Thursday, March 20, 2008


From the Miami Herald article on the Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice's comments on budget cuts:

(The Crist is Senate Criminal Justice Committee Chairman Victor Crist)

Noting that the use of court and social services rises with a bad economy, Crist also said that state attorneys, judges and public defenders need to do a better job managing their time, selecting cases to prosecute and ensuring that only the truly poor use public defenders. But neither Lewis nor state attorneys nor public defenders in the room said they were aware of widespread mismanagement of court time or cases."

The full article is HERE

Rumpole notes, we've recovered somewhat after reading that last sentence. Can CJ Lewis come to Miami and watch the crap they file? For instance, we have been reliably informed that the SAO in county court is no longer dismissing criminal cases where the person is charged with driving without eyeglasses. It used to be that the person would come to court with the glasses, apologize, and get the case dismissed with a warning. Now, because the SAO could not think of anything better to do, police officers will be coming to court, using valuable court time, to prosecute these cases.

Let's move on to the felony cases: Just write in and let us know the Resisting with violence cases that the State is offering prison time on; or the felony criminal mischief cases that are going to trial; or the sale of marijuana cases.

They don't think there is waste in the system of criminal prosecutions in Dade County?

Now is the time to show people the power of this blog. Have at it.

See You in Court trying felony criminal mischief cases.


Anonymous said...

Yeah choke rumpole keep choking!

Let me give you a heads up "marijuana" is a stepping stone for kids to other real hard core drugs like Crack. The guys peddling marijuana are looking to make quick cash at the expense of young people do you think they will stop at marijuana? Extasy is a good fast way to make cash.

Criminal addicted to drugs steal, shoot, rob and sometimes kill to get the cash to buy the drugs. It is called addiction.

Marijuana should be prosecuted and pled out to probation and after being clean for a few years nolle prose out. This will weed out the real drug pushers and addicts from the good guy.

Anonymous said...

The Miami Herald Article couldn't have come at a worse time for Ruvin

"The committee chairman, Sen. Victor Crist of Tampa, said the justice had a legitimate concern, but that the judicial branch could be spared the most because courts and county clerks could raise court fines and fees and do a better job collecting them -- especially in Miami-Dade County, where millions aren't collected and sent to the state some years"
The Miami Herald, March 20, 2008


Anonymous said...

The party is at 8pm at Tobacco Road RSVP to the Florida bar.

"...the Clerk of this Court is hereby instructed to reject for filing any future pleadings, petitions, motions, documents, or other filings submitted by John Bruce Thompson, unless signed by a member in good standing of The Florida Bar other than himself."

Anonymous said...

YES! Marijuana, fornicators, and that damn rock and roll - thats where it all starts. I lock my doors at night over these things.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you Rumpole but since we handle many many violent criminal cases, I absolutely love how the state has to go gung hu on bs cases because of the career criminal statutes. It means they have less time to concentrate on the real violent son a bitches that we all know should definitely be locked up.


Rumpole said...

3:08 PM. I am not saying drugs are good or should not be addressed. I am just saying how many people in this state are in prison for Marijuana? It costs 19K a year to house a person in prison.

The state attorneys office spends how much in time, resources, energy, prosecuting marijuana cases? And now they want to suspend their driver's licenses for two years? I suggest there are better, cheaper, and more effective ways to handle the prosecution of a marijuana case.

And I strongly disagree that using marijuana means you will use cocaine, crack, extasy, etc. Use of any one drug, or any particular behavior may well mean that an individual is heading for bigger problems. I would suggest to you that kids who stay out of the hosue past 8PM is as much a warning factor as using marijuana for future trouble.

On the other hand, there are thousands of judges, dozens of senators, hundreds of congress-people, and many presidential candidiates that can tell you that simple experimentation with marijuana is not a prescription for a wasted life.

fake peckins said...

May I suggest that You Rump del la Rump, offer to sign Mr. Thompson's furture Supreme Court Pleadings?

Rumpole said...

