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Thank you for the kind words. Please do me one favor and post the following comments:

To all the people who supported me throughout my campaign, I say thank you. Your kindness will forever be remembered and appreciated. I am humbled by your show of support.

To the people who say Judge Larry Schwartz will come back worse than before, I say you're wrong. If nothing else, this experience has undoubtedly demonstrated to him that respect, courtesy, and kindness are of the utmost importance and will be demanded by all who come before him. I am sure he will be a better judge because of this and I wish him and his family all the best.

To the person who called me a perennial loser : You and your friends sit around and bitch all day about how poorly certain judges treated you or how their lack of legal knowledge astounds you. You call people dumb and stupid and an ass. Well, I didn't sit around and bitch. I didn't sit at a computer and attack people while cowarding behind anonymity. I stepped up to the plate and struck out, but at least I went down swinging. I did something that you don't have the courage, the strength, or the tenacity to do. You are a person of words, I am a person of action. I rather be the latter, than the former.

And finally, as to all the attacks on my husband: I am married to Jeff Locke. We have been married for 9 years and we have two beautiful girls. I am proud to be married to him. And I am overjoyed that he has honored me with his commitment, his loyalty, and his support. You can only wish that you were 1/2 the husband and father that Jeff Locke is.

Thank you all.
See you in court.
Gina Mendez.

Rumpole is humbled in the presence of class.
We are reminded of this:

"Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm."
Sir Winston Churchill

And of course, our all time favourite quote, that every trial lawyer who has tasted the bitter sting of defeat should look to in times of despair. We hope Ms. Mendez, and all candidates who lost on Tuesday can take comfort in this:

It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes short again and again, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause, who at best knows achievement and who at the worst if he fails at least fails while daring greatly so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.

Theodore Roosevelt:
From a speech given in Paris at the Sorbonne in 1910

Ms. Mendez and Judge McWhorter are among the proud who dared to be great and their place shall never be among the cold and timid who never had the courage to try.


Anonymous said...

Alvarez is also one of those among the great, who passionately strived to be a better civil judge than Miller (good asa, bad judge). Alvarez's hard work should not go unrecognized.

Anonymous said...

what did someone say about your husband I missed that.

Maybe thats good, dont woory if I missed it probally a issue you should not worry about.

Good luck

Anonymous said...


Do not worry this is a blog making fun of people if someone made a comment that hurt you dont't take it personal.

You are in Miami Dade roll with the punches. I hope to see you in the ring next time around.

best to you and your family

Anonymous said...

Ms. Mendez,

I do not know you, or too much about your career. However, that little letter to the blog shows you have class.

Congrats on an honorable and clean election, and best to you and your family.

A humble crim def atty

Anonymous said...

I do not know Gina Mendez, have never met her, and did not vote for her. I do not regret that as I have had good experiences in front of Schwartz. That said, that e-mail was impressive. If that is indicative of the type of lady that she is, then I am sure there is a lot of strength and goodness to her. She has earned my respect immediately. To you Ms. Mendez, I wish the best...2008 is right around the corner, and you may have just won over a voter.

Anonymous said...

I had the distinct pleasure of spending the last year with Gina Mendez almost on a daily basis in the trenches of campaigning. She is not only a classy lady but, intelligent, well-spoken with a great knowledge of the law. I had looked forward calling her my colleague and although Judge Schwartz is a fine jurist, I feel that it is a great loss to the bench. But I am confident that the loss will only be for no more than 2 years. Gina, please apply to the JNC, if not I fully expect to see you in 2008 in one of the many vacant seats that will be available. Please do not give up your dream.

A Judge Elect

Anonymous said...

While it was pleasant to see Ms. Mendez praise her opponent, her letter misses the point. The real issue presented by her candidacy, and the candidacy of almost every other candidate, incumbent and challenger alike, was the issue of qualifications. Why did Ms. Mendez believe that she was qualified to be a Circuit Court Judge?

