Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This is a heartwarming story: A young girl who is in the 3rd grade achieved a perfect score on her FCAT math and reading tests and was rewarded with a trip to Disney World.  Here's the kicker- this young girl is a foster child who was removed from her parents home because of their involvement in drugs and gangs.  The Herald article is here.  Doesn't that just make you feel great about the potential of kids?  Children are our most precious resource and we damn well better start doing a better job of protecting and nurturing them. 

UPDATE How in the world did we ever forget this race?
Samantha Ruiz Cohen vs. Peter Adrien.  Do we even need to say whom we're voting for? 

Who in the world wants to work on these hot summer days?
Well, we found a Judge and prosecutor who have nothing better to do. 

So, while we're a bit busy talk amongst yourselves.

We received this comment:
rump how bout some election coverage? Kuntz v Gordo

Therefore, how about some chatter on 

Kuntz v. Gordo;
Alvarez v. Newman;
Paulson-Gonzalez v. Seff. 

Rumpole will probably be voting for Gordo, Newman, and  Seff. However, we think Mr. Kuntz and Mr. Alvarez are fine candidates.  There is a very unsettling back story behind why Judge Newman was challenged and in our opinion whether or not it is true, Judge Newman clearly deserves to be re-elected. 

See You in court. 


Anonymous said...

Theunsettling back story regarding Newman is true. A sad commentary on our profession and politics in general. The people behind it have ulterior motives. It's just too bad that Manny had to let himself get pulled into it. He is a great guy and would be a good judge. In this race, I am voting for Newman. If Manny ever runs again, in an open seat or against someone who truly deserves oppposition, I would vote for him then.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen Judge Newman get angry?

Have you ever seen Newman go crazy and start pushing everyone around about 9: 30 am...on a Monday?

Have you ever seen how nuts he goes if a lawyer tells him he or seh needs to go by another court on a Monday morning?

Did you know that he personally goes up the the jury pool every monring to kiss ass with the 400 or so people there while his courtroom people sit and wait?

Sorry, Ed is OK as a judge but, should be in branch court.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I will not be voting for Judge Newman. Completely agree with 10:32. But my worst beef is that he knows ZERO about the law. Ed's a nice guy off the bench, but he is not judge material (and never really was). Manny, on the other hand, is a great guy who does know the law and deserves a chance on the bench. Don't know what the ulterior motives are (so please enlighten us), but the bottom line is that Manny will be a better judge. For me, that's what counts.

Anonymous said...

What is the back story on Ed Newman?

CAPTAIN said...



Four weeks from today, voters will be going to the polls. In Broward, the ballot is so long, it still hits the floor even when Too Tall Jones is holding it up.

Down in Miama-Dade County, (HT to Ben K.), the ballot for Judge is much shorter. In fact, this may be the shortest ballot for contested judicial elections in more than 20 years.

We plan on providing our now historic, extensive, often imitated but never duplicated, in depth coverage as we get closer to the election.

But, just to give a taste as to what the candidates have been doing all summer long, (in case you have not gotten a dozen invites to a fundraiser), here is the latest tally in $$$ in County Court Group 7:

Incumbent Ed Newman, he of the "Perfect Season", has a challenger in Manuel "Manny" Alvarez.

Judge Newman has raised $177,255. Of that, $110,000 is his own money. Judge Newman had a good quarter (April 1 - July 16) and raised $40,300.

He has spent $30,898 so far. Of that, Armando Gutierrez has been paid $8,000 and a second consultant, Nelson Horta has received $1,000.

His opponent, Manny Alvarez, has raised a total of $31,486. Of that, only $1,000 comes out of Manny's pocket. He raised all of the balance of the $30,486 in the past reporting quarter.

Alvarez has spent a total of $12,113 so far. He paid $1,000 to consultant Janell Amador.

That's all for today.

Cap Out .....

CAPTAIN said...

(reprinted with permission from The Captain).


So you want to be a Circuit Court Judge .....

Gov. Crist has interviewed the six finalists for Judge Kreeger's seat. He has narrowed the choices to four. They are:

Robert Galt, III
Darrin Gayles
Browyn Miller
Deborah White-Labora

Those no longer in the running:

Miguel de la O
Lisa Walsh

We should have a new Circuit Court Judge within the next five days.

Cap Out ....

Anonymous said...

Somebody help me understand where my money goes. When I donate $500 to a judge who is unopposed and I get back a check for less than $250, where did the bucks go. If a judge is unopposed how is he or she spending the money?

Anonymous said...

I agree with 9:06. I've heard the same thing about the Manny Alvarez decision to pick Newman.

I like Manny and his wife Sylvia, but I'm voting for Newman. And throwing in only 1k of your own money shows that you were not serious about running. It merely shows that you are using the name game to see if you can grab a cheap win.

