Tuesday, March 25, 2008

11th Judicial Circuit Historical Society

We rarely get invited to anything intentionally, but somehow this arrived in our email in box:

THIS THURSDAY March 27, 2008 @ 6:00 PM
101 West Flagler Street
Call 305-375-1619 for details.

Dear friend,
Please accept this invitation to attend the 11th Judicial Circuit Historical Society’s Second Annual Reception. Besides good food, drink, and company, we plan to unveil our second magazine.
Don’t forget, the 11thJCHS is now accepting nominations for the 2008 Legal Legends awards. Please nominate anyone you think is deserving of being honored as a Legal Legend. You can even submit your nominations on-line. Click
HERE to download a PDF form or fill in an on-line nomination form.
We look forward to seeing you at the reception.
Our best,
The Board of Trustees of the 11th Judicial Circuit Historical Society

Rumpole says: those wild and crazy lawyers at the 11th Circuit Historical Society are at it again. It's "party party party" with those guys all the time.

This is the organization that honored our dear and departed friend Sy Gaer with a "Legal Legends" award, and we can tell you Sy was touched beyond words to be included with the likes of Janet Reno and other Miami Legal Legands.

This is a great organization. For you young lawyers, do you know who the Justice Building is named after? Do you ever wonder what it was like to practice law in the wild 1970's and cash crazy 1980's? How about the prosecution of Al Capone or the man who tried to assasinate President Roosevelt? Or the judicial scandals before there was "courtbroom"?

Judge Scott Silverman who founded this organization has all the answers and more. Attend the event; have a good time; and as we used to say where we grew up "Maybe someone will learn you something."

UPDATE: We forgot to mention that non-members will have to pay a sawbuck to hobnob with the members. I think we applied last year but were told that at the time they were not accepting applications from anonymous bloggers.


the trialmaster said...

the trialmaster may be in attendance!

Anonymous said...

I believe that Flora Seff decided not to pursue the nomination.

Anonymous said...

Is that Jack Thompson in that photo standing in front of the kangaroo court....so he calls it.

Anonymous said...

Any Shumie/Q updates? Common guys, I need a fix.

Anonymous said...

seff never had a chance. she would not make a good judge. would be like morophionos all state minded, never in private practice. anyone who has lived their total professional life in the justice bldg is unqualfied. and the husband baggage to boot.

Rumpole said...

You can send me all the comments you want about a person's divorce case- but you will not see it on the blog. So you just keep on writing and trying, I guess you need something to do. But it will NEVER be posted here.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong about Seff. Don't judge her based on how she handles homicide cases (yeah, she's tough.........what do you expect? She's handling MURDER cases for God's sake). Sit down and talk to her about other cases and you'll see that she's MORE than reasonable and has great perspective. Her decision to not pursue an application is everyone's loss.

CAPTAIN said...


to 8:08 pm

The two open seats are Sarduy's County Court seat and Mills Francis' County Court seat.

Six names up for the first, interviews have not taken place yet on the second.

Surprisingly very few comments on attorney Roniel Rodriguez who has been a member of The Florida Bar for only 5 years and has filed to run against Judge Eig.


Anonymous said...

Captain Roniel Rodriguez is a guy do the math.

Whats up with Denise "whats her name this week"?

Anonymous said...

You know what...let the guy with 5 years experience run. He may win. Then it will teach judges who forget what it was like to practice and become unbearable on the bench that when their time comes, they could be beaten by a newcomer with 5 years under his belt.

CAPTAIN said...


I was surprised NOT to see the esteemed Mr. Markus write about the following story on his blog.

It appears that there was a very unusual citing yesterday at the U.S. Supreme Court - none other than AG Michael Mukasey.

Mukasey "took over a job usually reserved for one of his deputies yesterday, arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court – the first time a sitting attorney general has appeared before the Court in 12 years." (the last was Janet Reno).

Read the interesting story here:



Anonymous said...

Yes my fellow bloggers the new edition of Black's law dictionary has been released and with several changes.

A written pack of lies and untruths, when made under oath by an individual and then notarized, becomes a written pack of notarized lies and untruths.