I believe that the most important criterion one should use for measuring the qualifications of a judicial candidate is legal IQ. Is the candidate well versed and knowledgeable about 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment issues, the rules of evidence, statutory interpretation, the analysis of precedent? Each case--particularly those that go to motion or trial--presents a multitude of legal issues upon which a judge may have to rule. To be a good judge, one MUST be able to make intelligent, legally sound rulings.

While I, as a fairly long-time ASA, have had only a few dealings with Ms. Mendez, there is nothing I have seen to suggest that she possesses the elevated legal IQ required to be a good judge. In fact, it would appear that her opponent, Judge Schwartz, is the brighter legal mind, despite his ill-temper.

We, as both prosecutors and defense attorneys need to be less enthralled with judges who are "nice," who give us what we want. A few years ago, many ASAs in the office would name Judge Bagley as their favorite judge because he was perceived as being pro-State. And yet Judge Bagley's ruling were reversed with alarming frequency by the 3d DCA. A judge who is often reversed on appeal cannot be considered a good judge. A steady stream of reversals is incontrovertable evidence that a judge is failing at his/her task.

I appear in front of many judges, and I have to say that the best judge currently on the bench in the Justice Building is neither nice nor pleasant. I speak of Judge Ward. But what Judge Ward lacks in personal warmth, she more than makes up for in legal acumen. She is smart as a whip and rarely reversed.

This is a long post, but my point is this: Gina Mendez is no Diane Ward. Don Cohn is no Diane Ward. And lord knows, all the traffic hacks that ran are no Diane Wards. What's worse, most of the incumbents who ran are no Diane Wards. Unless you have the legal acumen of a Diane Ward (or a Mary Barzee or a Kevin Emas, as mentioned earlier), you have no business running for judge. Without the necessary legal IQ, a run for judge reveals one to be unaware of one's own intellectual limits, to be pursuing the office based on a misplaced ambition. And it is our system of criminal justice that is the ultimate victim of all these misplaced ambitions.

You know Who said...

Alvarez among the great? please spare us! He ran an ad on spanish tv solely extolling his last name and Cuban heritage. In it he stated "I am not ashamed of my last name" I and other lawyers of Cuban descent were outraged.

He was at the polls where he and his people were encourging voters to vote Cuban and against the "Gringa" He demonstrated characteristics more akin to a Repulsive little worm than to someone great.He was going to be a better judge than Bronwyn ? please he is not fit to judge a poodle contest let alone the people of dade county!

Gina on the other hand is a bright classy lady surrounded by a great family She will make a fine Judge someday, and I supported her opponent. Gina, good luck and God's speed gallant lady you deserve it

you know who said...

12:21 you are an elitist little snob who doesn't know diddly about Gina !

Did you get approval from your division chief before you wrote your post?

Anonymous said...

I hope Judge Farina appoints Judge Faber to the South Dade Justice Center and makes him a division chief.

Anonymous said...

If George Alvarez did as you say in that spanish commercial please post link to see it because if he did that I am pissed. I thought he was a ok guy "not qualified to be judge" but seemed like a nice guy to me. If he had a commercial saying vote for me because I am Cuban thats just racist.

Anonymous said...

in the last campaign finance report Judge Hernandez reported a cash payment of over $4000.00 to poll workers [JUAN D'ARCE].

Well Election laws prohibit this and specifically state that all contributions must be done through campaign checks. If you do not do this you can be fined 3x's the amount paid out. Thats $12,000 fine for hernandez.

read todays miami herald were same thing happened in 2005

"What may prove to be the most costly error: Spence-Jones allegedly authorized her campaign treasurer to make more than $24,000 in cash payments for expenses -- money that went to hundreds of campaign workers as well as for food and supplies. Election rules require such transactions to be paid through the campaign checking account, not cash, and the elections commission found probable cause Spence-Jones knowingly violated this provision.