SA- I have made it very clear that my practice is devoted to the defense of complicated disorderly intoxication prosecutions.

cute blonde pd intern said...

Fake Peckins!!! Like OMG!! Like I was like totally going to say the same thing. Like, we think a like dude. Like are you cute and single? OMG!!

Anonymous said...

I want to get high and get laid. Where are the fornicators?

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder why the supremes made that ruling without also suspending him pending resolution since he is obviously not competent to be a lawyer.

Jack, go away and bother someone else. We are sick of your crazy rampling shit.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole I agree but the soloution is not jail time for first offenders it is probation with a promise by the state that if you stay clean for 3 years they will nolle prose the conviction. Now what happens is that the real drug users in that 3 years will fuck up and the State should revoke the probation and seek max jail on the new drug charge.

This weeds out the good guy and gets the bad guy. Often the State wants to put people in jail and the end result is that this first time non-violent offender get out of jail and a violent offender is now born. Upset at the world for ruining his life and on a path of destruction.

Probation is a tool that is used correctly saves money and gets the real criminals. One year probations is BS probation to really work needs to be 3 years.

The state should use the carrot and the stick strategy meaning offer 3 years probation with a conviction and if you come back clean after 3 years agree to a nolle prose. Defense attorneys will flock to this offer and the real criminals will be revoked and in jail in due time.

It is a win win all the ways around. Saves moneys and gets the real criminal.

fake blog gen manager said...

Rump- are you going to continue to not spend the money to keep the high priced "fakes" and sign new fakes and promising rookies? I hear that there is a Fake JOA Joe tearing up the other blogs- can we get him? Stay away from the older fakes like real fake blecher, and stay with the youth movement. Thanks.

fake pannunzio said...

Like Dude, why get crazy and bring marijuana into this state budget thing? Like Dude, please leave it alone already. We got enough problems without them turning up the heat on a little mary jane.

Anonymous said...

Who doesnt believe a pleading isnt being drafted right now?

Here it comes:

Any minute

I feel it

An Amerikan said...

Marijuana should be prosecuted because the only drugs that people should be allowed to take are the drugs that the central federal government thinks you should take.

What do you think this is, a free county?

Anonymous said...

Marijuana should be legal to begin with. Probably preachin to choir for most of you but fact that medical marijuana is not legal boggles my mind. As far as marijuana in general, it is not as bad as alcohol which is legal and taking away DL of offenders is putting them on road to failure. Furthermore, 3 years probation for pot. Are you nuts? Talk about overkill and waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Jack Thompson, Attorney wrote:
Immediate News Release – March 20, 2008

Jack Thompson Gets Good News from the Florida Supremes

Miami attorney and anti-violence, anti-porn advocate Jack Thompson has just received good news from the Florida Supreme Court. Thompson is reminded now of what Joseph said to his brothers who threw him down the well and took his coat of many colors: “What you intended for harm, God has used for good.”

The Florida Supreme Court’s clerk, Tom Hall (no, not the country music singer of the same name) has just called Thompson and told him that at 11 am today the Supremes will enter an order prohibiting Thompson from entering any pleadings on his own behalf in his bar disciplinary matter. He must retain a lawyer whom the Bar can then threaten as it has threatened and extorted his prior co-counsel. No thanks.

This comes after the Supreme Court, in what is possibly the worst self-inflicted wound ever administered by a judicial tribunal, entered an order on February 19 stating that Thompson’s defenses in the bar matter could not possibly have merit—that his defenses were “frivolous.” In entering such a bizarre order the court rendered itself frivolous. This shoot-yourself-in-the-foot nonsense is from a court that a) has no idea what Thompson’s defenses are, and b) has admitted that it cannot keep an open mind as to those defenses even before it gets the referee’s report in April. Thank you very much!

