Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Proving that we in Dade County don't hold grudges, our own Dade Assistant State Attorney Howard Rosen issued a "close out memo" clearing Broward Judge Robert Zack of any possible criminal charges in taking two loans from an attorney north of the border.

From the Broward Blog, we post the link to the memo
HERE (you need to scroll down a bit before the memo begins.)

Considering the reputation the Broward State Attorneys Office has for filing just about any case and letting the jury sort it out, one wonders how a Dade judge would have fared in a similar situation?

We note however, that Judge Zack has the reputation among all lawyers of calling it as he sees it. He's a bit rude, even cantankerous, but since he treats everyone that way, and not just us lawyers from Dade, we have never had occasion to believe he was anything but fair. We wish him well as his case goes to the JQC.


Anonymous said...

2 points about Judge Denise:

1. I went to Denise's Bio (http://www.deniseforjudge.com/index.asp?category=2). She gives new meaning to "thin resume." You know she hasn't done much when her bio states: "Over the years, Denise has devoted hundreds of hours to various causes, community service, and pro bono work." YET, the only examples she chooses to highlight are "acting as 'Principal for the Day' in Springview Elementary, speaking at various Career Days, and appearing as Guest Speaker at the Gamma Eta Sorority Convention." Glad those Sorority girls had Denise to set their lives on the right path.

2. Her explanation for why she haded Martinez to her filing is so ridiculous, it is disqualifying. Think about it, when it comes time for her to "decid[e] what Group to run in," she meets "with a group of friends, friends whom I had not seen in [9 1/2] years and who knew me as Denise Martinez." Really? That's the story you want to go with? How absurd is it to think that when the time comes to make the single most important decision of the campaign, Denise chooses to sit with friends who are so close to her that they have not spoken in any substantive way for 9 1/2 YEARS. Had they had any meaningful communication, in 9 1/2 YEARS, you'd think the topic of her MARRIAGE might just have come up once during those 9 1/2 YEARS.

Tell you what, Denise. I'll reconsider my opinion if you answer three questions.

1. Have you ever appeared before Judge Hendon? What case # or #s?

2. Name one lawyer that folks on this Blog are likely to have heard of who vouches for your qualifications to be a Judge.

3. Give us three examples of significant areas where you have used "Martinez in the 5 years preceding your entry in this judicial race.

Frankly, so far the Captain has punked you on this last issue. Your email to Rumpole never covered this point. Sure your were known as Martinez for 23 years, but you made a conscious decision to drop that name 9 1/2 years ago, and you are not intellectually honest enough to admit why you have re-adopted it. When you give a BS story about meeting with long lost friends to decide in which Group to run, you only confirm our worst suspicions about you.

Faux Fakey Fakerstein, Esq. said...

Rumpole - As one of the lawyers "North of the Border" who now practices regularly in 13 different circuits around the state, and has appeared in front of Zack at least 500 or more times, I can say that he is one of the two or three best judges to appear before in County Court (civil or criminal).

His antics are more sarcasm that rudeness, but clearly an acquired taste. His docket always runs smoothly and quickly (although not to the detriment of a client's due process rights), he has a good (albeit very sarcastic) sense of humor and can take it as well as dish it out, he gives a GREAT trial, and has huge balls when it comes to granting suppressions when they were warranted.

He also is one of the most knowledgeable guys when it comes to the law on DUI and general 4th Amendment search/seizure issues.

He has shown some poor judgment in his financial dealings (borrowing from a bail bondsman and a POS like Chris Roberts among them), I don't think he ever showed favoritism to anyone.

He's dedicated to his chosen position in life, and I for one am glad that we'll have him around for a few more years (I think he's closing in on mandatory retirement either at the end of his current term or in the middle of his next term).

Thanks for the post on this topic Rump.

FFF, Esq.

Anonymous said...

Judge Zack was in trouble once before for borrowing money from a Bondsman and not disclosing it.

Now, he did it again and again.

The JQC should come down hard on him.

But..... Judge Zack is a real good and fair judge and I have enjoyed my numerous trials I had with him. He may be somewhat of a wise guy but, he really does the right thing on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

I appeared in front of Zack many years ago. He was entirely fair and not a bit cantankerous. I was, and remain, very impressed.

Anonymous said...

Rump.........the furlough issue is not dead. The legislature has cut about $1 billion and still needs to cut another $1 billion THIS YEAR.


Anonymous said...

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CAPTAIN said...



T-minus 2 months and counting and Judge Orlando Prescott remains as the only incumbent judge of the 47 up for reelection who have not filed.

The questions abound and the rumours swirl - a run for Judge, or State Attorney, or Public Defender or on to private practice.....?????


Anonymous said...

Dear Capt.

Or maybe he just has not done the paperwork yet....

Stop swirling. It makes your butt look big.

eyeonq said...

the q saved zack
and that's the fact

Rumpole said...

I agree Faux Fakey- it is probably better to say that Judge Zack exhibited a healthy degree of sarcasm, that once you realized what he was up to, was not offensive and in fact he is about one of the only Judges in Broward I do not have any hesitation appearing in front of.

Rumpole said...

Judge Prescott would be great as the PD or State Attorney, but I am just as happy to have him stay where he is. He personifies professionalism.

Anonymous said...

Judge Prescott is the real deal. He was handing out water bottles to volunteers on a Saturday for an Expungement Workshop. He really cares about the community and is willing to spend his weekends doing so. Most impressive.

Anonymous said...

What Denise Martinez-Scanziani is doing is exactly the same thing that Patricia Marino did by adding the husband's Pedraza surname for the election even though she had always been known as Marino. Likewise Valerie Manno added her husband's Schurr last name for the campaign even though she didn't use it before. The difference between these women is that neither Marino nor Manno are Hispanic but Martinez-Scanziani is Hispanic by birth and her husband is Hispanic but has an Italian surname. No one will ever believe that the adding of last names by these women for the judicial elections was motivated by anything other than to appeal to the ethnic groups represented by those surnames.

Anonymous said...

7:15........you're right, they did the same thing. That doesn't make what Denise did right. It makes them all dirt bags. It's unfortunate that the public is swayed by that kind of unprofessional, unprofessional, paternalistic, and inappropriate behavior.

Anonymous said...

The lawyers:

Prosecutors: Howard Rosen and Joe Centorino

Defending Zack: Bruce Lyons

Defending witness Roberts: Mike Catalano