Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The 86 Canes have been voted the most hated sports team of all time according to Sports Illustrated.
On behalf of all Canes fans, let us say.....FU.

Speaking of most hated, The Assassin- a/k/a Oakland Raiders defensive back Jack Tatum died this week at age 61. Tatum was and always will be most remembered for his hit on Patriot WR Darryl Stingley in preseason that paralyzed Stingley for life. The hit was legal and Tatum was never fined nor disciplined by the league. Tatum never apologized for the hit, but to his credit he did attempt to meet with Stngley when he was hospitalized.

Football historians will also remember that Tatum was the Raider who collided with Steeler Frenchy Fuqua on the last play of the 1972 playoff game between the Steelers and the Raiders. The Steelers were down 7-6 when Steeler QB Terry Bradshaw threw a desperation pass to Fuqua on 4th down with less than a minute left to play. Tatum hit Fuqua as the ball arrived and it caromed off either Tatum or Fuqua and Steeler Franco Harris scooped the ball just before it hit the turf and scampered 42 yards into the end zone giving the Steelers their first playoff win ever as time ran out. Under the rules of the NFL at that time, the ball would have to have hit Tatum as an opposing player before it would have been legal for Harris to catch it. If the ball hit Fuqua and not Tatum-or if the ball hit Fuqua after it hit Tatum- the catch would not have been legal. Take a look and you tell us. 38 years later it's still the most amazing finish to a football game we've ever seen.


CAPTAIN said...

(reprinted with permission from The Captain).

The immaculate reception Rump. Wondering why you left that out?


Goup 11, County Court .....


We plan on providing our now historic, extensive, often imitated but never duplicated, in depth coverage as we get closer to the election.

But, just to give a taste as to what the candidates have been doing all summer long, (in case you have not gotten a dozen invites to a fundraiser), here is the latest tally in $$$ in County Court Group 11:

Incumbent Flora Seff, she was appointed by Gov. Crist and has not yet faced the voters, has a challenger in Michaelle (I have too many letters in my first name) Gonzalez-Paulon.

As far as I know, Michaella is not related to Pat, who ran for President under the Laugh-In ticket in what year????? That's your trivia question for the day.

Judge Seff has raised $73,248. Of that, only $5,500 is her own money. Judge Seff had a good quarter (April 1 - July 16) and raised $26,308.

She has spent $27,158 so far. Of that, her lone consultant is Stephanie Bromfield at $5,000.

Her opponent, Ms. Paulson, has raised a total of $18,808. Of that, $9,500 comes out of her pocket. She did not have a good quarter and only raised $1,530.

Paulson has spent a total of $16,866 so far. She has paid Lourdes Molina $250; Geoffrey Woodman $175; Margarita Armoina $1,000; and Miguel Amador $1,450. (I wonder if he is related to Janell Amador; Alvarez paid her money; see yesterday's post).

So, let's see a lively discussion about Seff & Gonzalez-Paulson. Next we will cover the Circuit Court races.

That's all for today.

Cap Out .....

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how many criminal trials MGP has done? How many felonies? How many life felonies? How many misdemeanors? DUIs?


PS---I'm talking jury, not bench trials. There's a big difference there.

Anonymous said...

From This ams herald:
The case of Derrick Williams, though he's technically still a convicted rapist, featured several recurring themes in those lousy cases.

Other than the gray shirt, Williams' prosecution relied on the victim's identification. Last year a special master appointed by the New Jersey Supreme Court to examine the discomfiting vagaries of eyewitness identification looked into more than 200 scientific studies and articles, which were ``voluminous, comprehensive and consistent'' in casting doubt on eyewitness reliability.

Seventy five percent of the nation's DNA exonerations can be traced back to witness misidentification. The New Jersey report noted, ``An analysis of the first 239 DNA exonerations found that over 250 witnesses misidentified innocent suspects.''

Read more:

CAPTAIN said...

The Captain Reports:

BTDT poses a good question for our readers.

I believe that Nancy Wear is a regular reader of the Blog and she is also a supporter of Ms. Paulson.

Nancy, could you please enquire about what Ms. Paulson's jury trial experience is?

In her bio, I know that she says:

"She later went on to practice at the prominent law firm of Markowitz, Davis, Ringel and Trusty where she handled a heavy case load of civil and commercial litigation cases as well as family law and domestic violence cases. Michaelle currently has her own private practice handling Family, Domestic Violence, Immigration, Bankruptcy and Civil Litigation cases."

Does that experience include jury trials?

Cap Out ....

Anonymous said...

Rump. While the Immaculate Reception ranks up there and may very well be number one, let's not forget the Flutie pass that sunk the Canes and the Cal marching band on the field as time expired.

Marty Kohn said...

How does Adrien find the time to sit on the bench and do those Geico commercials?

Rumpole said...

The Cal band game ending is ridiculous. Not football.

The Doug Flutie pass ranks right up there. Trivia- who caught the pass?

Kordell Stewart did the same thing in College. And the Cowpokes and Staubach did something similar- the ball was caught at like the ten- against the Vikes in I believe 1975 to get to the SB.

Something about the Immaculate Reception that has always fascinated me. I watched it on TV.
Perhaps the greatest playoff game I ever saw was the Chargers- Dolphins in the OB, where Winslow beat the fins. That was also the hook and ladder pass if I recall. Great game.

Anonymous said...

What about the fired cop from Metro who kicked his dog and his pending animal cruelty trial before Arzola?

Why are tax payers paying for that trial?

Maybe Isis Perez is showing her great judgment again.

What a waste of time.

CAPTAIN said...


I can answer that one without looking it up - Gerald Phaelin (could be spelling the name wrong).

And, according to Don Shula, it is NOT the hook and ladder. You may have seen a very funny commercial they ran about a year ago; I think it was an insurance commercial or something where a little boy is talking about that play and calls it the hook and ladder and says his dad told him about it and he runs into Don Shula who tells him that the name of the play is:

"the hook and lateral".

Cap Out ....

Anonymous said...

When I walked into the federal court house, Simon Barsinister (of Underdog fame) was manning the metal detector. I gawked at him and he retorted "Simon says... show me your barcard"

Anonymous said...

Judge Colodny reprimanded.

Anonymous said...

Big deal, ( NOT). COLODNY is a GREAT JUDGE. Fair and polite. I RESPECT her . Had a Rule 3 that lasted longer than the trial in front of her. She is a good Judge.
D. Sisselman

Anonymous said...

Simon Barsinister? I haven't heard that reference in decades--wasn't he a character in Rocky & Bullwinkle?

Anonymous said...

That smoooooching sound you hear is the sound of DS's lips firmly planted to the buttocks of the judiciary.

Anonymous said...

HA! Anyone who knows DS knows he's legit. He's never been an ass kisser and never will be. Speak to anyone who has litigated against him. He's a great guy who doesn't deserve that ridiculous attack.