Tuesday, September 19, 2006



The Captain Reports:

You've heard of Girls Gone Wild - Call this JURIST GONE WILD:

Circuit Judge Richard Albritton Jr. of Panama City received a scolding Monday from the Florida Supreme Court for 14 admitted ethics violations, including unconstitutionally ordering a probationer to attend church, but he will be allowed to remain on the bench.

"Your behavior is unacceptable," Chief Justice Lewis (Rumpole notes: He's sharp our CJ,nothing slips by him) told Albritton, who stood silently beside his lawyer facing the seven justices. "It's a stain on all of us."

Judge Albritton admitted the violations in an agreement with the Judicial Qualifications Commission that calls for him to receive the public reprimand, serve a 30-day unpaid suspension and pay a $5,000 fine and $1,203.70 in costs.

Albritton initially was accused of 36 violations. In one instance he was accused of telling a woman in open court that she "needed to close her legs and stop having babies." Other admitted violations included jailing a young mother because she was unable to remember her address, soliciting gifts and invitations to lunch, getting hunting trips from lawyers and demeaning a Department of Children & Families staffer because of her young age.

And still more violations included asking parents in dependency cases whether they used drugs. If they answered no, he would order a drug test on the spot. If they tested positive he would have the parents jailed for contempt.

This is the kicker of all kickers. Albritton initially denied all 36 allegations. He finally admitted to the 14 violations only after qualifying for judicial elections had closed in May and no challenger filed to oppose his re-election. Can you believe it, NO challengers!!!

So, fellow RUMPOLE bloggers, who are you candidates for .... "JURIST GONE WILD"?????

Rumpole thanks the Captain for pitching in. Trial and all of that you know.


Anonymous said...

Just spend some time in Judge Jimenez' court. You'll see some "wild" stuff.

Anonymous said...

what irks me the most is the on the spot drug tests. where is the probablr cause?

free willie

Anonymous said...

What about Scott Fingerhut???

Rhyming Simon said...

Haikku Harry
bye the bye
leave off the guys who do DUI.
I'm Rhyming Simon and I'm here to say
I drink and drive every day.
Blecher, Reiff, Alschuler, Best
those are the guys
who are better than the rest.
So take your poems
and go away
those guys could represent me
any day.

Fake Shelly said...

Jeeze, I sort of miss the Migna.

Anonymous said...

Rumor is ol Scott Fingerhut had a couple of college buddies who borrowed ten grand some time ago for some stupid internet thing called u-tube. Word is ol Scotty boy is planning his retirement.

Anonymous said...

Alan is this true?

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to that lawyer everyone was talking about on the blog, cosin or kotzin or tangent or whatever, whose father or granfather was in pearl harbor and flew to washington to warn Roosevelt but got there late because of some stupid poker game?

Anonymous said...

Migna Migna Migna
we made you out of clay
and when you're dry and ready
a Migna we will play.

Anonymous said...

I don' know Chris, but if it is, we missed the boat again. Unless your little investment in the airport tie rental kiosks pays off for us.

Anonymous said...


As we all know, miami-dade county has the highest per capita ratio of mentally ill persons per 'regular' persons in all of the usa. also, we have the highest poverty rate of all american citites with populations of one million or more.

what is the answer to meet the demand of this important issue? no easy answer. we leave it to the state, the pd, the bench, the guardian ad liten, the MSW's who work hard, all others i forgot to mention, and other def atty's who care.

These may be "icky" clients, they may not pay, but its the right thing to do to help them out. I challenge all def atty's to do a few pro bono's a year for the mentally ill, and I challenge the State to work with us to help this situation.

This is NOT a bi-partisan issue. We need to work together to help these people out.

Many people are uneducated on this issue. Some of us have a relative who is mentally ill. It is difficult to find the right answers. They should not "walk" b/c of a mental condition, we as def atty's should not claim all our clients have a mentally ill condition (crying wolf). As Americans, we ALL hold ourselves out as being the best in the world. Let us all let our actions speak louder than words.