The Supreme Court, then, has in the span of one month, both admitted its partiality and lack of fairness and b) banned a lawyer rated A-V by Martindale-Hubbell and whom the referee found to be “very effective” at his own trial from representing himself. This ban is of a lawyer in good standing for 31 years who has achieved numerous historic firsts in his career, and it is a clear and incontrovertible violation of Thompson’s Sixth Amendment right to represent himself spelled out by the U.S. Supreme Court in Faretta. The court cannot enter such a ban unless Thompson is found to be mentally incapacitated. The Bar has found Thompson to be perfectly sane. Ted Bundy was allowed to represent himself in this state and he wasn’t even a lawyer! Thompson now comes against the very porn industry that trained Bundy how to kill “with the maximum amount of pain.”

"You cannot represent yourself" is the only sanction entered against Thompson by the court, which is more good news.

Finally, this idiotic order by the Florida Supreme Court now paves the way for Thompson’s new federal civil rights action, now that Thompson has been denied an “adequate state remedy” and since federal abstention has thus been waived by the Florida Supreme Court. It looks to Thompson like the Justices need a good lawyer.

Contact Jack Thompson for more information at 305-666-4366 and amendmentone@comcast.net.

Anonymous said...

Jack Thompson, Attorney wrote:



v. Case Numbers SC 07 - 80 and 07- 354




COMES NOW respondent Thompson and moves this court for a rehearing on the relief it has granted itself by its order of even date, stating:
This Court has been entering orders against the undersigned in a factual vacuum for seventeen years now. In 1991, it ordered that Thompson be forced to undergo a psych evaluation at the behest of the former Florida ACLU chairman and the porn industry. The happy result of that baseless order of this very court was that Thompson was found perfectly sane and The Bar’s insurance carrier, because of this Court’s misstep, paid Thompson damages. No wonder that that finding that embarrasses this court and from which it learned nothing has been removed from the court’s on-line docket. See http://jweb.flcourts.org/pls/docket/ds_docket?p_caseyear=1960&p_casenumber=78765&psCourt=FSC&psSearchType=.
Similarly, this court outlandishly held in its February 19, 2008, show cause order that Thompson has no possible defenses to The Bar’s assault upon him, and it ruled this before it got the referee’s report. It appears that this court enters orders that come back to haunt it every 17 years, like the 17-year locusts known in other environs as cicadas. This order of today is the latest cicada that has come out of a pupating law clerk’s mind.
WHEREFORE, because this court has once again entered an order based upon facts that it does not know and literally cannot know (unless Referee Tunis has telepathically communicated with this court) Thompson requests oral argument before the court for the purpose of remedying its fact deficiencies as to a) his “relentless and frivolous pursuit for vindication on his claim that he is being victimized by The Florida Bar” (this court’s own prejudging, partial words). b) his Sixth Amendment right to represent himself under the US Supreme Court’s ruling in Faretta, c) The Bar’s criminal effort to discipline Thompson under Rule 4-8.4(d) in violation of this court’s own ruling in Florida Bar v. Brake, d) the First Amendment right of lawyers to put enterprises that criminally distribute porn to children out of business, e) the criminality of Thompson’s Bar designated reviewer, Ben Kuehne, recently indicted by the federal government, whose criminality has infected The Bar and the deliberations of this Honorable Court.
You all have been fed a steady litany of lies about Thompson for seventeen years now. It is time for you to see and hear for yourselves what this is about, if this court has the courage to stand such a thing.
I HEREBY CERTIFY that I have provided this to The Florida Bar, 1200

Anonymous said...

Jack Thompson, Attorney wrote:
Chief Justice Pariente looks FABULOUS at the below-referenced festivities!

John B. Thompson, Attorney at Law
1172 S. Dixie Hwy., Suite 111
Coral Gables, Florida 33146

March 20, 2008

Thomas D. Hall
Clerk of Court
Florida Supreme Court
500 South Duval Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399

Re: Florida Public Records Law Request

Dear Mr. Hall:

Thank you very much for your kind and helpful telephone call today regarding the Court’s latest misstep.

In that regard, since the Court is alleging that I have somehow encumbered access to the court for litigants by burdening these Justices, etc., I hereby make this formal Public Records Request pursuant to Chapter 119, Florida Statutes:

I should like copies of all documents that indicate the Justices’ public appearances and also their daily schedules doing the Court’s in-house business, from January 1, 2005, to present. In other words, I want to see how they have been spending their valuable time, in and out of the Court, over the past three years or more.

