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What an interesting night election night was! Word has it that Shelly Schwartz is now breathing normally and may be able to return to work in a few weeks. We can't help but feel very happy if not relieved that Judges Murphy and Leifman were rewarded with well deserved wins. Judge Leifman in particular has had his share of election night disappointments in the past. We send him a "WELL DONE SIR" and know he will continue being the judge we are all proud to appear before.

Lets look at a few races:


The totals from Tuesday night were:
Cecilia Armenteros-Chavez
Michael A. Bienstock
Jose L. 'Joe' Fernandez


Joe Fernandez looks good in this race. He had a great endorsement by the Herald. He has a good political organization running, and if one “assumes” that Ms. Chavez took some votes away from Mr. Fernandez (assuming the voters vote along ethic lines in a majority of the votes cast) then Mr. Fernandez will get a well deserved win.



The totals from Tuesday night were:
Marisa Tinkler Mendez
Mario Garcia Jr.
Catherine 'Cathy' Parks


This is a bit tougher to call. What happened here?

Did Mendez and Parks split the “female vote”?
Or did Garcia take votes away from Mendez in the “Hispanic Vote?”

This is Ms. Parks second try at a judicial race, and her second run-off. We admire her tenacity. We think she has a good political organization set to go, but don’t count out Ms. Mendez, who has a great group of criminal defense attorneys behind her. The thinking here is that it will come down to how much support Ms. Parks will get from the civil community. That translates into money. A big media push by either candidate gets the win here.


The totals from Tuesday night were:

Valerie R. Manno Schurr
Jose R. Sanchez-Gronlier
Rima Catherine Bardawil


[Memo to Rima Bardawil: get a hypen. You were out-hyphenated.]

We sniff an upset here. We can’t pinpoint exactly why we feel it, but something inside of us says “Sanchez-Gronlier”. What a story that would be! From clerk to Judge. Mr. Sanchez-Gronlier has a lot to be proud of already, but he is clearly an underdog here, because we believe that Ms. Manno-Schurr has the money -or ability to raise the money needed- to win. But she should not rest on her laurels. Stranger things have happened.


The next election is the general election. In this past Gubernatorial primary election, the Republican turn out was weak, as they were confident Mr. Crist would get the nomination. The Democrats had a real fight, and turned out in large numbers to vote.

Republicans will be out in force the next time around. That should translate into a bigger Hispanic turnout. But as we have seen in general elections, Miami is still a Democratic party town. Who will benefit from the general election? Our thought is female candidates will benefit, and that spells advantage Manno-Schurr over Sanchez-Gronlier.


The totals for Tuesday night were:

Don S. Cohn
Bonnie Lano Rippingille


This is the race we cannot figure out. All election night long, Don Cohn clung to a slim lead. There is talk that the rain held back voters in Hispanic neighborhoods, allowing the North Dade block to push Shelly Schwartz, Larry Schwartz, and Dennis Murphy over the top against Hispanic opponents.

But what was going on here?

In the last 15 years, female candidates have been almost unbeatable when matched up against a male candidate. You can go as far back as Judge Martin Kahn losing to Mindy Glazer; Judge Phil Knight was also beaten by a female challenger;
Karen Mills-Francis beat Judge Goldstein 6 years ago and whipped Mr. Millan last night. Judge Pando beat Dave Alschuler six years ago, Challenger Myriam Lehr beat Judge Leifman previously. We could go on and on. And yet Don Cohn was able to beat an incumbent Female Judge who had lots of money and lots of endorsements.

Can anyone explain this one?

Perhaps Friar William of Ockham had it right: the simplest explanation is the best. People just didn't like Judge Rippingille.

Friar William of Ockham (not Don Cohn).

See you in court.


Anonymous said...

Family Court is a tough place to be a Judge. Samules and Rippingille both lost. Both had been in Family division. Who did they piss off over there?

Anonymous said...

family disputes can cause alot of vindictive votes

Anonymous said...

Judge Rippingille and Samuels were fine judges trying to do their very best. When someone ran against them, they were vulnerable like anyone else. These judicial races are very close. Anyone can lose. Look at the vote count in the other races. It is like going to trial. You can do your very best and still lose. Does it mean you did not do a good job?

Rumpole said...

