Tuesday, September 22, 2009


UPDATE: People are reporting County Court Judge Antonio Arzola has been tapped for the open Circuit Slot.  If this is true, congratulations to Judge Arzola for a well deserved promotion. 

Former NFL running back Herschel Walker is becoming an MMA fighter at age 47. We thought you needed to know that.

How come the Fins are the only team in the NFL that can make the Wildcat formation work? Not that we're complaining. It was fun to watch the game last night on our new LED TV whilst safely ensconced in our home. Ronnie Brown was a monster and this LED technology is the real deal.

Memo to Chad Pennington: a TWO minute drill at the end of the game means a few things:
1) Hustle! Move fast. 2) When your two minutes are up and you are behind, you lose.
Pennington acted like it didn't matter.

Chinese Muslin Uighurs are a diverse ethnic group of Turkish origin. There are 13 Uighur Muslims being held at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. The US Supreme Court has scheduled a review of the Uighurs petition to be released during their first court conference on September 29, before the Court formally opens its session the following Monday.

We can't get a hearing before Federal Magistrate on a motion to suppress, but 13 Muslim Uighurs can get the US Supreme Court to consider their plight. Is this a great country or what?

We think the feedback on new Circuit Court Judges Yvonne Colodny and Migna Sanchez-Llorens has been mostly positive. What say you?

If you think (like we do) that Paul Giamatti is one of the best all around actors currently working, then go see Cold Souls. You will like it.

We like saying "Uighurs". It's kind of catchy. Try it.

Exactly why are State courts closed next Monday?

Yes we know it is the holiest day of the year for those who are observant Jews. But wouldn't the better option be to just liberally grant continuances because of the religious holiday for any lawyer who requested it?

These Mondays off throw the whole system into a tizzy.

The Courts in Dade are stretched to the maximum. Layoffs combined with increasing case loads have created more work with less time and people to do it. Every day should be utilized and there are enough people who don't celebrate the end of the High Holy days to allow those courts to stay open and go about their business.

Are the courts in Pahoke County, or Lee County, or Wakulla County, or Suwanee or Dixie counties closed as well?

Just a thought.

See You In Court.


colts fan said...

Manning: "Garcon! Winning TD si vous plais"

Garcon: With pleasure sir.


fake Jay white said...

and that's another Miami Dolphins 4 quarter loss.

(sniffle sniffle sniffle)

dolfan dopey said...

Miami has the Dolphins
and 0-2 football team

they take the ball from goal to goal
with the wildcat which everyone's seen

they're in the air
they're on the ground
but they're not in control

cause when you give Manning the ball with 3 minutes left its a sin and you won't ever win.

Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins last place again
Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins make me ill.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, point of information:

Can one be "ensconced" in such a way as to be "unsafe?" Isn't this just one of those unnecessary word pairings? "I was recklessly ensconced in my home." "I was dangerously ensconced in my home." See?

Anonymous said...

Hershel Walker is beginning his professional MMA career but he is a black belt in muay thai and has been training for years. Not to mention he is still in great shape. Hey, Randy Couture is in his 40s and he's still got it. More power to Hershel.

Ted Ginn sucks. You have one job in life and that is to catch a ball. Do your job.

Migna Sanchez-Llorens is an excellent judge. She actually does caselaw research on her own, reads every motion you submit to her, and thinks long and hard about her rulings. She is tough when she needs to be but she also has what many judges lack - compassion. She doesn't launch guys on probation who test dirty. She will actually hold the affidavits in abeyance and order the defendant to come into court weekly and take a drug test. She understands that our system is overburdened with non-violent drug offender cases and that relapse is often part of recovery. We need more judges like her, who are not afraid to get involved in cases when the State's offer is unreasonable. But on the other hand, she is tough as nails and will come down hard on those who have been given multiple chances but continue to fail. Overall, and excellent addition to the bench.

A Jewish guy said...

Rump, I must take serious umbrage to your comment that we have the courts open on Monday and "liberally grant continuances":

1. Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the year for all (practicing) Jews, not just for "observant Jews." I hardly qualify as an observant Jew, but I will be at synagogue much of the day, as will many other Jews throughout the world, even if they never go near a synagogue the rest of the year.

2. Facts are facts--a significant proportion of lawyers and judges in Miami-Dade are Jewish. The rural counties you talk about have courts open because there are probably about five Jews in each county.