Some people need help. Lets help them. Give them a chance. Also, don't claim every client is mentally ill and needs a program as opposed to prison. This is something that calls for working together. Call me cheesy or naive, but some people can be helped.


Anonymous said...

This is NOT a bi-partisan issue. We need to work together to help these people out.

you mean this is not a partisan issue

and stop whining

Anonymous said...

sorry, i made a typo. shoot me. i guess if i want to help our community, i am a whiner. i have been called worse.

Anonymous said...

You're talking about Andy Cotsin, a lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale who does civil stuff and is currently dating Gwen Stefani!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gwen Stefani is one hot POA. Go Kotsin!!!

Anonymous said...

Notice Of Availability.
Available January 1, 2007.
One Judicial Assistant.
Also a political consultant.
Graduate of the tenth grade.
Admittedly a bit weak on the phones. Also needs work on ineterpersonal people skills.
But an entrereneur, and a real go getter.
Speaks Spanish, but not Cuban.
Willing to forgo political campiagns in exchange for a good job.

Call 1-800-what the hell happened to me?

Or check My website: Imjuandarceandboyamisorry.net

Anonymous said...


the url is down

Anonymous said...

Chris, I assure you, someday our ship will come in.

Anonymous said...

Jurist Gone Wild:

#1 candidate has got to be Adrien

Anonymous said...

I heard that Judge Shuminer is wild about Alan

Anonymous said...

Is there any truth to the rumor that Judge b. Miller turned down GGW for the possibility of being mentioned on this blog as a JGW

Anonymous said...

ok who is ggw and jgw?

Anonymous said...

I am repeating a part of a previous post from the crepo court room blog because is deserves repeating. The comment is information I did not know and perhaps others did not know. The below comments speaks louder than any words could every be said:

"probably all those times when Crespo was late or court was cancelled was because he was receiving chemo treatment or was in the hospital, he finished trying a case at 6:00 p.m. the day before he died which by the way was a Saturday, when he was healthy he was never late or absent, he rather miss his grandkids' birthdays than being absent for a hearing or trial."

If after reading this you still think Judge Crespo is NOT deserving of a proper dediaction at the REGB thans GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

Anonymous said...

Gwen Stefani is living in L.A. and is happily married to Gavin Rossdale of the rock band "Bush"(and she recently had a child) so please stop the outright bullshit, O.K.? Let's talk about real issues and not fabricate stuff. There is plenty going on at the REG that we don't have to make up stuff about some lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale that few people know.

Anonymous said...

For your information, I know Andrew Cotzin, Andrew Cotzin is a friend of mine, and you sir, are no Andrew Cotzin.

now back to the more important issue that were introduced by El Capitan, like

who in the REGJB is fricking off the wall, ie a Jurist Gone out of control

Anonymous said...

how about Schlesinger (sp?); the former AUSA and wife, I mean husband of Judge People's Court. He has eliminated his soundings and on Monday there was a line out the door until after 11:30 am with attorneys asking for a continuance anyway.

So, shouldn't he have the soundings. I mean I'd rather be in line for 30-45 minutes on a Wednesday or Thursday instead of coming to court on a Monday, waiting in line for three hours, and then sweating out whether the man is going to give me a contiuance or tell me to pick six right after lunch!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah, i wass in that line with 10:41, and that was ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Hey did anyone read the"Bulletin". That is the paper that comes monthly to members of the DCBA (Dade County Bar Assoc.).

There is an excellent piece in there about Judge Kevin Emas. It mentions how he has been in civil for only a few months but that he has been chosen to be one oftwo back-up trial only judges handling all of the complex civil litigation trials. These two positions are normally reserved for the most experienced jurists over at 73 west flagler. Seems like Emas is doing in civil what he did in criminal; prove that he has the overall smarts to be a great judge

Anonymous said...

whats the deal on Judge Hernandez is he a lame duck until jan 1 2007 or what?

Anonymous said...

Sit in on on some of the dependency cases, in our juvenile division. Note: if the blind filing system directs your case to a certain division, the parent has little chance of getting their children back (maybe 6%). You want due process and to follow rules of evidence at trial? Then stay at the REGJB. See, Miami New Times Article: Bending The Rules On The Bench

Anonymous said...

