Sunday, September 20, 2009


PICKS UPDATE: With the over in the Ravens/Chargers now a win, we are +250 for the day, and we will roll that on the over 44 in the Gints/Cowpokes game.

UPDATE: SUICIDE POOL- UPSETS GALORE: RUMPOLE- OUT; Weisman/Foster- OUT; Feet of Clay Kaeiser- OUT; Jimmy the Greek- OUT; LAST YEAR'S CHAMP- Cary Clemmons-OUT.

This is the bounce back week. This is the week we get back to basics and get back into the game.

We like the Titans coming off the ten day lay off to pound the hapless Texans. Titans -6.5 +600.

INJURY UPDATE: Annoying player Wes Welker is out for the Cheaters (unless they have lied, again) and that makes us kick our pick up 100 Ryans to 200 on the J...E...T...S..
The J...E....T...S... are 4 point home dogs. We like the Jets to keep it close. J...E....T....S..+4 100, and we really like the under 47 +200.

Picks Update: We lost the Titans -650; won both our Jets picks +400, so we're -150 for the day. We're going to watch the Ravens/Chargers over which we boosted to +400 and then probably lay some Vanilla Phillips on the Over 44 on the Cowpokes/Gints game. Probably 500 or so to get us in the black today.

Perhaps the best game of the week outside of the Dallas/Giants matchup in Texas is the Ravens/Chargers game in San Diego. The Chargers are without their RB LT, but have an able backup in Sproles, and the Ravens, despite all the talk about their tough D, have a more than able gunslinger in Joe Skinny (Flacc0). We can't figure out who wins this game, but we like the over 40 +100.(changed at game time-see above)

SUICIDE POOL: Rumpole: Titans; Fake Alex Michales: Cowboys; David O Markus: Falcons; Miguel De La Over: Falcons; Wesiman/Foster: Packers; Cary Clennon: Packers; Rick Freedman: Redskins: Daniel Tidbitt: Redskins; Dan Lurvey: Falcons; Ifitkar Memon: Vikes; Peter Sauter: Redskins; Sexy Fan: Broncos; Feet Of Clay Kaeiser: Packers; Jimmy The Greek: Titans; and in the most surprising pick of the Week, the Rank Master chooses the Raiders. This is strategy. If the Raiders pull out a win, and most experts have them wining only 2-5 games this year, the Rank Master will have an edge on the rest of the field by having eliminated a weak team from the list of teams. Good luck RM, the Raiders didn't convince me last Monday night.

Who's going to the Monday Night game? Should be a fun time, but a tough game for the Fins. Remember that last year the Fins started out 0-2 before unveiling the wildcat against the Cheaters.


REal fake blecher said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again- I don't care about the consequences-


eyeonq said...

With offices in both Hemispheres, find out today what the Q can do for YOU!

fake alEx michaels said...

First of all, what is DIS BULLSHEEET ? Somebody in the suicide pool with my name and dey spell it wrong to boot? And den dey pickz da Cowboys today? Dis is BULLSHEEEET TIME TWO!

I would pick dez Packers or dose Broncos but not dem Cowboys. And nobody should use my name. Bull bull bullsheeeeet!

fake teddy mastos said...

Umm... (chomp smack) there hasn't been a real reason recently to get a continuance and umm (chomp chomp) that seems (smack) like a good enough reason in and of itself (smack chomp) so how about a continuance?

louie the lip said...

Louie the Lip wants to know where you are getting your lines. Ain't no 6.5 anywhere for the Titans game and you are way off on the Jets with the under 47 (it's between 44.5 and 45.5):

1:00 PM 207
208 Houston
40.5 ov-110

41 ov-105 7-110

41 ov-110 7-110

40.5 ov-110 7-110

41 ov-110 7.5-105

40.5 ov-110

1:00 PM 209
210 New England
NY Jets

3 100
44.5 ov-110

45.5 ov-110

45 ov-110

45 ov-110

44.5 ov-110

45.5 ov-110

fake kenneth Weisman said...