I cannot explain Rippingille's loss. It defies logic and flies in the face of about 20 years of judicial elections in this town.

Anonymous said...

Let me try to explain it...whereas Judge Rippingille has been quietly toiling in the family courthouse (presiding over d.v. criminal and restraining order cases) for the past few years, Don Cohn ran for judge only 2 short years ago; hence, his name was still familiar to the voters.

Rumpole said...

OK. That's one way to see it.

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps word got out that Judge Bonnie LANO, did you catch that? LANO (it's Hispanic, or at least it sounds that way) LANO Rippingille is a horrible judge? Maybe we should give the voters some credit.

Anonymous said...

now that I think about it Don Cohn like Faber got his name mentioned in the Herald regards the Hernandez scandal and he was a complainer of hernandez in herald story.

I really beleive that the members of the Florida bar came out in force and voted by who was against Hernandez and his group of felons?

I just dont known but Rumpoles point is interesting. Rumpole do woman voters in Dade county tend to be republican ?

Rumpole said...

I think it has been an open secret that women judicial candidates were virtually unbeatable over the last 20 years. Ethnicity didn't seem to matter. Because more people will vote in November, more women will vote, and I think that's better for female candidates. But what do I know? I thought the Dolphins would win tonight.

Anonymous said...

OK, now please explain how come Ana Maria Pando won so big.

Anonymous said...

Sanchez-Gronlier is a well-liked fellow who will benefit from Manno-Schurr's desperation to take the bench at any cost. Lots of people dislike her since the 2004 race against Judge Rubinstein.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

all I know is I will not be watching the returns every 30 minutes this time around.

I almost had a heart attack when I saw those early returns with Gonzalez, Hernandez and Alvarez winning. That was just to stressful.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole - is someone going to do an analysis of who put in what $$ of their own into the races? Just wondering.

the truth said...

One way ticket back to Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

You guys just don't seem to get it. You think that lawyer's votes and knowledge of a judge's ability in the courtroom makes a difference in the vote. It doesn't. The average voter knows nothing of this. Also, The Herald endorsement and none of the other endorsements make a difference. Also, it doesn't even matter who you pay off If so, Rippingille would certainly have won. Don't you understand? It was her NAME!! Sad but true. It sounds evil. I don't rean to be mean, just realistic. Her name really sounds evil, like Rip something out. No rational Black person would ever vote for that name, no matter how mauch she catered to the Black community. The weather also helped Don Cohn, as his friends and supporters knew that they had to come out and vote for him, or else he would lose. Judge R's supporters were probably a bit more complacent, thinking that she, as a sitting judge, would easily win. Just didn't happen. We're sorry, Judge Rippingille.

Mendez wll have a very hard time beating Parks. First of all, Cathy Parks has a lot of name recognition from having run before. Too, she has abolutely no scandals in her closet. She is a clean person. Also, the Hispanics are not fooled by Mendez' name. They know she's not hispanic. And her t.v. ad doesn't help her at all. Parks will get all the Black vote, no matter what Mendez does, b/c there's no way in the world that a Black will vote for a Mendez. If Mendez spends any money in the Black community, it's money wasted. Whereas, Parks can easily go into the hispanic community and call herself Catrina Parkez and pick up votes. Are you listening, Cathy?

And it's not all about money. Parks was well financed 2 years ago and she lost to the candidate who spend the very least. It's a question of being smart.

Manno and Sanchez, who knows? That guy seems to know something that the others don't. He got an awful lot of votes with very little backing or campaigning. Manno's lawsuit helped him a lot.

Anonymous said...

To the person who keeps asking: Pando won because she had the money and name recognition and despite her previous problems, a lot of people obviously like her. Her opponent came from a small firm and didn't seem to get her name out.
In fact, even in the Herald endorsement, Pando's name was mentioned, albiet negatively, way more than the person they were actually endorsing.
People who have no personal knowledge of the candidates tend to retain names that are easy and that they hear over and over.
As far as her prior campaign problems, she was sanctioned, took her penalties and moved on. Like many of the current allegations against other candidates, the problems were not enough for removal from the bench/ or ballot. And, contrary to Rumpoles position, being late does not a bad judge make. Nor does ruling in a way that popular organizations don't like if in fact she's following the law.