Judge Hernandez is indeed a lame duck until January 2, 2007

can you say AFLAC

Sam I Am said...

One may argue against a court-room dedication for Judge Crespo WITHOUT insulting Judge Crespo.

As has been pointed out, we have lost many judges while they served. Why are we to honor Crespo but not Levine, Dakis, et al? Why are we to honor Crespo over those judges who served, retired and then died? Judge Crespo was a fine and honorable man, but so are a great many other judges who sit and have sat in Miami-Dade County over the past 100 years.

judge ivan hernandez said...

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my friends for their support throughout this entire election process.

I also want to thank my colleagues on the bench for all their guidance during my years on the bench.

I want to congratulate Mr. Faber and wish him well; I hope he enjoys the challenges and experiences he will encounter during his new career.

To the readers of this blog, I have read and heard your comments and I now understand that I may have erred in my judgments at times.

Finally, to HWSNBN (I think that is what you call him), I harken back to my time in Vietnam, and thinking about all the bad things that happened while I was there, the killing and mayhem, I would like to leave him with this message:


Again, thank you.

Judge Ivan Hernandez

Anonymous said...

Best link ever.

north of the border update said...

From the Sun-Sentinel:

Broward Circuit Court's Indigent Services Committee voted Tuesday [Sept. 19] for an investigation of the 17th Judicial Circuit's special public defender fees and appointments. Special public defenders represent people who can't afford attorneys and whose cases, because of conflicts of interest, can't be handled by the Public Defender's Office. Public Defender Howard Finkelstein, who serves on the committee, asked for an audit of the county's system, citing excessive fees and irregularities in appointments.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Emas...did it annoy anyone, other than me, that he belittled defendants for coming in late, when he did the same? that he double-checked what defendants represented to him, without exception? He has always treated me respectfully, so I shouldn't complain. Nevertheless, it bothers me that he would cross examine defendants in open court. Curious...


Ivan in spite of your " NICE" words you arrogantly beleived that Because you had a Cuban last name you could do anything you wanted and were untouchable. In spite of your statements you continously ignored the advice of many judges and lawyers to get rid of the corrupt Juan D'Arce . Because of your arrogance and obstnacy you chose to run an ethnic campaign with his help.You even arrogantly ignored and tried to mislead the DCBA when they were checking campaign violations.You made your bed now live with the consequences.Those of us who were on the streets fighting to unseat you know the truth.

You have no one to blame but yourself had you chosen the course of integrity and gotten rid of Juan D'arce many would have stood with you and you could have continued playing golf Mondays and Fridays while overloading your calendars tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

As it stands now good riddance to you ,Gonzalez and the ticket lawyer!What was his name?

Judge Roberto M. Pineiro said...

Judge Lenny Glick has posted that Judge Scott Silverman, our official
historian, has opined that it is the within the purview of our county commission to name a courtroom. If Judge Scotty says it, it must be right. As such, I have take the liberty of preparing a petition to be circulated in our community and sent to the commission.

I do this fully mindful of and obedient to Canon 4 of our Code of Judicial Conduct encouraging judges to Engage in Activities to Improve the Law, the Legal System, and the Aministration of Justice.

I do not,in any way, mean to denigrate fine jusrists and good friends such as Judges Henry Leyte-Vidal, Linda Dakis, Steve Levine or any of the other fine judges mentioned in the blog as deserving of recognition.

I do this to celebrate and remember the life of one of us who was truly unique. I am the first to say: Though I've kidded you and berated you, by the living God that made you, your a better man than I am, Manny Crespo.

The following petition can be signed in my chambers at the REGJB--602. Copies will be provided to all who wish to get others to sign. All signed petitions should be sent to my office for collection and forwarding to the commission:

Whereas: Judge Manny Crespo was a consummate public servant.

Whereas: Judge Manny Crespo strove on a daily basis to provide our community with fair and equal justice for all.

