Saturday, September 26, 2009


With a winning week Two under our belt, we're kinda like most NFL teams at this point: 1-1 and needing a win on week three.

Of course we're still south of 2K in the red, but steady and sure wins the race.

We like the Texans -4 at home over the struggling Jax Jaguars.
Texans -4 +1000.

We also are not convinced that the J...E...T....S... are for real. Gang green is giving three points to the visiting Titans. The question is what's wrong with Tennessee? We think it's the QB. Kerry Collins is a streaky kind of player and last year was his streak. We've lost every bet we've made on the Titans and against the Jets this year. Time to leave these guys alone, although we think the Titans will win today.

The best game today is the Falcons at the Cheaters. Can the evil genius and his pretty boy QB bounce back? We sure hope not. But who knows? Not us.

Who would have thought that the best 2-0 teams playing each other today would be the 49'ers at the Vikes? The guys in Purple are -6.5 at home. Based on Favre's play, that number seems a bit high, as the Vikes are looking to give AP about 25 touches on the ground. Lets throw a couple of Favres on the Vikes. Vikes -6.5 +200.

The Giants play the Bucs in Tampa and there's nothing to like about this game except the number: 45.5 For some reason the number has crept up from 42 meaning the money is going on the over. We like the under. Under 45.5 500.

Other games of note: The popular pick today is that the Lions get their first win since the Nixon administration. The Lions play the Redskins, who with a payroll of 20 billion still can't find a way to win.

And finally our hometown Fins travel out west to play the Chargers. Can't pick a team coming off a MNF game and a short week and then traveling to the other side of the country. The Chargers are hurting with LT on the sideline, and of course they have the second worst coach in the NFL. Norv "run on 4th and 2 against Ray Lewis" Turner. The interesting thing about the Fins game is that the number trended down from Fins +7 to Fins +5.5, probably on the announcement that LT was out. We will be watching to see how the Miami Wildcat works, considering Ronnie Brown had a monster game running it last week. Last year the Fins started 0-2 before turning it around, but they didn't have to travel out west after a Monday night game. We sort of like the Fins +6 if you can find it because we think the Fins are good enough to keep it close.

We wouldn't put a wooden nickel in these picks until we get hot and spot some trends. So far this year the biggest trends are that the Cheaters and the Titans have been awful and the Jets have been much better than expected. I missed all of these. But don't fret- there's still plenty of time to pay for that new 4 Stroke engine for the boat.

Suicide Pool: Last week showed you why this is tougher than it looks with six players going down for the count.

David O Markus, late of Wall Street Journal fame takes the Eagles; Ifitkar Memon : Ravens; Miguel De La Over: Vikes; Public Pretender: Ravens; Michael Feiler: Packers; Daniel Tidbitt: Ravens; Sexy Fan: Texans; Peter Sautter: Eagles; Rick Freedman: Ravens; 52nd Street Irwin: Redskins.

For those of you starting an intense 24 hours of introspection and fasting, have an easy fast and we hope you find what you're looking for.

Court closed Monday, see you Tuesday.


Pick Em Paulie said...

Like Rumpole, Pick 'Em Paulie is sputtering out of the gates, with two (2-3) weeks. But this is a long season, so here goes. All bets are for a flat $500.00 each.

Tampa Bay +6.5
GB/STL Over 41
Tennessee +1
NO/BUFF Under 51.5
IND/ARI Over 48

2009 Record
4-6 40.00% -$1300

Rumpole said...

In case you're wondering, here's the problem with the Dolphins defense- weak side run and pass support. When the Colts scored on the first play of the game, it was the TE slant- the TE by definition is on the Sam (strong) side of the field. But after the play action when the LB bit on the run, the TE slanted to the Will (week side) and the safety was beaten. If you look at my comments during pre-season, I said the same thing- Will support was poor, and in fact teams have taken advantage of the Will LB and Safety.

fake jay white said...

And that's another Miami Dolphins Wildcat FIRST DOWN.

All day baby. All day.

fake artie lange said...

Go Giants. !0 K on your under Rumpy.

sexy fan said...

Rumpole you drive me mad to distraction when you talk football. Wanna come over and cuddle and watch the Dolphins game? Cold beer and a super hot ME!

fake country dave said...

Can't watch games today. Picking a jury tomorrow. 9am sharp Monday. Come watch.

Anonymous said...

you do realize it's Daniel Tibbit, no tidbit!

Mid-Atlantic/Florida lawyer said...

How 'BOUT them Canes...??

fake blake said...

Mad respect Rumpole.

Is EVERYBODY happy???

fake alEx michaels said...

you blew it big time paulie on Tampa Bay. Dat pick is bulllsheeeet! Giants keeeeeel Bucs. stupid rout. Bullsheeeeet picks.

albert said...

Percy, Percy, Percy.

After two solid weeks of 150 yards plus in each game, Percy goes over 200 all purpose yards today with a spectacular 101 kick return for a TD.

Canes game was ugly.

Go Gators - I sure hope TT is only seeing one football in front of him come two weeks from now in Baton Rouge

SB,SS,RF,JB,KE,JB, and the rest of the Gator alums.

Anonymous said...

514 total yards and 3 TD's.

suicide watchdog said...

Hey Rumpole, Suicide Pool Scam? De La O wants to know:

Who is Public Pretender. They have no picks in week one or week two!

On Feiler, you did not list him with any pick in week two - that makes him out!

On Lurvey & Rankmaster, no picks for them for this week?

And Tibbitt, he never made a pick in week number one - that makes him DQ'd!

So, what's the deal here.

Supreme Court: Death Penalty Ruling! said...

Breaking NEWS!

Historic US Supreme Court ruling regards the death penalty. 8-1 ruling with Justice Kennedy loan desenter.

Link to news footage:

Anonymous said...

Just to go back to that last blog entry about Judge Jimenez: I am trying to imagine the brain explosion you would have Rump had a judge like Stacy Glick written to KFR advocating the vigorous prosecution of a defendant in her (or someone else's) courtroom. Good grief you would die of an annurism. You and your little buddies are such snot-faced double-standard cry babies.