The maximum fine for breaking that rule is up to three times the dollar figure involved, plus an additional $1,000 -- which in this case would be $73,000."

Anonymous said...

Concur with 1:39 a.m. Alvarez is a traffic ticket hack. According to my friends in the PIP community, she is the brightest judge in county court and actually follows the law. She's had more opinions published than another other judge in county court. I looked it up on flweekly and it checks out. That says something to me.

I too was outraged by Alvarez' unethical campaigning, especially his radio ads. Query, if a person is named GEORGE, why would all his radio ads say, JORGE? Why, because Alvarez thought the voting public was as racist and incompetent as he is.

As a cuban american lawyer, I was completely ashamed of several unqualified people (Alvarez, Gonzalez, Velis to name a few) running for judge based on ethnicity. These people are not lawyers - they are people with law degrees only. There is a difference--a lawyer has respect for the rule of law and knows that an educated and qualified bench only benefits the lawyers and their clients. A person with a law degree can go represent you for 29 bucks, no points, plus costs...

Props to Miller, Murphy and Leifman for running clean campaigns and focusing on qualifications.

Rumpole said...

Let me just say that this is one of the blog's finest hours. A great discussion on a real issue. It makes the hours (ok minutes) we devote to this all worth while. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Gina's already sucking it up for another run in '08. Who's the next non-cuban you going to run against?

You know who said...

7:42 I campaigned against Gina and let me tell you Her qualifications and temperament are without question I just thought that Larry deserved reelection

Furthermore 7:42 I can think of several Non Hispanic Judges that she could replace right now and do a better job!

Asa matter of fact I am volunteering for your next Campaign Gina.Anyone with parents like yours deserves to be a Judge

Anonymous said...



FAKE JNC said...

THIS JUST IN: Governor Bush has a spot on the, dare I say it? THIRD DCA all warm and ready to go for everyoe's favorite Military Veteran: JUDGE IVAN HERNANDEZ.


Anonymous said...

I really got into the whole "Migna Thing." I'm going to miss that.

Anonymous said...

4 out of 5 dentists surveyed said Judge Ivan Hernandez is their preferred soon to be former Judge.

Fake Ted Mastos said...

Harrumpf. Chomp chomp, smack smack.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Migna could be a sort of general ambassador at large for the REGJB and sort of just wander around, greet people, make up songs, and be ..I don't know..just Migna.

Anonymous said...


Way to go, girl. Get up, dust yourself off, and come back swinging (like any good criminal defense lawyer or prosecutor that has tasted defeat). You ran an honorable campaign and have NOTHING to be ashamed of.

Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

12:25 AM, you believe Bagley to be a poor judge because of reversals on appeal. All that means is that, at least, two out of three other judges disagreed with his original ruling. Two our of three judges with two legal assistants per each judge, the benefit of briefs and counter-briefs and replies thereto, all the time they want to use and the ability and time to discuss things with each other. When you make an objection at time of trial, do you want to get a ruling a few months down the road? What's more is the appelate court really more right or more fair than the trial judge?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Patricia Marino-Pedraza on her win. You will make a great judge.

McWhorter, your bad attitude and your nasty temperament got you out. I'm glad to see that you lose. Your dream was to be a judge, but remember it was only a dream, not a reality. LOL...see you in civil court.

Anonymous said...

Wow Rump,,,,after your words and posted quotes,,,I have a tear in my eye.

Anonymous said...

7:59 am


Anonymous said...

Just to clarify one itty-bitty thing: I did not go to bed at 7:30 on election night. If I had I might not have had to call in sick with a fever yesterday. And if I had been in yesterday, I could have let all the blog faithful know that my final story didn't make most editions. Tight deadlines, lots of races, a big county to deliver papers to. We reran it today in all editions.