Anonymous said...

I did not support pando or marino.

Pando and Marino did a great job getting there name out. In every neighborhood at every one of those new glass bus stops all I saw was Marino's name. On US1 heading north from Florida city to Cutler Ridge HUGE Billboard about 2 stories high. I did not vote for her but man she was everywhere. On the other hand McWhorther I never saw her signs.

Pando had a huge illegal sign hanging over the highway 826 around bird road (about 20 feet by 20 feet). Just huge for all the untold numbers to view every morning during RUSH hour.

The answer is promotion is the key. I was very worried Faber would not win because Hernandez slammed Faber in street promotion. Everytime I turned around all I could see was Hernandez Banner with that picture (that did him no good). On the other hand Faber slammed Hernandez with that execellent TV spot that was right on the money and every time I turned on the tube I saw the TV Spot.

Bottom line you have to cover all the basis. Paying people who do promotion like in the music biz are probally better than others.

Anonymous said...

"No rational Black person would ever vote for that name, no matter how much she catered to the Black community." This was said earlier by a blogger talking about Judge Rippingile.
Is this not a racist comment?
Was this a lawyer's comment?

Anonymous said...

"...there's no way in the world that a Black will vote for a Mendez. If Mendez spends any money in the Black community, it's money wasted." This was another wonderful comment made by a fellow blogger.
Is this what our profession is about, racism and hate?

Anonymous said...

Judge Rippingille worked too hard to lose this election. Her loss is truly ours.

Anonymous said...

rippingile's black and white pic holding a statute book looked like goldie hawn playing the statue of liberty.

i dont know how don cohn pulled it off, but she must have pissed off a few people along the way.

Anonymous said...

To Post:

Thursday, September 07, 2006 11:50:19 PM

You make yourself so ridiculous comparing peoples color or ethnic backgrounds! Just to let you know, if “Parks” strategy is to full the Black community because of her last name “Parks” let me tell you I will make sure their community hear’s about this!

Catherine Parks has no relationship to “Rosa Parks” who was a great person! You can not compare Catherine Parks to this wonderful lady! Do you think the Black community is stupid? Well they are not! There is lots of smart Black as well as famous ones!

In every ethnic background there are good and bad people! You can not compare Candidates and the communities vote by last name or color! How ridiculous can anyone be to make a statement as you did on this blog! We are all people no matter of your color, or last name! I am 100% sure, that if one of you cut your finger, no matter what color you are or your last name is!!YOU WILL BLEED THE COLOR RED” or am I wrong?

If someone in your family or a friend gets hurt or passes away, your feelings of sadness even tears would be the same as anyone, no matter what color you are or last name you have! So, don’t think in anyway, that the Black COMMUNITY IS STUPID and will vote for “Parks” believing that she is one of them!
That’s not how to win a vote!

Catherine Parks has no relationship to “””Rosa Parks”””and surely you can not compare Catherine to Rosa Parks! Because Rosa Parks was a fine lady, good person and helped her community! Which I don’t expect from Catherine Parks at all! In reality you seem to forget a little about History and how the white community mistreated the black community! I would say, they would elect a Hispanic, Italian, or even a Canadian before electing a white (as for say)! Because you still have many whites that in today’s society still treat them bad!

With an exemption, to those that don’t fall into racial profile! Why can’t people just get a long with one another and treat one another with RESPECT as you yourself would like!

Listen, Catherine Parks lover, don’t be so NARROW MINDED AND MAKE THE BLACK COMMUNITY APPEAR TO BE STUPID! Because they are not!

REMEMBER! Just because “”””Catherine Parks””””carries the last name of “”PARKS”” THAT WILL NOT FULL THE “””black”””COMMUNITY FOR them to VOTE for her and make Catherine the winner! The Black community are more smarter then what you or anyone else may think!

So don't count on thinking the the Black Community will believe or think that Catherine may be one of them because she carries the LAST NAME OF PARKS"""""

Anonymous said...

