Wednesday, July 28, 2010


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Anonymous said...

Fake blecher on So Fla blog offering to buy everyone drinks at Monte's today at 4

Anonymous said...

The blog melted because of the huge fonts.

Rumpole said...

I don't know why the fonts went kablooey. But they did. I am working on it.

Anonymous said...

While you are at it, how come sometimes the blog has words blurred and overwritten?

CAPTAIN said...


A lot of great comments on Newman and Alvarez following our post yesterday. Keep it up.

Before I hit the next race, I must agree with 7:54 am that the post at 10:13 pm was the dumbest post ever on this blog.

Pat left the State as Chief of County Court and he joined Teresa Wlliams in Broward. They formed Williams & Trese. They still are Williams and Trese. They do have an office in Miami at the same location as Lyons & Lurvey.

And BTDT, I was thinking the exact same thing when I read that ridiculous post about automatic continuances. This idea that anyone should get one free continuance, because "that's the way it's done" is absurd. The rules require "good cause" and it does not take much for a defense attorney to explain good cause to a Judge.

Cap Out ...

CAPTAIN said...


Goup 11, County Court .....


We plan on providing our now historic, extensive, often imitated but never duplicated, in depth coverage as we get closer to the election.

But, just to give a taste as to what the candidates have been doing all summer long, (in case you have not gotten a dozen invites to a fundraiser), here is the latest tally in $$$ in County Court Group 11:

Incumbent Flora Seff, she was appointed by Gov. Crist and has not yet faced the voters, has a challenger in Michaelle (I have too many letters in my first name) Gonzalez-Paulon.

As far as I know, Michaella is not related to Pat, who ran for President under the Laugh-In ticket in what year????? That's your trivia question for the day.

Judge Seff has raised $73,248. Of that, only $5,500 is her own money. Judge Seff had a good quarter (April 1 - July 16) and raised $26,308.

She has spent $27,158 so far. Of that, her lone consultant is Stephanie Bromfield at $5,000.

Her opponent, Ms. Paulson, has raised a total of $18,808. Of that, $9,500 comes out of her pocket. She did not have a good quarter and only raised $1,530.

Paulson has spent a total of $16,866 so far. She has paid Lourdes Molina $250; Geoffrey Woodman $175; Margarita Armoina $1,000; and Miguel Amador $1,450. (I wonder if he is related to Janell Amador; Alvarez paid her money; see yesterday's post).

So, let's see a lively discussion about Seff & Gonzalez-Paulson. Next we will cover the Circuit Court races.

That's all for today.

Cap Out .....

Rumpole said...

If you see words blurred or over written adjust the size of your font on your browser.

Spiderman said...

Hey County Court PD's,

Get to the back of the f*cking line with your 13 cases!!! You have nowhere to be and you're gumming up the works....if you are getting a government paycheck you can wait until we are done.

I'm out.

Spiderman said...

Hey county court judge's,

Stop taking 10 minute pleas when there are 5+ private lawyers on line with 1 case to call! We have places to be and you're gumming up the works! Efficiency will get you re-elected and our memories are good.

I'm out (again)

Chef said...

Please e-mail me the back story and I will post it on the Kosher Meatball assuming there is truth to it. (I will consult with Rumpole for guidance on what to post or not).

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how many criminal trials MGP has done? How many felonies? How many life felonies? How many misdemeanors? DUIs?


PS---I'm talking jury, not bench trials. There's a big difference there.

Anonymous said...

I beat Seff in a murder trial. every since then she has ignored me when I see her in the building. therefore,I will be voting for her opponett. She has never learned to be gracious in defeat and act professional. and I know nothing about her opponett.

Anonymous said...

To BTDT@ 8:51

I read Ms. Gonzales-Paulson"s campaign literature.
She boasts of handling "over 100 bench trials" in her tenure as a legal aid lawyer.
Let's see--that is about a week and a 1/2 worth of "trial" experience based upon the work load down there.
Is this really what the public deserves by way of experience to be a Circuit Court Trail Judge???

Anonymous said...

Spiderman it's not all about YOU. Get in line and wait your turn, even if it's behind a County PD who got there first.

FACDL listserve leaker said...

Although she may not have paid him yet, Seff is part of "Team Levy." I think Team Levy is Alvarez, Seff, Ruiz Cohen and Gordo. (Not sure about Ruiz.)

You can tell if you have ever been to an event with the candidates because they have little Levy people running around with them.

I will probably vote for Flora since that is kind of a no brainer. But I hate that she is a Levy candidate.

Anonymous said...

Everyone keeps talking about the distinction between REG judges and branch judges and the comment was made that branch judges do not conduct trials. Point of order: Judges from N. Dade; Hialeah; Coral Gables; Miami Beach and S. Dade conduct their hearings and bench trials at their home courthouses three weeks out of the month and then they travel down to 73 W. Flagler for one week where they have up to 30 jury trials scheduled each per week and they start Monday morning and they go back to back and do as many as they can on their scheduled week. All pre-trial motions have been previously disposed of and so they go straight into jury selection and trial, as many as three per week.