And a question: Anyone have any thoughts on why the early voting results did not track with the rest of the electorate? Eight judges would have lost their jobs if the numbers had stuck with the early voting ratios. Was it the rain? Because early voting is so new, we don't have enough history with it to know if it is always going to be different than the general vote. Or in what ways it might be different. Or if it can be scewed one way or the other.
Did any judicial candidates go out of their way to get out the early voter vote? Or maybe some other candidate did that in a way that might have affected the judges?

Just wondering.

Susannah Nesmith
Miami Herald

Anonymous said...

I'm proud that our campaign did not even come close to the gutter like some of the others did. We can both be proud of the manner in which the campaign was conducted.

You are so right about those who hide behind anonymous insults and personal attacks. Those with courage come face to face with their concerns. Unfortunately when you seek public office the world believes YOU and YOUR FAMILY are open to constant review. Thank you for being so pleasant to Jeremy when you met him. Our system is not perfect, but it is the system we have to live with. You have the capabilities of making it work for you.

To those who say "I'll come back worse" you obviously have not been in my courtroom since I reassigned back to the criminal division. My issues from three years ago are history, thanks to the courage of friends like Kenny Weisman, Rudy Sorondo, Stuart Addelstein, Ellen Leesfield, Cris McKinley, Kathleen Hoague and so many more who came face to face to express their concerns. If you think this is BS, come visit 2-5 anytime.

To those of you who supported me through out the campaign, thank you. I'm honored to have been re-elected and anxious to continue helping make Miami-Dade County the best that it can be.

Larry Schwartz
I can't remeber my password, so I have to publish this under the "A" word.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Mendez:

Yes, many blog posts "cross the line." But we do not "coward" behind anonymity. I am anonymous because I must be. Not for legal reasons... but because that is the way the world sometimes works. The comparison is too brash, but reflect upon the fact that the Federalist Papers, essential for the establishment of our constitutional democracy, were anonymously penned. Madison, Hamilton and Jay cowards? I think not.

As to the the condescension we are people of words not action? Irrelevant. Words ARE Action. Moreover, your attack assumes we posters confine our lives to the occasional comment on this blog. Such delusions are treatable.

And your Husband? On what basis do you judge him twice the husband of your strawman.

As for courage... Nothing, and I mean NOTHING in your background suggests you have the faintest idea what true courage requires. Insult our unknown courage at your peril.

Rumpole: Ms. Mendez post is "class"? I think not. It is intended to diminish and demean this blog community while avoiding responses to real criticisms. It diminishes only my respect for her.

Anonymous said...

To those who supported, encouraged, prayed for and otherwise championed the re-election of Judge Murphy come to the victory/thank you party on friday 9/8/06 at Finnegans River 401 S.W. 3rd Ave. between 4pm and 8pm

Anonymous said...


I looked for the re-run on line can you post a link to it I cant find it. Thanks.

As to the early vote issue, my guess is that the rain played a big part but given the big lead at the final tally I don't like it mattered.

Anonymous said...

Not just a name game: 4 judges unseatedMiami-Dade voters chose from a list of 35 candidates for 16 judgeships.
Four sitting judges in Miami-Dade were voted out of office Tuesday.

Sixteen judicial seats were up for election, with three of them headed to a runoff.

County Judges Shirlyon McWhorter, Mike Samuels, Bonnie Rippingille and Ivan Hernandez lost their seats.

The results challenged the notion that the county's demographics allow Hispanic candidates who are relative unknowns in legal circles to beat widely regarded non-Hispanic judges.

County Judge Steve Leifman, who had the highest rating in the Dade County Bar Association poll, handily beat attorney Juan F. Gonzalez, who had the same poll's lowest rating.

''Everyone always worries that ethnicity is going to play a big part, but I think in my race people were more concerned about the issues,'' Leifman said after the results were in.


Similarly, Circuit Judge Dennis Murphy held onto his job despite a challenge from attorney Josie Perez Velis, another relative unknown in the legal community.