Amicus curiae
Latin for “friend of the court,” as in a lawyer who slips the judge a couple hundred bucks under the table.

An alternative method of resolving disputes wherein both parties agree to abide by the decision of an arbitrator, who is generally an out of work judge who has lost most of his marbles.

Bar exam
Formal ceremony held by second year law school students, typically during Spring Break, to determine who in their class can chug down the most tequila in a one hour time frame. Winner is said to have passed the “Bar.”

Beyond a reasonable doubt
A novel concept in jurisprudence wherein the lawyers on both sides of the case attempt to establish that the other side is lying more than they are.

Burden of proof
The requirement demanded by lawyers that their clients prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they have absolutely no more money left in their bank accounts. Once the stringent burden of proof requirement is met, confirming that you’re flat broke, the lawyer feels ethically compelled to withdraw from your case.

Campaign contribution
Booty contributed by lawyers to judges’ election coffers for the express purpose of receiving preferential treatment from said judges. Judges’ campaign slogans are “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” Not to be confused with a bribe, which is usually given after the judge has been elected, although both are given for same reason and are equally effective techniques for buying off judges.

A sticky situation that occurs when one lawyer attempts to bilk another lawyer out of a fee.

Contingency fee
A fee arrangement between the lawyer and his or her clients that stipulates the following: If they lose the case - the lawyer gets nothing. If they win the case - the clients get nothing.

When the lawyer suddenly finds out that the client still has some money left in his or her account.

Expert witness
A witness who is an expert at custom tailoring his so-called expert testimony to fit the particular needs of the lawyer paying his or her tab.

Leading question
A question posed by a lawyer that suggests an answer. Such as asking the client “will you be paying by cash or by check?"

Mitigating circumstances
When the lawyer finds out you’ve run out of money and drops your case like a hot potato.

Prima facie
Latin for “at first sight,” as in when you first knew you were screwed when you met your public defender for the first time.

Pro bono
Lawyers who prefer Sonny over Cher.

Voir dire
A fancy French term for interviewing prospective jurors and systematically eliminating anyone with an IQ over 20 from the jury.

Say Its So, Joe said...

is it true that "JOA" Joe Fernandez is taking Mills-Francis Division?

Anonymous said...

Silverman deserves a lot of credit for this. It's impossible to understand where we are without knowing where we've been. And, it's cool stuff.

It's unfortunate that the people who participate in this blog are too absorbed in their cynical and nasty tirades to acknowledge the many people who make Miami great.

Anonymous said...

This blog was rocking along and then you post this historical society crap. What a buzz kill!

f/k/a/ CK

Anonymous said...

Stephen Millan, Mario Garcia, Jr., and Migna Sanchez-Llorens can't convince the JNC to "vote" for them. They're lucky the voters don't get a chance to get to know them.

Shirlyon McWhorter is finished. She was mean on the bench and pissed off a lot of her original supporters...done, done, done!

Bill Altfield is the only one that really desreves to get out of the JNC: Smart, kind and great temperament.

Anonymous said...

DUI/SPB cops are in training for 4/14

Anonymous said...

The 4/7 trial day, I mean

Anonymous said...

Was Mukasey cited or sighted? Cap, your spelling is getting as bad as your posts.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Is that Jack Thompson in that photo standing in front of the kangaroo court....so he calls it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 3:57:00 PM

No, apparently you're not a careful reader, as the Florida Supreme Court is not either, according to the USSC which indicated in 2000 that our Supremes can't read federal election laws.

No, the kangaroo court of which I spoke is the Florida Supreme Court. Justice Cantero stuffs inconvenient pleadings into his marsupial pouch, along with the First Amendment.

So sue me. Jack Thompson

Anonymous said...

Judge Silverman is Rumpole.

Anonymous said...

BHB...legal legend

Anonymous said...

I know most people are probably tired of JT stuff on this blog, but did you know that after the Supremes issued their order last week sanctioning Thompson, as of today, he has filed another 10 pro se pleadings. WTF

Anonymous said...

i would be surprised if reno did anything at the surpreme court other than to sit at counsel table. she has never tried a single case in her life.

Anonymous said...