For instance, I shall be pleased to see how many conferences Justice Cantero has attended regarding lawyers’ manners, etc. I note that then Justice Pariente spent a lot of time at an April 21, 2005 as the keynote speaker at a “Law Day” ceremony. See http://www.jud10.org/News/HighlandsLawWeek/2005-law-week.html.

If this request is unclear in any regard or if I have sent it to the wrong party, please let me know expeditiously, as the clock is running on this Public Records Law Request.

Regards, Jack Thompson

Anonymous said...

Jack is being awfully quiet don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Minor offenses,criminal traffic and misdemeanors are still criminal if you are the victom.But they may and should be dealt with appropriately.
How would you feel if you are injured by a person driving with suspended license,expired license or no license(especially if this is their 3rd.4th.or more offense)What about being struck by a person with no insurance or not wearing their corrective lenses when required to do so and the defendant says"well I do not really need them".You have been injured and your car totaled!We are a community that does not care about anyone other than ones self.
Corrective lense cases do not go to trial,yet defense attorneys demand jury trial.Insurance cases even though they be won,don't go to trial yet defense attorney demand jury trial.This is where the waste of time,money and effort comes from.Lets resolve these really minor cases by withhold and just costs on first offenses so people realize they can't just do what benefits them and not the public a large.If games are being played by defendants or their respective attorneys,than appropriate punishment should be imposed.
Instead of just sitting by the blog,and giving uninformed opinions,perhaps you should show up in the various county court and see what really happens.
Yes,strick users should not receive lenghty sentences,but habitual offenders must realize they can't just violate the law.Would you have a third,or forth time offender just go on his/her merry way.What about if the person is your son or daughter friend and they offer even marijuana to your child.

It great to hypothicate but let us conceptualize that these crimes do affect all,even you!!!

Spiderman said...

On the Eyeglass thing...what if the defendant got laser surgery and no longer needed glasses? Do we get a KNP then? Soon they will start pursuing DWLS cases even if they got a good license....

Anonymous said...

"Are you nuts? Talk about overkill and waste of time."

Thursday, March 20, 2008 5:44:00 PM

You missed my point the 3 years probation would be with a nolle prose at the end of the probation. Why? Because the good guy will breeze through probation and have no record at the end of the 3 years. The bad guy the real criminal will fuck up and be revoked.

Look it is not a perfect idea but it is better than a causual user getting jail time and a conviction for being a regular joe. We have to weed out these crooks and nail them.

Anonymous said...

I will be in trial in broward next week on a case where bso served a search warrant for drugs ,found only a straw with residue and charged my client with possession of cocaine. My client scores non state but has 4 priors for coke. State offered 366 and the judge won't undercut the state. What a waste of court resources not to mention everyone's time!

Anonymous said...

The biggest waste of the State's resources is the ridiculous filing by Information various misdemeanors such as Disorderly Conduct, Disorderly Intoxication, Resisting Officer Without Violence, etc. without even taking any sworn testimony from the police officer.

Anonymous said...

If a defendant gets laser surgery or any restrictions removed from drivers license the court will dismiss;providing no accident while restriction still on d.l.
Let us look at how we ourselve would feel if we were struck by an uninsured driver:would you want the person to get insurance the next day and have the case dismissed.By the way look at the statistics for Miami Dade/we have 1 out of 10 drivers having insurance(that means 9 do not)when the rest of the state is 1 of 3 has no insurance.We have 400 ,000 ndrivers operating vehicles with suspended license in our county alone(plus those driving with no license and those driving with expired d.l.).
Yes,many can't get a d.l. for immigration reasons and this problem must be addressed,but we can not allow our sympathies to interfere with the dire circumstance happening within our community.
None of us are above the law.In other communities this is understood,but unfortunately not in our Community where everyone believes they have special entitlement.

fake blake said...