''The judiciary can feel a little more secure that qualified and experienced judges are going to be heard by the voters -- and win,'' Murphy said Tuesday night. ``The voters basically said, we're not going to have unqualified judges no matter what their last name is.''

Murphy was deemed either qualified or exceptionally qualified by 91 percent of members of the Cuban American Bar Association versus 57 percent who voted his challenger, Josie Perez Velis, unqualified.

CABA members also came out against County Judge Ivan Hernandez, who has been embroiled in a scandal involving allegations his assistant did campaign work on government time. He was deemed unqualified to serve on the bench by 57 percent of CABA members who voted. Only 15 percent found his challenger, Robin Faber, unqualified.

Faber said he was ''excited and numb'' when the results came in.

''I'm excited that voters of this county have chosen integrity for the bench,'' he said. Faber said during the campaign that he thought Hernandez should have fired his assistant.


The overall results in the judges' races didn't surprise Gerald Schwartz, a political consultant for local judicial races for the past 50 years, though he said he didn't expect to see four judges voted out.

''It's unusual for four sitting judges to be dumped,'' he said.

With 16 judicial seats up for election, and 35 candidates vying for them, two-thirds of the ballot in some precincts was devoted to the judges.

Two circuit judges and nine county judges drew opposition this year. Misdemeanor criminal and smaller civil cases go to county court while circuit court judges hear felonies and larger civil cases.

In addition to those 11 races, 11 people were vying for four new judgeships created by the Legislature and two people ran for a seat vacated by a retiring judge.

Below are all the winners:

County Court Group 1: Patricia Marino-Pedraza; County Court Group 4: Robin Faber; County Court Group 9: Victoria Del Pino; County Court Group 10: Ana Maria Pando; County Court Group 11: Karen Mills Francis; County Court Group 12: Steve Leifman; County Court Group 14: Gloria Gonzalez-Meyer; County Court Group 27: Shelly Schwartz; County Court Group 39: Bronwyn Miller: County Court Group 40: Don Cohn; County Court Group 43: runoff between Michael Bienstock and Jose Fernandez; Circuit Court Group 25: Dennis Murphy; Circuit Court Group 42: Larry Schwartz: Circuit Court Group 78: runoff between Valerie Manno-Schurr and Jose Sanchez-Gronlier; Circuit Court Group 79: Tony Marin; Circuit Court Group 80: runoff between Marisa Tinkler Mendez and Cathy Parks

Anonymous said...

Phil and Jackie... if I run for judge will you PROMISE to hold a funraiser for my opponent!!! PLEASE.. pretty please..LOL>. what a joke.. Did you REALLY thnk that Mcwhorter was worthy of a second term..??? Shame on both of you for openly supporting your best friend's advocate.. you didint' have to VOTE for your best friend or even AGREE with her running.. but to actively support the opposition.. I'm sure glad you're no friends of mine. What was that about anyway.. .is Jackie jealous? Sure seems like a possiblility.. I can't imagine any other reason for treating a freind so shabbily. Oh well.. I'm thrilled to death at the outcome.. and again.. please support anyone I may run against in the future..

PATTY YOU RULE!!!!!! YOU'RE THE BEST AND YOU DESERVE THE VICTORY... As for Phil and Jackie.. "Dump the ZEROES and get you some HEROES!!!

Anonymous said...

rump if you are PHIL that last one will piss you off

Anonymous said...

OH By the way... before Rump hole.. or phil or whoever point out my "typo".. of course when I said "support your best friend's "advocate".. I meant "support your best friends ADVERSARY... so for anyone who wants to get "Cute" and picky... please know I noticed it before YOU did loser.

We Don't Need No Stinking Issues said...

why did leifman say he was glad the electorate concentrated on "the issues" by electing him?

what issues are there in a judicial race?

are judicial candidates even allowed to discuss "issues"?

did lefiman discuss "issues" at any of his campiagn stops? did gonzalez?