3. How about we have court on Christmas and "liberally grant continuances" for those who choose to celebrate the holiday? That is essentially what you told every Jewish attorney and judge in Miami-Dade county.

Anonymous said...

How many judges are Jewish? That might answer the question of why the court is closed on Monday (or maybe not).

Anonymous said...

The pre-game Buffet concert was great. Then I went home and watched the game from the comfort of my couch.

Anonymous said...

Is this a football blog or a courthouse blog?

Rumpole said...

Ramadan is the holiest month of the year for muslins and court is not closed.

Rumpole said...

"safely" and "ensconced" g together like "copious' and "notes" - but I recognize your point.

rabbi said...

Approx 46 of the 123 Judges are Jewish.

Can you say: Can you cover my calendar please?

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, with the exception of a day or two at the end (the Eid), Muslims may work during Ramadan. Jews are forbidden from working on Yom Kippur.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pierre Garcon=Peter Kidd

Anonymous said...


Batman said...

One of the poorest displays of 4th quater coaching I have ever seen.

3:50 left in the game. You are in field goal postion already. 3rd down and 3 yards to go. Basically a free play. Do you go for the first down? Do you go to the end zone? Both are acceptable alternatives. What does Sporano do? He runs an off tackle dive play designed to get one yard and move the ball into the middle of the field.

Sorry, but if your kicker can't put one through the uprights from 40 at an slight angle, you should lose any way. That was the beginning of the end.

With 2:50 left, Chad was begging for the play call. The coaches froze, could not make a decision and ultimatley they lost 35 seconds off the clock and had to use a time out. I agree Chad should have taken charge and just called a play. But that is not what Sporano wants. Put that one on the coaches.

After the next play to not get a play off before the two minute warning was inexcusable. Put that one Chad.

The real problem is no trust in the corners. The Dophins were in a two deep all night with the safeties 20 yards deep and cheating to the outside. With no ablity to close on the crossing receivers they got picked apart all night. There is no excuse for safeties being so late to the ball that they get blocked by offensive linemen.

That is also coaching. The wideouts were well covered all game. It was Dallas Clarke who killed them across the middle. Adjust, adjust, adjust.

Ted Ginn - take a hit. Don't step out of bounds short of the first down when the sticks are right in front of you. Learn how to fight for the ball. Yes, the defender grabbed your shoulder, but great recievers like T.O., Randy Moss and Steve Smith, shrug that off and make that catch.

By the way is Zach still available to play the middle. He has to still be better than what we got. (I know that is a bit of a stretch, but....)

screw islam said...

Who gives a shit about Islamic holidays? Its a vile gutter religion.

CAPTAIN said...


sorry Rump, in jury trial, now waiting for the verdict.

But I can confirm that your newest Circuit Court Judge is:

Antonio Arzola

He replaces Judge Thomas "Tam" Wilson on October 15, 2009. His Investiture will be the first for new Chief Judge Joel Brown.

He beat out:

Alan Fine

The 11th JNC will soon begin accepting applications for a new County Court seat. We should know that new judge sometime in December.

JUDGE ANTONIO ARZOLA was appointed to the County Court bench by Gov. Jeb in September of 2005. He will now have to stand for election as a Circuit Court Judge; (he would have been safe until 2014 as a County Court Judge).

Judge Arzola is a direct descendant from Cuban born
parents who immigrated to the United States in 1967. He is the first person in his immediate
family to graduate from college.
The new judge graduated with honors from Miami-Dade Community College, and thereafter
received a degree in criminal justice with honors (FIU) in

Judge Arzola attended UM
College of Law. In his first year, he was the number one academic student. Because of his standing,
he received full scholarships for his second and third years at UM. He graduated magna cum laude from UM College of Law in 1995 and wrote
for the UM Law Review. He also received book awards (number one in the class) for Torts, Property,
and Constitutional Law.

Upon graduating from UM, Judge Arzola clerked for U.S. District Judge Federico A. Moreno,and thereafter joined the law firm of Murai, Wald, Biondo, Moreno & Brochin, where he worked as
a commercial litigator until the time of his appointment.

Judge Arzola is married and has
three sons.

For more information on Judge Arzola, please contact The Captain at www.thecaptain.org


Rumpole said...

Sorry- I rarely get to county court.

Anonymous said...

Colodny is a reasonable judge, I had a few cases in her court.

Sanchez- Llorens- have not been in front of her yet, but heard that ASA's do not like her.

Scott Saul said...

I will set this up like a brief.