Manny, next time pick a judge that deserves opposition and dont let Lomabana or any of the other wanna be judge makers pull you into the fray.

Anonymous said...

Just a small correction, Newman wasn't on the Perfect Season team. He was drafted by the 'fins during the following off season and was a special teams specialist on the following year's super bowl winning team

Anonymous said...

The reason you did not get all of your donation back is because judges pay a huge filing fee ($4k)and they have other expenses, like do nothing consultants to pay to ward off candidates.

They pay the bills and then give back the money they did not spend on a pro rata basis.

Some keep it and give it to charity.

The reall pisser is the judge in Broward (Lee Jay Seidman) who took money for his county campaign, kept it and then ran in a circuit spot. He refused to send back money unless the donars asked for it back.

Politics is all about money.

Choking my girl friend said...

Can you fill us in on the backstory please?

Anonymous said...

Tell us the "unsettling" story for us to see for ourselves how truly "unsettling" it is. Otherwise, delete the post, because, without the full story, it's just pure innuendo and people, as usual, will ass-u-me the worst.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that has made my summer bearable is the new Kosher Meatball blog

Anonymous said...

3:01, remember the old saying about the etymology of the word "politics". It is formed by combining "poly" which means "many" and "ticks" which are "blood-sucking bugs". So, "politics" = "many blood-sucking bugs".

Anonymous said...

So then how was De La O able to return my donation in full?

Anonymous said...

Newman doesn't deserve to be re-elected. He doesn't know the law, is a terrible trial judge, and has the same intelligence as the football he used to throw. Go check him out in trial some time and then see if you think he's so great.

Anonymous said...

Newman is an utter embarrassment to the bench. Here is a Judge who treats everyone poorly, is totally inappropriate in court, rules depending upon what he had had/will have for lunch and does not understand an ounce about caselaw. If a magician with a fifth grade education was running against Newman he would have a good chance, so, Manny is a pretty likely to win.
Newman- if you read this blog all I can say is whether or not you win do the following:
1. treat people kindly
2. follow the law
3. stop trying to intimidate everyone when you are in a rush
4. actually read and follow controlling cases
5. don't be so transparently preferential
6. keep the campaigning out of the courtroom

CAPTAIN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CAPTAIN said...

to 12:45 pm.

Thank you for the correction. Edward Newman was indeed drafted in 1973, the year after the Perfect Season. He was drafted in the sixth round, went on to play in three Super Bowls and was selected to the Pro Bowl four times.

In 1973. I believe the Fins went 15-2 and they beat the Vikings in the Super Bowl 24-7.

Newman has been a County Court Judge for nearly 16 years.

Cap Out ....

Slugger Al said...

Rump, please publish the alleged backstory about why Newman got opposition.

What a Kuntry said...

I've grown really sick of the assclown that keeps turning the Gordo campaign sign in front of my house upside down.

Douchenozzle, do you realize that there's a camera recording your hijinks?

Anonymous said...

How about Seff? That woman is completely incompetent to be a judge. She thinks that she is still at the SAO and that she can order people around. She does not know that defense attoreys usually get at least one continuance without having to give her a reason and a story behind it. She needs to get with the program and learn how to be a fair judge.

Anonymous said...

I have one question for the State Attorney's Office....I really can't stand Patrick Trese- I admit it. Why did he open a law firm partnership with a defense attorney Theresa Williams in August 2009 and then dissolve it a month later?
How can a prosecutor have a defense law firm? Isn't that a conflict of interest?

Why is Kathy Rundle letting her prosecutors get into partnerships with criminal defense attorneys??????

Anonymous said...

OF COURSE Newman is and will be a great judge. His campaign posters have the Dolphins' team colors on them - so you know he must be a quality jurist.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I have appeared before Judge Newman 30-40 times in the past two years. I have never seen any of the horror stories that are painted here. I have given him case law and seen him analyze it both in my favor and against it. I think he bends over backwards to dismiss cases when he can and knows a lying cop when he sees one. I also think that justice is blind in his courtrrom. He treats everyone the same irrespective of skin color and has compassion for those who are not as blessed with education or finances. I intend to vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Newman's an idiot. Too many headslaps (it was legal back then) playing Pro ball!

Anonymous said...

It is a good thing for the Juvenile Court that GM Lieberman is staying. He is well qualified to be a Judge, but needed in Juvenile Court. Just think, of the people that will be applying for the GM position.

In fact someone like alschuler might be the next GM. A former DCF prosecutor, now works out of a P.O. Box, that lost a trial then went crying to the JQC about the Judge. Send him back to DCF where he belongs. The ultimate candidate for the sour grape award.

Anonymous said...

10:13 p.m., congratulations, you have posted the absolute dumbest comment on this blog in its history. Pat left the office and went in to private practice. Kathy isn't "letting her prosecutors" form partnerships with defense attorneys. If you are a lawyer 10:13, please leave your Bar card at security and we'll take care of it.