Why so many double standards Rumple? I have looked at the historical information on this blog and find many instances wherein you have violated an individual's personal life without regard. What gives?

Rumpole said...

Keep on writing those comment about the divorce case...and I'll keep on not posting them. It takes me about a second to check the "reject" box. How long does it take you to write those comments? Your loss of time, not mine.

Rumpole said...

Name ONE instance where I have violated an individual's personal life. Just one.

Anonymous said...

Can't stand the guy or his politics, but gotta love JT's "marsupial pouch" line!

CAPTAIN said...

to 10:27

I'm confused - he's a guy, do the math - huh ???

Cap Out ....

Anonymous said...

If Jack Thompson, that sick idiot that he is really did file more pro se stuff after being ordered not to... maybe now they will suspend him on an emergency basis so he can not harm clients.

Jack, you are a man in need of mental help.

Go away. Bother someone else.

Rumpole said...

No you are wrong. That individual interjected himself into this blog- he made himself a public figure, and if you read what I - and again I as opposed to anyone else- what I wrote- was always about what that person wrote. So when that person wrote rants- I merely commented on them and pointed out how ridiculous his rants were. I didn't interject this blog into his personal life- he put himself into this blog front and center because the worst thing you can do to him- which is what I do- is ignore him. As you well know, since you and he are the same. (Don't you know I have ways of figuring that out?)

Anonymous said...


Can you stop with the JT posts, already? He says the writer was wrong - the Kangeroo court was NOT the Dade County Courthouse judges - but was Justice Raul Cantero. Since I got my own disorderly intoxication case dismissed today, I had time on my hands to sip a brew and catch up on your blog. In the pleading he filed (and you posted) in December with all the photos, he was referring to Judge Dava Tunis, NOT Justice Raul Cantero, right before the picture of the judge on the bench with a kangaroo/donkey head as a cut out. So which is it civil judges in Dade, Justice Cantero (who will rule on motions/rules to show cause or contempt) or Judge Tunis (who will decide on the status of his bar card)? Either way, enough already!

Why should his posts be read, if he can't keep his own pleadings straight?

Anonymous said...

Whoever thinks that Bill Altfield is qualified to be a judge is hallucinating. He is neither smart, kind nor does he have a great temperament. He is whinny, self absorbed and not that bright. As for his talent as a lawyer, why don't you ask Judge Rosa Rodriguez and the Third DCA?

CAPTAIN said...


Legislative Update .....

A great editorial today by Russell Smith, President of FACDL. The article is titled:

"Police should be required to record interrogations "

... and it speaks about the fact that "the Florida Legislature has a unique opportunity to enhance the integrity of the criminal justice system while saving the taxpayers money, by enacting legislation requiring the recording of felony interrogations by law enforcement. House Bill 721 and its companion, Senate Bill 1434would require just that."

Read the Editorial here:



the trialmaster said...

wasnt mindy glazer another 5 yr wonder when she ran and beat marttin kahn?

Anonymous said...

i will nominate the following as legands...don frost, gino negretti,meyer brillant, rex ryland, and harris sperber.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole WTF are you talking about. Who are you responding tooooo?

Phil R said...

Bill Altfield is one of the best, most respected, most ethical lawyers the SAO has, and they are lucky to have him. He is the type of prosecutor who would (and has) gone out with police on his own time, late at night to find witnesses during a trial and convince them to come to court and testify. He is hard working, responsible and very reasonable. I cannot think of a person who would make a better Judge than Bill.

Anonymous said...

The question I have is:

1. Are female felony Judges softer on crime over a male felony Judge?

2. Do the female Judges act more reasonable?

Anonymous said...

I like the term "Bollywood". Always have.

I don't like Judges who show up late.

I don't like federal prosecutors.

I like the soup at Au Bon Pain.

Scott Saul said...

Hey 8:36 p.m. , you are so right...the soup IS very good at the courthouse cafeteria!

Anonymous said...

I do not like Broward prosecutors. They are trained to be unkind and to jerk us around.

The Soup Nazi said...

try the mulligatawny. the best in the city, the best!

Anonymous said...

Fake Jose Canseco says: I once introduced a body building attorney to a steroid distributor and I know he has the small penis to prove it.