whatever that is.

And I hate the Pirates - my beloved Orioles haven't been out of the cellar, let alone in first place, since 1983 when Cal Ripken was one year removed from being named Rookie of the Year and the Orioles won the Series over the
Phillies in five.


Anonymous said...

I'd rather wait in line than wade through Judge Cohn's 17 interns!

Phil R said...

Ah the Orioles. Than goodness for the Orioles. Especially 1971 (Pirates beat Birds in 7 games; Clemente is MVP- first night world series game ever played was played at 3 Rivers and I was there) and 1979 (Bucs beat O's again in 7 games; Willie hits one out in game 7 and wins MVP and Bucs first team ever to come back from being down 3-1).

Thank You Baltimore and Earl Weaver. You guys were fun to beat.

Anonymous said...

Please , No ,Baseball. Ever.

Anonymous said...

If you are judge you should pay your debts

Anonymous said...

Aronfeld files suit after two days in a case where there is a celebrity who has little liability, who caused pretty much zero property damage and zero bodily injury.

I don't know what damages Aronfeld's client is trying to collect from Zo because his car was already totalled before Zo hit it and Zo never caused him any injuries. Most personal injury lawyers don't take property damage claims or include them free of charge along with the bodily injury claim.