Also, de la o gave back all his money because he chose to do so. He thought it was the right t hing to do.

All judges should pay their filing fees out of their own pocket and all campaign expenses when they are unopposed, but they don't.

Anonymous said...

Trese joined the L&L twins and Cunill got the boot.

Anonymous said...

10:13----hey genius, the document you posted is a filing to dissolve the corporation. Maybe Pat decided to leave and changed his mind?

Anonymous said...

2:10, nothing wrong with Alschuler working out of a PO box, you never know it might be a very large one...

Guy is a fcuking MORON!

Anonymous said...

9:59 writes that Seff is incompetent and "does not know that defense attoreys usually get at least one continuance without having to give her a reason and a story behind it."

I about fell over laughing when I read that. Flora was one of the top SAO prosecutors before leaving and has been holding the State's feet to the fire since taking the bench (I bet she's found people not guilty at a higher rate than most because her expectations are high and she's not afraid to call it as she sees it). But, that's not why I laughed. I wonder what statute or rule entitles the defense to a continuance for any reason or no reason. Try that in Circuit Court or, better yet, Federal Court and tell us what happens 9:59. She requires the State to give a reason (wow, horrifying!), why wouldn't she require the defense to give a reason?


Anonymous said...

Interesting tidbit about Trese, I suppose. According to the Florida Bar website, that is still where he is:

Patrick Farrell Trese

Member in Good Standing Eligible to practice in Florida

ID Number: - 492426
Address: Williams and Trese LLP
631 S Andrews Ave Ste 101
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 333012833
United States
Phone: 954.7619131

I'm stumped on this one too.

Anonymous said...

The backstory is simple. A certain power Cuban appeared in front of him having been charged with leaving the scene, and Ed did not kiss his ring. Although he did dismiss the charges. I've seen the transcript, as the aggrieved person emailed it all over town.

So one thing led to another, and the CABA cabal put Manny up. Nothing personal, it's just business. If you don't give obvious preferential treatment to the PCs then you pay the price.

Manny is indeed a nice guy and qualified. But this is wrong and he's gonna get sssssssssmoked.

Anonymous said...

If Judge gets reelected without opposition, they should return all the donation money. They have guaranteed @150K for 6 years. They should pay their own damn filing fee!

Anonymous said...

I too have been pushed around too much by Judge Newman.

Ed is a good guy and means well but, he gets way to angry on Monday mornings when he is trying to get a case to jury trial.

I would prefer if Ed was not a judge.

I agree with others, Ed is an OK judge but, needs to be in branch court where life is easy and there are no jury trials.

I am voting for Manny.

Anonymous said...

2:10:00 AM, are you referring to Fake Alschuler? Or to Real Fake Alschuler? Please specify.

Anonymous said...

Where is the "unsettling" story?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if so many lawyers didn't try to jerk him around Judge Newman wouldn't be so angry (actually, I think he's more frustrated than angry, as any responsible judge would be given all of the shenanigans in County Court). As I said in response to another post, if the lawyers tried to pull the same crap in Circuit (let alone Federal) Court, they'd be toast.

Newman is a truly decent man who wants to do what is right. He REGULARLY dismisses cases and sanctions the State for its errors and failures. None of us complain about that (of course!). We can't expect him to not hold everyone else to the same standards.

I sure hope the back story isn't true..........I've always thought a lot of Manny.


Anonymous said...

I heard the story about the PC and the LSA in front of Newman, but I can't remember who the PC was. Can someone say who it was?

Anonymous said...

Lee Jay Seidman (Broward judge) is a facsist and a moron.

Anonymous said...

Pat Trese set up the law firm corporation shortly before he left the SAO. He told Kathy. He left with plenty of notice. He is working in Broward.

So, what's the big deal?

Anonymous said...

GM Lieberman will make a great judge in county court. He is fair to all parties and treats everyone with respect. Besides, there are lots of qualified replacements for his GM spot.

Anonymous said...

Has GM Lieberman been appointed to the county court? Did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

To 4:29 pm- It is a big deal if you set up a corporation with a defense attorney and still work as a prosecutor. That is why he dissolved the corporation a few weeks later - because it was a big deal.

How do you open a law firm, then dissolve it and prosecute defendants at the same time. I am sorry, but that just does not make sense. Lets look at his financial forms and see if he reported to the State that he owned or had interest in another corporation, a private law firm. Kathy will not let her ASA's work as waiters without her prior permission. What also does not make sense is that it looks like another one of the SAO cover-ups.

Don't know hom much one dislikes Trese to find something like this, but good job, it appears that Kathy, her goons and Trese have been caught covering yet another "incident" at the good old Miami SAO.