IMHO the electorate concentrated on the fact the leifman's opponnent is a complete and total moron.

steve, you are so lucky that you had a boob like gonzalez running against you. a real race might have come out differently.

Anonymous said...

We who labor at the Justice Building are all happy that Judge Murphy has been reelected and this has been stated repeatedly on this blog. What has been left unsaid is that he has one of the best staffs in REGJB. His JA, bailiff and court reporter are very pleasant people and I'm glad that they'll be remaining, too.


Anonymous said...

Moderation has been off for more than 24 hours and it is such a pleasure.


Anonymous said...

what could jackie be jealous of?
she and patty are both blonde ticket attorneys, both have blonde male children and are married to strikingly handsome men.

PS: no need to thank me phil. just buy me lunch at marias and we'll call it even.

the trialmaster said...

what does gina's husband do? is he an attorney or a cop?

the trialmaster said...

what does gina's husband do? is he an attorney or a cop?



Anonymous said...

Gina's husband is a cop. He is Sgt. Jeff Lock of the Miami PD.

Years ago, he claimed brain damage to get disability. Instead they promoted him to sgt.

If you ever had a case with Jeff, you would not like him. He is no fun at all but, we have seen cops much worse.

Gina. Get a job and stop running for judge.

Larry, learn from this. You are a decent guy. Go forward and do good things.

Real winner was Patti Marino. With almost no money but a good attitude, she won.

McWhorter: Be nice for to someone today and if you run again, this time follow the damn rules.

Anonymous said...

patty won because she sucker punched mcwhorther at the last minute with phony lawsuit that WAS DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE

Anonymous said...

I am posting this information from the following site:

Candidates For The 2006 General Election, Circuit Judge,
Miami-Dade County


Information on Cathern B. Parks:


Note: The candidate's statement was supplied by the candidate and has not been edited or endorsed by the Department of State!


I have practiced as a litigator for over 20 years, having graduated from the University of Miami School of Law. I have specialized in medical malpractice, product liability, aviation law, and general insurance defense.

I have been named one of the “Top Attorneys in South Florida” by the South Florida Legal Guide for several years. I am also a registered nurse and a guardian ad litem.

My extensive experience as an attorney who has handled complex litigation at a circuit court level makes me an exceptionally qualified candidate for circuit court judge.

Thank you, and I would appreciate your vote.

Information on Marisa Tinkler Mendez:


Note: The candidate's statement was supplied by the candidate and has not been edited or endorsed by the Department of State!


After practicing law in this community for 20 years, it would be an honor and privilege to serve in the capacity as a jurist. I am a true believer in our justice system and would strive to maintain the balance, integrity and respect for our system. I believe I possess those skills and important characteristics that would allow me to serve the public and community in this capacity: honesty, fairness, integrity, intellect, respect, patience and humility. My extensive background in criminal defense work and in representing indigent persons at all levels of State and Federal court proceedings makes me comfortable and well-suited to serve in this honorable capacity.

For those who don't know the candiates, you could go to the link provided above and read more about them.

Anonymous said...

how smart can gina be if she married a cop?

Anonymous said...

or if you want real information on the canidates just visit www.operationrestorejustice.com .

they predicted alomost every election result correct with the exception of one.

Anonymous said...

so did rumpole he was on the money with prediction

Anonymous said...

i think some people contributed to both marion-pedraza and mcwhorter

Anonymous said...

i like both mcwhorther and patty. problem mcwhorther never campaigned outside her base.

Anonymous said...

well, maybe Gina can run against Camacho Adrien when he comes for re-election. she will win for sure because everyone is tired of Adrien's foolishness and absolute dictatorship.

tired of this same old gossip said...

rumpole start a new post

Anonymous said...

when do the winners take the bench? also, will the new judges be in criminal, or is that up to farina, or what. thanks

Anonymous said...

thats farina call new Judges almost always end up in criminal, except in circuit sometimes juvinile.

Jan 3 judges take office

Anonymous said...

