Thursday, July 14, 2011


SATURDAY UPDATE: Well here we are, right in the middle of a hot summer. It's raining on the English Coast in Sandwich as they play the British Open. If you've finished reading Matterhorn (and you should be done by now. Do try and keep up.) then try "Memory Of Running" by Ron McClarty. It's a great debut novel and it's what Rumpole is reading to pass the long steamy summer days.

UPDATE: We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge that Judge Linda Wells is the new CJ of the 3rd DCA (motto: No More Extensions!). And a Rumpolian "Well Done Sir" to Judge Juan Ramirez who concluded his tenure as Chief Judge.

Minnesota is open for business again, doncha know.

The land of 10,000 lakes now has a government back in business.

The Times reports here.

Now it remains to be seen if the Federal Government can get its act together.

Meanwhile, one of our summer time favourite events- watching the British Open, promises to provide us with several enjoyable hours this weekend.

See You in Court.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rumpole - I am really scared about my financial holdings. I know that you know all about the global markets. Should I sell all of my equity holdings tomorrow morning - as I see Moody's might downgrade U.S. debt to "junk" status as they just did in Ireland. I don't see these career politicians coming to a satisfactory resolution with President Obama on the debt crisis, spending cuts and revenue raising.


Not to panic, but I want to be smart once and liquidate in time for a real bear market. I feel like the Dow could drop to 8500 from 12400 now, but know how hard it is to "time" the market.

Your thoughts for all of us neophytes please Rumpole?

Anonymous said...

buy gold

Anonymous said...

7500 by December, 2012. If you are +65, sell and put it under the mattress. If you are younger and in good health, hold your stomach. Vomiting is not really that bad for you. Just keep dollar cost averaging and you will survive nicely if you can wait 15 years to cash in. If you are younger than 50, all this is totally irrelevant to you. By 2020, the market will be +20,000

Anonymous said...

Is this appropriate? (From Facebook)

Mark Eiglarsh
Just in: Casey Anthony will be appealing her four misdemeanor convictions for lying to law enforcement. Taxpayers will have to foot the bill as she is "indigent." In other news, Nancy Grace just purchased a new pistol. :^)

Anonymous said...

Rump, how is your LINKEDIN short doing? Not so good huh? I saw that it closed up big today to $109 per share. WOW.

Anonymous said...

Trawick is such an unpleasant Judge to deal with. Why are some Judges so unnecessarily difficut?
Some sort of inferiority complex???

Fake DS said...

My story? Okay. It was never easy for me. I was born a poor black child. I remember the days, sittin' on the porch with my family, singin' and dancin' down in Mississippi...

Anonymous said...


Kevin Rusk, owner of the Constitution Cafe at the new Federal Courthouse fired both his chefs without warning, and with one of them expecting a new baby in 3 months. Planner that he is, he never got any of the recipes, so if you loved the mac n cheese, the meatloaf, the mashed potatoes, kiss them goodbye, because they are gone forever.

So don't go back, they are not there!!!

Anonymous said...

Silver will rise more than gold. While it is a very volatile investment--it was close to $49/oz. earlier this year before losing about 1/3 of its value, it is back knocking on $40/oz. door. If the U.S. debt issues go into crisis mode, look for both to rise a tremendous amount. Right now the gold:silver ratio is about 42-43. Some commentators say the ratio may eventually go to about 16, the historical figure, although I doubt it will go more than 20.

I own about 200 oz. of silver, most of which I bought in early 2010 when the price was $15-$18 per oz. Some is in bullion, some in "junk silver"--old 90% silver U.S. coins, and some in numismatic coins. Needless to say, I've at least doubled my money in less than 18 months.

Anonymous said...

I know I made it when there is a fake DS.
But I'm born on a Tropical isle, kissed by the Atlantic and caressed by the gulf stream breezes. The Sun and Fun Capital of the world.
ps I was RAISED by a black Lady, our housekeeper Ms. Cora who I saw more than my parents
Love ya Ms. Cora ,you taught me to NEVER TRUST JOHN LAW,,,,

Fake Blecher said...

Its the greatest honor the blog can bestow- having a fake.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to head out to Two Dudes Cigar Emporium (formerly Shumie's Cigar shops of Perth Amboy, Ocean City, Seattle, Bangkok, Brussels and of course Milan) with my new copy of Memory of Running and pick me out a big ol Churchill and spend a glorious afternoon reading.

Anonymous said...

Wells is the worst appellate judge in 3rdDCA history ........hidden agendas mixed with lack of capacity and arrogance...... an unmitigated disaster and an embarassment

Anonymous said...

Wells is awesome! She made history last Thursday and it is an honor to practice in front of her!

Anonymous said...

Hope Solo is kind of a babe

Anonymous said...

cant believe someone would put that blowhard eiglarsh on televsion. he is so annoying and that new hairdo of his is so silly.

also tried a case against him once he is pretty worthless in ct.

maybe he belongs on tv