As all of you know, there will be budget cuts forcing layoffs in court personnel. Herewith, you are all directed to do your part, and pitch in. Here are some suggestions:

1) No more using baliffs/JA's to get your dry cleaning or make bank deposits. Please coordinate the efforts among yourselves and use one bailiff or JA to get everyone's dry cleaning.

2) The "how many times can your JA get a private attorney to call to schedule a case" contest is canceled, with the unofficial winner being the JA who got Mishkin to call 22 times to schedule a motion to withdraw.

3) Travel is hereby restricted. No more 4 Seasons. Hilton Hotels or lesser quality. No more Top Shelf Vodka like Grey Goose or Ketel One. Stick to Absolut or lesser quality brands.

4)As Judges will be sharing JAs, please make tee times and restaurant reservations on your own.

5) For those of you who did not get the Espresso Makers in the first round, you're going to have to make friends with a Judge who got one and share it. Also, the bean grinders are canceled and those Judges with Espresso makers are requested to purchase pre-ground Espresso. When you send your Bailiff to Starbucks, they will grind the Espresso for him/her.

6) Stop ordering pens from Tiffanys.

7) Remember- times are tough. We all have to do our part. You can make up some of the lost perks by soliciting gift baskets from your favorite defense attorneys. Just ask, and you will be surprised at how willing they are to help out and "contribute."

That is all.

Fake Blake
Chief Judge and Big Kahunna, Criminal Court Division.

Anonymous said...

Legalize and tax domestic grown pot. Weed is less dangerous than beer or tabacco. In a free society people should be able to chose there realitily harmless intoxicants. The gateway argument is bull, only the illgality conects it to hard drugs.
D. Sisselman

Anonymous said...

I love the defense attorneys who complain about the "petty" crimes which are prosecuted. Let's face it, without cases like resisting with violence, drug possession, and traffic violations, many defense attorneys' practices would fold. Why? They are pussies who are afraid to take on the "real" crimes like armed robberies, rapes and murders which are handled by more experienced prosecutors who don't have caseloads in the 200-300range. They are also too chicken-shit to take on complicated paper cases or public corruption cases. So sure, keep bitching about the typical county court, "C" and "B" cases... in the mean time, the real defense lawyers handle cases with real consequences.

Anonymous said...

Jack, Come here, no, don't look over there, come here, closer.....

Listen, you're losing this thing. You are falling down a deep dark hole all the while screaming, trying to grab on to the side and hold on.

It's not working.

I think you know this.

So why don't you stop.

Why don't you stop this and go back to being an anti pron and anti rap music advocate.

Just stop.

Quietly find an attorney and try to get yourself out of all of this in a respectable way.

Just stop.

Anonymous said...

jack - check out the newest update on www.bangbros.com

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell local blowhard attorney Milton Hirsch, complaining yesterday that his client was arrested "on the eve of Holy Week," that Holy Week began last (Palm) Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Jack - you have a friend!

The state Supreme Court on Thursday barred jailed killer Julio Mora from filing any more legal pleadings, ruling that he abused the system by submitting "scandalous and obscene" motions.

Mora is serving a life sentence for shooting and killing two people, one a pregnant attorney, in a downtown Fort Lauderdale law office in 1994. Mora, 81, originally was sentenced to death, but re-sentenced to life in 2002.

He since has filed numerous personally written pleadings with various courts suggesting where judges may store their "justice crap."

old guy said...

Milt was just confused --
He meant to say that it was the eve of PURIM.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I forgot in all this mess; what was the original basis for Jack's bar problems?

fake pannunzio said...

Where the F is everybody??? I hate when this happens. I know its Friday and the F'ing building is empty. Why wasn't I told court was canceled? Dude, this really sucks!!

Anonymous said...

My top 10 list of most overrated defense attorney in Miami. 1. Milton Hirsch 2. Joe Rosenbaum 3. Jack Blumenfeld 4.Rod Vereen 5. Jeff Weiner and his female partner Mitzi 6. Scott Saul 7. Rae Shearn 8.Mark Eiglarsh 9. Rory Stein 10.all misdemeanor and traffic attorneys. /s/ Legend in my own and most other's mind.