So if the new judges that are elected would most likely take the bench serving under criminal law, that would tell me Marisa T. Mendez would be the most qualified for Group 80! When do people vote in November? Does anyone know!

Anonymous said...

Once again, the Marino lawsuit was valid. McWhorter's own counsel acknowledged the violations and Blog published some. Palm Bch Judge merely ruled it was for JQC to enforce and not Judiciary. Did not want to undermine voting public by removing from bench. So stop your whining. Herald endorsed McWhorter so what the F are you talking about 3:37????????

Anonymous said...

Gina, you are definitely a class act. How about running against judges who do not possess the same amount of integrity, legal acumen or temperment, e.g. Judges Thomas, Jimenez, or Lindsey. Regarding your husband, he definitely should not have been in an issue in your judicial race. Yet, I believe alot of attorneys have legitimate complaints about his behavior and conduct. Regardless, hope to see you in the next judicial race.

Anonymous said...

Gina won another convert in the way she handled herself throughout the campaign. To the ASA that thinks that I.Q. is all that matters, and a judge that is reversed is a bad judge, I would offer this. A judge who is reversed is a judge who makes decisions, as opposed to refusing to rule or punting. Brains are great, but so are patience, the willingness to listen and understand and temperament. Read a few judicial disciplinary cases and you may realize that affirmance/reversal ratings are just a part of the equation,

Anonymous said...


I got a copy of the lawsuit Marino filed, and it had merit. McWhorter agreed with the facts and only disputed the legal conclusions.

Problem is that the law says the campaign violations McWhorter committed may not be serious enough to warrant kicking her off the ballot.

Instead of insulting Patty for filing the suit, maybe we should ask why a sitting judge did so many things wrong and violated so many statutes?

Put blame where it belongs!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but, how can anyone insult anyone for being married to a cop.

Some cops are great.

That cop is not.

Gina's husband is well known to be a nut job.

Anonymous said...

what are the requirements to be a cop in dade? is there a minimum age, education, etc?

Anonymous said...

Gina should be congratulated for her professionalism, her class and courage.

Those who hide behind anonymous postings to say nasty things about others, make cheap shots and racist comments about lawyers and judges are cowards. People of principles don't do that.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if judges did the same thing to attorneys who are a pain or have an attitude.

Anonymous said...

To Post:

Thursday, September 07, 2006 8:04:09 PM

Then consider yourself a coward as well just like you said to the rest! After all you just got done posting Anonymous as all those that use Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

To Post:

Thursday, September 07, 2006 8:04:09 PM

One more thing you need to consider, you have no principle as well! If you turn around to apply a comment to one, then why not follow your own rule and do not post anonymous. Meaning the comment you posted applies to you as well!

you know who said...

Here is the list of the judges up for election in 2008 according to the miami dade election department
Office on
Current Term
19 Crespo, Manuel A. 2008 1/5/2009 23 Lopez, Peter R. 2008 1/5/2009 27 Dresnick, Ronald C. 2008 1/5/2009 33 Farina, Joseph P. 2008 1/5/2009 35 Prescott, Orlando A. 2008 1/5/2009 36 Pineiro, Roberto M. 2008 1/5/2009 37 Hardee Muir, Celeste 2008 1/5/2009 38 Glick, Leonard E. 2008 1/5/2009 44 Bagley, Jerald 2008 1/5/2009 46 Zabel, Sarah 2008 1/5/2009 50 Simons, Stuart M. 2008 1/5/2009 53 Emas, Kevin M. 2008 1/5/2009 54 Wilson, Jr., Thomas S. 2008 1/5/2009 55 Cohen, Jeri Beth 2008 1/5/2009 57 Shapiro, Bernard S. 2008 1/5/2009 58 Schumacher, Marc 2008 1/5/2009 63 Rosinek, Jeffrey 2008 1/5/2009 64 Hogan Scola, Jacqueline 2008 1/5/2009 69 Scola Jr., Robert N. 2008 1/5/2009 70 Karlan, Sandy 2008 1/5/2009 71 Sigler, Victoria S. 2008 1/5/2009 75 Tunis, Dava J. 2008 1/5/2009 76 Eig, Spencer 2008 1/5/2009 County Court Judge (41 seats – 6 year term) Group No. Office on Ballot: Current Term Expires: 16 Figarola, Rosa C. 2008 1/5/2009 17 Vacant position 2008 1/5/2009 19 Schwartz, Jacqueline 2008 1/5/2009 34 Vacant position 2008 1/5/2009 36 De La Torre, Nuria Saenz 2008 1/5/2009 38 Arzola, Antonio 2008 1/5/2009