Whereas: Judge Manny Crespo has raised the bar of public service by devoting so much of his “work” time and his “free” time to assure our community that equality, fairness and justice are not simply cherished, nebulous concepts, but a reality to which we can aspire.

Whereas: Judge Manny Crespo should serve as an example to us all, but especially to those of us who labor in our courts.

We the undersigned, most respectfully, request the Miami-Dade County Commission name a courtroom in the Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building the Judge Manny Crespo Memorial Courtroom. The courtroom to be so named shall be designated by the Chief Judge of the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida.


Anonymous said...

Read the tabloids jerky: Gwen Stefani is seperated and rumored to be seeing a civil lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale named Cotzin.

Go Andy!

Anonymous said...

Judge Pineiro's heart may be in the right place, but his petition drive certainly violates Canon 5, which prohibits using the office of judge to conduct solicitations, whether for funds, membership, or any other purpose. Every lawyer who appears before the good judge will wonder if failure to enter chambers to sign the petition will have adverse consequences for the lawyer or client. This is precisely the type of judicial coercion that Canon 5 prohibits. If the name-a-courtroom-for-Crespo idea has merit, it will have community support without lobbying by judges. And if it does not have that kind of community support, it is not entitled to impermissible lobbying by the judiciary. At the very least, Judge P should seek an Advisory Opinion before undertaking such questionable activity.

Rumpole said...

Some worry wort wrote:

"Every lawyer who appears before the good judge will wonder if failure to enter chambers to sign the petition will have adverse consequences for the lawyer or client. "

"Relax Francis." You are over-reacting. There is a difference between Judge Pinero keeping the petition in open court, or soliciting signatures in open court, and going to his chambers to sign it. I hardly believe every single lawyer who walks out of his courtroom will be wondering if their signature on a petition would have changed Judge Pinero's ruling. Judge's solicit funds for campaigns. This is peanuts compared to that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gwen Stefani freak. The only story on the net about her is that her and her husband just bought a house on September 6, 2006 in beverly hills that used to belong to JLo. She's not going to slum with some attorney from ft. lauderdale. If you had said an attorney from Miami, your story would have been more believable.
AND, to the cry baby bashing Judge Pineiro for trying to do something nice, get off it. Judge Pineiro has always been a fair judge, and you will not be required to sign anything so that your client or you will not suffer any adverse consequences.

Anonymous said...

Cotzin's doin Stefani and you're not. Don't be jealous, go out and get yourself some prime movie star stuff.

Anonymous said...

has anyone seen Migna????????

Anonymous said...

Judicial Canons apply to judges we like and trust, just as much as they apply to the ones we don't.

Anonymous said...

Kotzin banging movie stars. Give it to her for all of us lawyers who want to be in your shoes.

Anonymous said...

Forgetabout Migna. That's old news. Whaddabout Jose Sanchez-Gromlier vs. Valerie R. Manno Schurr (now those two are some crazy NAMES), Michael Bienstock vs. Joe Fernandez, and Marisa Tinkler Mendez vs. Catherine "Cathy" Parks?

Judge Roberto M. Pineiro said...

In response to 3:17:36 PM.

You are absolutely right. It never occured to me that someone might be concerned that failing to sign the petition would incur my animosity--for the simple reason that it never would as this has nothing to do with any case. What is personal should always stay personal.

However, I should always shy away from the appearance of impropriety so I thank-you for you advise and will follow it.
However much I would like to assume an active role in the promotion of a memorial, I will simply sign the petition and turn it over to anyone who wishes to be responsible for distribution, collection and forwarding to the Miami Dade Commission. The petition, sadly, will no longer be available in chambers, but I am sure someone will be able to run with it.

Again thank-you for pointing out a stumbling block which should have, quite frankly, been obvious to me.

Anonymous said...

Judge, you are to be commended for your efforts and now for your decision to turn it over to someone else. I know many people will step up to the plate and run with your (wonderful) idea. I personally can't assist right now b/c I am a candidate in one of the races.

Anonymous said...

cathy, you can handle it after marisa wins - don't worry

Anonymous said...

Hey Parks, that's a cheap way to try to get some PR at Manny Crespo's expense.

