Tuesday, July 05, 2011


How was your holiday weekend? Did the rain get you down? We managed to get some rest and eat a Chicago style dog or two, and now we're raring to go.

Karma is a funny thing sometimes, and other times it is tragic. Here is a sad story of a motorcyclist who died when he hit is head in an accident in a ride protesting- you guessed it- New York State;s law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets.

What's not funny sometimes is crime. This shocking incident shook us to our core. We have immediately reached out to the poor victim to offer her comfort and whatever help she may need. Sometimes a person just has to stop being a spectator and jump in and help. This case pushed us over the edge.

That big hullabaloo trial in Orlando is nearly over. We could care less and don't look here for updates on the verdict. And when we write we could care less what that means is that coverage of this trial is way over blown. A young child is dead and that bothers us greatly. These morons who are getting paid to feast on TV over this tragedy and speculate as if they are some sort of expert make us ill.

Those who can try cases do try cases. Those who can't try cases like to talk about trying cases. They should be ashamed to show their faces in public, after we have all seen them desperately clawing for TV time and publicity over the body of this dead child. And that's the last you will hear us speak about this case and those phony creeps.

Two weird things happened in Broweird over the holiday weekend.
1) Traffic Magistrate Rhonda Hollander was arrested on felony charges for what the JAA Blog calls "a bizarro" incident.

2) Bob Norman has the info on a Broweird ASA (Corey Ackerman) suspended over his prior conduct at RRA (Scott Rothstein's old firm).

Dog bites man (yawn). Judges in NY are leaving the bench to get more money. (Yawn). They don't feel appreciated. Poor things.

Rumpole Rant:
Here we are right in the middle of summer and our chief judges still refuse to recognize that the rest of the civilized southern legal establishment (and also Broward County) puts a summer dress code into effect that allows all lawyers (not just female lawyers) to appear in court for routine matters sans tie.
But not here in Dade County. No, here in Dade County our chief judges still expect male attorneys to dress as if it is the middle of January in Minnesota- (which is still shut down by the way)- with a coat and a tie. And by the way, this rant extends to our Chief Judge for the federal courts in the southern district. He doesn't get a pass.

See you in court.


Looking to buy a clip on said...

Stop complaining about the tie and jacket.

Don't give them any ideas. They will allow us to appear sans tie, and in exchange will shut off the A/C, saving a buck or two.

Just carry your jacket and tie to the courthouse, put them on when you do your hearings, and remove before you hit the pavement.

This is an annual non issue you keep bringing up, not worthy of your attention.

Besides, I thought you spent your summers on the French Riviera?!?

Anonymous said...

not so subtle attach of Mark Eiglarsh Rump.

Rumpole said...

Actually I'm not sure who he is. I don't really recognize him on TV. I know for damn sure he didn't have much experience in the REGJB. I was pointing my criticism more towards former Judge Alex Ferrer who popped up on some channel endlessly talking about the 4 1/2 month trial he oversaw and how unlike any other judge in america he would get off the bench and personally shake hands with each juror after trial. Just a bit too pompous for my taste.

I did see Michael jackson's former attorney being interviewed. Now at least there's a guy who's been in the arena slugging it out. If he says something I would listen to him.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rump. Look at this ignorant attack on the defense function. http://dianedimond.net/why-we-dislike-lawyers/

These are the kinds of media folks defense lawyers in Orlando are clamoring to please for more camera time.

CAPTAIN said...

Don't understand your problem with Judge Ferrer. He is retired. He plays a Judge on TV. So, his current job is appearing in front of the camera.

I also saw Terry Lenamon on one time. I don't know if he was on more than once. He knows to try a capital case as well as anyone in the State.

Of course, I agree that there were several other talking heads that should have stayed home.

But, it is important for the public to see these trials and just as important for defense attorneys to be on the shows commenting in response to the stupid things that the commentators will frequently say. They have very little knowledge of Florida law. Also need some good defense attorneys to give the counter point to the Stacey Honowitz' of this world.

Rump, are you not for TV coverage in the courtrooms?

Cap Out .....

Anonymous said...

Mark has a very high regard for himself. Yet he never earned his stripes as a trial lawyer. Please do not compare him to Sharpstein- that is reonkulous.

Baez had a very very difficult case. He grew up as a lawyer in front of the camera over the last three years. He had a hard ride coming up as a lawyer in Miami and I wish him well.

Ferrer used to jog around the court house in spandex shorts. That was odd. He was a right winger but very sharp.

CAPTAIN said...

Jury has a verdict. Will be announced at 2:15 pm

CAPTAIN said...

Not Guilty. Now what do you all have to say about Jose Baez.

Anonymous said...

Mark Eilgarsh is an idiot

Anonymous said...



eiglarsh yerd

Anonymous said...

one of the great wins ever.

Anonymous said...

what i would say is this.... all of you who think you are so great as a trial lawyers,, you are now nothing compared to mr. baez. he just won, by far, the hardest high profile case in this state's history.

baez is a miami boy and earned his creds as a miami pd. deal with it mr. eiglarsh- you called baez a clown.

Anonymous said...

Eiglarsh is no idiot.

He fights tooth and nail for his clients, to the point that he is no ones favorite guy to deal with.

He hasn't tried the case of the century? How many of us have.

Not my job to defend him, but this all sounds like typical blog jealousy. Any one of us would happily go on CNN if asked to give commentary.


Anonymous said...