Anonymous said...

In response, the difference is that I have not attacked anyone by name under the cover of "anonymous".

I would congratulate Judge Schwartz for his response to Gina. It shows class on his part as well. The "nasty anonymous" should learn from these good-intentioned people.

Anonymous said...

Attacks against others and their family members are beneath us all as lawyers, whether state or defense, or judges. We are all protectors of the Constitution and the American ideals we stand for.
I call upon everyone to take the high road. The blog can still be informational and a tool for good if used responsibly.

Anonymous said...

It seems that many of the comments in the blog lately are hateful, racist or vicious. That is not us. We, lawyers, as a group are not like that. That is not why we went to law school. What happened to integrity and values?

Anonymous said...

8:28 news flash Judge Crespo will not be running in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Are we reduced to laughing at the dead?

Anonymous said...

pointing out to the 8:28 poster that him stating crespo is running in 2008 is incorrect. Crespo was the best judge dade county has ever had.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! None finer than Judge Manny. The FACDL should give him their "Kogie" award posthumously--better late than never.

Anonymous said...

To the person from the SAO who said Gina Mendez is "nice" but not intelligent you clearly do not know Gina. Please do not be drawn in by her professional demeanor and assume she is stupid or just "nice with class" but brain dead. She actually is quite feisty, quick as a whip and super smart. She has tried numerous cases as a prosectuor, criminal defense attorney and family law lawyer. How many of the other candidates actually have stepped outside of their safe zone and practiced law in more than one area? You all missed a great opportunity in failing to elect Gina!

Anonymous said...

He was not making fun of Judge Crespo being dead.

He was making fun of someone pasting a list that he or she did not read as it includes a deceased judge.

So there!

Anonymous said...

To the very verbose ASA talking about Legal IQ. How in the heck do you know who does not have legal IQ if you never saw them practicing law on a real close level. If these judges that you rant and rave about were never judges and they were civil attornerys while you were in the State Attorney's Office, how would you know about there Legal IQ or competence. I am so sick of people like you who live in their itty bitty bubble world and judge others who they know nothing about. Let me enlighten you since you seem to be stuck behind your state criminal desk for much too long... There are countless areas of law that you would not even begin to know about. In the civil side alone there are so many complex areas of law that a person may practice in and you would never even hear about them. Criminal law is easy. Its the one area that actually effects life and death, yet they throw young attorneys from both sides into the trenches with barely a notebook to start. So please don't tell me about the 4,5, and 6th amendements that are learned in one law school class, while the others take years to master.

Go Gina and any other qualified candidate. You see, I actually took the time to study the candidate. Oh and just because a person is nice, it does not mean that they would not make a GREAT judge.

Anonymous said...

To the COWARD Anonymous who posted a cowardly response to Ms. Mendez's letter. You are indeed a FOOL and a HUGE COWARD. Why don't you say who you are so we can judge your credentials for your ridiculous unmerited and unsubstantiated comments? Why not, because you are a CHICKEN COWARD FOOL. Please don't quote me about our founding fathers when their true identitly was not hidden and the times indeed were all too perilous, as opposed to you hiding in your underwear eating ice-cream and typing away.