I don't think the 11:50 poster meant to compare Cathy Parks to Rosa Parks at all. I think they were simply trying to say that the black community typically tends not to vote for Hispanics and that they won't vote for the Mendez name, especially when there is a non-Hispanic name in the race. And please don't accuse me of being racist, etc, because there are lots of statistics out there that show that people do tend to vote along racial lines.
That's been the focus of this blog for the last few weeks, Hispanics voting for Hispanics, Jews for Jews, etc.
Nowehere in the 11:50 post did I see it alleged that Parks was trying to fool people into thinking she has anything to do with Rosa Parks.

Anonymous said...

For those that made the rational prediction! Marisa Tinkler Mendez, has helped many Hispanics and Blacks. Her mayority of clients! Those she helped know who they are and it is 100% that Ms. Mendez is a good person and is not a racist as some of those that keep posting "Black" would never vote for her! In addition, if hse really wanted to full the latin community----she would not be using the ""Name TINKLER"" SHE IS USING HER LEGAL NAME SO TELL ME HOW ON EARTH WOULD SHE BE TRYING TO FOOL ANYONE!

However, the latin community is quite aware of who is Catherine Parks! So even if she changes her name---it would not make a difference!

Anonymous said...

It does not make a difference who votes for who! I think children get along better then adults! May be some adults can learn from the childrens, how they don't say this black person or latino or white,,,kids cal there friends nick names, or by their name!

From reading here at that post, it appears that many, are not so professional as they pertain to be in the real world. That is why "Smiling faces can remind someone of an upside down frown and the evil snake"

I hope people will vote for the person who is most qualified and not by their color, or last name,,as you mentioned above blacks wil not vote for Mendez based on her last name!

You know that may back fire! Black are more well educated then what you think! So save your explaining for someone else! For those that love to check grammer and spelling--please become a teach you would be great at that position!

Anonymous said...

To me, the voters made the right decisions for the first time in a long time on all races.

Anonymous said...

Pando won big as predicted because she has a very strong base of support in the community. She will always be re-elected. With regard to her problem, most people chalk it up to politics, and the Hispanics know that she got in trouble for doing exactly what the Anglos and Jews have been doing for years, so they don't care.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rumpole, is it true that you really know our identity???

Evelio Garcia

Anonymous said...

hey rumpole
long time jbb here. how long do you intend to keep this up? it seems like quite a burden on a man/womens soul. constantly thinking about what you have created. always posting and watching and gossiping about lawyers. besides, by now, it would be more fun to find out your id then to read the blog. then again, if you did come forward, could you stand the wrath of brummer and rory and all the others you have put in their place?

Anonymous said...

Very funny, Evelio. :)
I don't think Rumpole knows us.


Anonymous said...

I am such a loser.


Please see what a loser I am click this link:



Anonymous said...


I think you better take a look at who is watching your site at about 3 pm to 4pm .

Interesting. I just looked at it!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm not that Miguel.

I'm Miguel S.

So there, you don't know who we are.

Anonymous said...

hey, there, 10:28, have a drink and smoke some grass if you're not already. you really need to chill out, my militant brother. And before sounding off on the blog about how blacks are not stupid --we already know that (lol) -- check you English grammar and stop making yourself look uneducated. I hope you're not a lawyer. I will hate to see how you write a motion. ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Anonymous said...

hey 4:35 ummm....

"check you English grammar"

I think ya better check ya self hommie

Anonymous said...

sorry Miguel S.

Well that Miguel is still a loser:


Anonymous said...

This is getting out of hand. People, even Rump, have asked for explanations regarding the recent election results, and when someone attempts to provide the said explanation, another blogger will take it completely out of context and make it appear as though one of the csndidates made the comments. Much of what the earlier blogger said about names is completely accurate. Why dd David Peckins never win an election? Because of his name, that's why.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, just look at the N.C.Supreme Court, if you want to talk about names. Sarah Jessica Parker (that's right!)is the Chief Justice. She ran a number of years ago as a complete nobody, but she won with huge numbers. I might add she is rather homely...

Anonymous said...

Velis is a loser - literally

Anonymous said...

If it is true about RUMPOLE'S HAVE THE ABILITY TO TRACE THE IDENTITY, boy then I wish he provide the names of all the ANONYMOUS people are---I bet for some it would not be at their best interest, especially those that may be running for election per say!

Anonymous said...

Hey ORJ, anyone can file a lawsuit. What happened with the lawsuit against loser Miguel? Inquiring minds want to know.