Anonymous said...

The distinguished CJ needs to look at real ways to save the tax payers money likie getting rid of the min mans for first time nonviolent offenders. If they reduced the 15 year min mans from 15 to 5 years this would save the state millions and they would have more $$$ for other things that would actual benefit society such as schools, roads ect...

nightwng2000 said...

Well, pushing John Bruce aside for the moment, I came across an article that pretty much sums up how the average citizen sees the quality of public defenders and even some Prosecutors and perhaps even the general court system. I know it isn't a case from FL, but still...


"Attorneys in the case of a 91-year-old Palisade man accused of sexual assault spent Wednesday morning in court trying to determine whether the aging man was fit to stand trial.

It turns out he wasn’t. He died nearly a month ago and has been cremated, according to a relative who contacted The Daily Sentinel."

Hmmm.... Anyone know a good medium they can contact the accused with?


South Florida Lawyers said...

Am I dating myself by bringing up the bizarre case of Anthony M. Martin, aka Anthony M. Martin-Trigona, aka a variety of other names, a serial filer in federal courts throughout Florida and elsewhere? He was a law school graduate who was denied bar admission in IL and who filed many many pro se pleadings, so many in so many places that judges began to place restrictions on his pro se right to file?

Very entertaining, at times.

batman said...

Does anybody see the Florida constitutional crisis that is brewing? Do you really believe that Chief Justice Lewis and the other justices are just going to lie down and take this? The incindiary language and doomsday predictions from the Chief Justice yesterday before the legislature was clearly a shot fired across the bow of the legislative ship.

If Lewis and his colleagues see that the funding of the courts is so wholly inadequate to allow for the performance of this equal branch of government, it may take action against the legislature. In what form would it take? The Court could issue a mandate, sua sponte, to require a certain level of funding within the judicial budget to permit "this co-existent and equal branch of government to properly function and carry out its constitutional mandate." It can reasonably be argued that "no one branch of government (in this case the legislature, who has sole budget making authority) to prevent another branch of government (in this case the judiciary) from fulfilling its duties." This, in and of itself, is a breach of the separation of powers.

It will be argued in return that the Court is over-reaching and violating the separation of powers. However, we has seen since the days of Marbury v. Madison, that the courts have the power to mandate another branch to perform its legal and constitutional obligations. This would be no different, except that the Court would be acting in its own interests in order to perform its duties on behalf of the people of this state.

Where does it end? If the Court takes this action, ultimately the United States Supreme Court could decide or the crisis could deepen as the Florida Supreme Court finds the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate in Contempt of Court.

I know, I know, the rantings of a cluttered mind. But would it not be interesting to see this happen and the way it would play out? Wouldn't you just love to see that arrogant ass Rubio in the well and hauled off to the pokey? Maybe sheriff's deputies seizing state bank accounts. The governor activating the National Guard to guard state assets from being seized. The Governor barricading himself in his office to prevent service of writs from the court. Live coverage from all the networks. Obama and Clinton coming down and attempting to mediate, calling for a new primary for themselves and for the voters to decide who is right, the Courts or the Legislature. All the time I will be watching from the dark alleys of Tallahassee.

Anybody else got any ideas? This gets to be more absurd by the minute. Let's have a little fun with this.

Anonymous said...

the messenger said. . .

To 8:45 P.M.

That is a ridiculous prosecution. What division is it in?

Jack's Fact Checker said...

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie

How many times do we have to tell you. Take. Your. Meds.

The fact that you are A-V rated tells me all I need to know about Martindale's ratings. WOW.

By the way, the fact you can't even meet Ted Bundy's level of professionalism before the courts of this State, says more about you than about the Florida Supreme Court. If you were on your meds, you'd see that. Again. Take. Your. Meds.

Likewise, Judge Tunis called you "very effective" in the same way people cheer in the special Olympics. If you were on your meds, you'd see that. What's the lesson here? Take. Your. Meds.