1. Judge Arzola is an excellent
addition to the Circuit Bench.
It is always a pleasure to
practice before him. All judges
should have his intellect and

2. I do not belive that Hershel
Walker will do anything but
make some curiosity $ in MMA b/c

a) Taekwondo (for which he has
studied) has nothing to do
with MMA).

b) MMA is for atheletes that have
incredible (and I mean
INCREDIBLE) conditioning which
dimishes with age. 47 is 47
know matter how you dice it and
slice it).

c) To even enter the ring in MMA,
you must have excellent
grappling skills. That is a
nuanced agility (like hitting a
baseball, playing basketball,
or gymnastics) which cannot be
learned after a certain age (In
jiujitso there are so many
instinctive moves...you can't
learn that as a 47 year old.
Randy Couture was a collegiate
wrestler, Olympic Greco Roman
wrestler and Army boxer. He did
not stumble into MMA.

d) MMA is not a "tough man"
Those UFC fighters are
incredible atheletes that train
in a manner that most could not
even imagine. A lot of NFL
players have tried MMA but have
fared very poorly. Many of the
atheletes are well spoken and
college educated.

3. As a Jew, I have never
understood why Rosh hashanah is
treated similarly to Yom
Kippur. The former is
festive while Yom Kippur is the
big one requiring a day off fo

4. If there was ever a showcase
for a wasted first round draft
choice, it was Ted Ginn's
inability to come up with big
catches. Other team's marque
players would have made those

5. It has been very positive (at
least with calendar
stuff...I haven't tried cases
before them) to go
before Migna Sanchez-Llorens
and Yvonne Colodny.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Judge Arzola on his appointment to the circuit court. Good guy and a good judge. I assume he will stay on the criminal bench. If so, the criminal bench in Dade took a step in the right direction.

Real Fake Blecher said...

This Just in!!!!! Fake Blecher's ban on posting on the JAX blog extended for 30 days based on his conduct on bulletin boards and other blogs.

Couldn't happen to a nicer "guy".

feeling fine said...

Rumpolium- settle an argument please:
46 years old- divorced in July.
Have a 28 year old spin instructor living with me in Williams Island penthouse. Just bought the new 911 Porsche.

Am I in the middle of a mid-life crisis or is this just one of those things that happens?

Rumpole said...

Fine- as a friend once said to me- What makes you think you're living until 92? Re: Midlife crisis.

This is some crisis but strictly speaking midlife has statistically passed you by pal.

Anonymous said...

wrong about the judge arzola promotion...the governor has not even completed his interviews yet!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I will have 3 posts today so as not to confuse my points. First: Any comment about the NFL player who got 2 years prison for possession of a gun vis-a-vis the player who killed a guy DUI?
D. Sisselman

Anonymous said...

To enter to Yom Kippur debate, it is the Main Money raiser of the year but not the holiest day. Shabbus is holier [ is that possible?} . Even the Lord rested on the Seventh day./ It is commanded and repeated. I opine it is more important and holier than the Day of Atonement.
But , the practical effect with all the Jewish Judges, Attorneys and citizens , it just becomes practical to close the courts. They would look like 73 W Flagler at 5pm Friday.

Anonymous said...

I had a Rule 3 infront of Colodny. Got treated well by her as did the former client. All who work in her court that I've talked to feel they are treated with respect and curtesy. What else do you want.
Its too long to type some times, lol

Anonymous said...

Colodny doing well. On the other hand, Migna, Not so good. Can't make a decision to save her life.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, I love you most when you speak with wit and truth, thank you...

Anonymous said...

Rump, the Captain knows far too much about these judges and whats happening on the bench. I think he is a judge or he has ensconced himself in a position close to someone who is a judge. I also think that website of his was a ruse.

Anonymous said...

I am appearing before Judhe Antonio Arzola. I am very scared, this is my third DUI charge from eight years ago(I was not dunk)I was parked and in my car. I had two beers two hours prior.
I will be asking for a public defender.
How tough is Judge Arzola? I am a singel mother with a child, if I go to jail I will lose my home? Will he not take into account my good behavior in the last eight years.
I am not a threat to society, howevre, my past mistakes made me look guilty in the eyes of the officer.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

There is no Justice, only people with huge amounts of money can win.
I need to appeal because of a Legal Mistake of the Judge, but I can't afford it so I will loose, after spending all my savings paying lawyers. Do you want to know the name of the Judge?
Leave a message and I will tell you.