RFB- I believe quite strongly that "Cash Money ain't never gonna play out" is my blog statement. And I don't wish to share.

Rumpole said...

USA today lists opening and current lines for 4-5 services and where there is a large split I average them out.

Rumpole said...

Opening betED Bodog 5Dimes SPORTSBETTING Legends Sports Interaction
41.5o -110
-8 110 41o -110
-6.5 -110 41o -105
-7 -115 41o -110
-7.5 115 41o -110
-7 -115 41o -110
-6 -110 41o -110
-7 -115 40.5o -110
-7 -110 41o -110
-6.5 -120

This doesnt copy well because its a spread sheet format- but the opening line in Houston -Tennessee was Tennessee-8 and then it dropped to 6 and some have it at 6 and some at 6.5 and some at 7.

Blog theorist said...

I would like to address the controversy over whether cash money is ever going to play out, as it were. There are several issues that must be taken into consideration before this statement can be fully analyzed.

The Central bank:

The central bank influences interest rates by expanding or contracting the monetary base, which consists of currency in circulation (eg., "cash money") and banks' reserves on deposit at the central bank. The primary way that the central bank can affect the monetary base is by open market operations or sales and purchases of second hand government debt, or by changing the reserve requirements. If the central bank wishes to lower interest rates, it purchases government debt, thereby increasing the amount of cash (eg., "cash money) in circulation or crediting banks' reserve accounts.

Alternatively- and this is where cash money may play out- the Central bank can lower the interest rate on discounts or overdrafts (loans to banks secured by suitable collateral, specified by the central bank). If the interest rate on such transactions is sufficiently low, commercial banks can borrow from the central bank to meet reserve requirements and use the additional liquidity to expand their balance sheets, increasing the credit available to the economy.

Anonymous said...

The central banks would be better off betting on football than with the economic opeartions they are doing now.

Monetary blog theorist said...

I would venture to say that with the low interests rates today, cash money has in fact "played out" as it were for the immediate time being. It will of course return since the monetary cycles are, by definition, cyclical.

fake rob biswas said...

REB and Fake KW- if you don't like by lifestyle FU! I'm rolling with the New Jack Crew, cause I'm a Hustler....H U S T L E R....hustler.

Fake Jay White said...

This blog is way too weird today. Let me just say I'm looking forward to tomorrow night when I say for the first time in my new hometown Stadium-

fake kenneth Weisman said...

I'm not really interested in debating the point. I happen to believe that Cash Money Ain't never gonna play out, and that's the way I think and that's that.

Rumpole said...

A bunch of people who jumped on the Pack or the Vikes in the suicide pool are a bit uneasy as both teams are losing - although the Pack just picked off Palmer for 6 and now its 21-14 Pack. But still the Bungles are making this competitive.

Mayor tells Miami Herald to DROP DEAD! said...


Mayor tells Miami Herald to DROP DEAD!

Here is the cover story:

Rankmaster said...

The Rankmaster was looking good until a moment ago. Cmon Luis Murphy and the potent Raiders offense!

Anonymous said...

Say Goodbye to

Rumpole, Jimmy the Grrek, Weisman/Foster, Cary Clemmon,m Clay Kaeiser

That Suicide thing is much harder than it looks

Rankmaster said...

The Rankmaster meant *Louis Murphy.

louie the lip said...


It is clear to me that your majors were in English & Shakespeare and that you FAILED Math miserably.

Your 600 bet on the Titans cost you $660 (not $650) and you picked up $400 on the Jets. That makes you minus $240 (not $150 as you said in your updated post).

You then picked up $400 on the Ravens over. That makes you plus $160 - not plus $250.

But we will take your $250 bet on the over in the Gints/Boys game.

We've got you for $1105 in the hole for two weeks going into tonights game. But we are confident that you will find a way to dig out of that hole


and take some Math lessons.

52nd Street Irwin said...

I'll still be alive tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

the best qb and the best wide outs in the state play for the U.

vt is gonna get blown out.