Mike C.

Anonymous said...

have no clue. anyone have any info on Ramon A. Abadin ?

He donated money to Leifmans campiagn and so did Miguel de la O.

He is reviewing a complaint against Miguel de la O, but has numerous conflicts in doing this.

Miguel De La O, was the co-chair of Leifmans campaign.

Anonymous said...

No one is ever truly anonymous. Of course we all knew this. All websites that allow for interaction with site visitors, record the IP addresses of the computers that have visited the site let alone post on it.

Take that information, go to http://www.nwtools.com/ and then you can figure out who the ISP is and where you go to contact them.

Not to mention depending on how your computer is set up, it may send additional information about you.

All it takes is a lawful warrant or subpoena to get from the ISP the identity of who was using what IP address on any given date and time, unless they were a sophisticated hacker who was using some unsuspecting victim's computer to do the dirty work and leave the tracks behind. Of course as with all good Fourth Amendment intrusions, need some probable cause of criminal activity.

IP addresses are handed out dynamically as opposed to being static (non-changing) so it changes from day to day and even instance to instance if you're doing dialup.

Anonymous said...

so if you want to be more secret use dial up?

Anonymous said...

Your IP address changes more frequently - i.e. each time you dialup as opposed to a always on DSL connection where it changes periodically.

But the ISP always knows who had the address at a date and time.

Anonymous said...

Who is the idiot that keeps talking about Cathy Parks "fulling" the black community. You FOOL its FOOL not FULL. Get it straight before you start writing like some half cocked pistol.

Anonymous said...

Parks obviously knows how to use her resources wisely, as does Sanchez-Gromlier. It's clear that money doesn't win an election--see Murphy vs. Velis, for example. Or Rippingille vs. Cohn. It's all about strategy and name recognition. Funny that both Schwartzes won, whereas both Mendezes did not. It's also about whether people like you and are willing to work with/for you.

Anonymous said...

i agree with above

Anonymous said...

i didn't go, but parks had a huge tailgate party at the marlins game yesterday.

Anonymous said...

what's the word on rippingile and samuels?

Anonymous said...

Many of you have made typo error's or have used a different word just like the perso who post "full" or "fool" so those of you that consider yourself perfect---word of advice no one is perfect and neighter are you! In addition, to post on a blog, who cares how professional you are, I rather view the typo and spelling error, then read from people who supposely have a professional title make the comments as they do on the blog! So much for professional ethical values you have shown those that visit the blog that may not have your title, but most likely have more value then what you have shown on your post! You see, just because you may have a title, does not make you any better then the rest! Most people without a title act more professional then those that come and put other's down that work in the same career as some of you do! If Rumpole ever post your real identity, you would most likely lose client's then gain them! Then if this was to happen, you can easily apply for a teacher's degree, although most likely, you would not be fit for this position! Surely, I would not want to see kids being taught your behavior!

Anonymous said...

p.s Thomas Jefferson advised us in his early letters that mispelling should be avoided (other than plain typos) b/c people will judge you for it. Once again you wrote "neighter" instead of neither. This is clearly not a typo as the "Full" you wrote was not either. It is obvious that you are not in the legal profession and have stumbled upon this blog b/c you have an interest in a candidate.

Anonymous said...

Why liars make good lawyers and lawyers make good liars. Determining whether one needs to be a lawyer before one becomes a good liar or be a good liar before one is deemed a good lawyer (try saying that three times very quickly!) is sort of like choosing which comes first - the chicken or the rotten egg? When it comes to lawyers, the question is moot. Lawyers lie and they lie all of the time. That’s just the way it is. When it comes down to misleading, deceiving and baffling regular folks on a regular basis, lawyers are the absolute best in the business. They can turn fact into fiction and fiction into fact. Regardless of whether you’re talking about a little white lie or a major league whopper, lawyers simply have no peers. The oath their victims must swear to - telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth - doesn’t apply to them. No sir, they simply cannot allow the truth to mess things up or get in their way. Lying and lawyers, lawyers and lying, this dynamic duo just seems to go hand in hand. And like it or not, that spells double trouble for the rest of us.