You conflate Farreta's right to represent yourself, with post-self-representation unprofessional conduct. Farreta does not mean a court has to put up with a pro se litigant's behavior. If you were on your meds, you'd still not see that because you are intellectually dishonest, which no amount of meds can fix.

By the way, your grasp of the law is as tenuous as your grasp on reality. Your threatening letter to gamepolitics would get an F from a torts and conlaw professor. Do you really believe a blogger has a DUTY "to procure transcripts for all portions of the trial" as you wrote here. And then when they ask you for any portions of the trial you think they should review you refuse to provide it so that you can keep bitching and whining? Forget the meds, seek hospitalization. The Court cannot disbar you fast enough.

Anonymous said...


I believe it's called the "inherent powers" doctrine. About 4-5 years ago, faced with a funding crisis, the Supreme Court of Kansas instituted a filing charge.

Anonymous said...

No, the worst defense attorney in Miami, better in Florida, is Paul Petruzzi.

Anonymous said...

most overratted on that list is jeff weiner although his partner is pretty hot. thought i saw her on milfhunter.com

Anonymous said...

mr overrated who thinks that rory stein is anything other than a guy at the pdo watching the clock till he gets into DROP?

milt hirsch and rod vereen are actually good trial lawyers.

eiglarsh is competant lawyer only person who overates him is himself and bill oreilly.

never seen weiner do anything but bluster and be combative has anyone ever tried a case against him or seen him try a case?

Anonymous said...

Got to agree with some of the names on 11:43's overrated list. Hirsch has been getting slaughtered lately. He made a real dumb comment in todays Herald complaing about the date of arrest, over the holidays, when his client stole alot of money from the public.

Rosenbaum talks a good game but rarely litigates anything anymore. He is arrogant with nothing to be arrogant about.

Winer and his sidekick are a joke.

Anonymous said...

lets do a poll--criminal defense lawyer with biggest Ego eiglarsh, sharpstein or mike greico

Anonymous said...

...who has achieved numerous historic firsts in his career...

Jack is rather full of himself, no?

You've doomed yourself, Jack.

- Mnementh2230

Anonymous said...

jack's fact checker led me to this, to figure out what the case is all about: check out www.gamepolitics.com

Anonymous said...

petruzzi is definitely one of the most annoying. he always mentions with pride how he was once one of roy black's breif case holders like anyone gives a shit

Anonymous said...

Rumpole: please list the attorney in the last 5 years who have been nominated for or received themost awards by the FACDL OF Miami. that will help define who the real attorney are: aren't there awqrds like against all odds, and nominations by judges. or will the truth embarass you and your blog cohorts.

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite part of the blog - sitting in my shitty office, with my shitty practice, taking a break from complaining to anonymously trash other attorneys who probably arent reading this because they're out spending time with their famliies, working, or just enjoying life, all the while having no idea who's writing this stuff, even if you put your name.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole has slipped and hit his head. The wise and equitable Rumpole has forgotten that criminal means criminal.

Last I checked stupid laws have been repealed throughout this country's history. As soon as they decriminalize marijuana like they did booze, the State Attorney's Office you criticize so oft will only be too glad to have less of them to try.

So quick to judge and kill the enforcer, you forget that a State Attorney's job is not to write or repeal laws. But of course, if an ASA were to do that, I'm sure this blog would be roaring over the separation of powers issue. How dare the State Attorney's Office think so much of itself as to now want legislative power also!? Those power hungry ASA's!!

A crime is a crime. Write your local legislator and complain to someone who has the power to do something about it. Rumpole, please lead the sheep down another path. Start a revolution in Tallahassee, not in the courtroom.

--Fair and balanced; unlike Fox News

Anonymous said...


spell it a few times "DISCRETION"

Anonymous said...

You say DISCRETION because it is a means to YOUR end, not because DISCRETION as to which CHARGES to prosecute is the proper disposition.

Discretion is for which CASES to file, not which CHARGES to enforce.

WOW I can spell too.