Friday, September 18, 2009


We received an email from REGJB attorney Debra Cohen.

She asked us to summarize it.

Basically she wants everyone to know that she has been suffering from diseases related to a life time of smoking: (from the email) "The reality is that I have COPD, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. In 2007 I was hospitalized with massive pneumonia and through the grace of g-d I recovered."

Ms. Cohen was worried that attorneys and judges who may have seen her while she was sick may have concluded that her appearance was a result of illicit drug use instead of the problems with her health.

In response to her lifetime addiction, Ms. Cohen has, through counsel, filed a lawsuit against Phillip Morris and she has learned that attorneys and others from the Defendant(s?) in the lawsuit have been snooping around and asking questions about her.

Ms. Cohen wants her colleagues to know that while her health problems have caused her tough times, through the grace of her faith and her doctors she is back, working as best she can, and she appreciates her friends and colleagues good wishes.

Rumpole notes: As a whole, we attorneys and judges lead a good life. And yet all of us at one time or another are faced with the problems and obstacles that life places in our way. The measure of a person is not whether we have problems and whether we fail- we all do. Our true measure is whether we get back up off the mat, dust ourself off, smile, and face another day.

See you in court, thankful for small blessings like good health.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know who the 3 finalists were that were sent up to Crist for the Circuit Court spot? I think it was announced yesterday.

CAPTAIN said...


The seat of Judge Tam Wilson had six finalists:

Darrin Gayles
Lisa Walsh
Victoria Brennan
Antonio Arzola
Deborah White-Labora
Alan Fine

The Gov. has narrowed the list to four names:

Gayles, Walsh, Brennan & Arzola.

The Gov has until October 2nd to make his decision.

Once he does, it will immediately open up a new County Court seat as the four finalists are all sitting County Court judges.


Anonymous said...

Brennan gets it.

Membership (being in Jeb's inner circle) has its privileges.

Anonymous said...

I believe Judge Arzola made the cut.

Anonymous said...

Captain; please call your friend the Governor and let him know that we all want Lisa Walsh.

David Young said...

Debra Cohen is a wonderful person/lawyer. Always enjoyed having her appear infront of me. It's totally disgusting that the tobacco investigators are resorting to such sleeze. BTW, to all those who celebrate, Happy and Healthy New Year.

Anonymous said...

what is the name of the public official that was fired as Dc of career criminal. U can tell us that, right?

Anonymous said...

Correction - the chief of career criminal was not fired. She is a former assistant chief of career criminal who had recently been promoted to division chief in a felony division.

Anonymous said...

i think lisa walsh is the best qualified and a real class act. i know that the Gov. really admires both lisa walsh and also vicky brennan. it is between both of them. lisa, you are doing such a wonderful job and the type of judge that this circuit needs...i will do all i can to make sure this happens. ps: vicki, you deserve it also!!!

dui maven said...

A is for Arzola, who would be A great choice.

Anonymous said...


Is your shift key working?

Anonymous said...

Darrin Gayles would be great and Denorah White-Labora has been an acting circuit judge her entire career.