Anonymous said...

To "another cuban lawyer" if you could read and understand, Judge Hernandez sounded very contrite. Despite his lapse in judgment, he was a great Judge to appear before. He never yelled at you or your client and he never made you look bad. Please don;t refer to yourself as "Cuban" anything, you embarass the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

he was terrible, should have never even been a hearing officer - c'mon

Rumpole said...

I'll take the petition. Yeah, I'll just walk around with it and wear my Rumpole mask. Hmmm....How about putting the petition up in the Attorneys Room on the second floor, or even in au bon pain?

Anonymous said...

Rumpole - wake up - if you want attorneys to sign it, why would you put it in the attorney room? Put it where the attorneys are - au bon pain

Anonymous said...

Judge Pineiro is a gem ...

Judge Rob Pineiro said...


Thanks for your support. However, I am amazed you are so ignorant of the intracacies of judicial campaigns. Judges DO NOT, DO NOT, solicit campaign funds from lawyers.
We ask lawyer A to ask lawyer B for money and then we ask lawyer B to ask lawyer A for money--we simply call lawyers A and B a campaign committee. See it is so elementary and absolutely ethical as there is no judicial solicitation whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Piniero: you are a jerk in a black robe, you would hold it against lawyers who don't contribute and your ja is worse than you.

Darrin E. McGillis said...

Dear, Judge Roberto M. Pineiro:

I read your post. While I do not know you and you me, I have met Judge Crespo, I also have been to his court room and witnessed first hand some of the reasons why so many admire this great jurist.

I will be uploadeding two separate petitions on my web site for download by any person.

The first is the words indicated on the post earlier. The second is my own independent petition calling for a district court to be named after this great jurist. (i.e. Hialeah or South Dade Justice Center).

I am a private citizen and while this post may get some posters to rant and rave my intentions are honorable.

download at in about 45 mins at:


Anonymous said...


Hey dumbass: Ivan has calendars on Mondays and Fridays. Kinda makes you feel stupid if you make a comment and don't have all your facts in straight.

What has happened in the election, has happened. The election is over...move on with your life and let it die.


a traffic lawyer

Judge Rob Pineiro said...

Thank-you, Mr. Mcgillis

Anonymous said...

Petitions are uploaded at this address:





Comments/Suggestions/Information etc; on this matter please E-mail:


Anonymous said...

judge pineiro
great post. take a bow old man. take a bow.

Anonymous said...

I read the opinion and must wonder how could the supreme court allow that guy to be a judge?

What do you have to do to get bounced, kill someone.

A lesbian judge in St. Pete got bounced for sexual harrassment of her JA.

Go figure.

Yo, Judge Pineiro said...

To Rob Pineiro:

Your deluded if you think that judges (and judical candidates) dont directly solicit campaign contributions from attorneys.

I can count on my hands the number of times that its happened. I am quite sure not you, or most of your robed colleagues, but plenty of others.

I like you, youre a good guy,and a good judge but you have no clue what goes on in the real world.

btw, give both sides a little more time for voir dire and you would be paying manny crespo a great tribute. i think you mis-apply the term "speedy trial".

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed reading the comments made by the supreme court in reprimanding our local asshole, litle fat alan schwartz. this is available if u link to the fla sp. ct website. its quite entertaining to see this little man belittled.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Pinero you are a class act and a good judge. Give us a little more time in voir dire and you will go down in history as one of the games greats.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Sara Shulevitz is the hottest mama attoreny in the miami-- does anyone know if she is available?? that is my Question?

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Sara Shulevitz is the hottest mama attoreny in the miami-- does anyone know if she is available?? that is my Question?

Anonymous said...

A Jurist gone wild

There’s a Jurist fighting
Without fear or shame,
For Banks of all name
Amidst our Justice building.

There’s a playboy on the loose
Handing out the noose
For the truth
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Bank’s act with no fault
Prince of darkness we consort
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Robber of the truth
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Fuck the truth
If a Bank says so, that’s the way it will go
By order of his bench he will keep the one way flow
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Please your highness
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