BTW - re: Anthony trial

One thing that has gone unmentioned was Judge Perry.

When I think back to that yahoo from Broward who presided over the Anna Nicole Smith case, who made an ass of himself and the State of Florida, and I
Compare him to how a judge like Perey conducts himself and presides over his court, it makes me sad to know that Perry is the exception, not the rule.

Anonymous said...

Jose Baez, has been offered a position with Holland and Knight.

Anonymous said...

Baez got lucky!

Anonymous said...

Say what you will about Baez, but he couldn't get admitted to the Bar for a while 'cause of mucho child support problems.

Anonymous said...

Keeping score on the trial?


Casey Anthony
The judge


Nancy Grace
The people who waited in line to see this abomination
The prosecutors, who tried a nice case but overreached with 1st degree murder charges.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Grace is going to have a breakdown tonight and I can't wait to watch even though I have never watched her program before.

Anonymous said...

Will Judge Perry max out Casey Anthony to 364 days to run consecutive on each of the 4 misdemeanor counts of which she was found guilty? Will he give her CTS? Or something in between? After all, she's been in jail for almost 33 months.

Anonymous said...

"Well, I hope that this is a lesson to those of you who have indulged in media assassination for three years. Bias, prejudice and incompetent talking heads saying what would be and how to be. I'm disgusted by some of the lawyers that have done this, and I can tell you that my colleagues from coast to coast and border to border have condemned this whole process of lawyers getting on television and talking about cases that they don't know a damn thing about. And don't have the experience to back up their words or the law to do it. Now you learned a lesson, and we appreciate the jury and those of you that have been objective and professional. We like it. Others, we're going to be talking to again. Thank you very much," Cheney Mason, one of Casey Anthony's defense attorneys said at a press conference after the verdict was announced.


Anonymous said...

Did it ever occur to you folks that the prosecutors simply did not have evidence to prove what happened? How easy it it is for all of you to second guess now. That being said, Eiglarsh is an idiot. He has very little trial experience and it shows. Have you ever watched him in court? He's full of shit.

For me, that little jerk killed that kid and got away with it simply for lack of evidence.

Finally a jury really listened to the reasonable doubt instruction.

Anonymous said...


Mark called Baez a "rookie lawyer" making rookie moves on national TV.

He is annoying.

Anonymous said...


Out of curiosity, why didn't the defense ask for Casey Anthony's release or at least for bond pending sentencing? She was convicted of 4 misdemeanors and she has already served 3 plus years. It seemed like the judge was even anticipating a motion for bond when he asked if there were any other motions. I have to believe the defense was so shocked that they had brain lock. What do you think?

Curious Jorge

Anonymous said...

Where is Eiglarsh tonight? Not on Nancy Grace or any other show. To the person who wrote that any one of us would go on CNN and give commentary... that may be true. But I would like to think that most of us would handle ourselves more like Lenamon than Eiglarsh. Lenamon was professional, matter of fact, and knowledgable. On the other hand, Eiglarsh called Baez names, said Casey should be found incompetent for choosing Baez, and basically made a fool of himself. As far as I know he has never tried anything of any significance yet he kept pontificating about "when he tries cases" and "if he were trying this case." I don't know Jose and did not particularly like the defense theory but Eiglarsh's behavior was disappointing.

Anonymous said...


Have to swallow vomit after viewing said...

There were a thousand reasons Nancy Grace should have been shot before this trial.

She never met a charged defendant who wasn't guilty.

She is everything wrong with putting attorneys on TV.

Anyone know her "credentials?"

The Bookworm said...

HR loves to say how he doesnt know this one or that one. If hes been in the building since the early 80s through now, which I think he has, its hard to believe his feigned ignorance.

Horace, please post my latest guess at your identity. Dont leave it your cutting room floor.

Anonymous said...

I like Eiglarsh personally, but I did not agree with some of the comments he made on t.v. He was all too willing to join in on the witch hunt and conviction express that the other commentators were on. Mark, you should have known better.

Anonymous said...

baez was screwing us the case royally. he was strongly encouraged to get help. he swallowed his pride, admitted to himself that he was in over his head, and then brought in terry lenamon and then cheney mason, the best defense attorney in orlando. without mason he would not have won the case nor done the great closing he did. from an insider.

Anonymous said...

12:09 - The answer to your qeustion is that Nancy Grace was a career prosecutor of little success or reknown.

She is a disgrace (pun intended) to the legal profession. She helped create this firestorm and lynch mob mentality that pushed the prosecutors and police into a premature arrest and ill-conceived prosecution.

To this very moment she still adamently pursues an agenda of justification for her acts, words and deeds. She adds fuel to the fire and is inciting those who follow her like those who follow all demigods like Palin, Bachman and Paul.

Her ratings are high, so cancellation is unlikely. Besides she has now gone mainstream thanks to ABC.

In a case such as this it was far better to allow the publicity and public outcry to die down and then methodically put a case together. Then you make an arrest. Casey Anthony was not going anywhere they could not have found her.

Anonymous said...

Rump. It's Sharpie. For the record I do not go on tv to critique other lawyers. Only my own cases. Also those talking heads are not paid but actually pay agents(x producers for Court TV) who book them. One of them called me before Anthony trial. wanted 3 grand a month. Said it would catapult my career. Ugh! Great win under unreal conditions for Jose,Cheney and Terry. Give credit where due. Made Nancy Grace say " Shut My Mouth"!