But come on, can lawyers really be blamed for their appalling lack of honesty or integrity? Can they really help themselves? After all, just look at the company they keep. In a profession literally laced with some of the sleaziest con artists and shake down specialists the world has ever known (we’re talking about the lawyers, not their clients!), lying, cheating and swindling is the name of the game. The legal field is replete with shysters who have become virtual virtuosos in the fine art of deception and deceit. And as far as their profound propensity for obfuscating, prevaricating and equivocating at every turn, aren’t we being a little picky? When you get right down to the nitty-gritty, fabricating the facts, twisting the truth and finagling the figures are requisite tricks of their trade and no self-respecting lawyer would leave home without them. Whether we like it or not, lying has become an integral facet of our legal system. And lawyers, by and large, wouldn’t have it any other way.


Like I said before, I rather mispell and make typo error's, but at least I don't fall under the above category as people think about you!

Hey, even Rampole has mispelled and/or had typo error. I have nothing to prove to anyone and don't care what anyone has to say or thinks about me! Good luck and all the best! It is obvious I know who you are!

Anonymous said...



Justice for Sale.

Bought and sold. Is justice truly for sale in the courtrooms of the United States? While that question could be argued for hours on end, there can be little cogent debate that America’s justice system is wrought with prejudice, corruption and avarice. Sometimes it seems that getting a fair shake in court these days depends a great deal on who’s representing you and what kind of strings your lawyer can pull. Who the lawyer knows seems to mean a lot more than what he or she knows anymore. The lawyer with the right connections always holds the upper hand over the lawyer who doesn’t. Always. From top to bottom and everywhere in between, the legal community is a tight nit conglomeration of cliques and inner circles. If your lawyer is not part of the “in” crowd - the good old boy network where glad handing and behind the scenes dealing rule the day - you may find yourself in a whole heap of trouble if and when you land in court.

Lawyers who are friendly with the judges in the courts in which they practice hold a huge ace in the hole. After all, when it’s all said and done, judges are the final arbiters in all lawsuits. Judges run the show and can generally dictate the path of any given case brought before their court. Judges have a lot more latitude than most people think when it comes to presiding over a case and a judge can make or break a case if he or she so chooses. Throughout the legal proceedings, from the pre-trial motions and hearings right through the trial testimony, judges make rulings on a number of issues that can directly influence the direction of any lawsuit and ultimately the outcome of the suit as well. Even in jury trials, judges can still exert an enormous amount of power on how the cases will be decided in the end. A crackerjack crook of a judge can swing a case in any direction he or she wants by selectively admitting or omitting evidence and testimony, randomly overruling or sustaining objections and indiscriminately ruling on assorted legal aspects of the case. While the lawyers may protest, the judge is the final decision maker. If anyone, be it the lawyers or their clientele, disagrees with the verdict or decision rendered, their only recourse is to take the case to an appeals court - an expensive and time consuming route which we will cover a little later in this chapter.


Again, I don't mine mispelled words or typo error. You see, I don't get classified as you! Lie the above I could find many more of what people actully think about people like you!

I rest my case. Put a little smile on your face and enjoy life a little more then trying to find typo errors! I guess you have nothing better to do in life then to try to prove to others your perfect! Keep trying if it makes you happy.............

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly having practiced in D.V. court for over 10 years it doesn't surprise me that Rippingille & Samuels both lost. Judge Rippingille is incompetent & Judge Samuels is lazy.

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself, 7:17. 99.9% of the people in Dade County have never been in Ripp's or Sam's courtroom, and they don't know anything about either of them. Your descriptions of them, whether accurate or not, have absolutely nothing to do with their losses. It's really a question of that last minute thing that people do when they vote--i.e., marking the early ballot or pressing the touch number.

Some people like to vote for those they consider the underdog. Others will vote for a winner. Others vote based on ethnicity. Some vote for male; some for female. Some vote b/c they know you; others vote against you b/c they know you. Neighbors will often vote for you b/c they like the thought of having a judge living close by. Some will vote for blonds; others will vote for brunettes. A few will vote b/c of the Herald; many more will vote against anyone the Herald recommends.

But very few will actually cast their vote based on any real qualifications, demeanor, work ethic, or anything else that matters b/c they JUST DON'T KNOW.

Anonymous said...

To the Catherine Parks supporters, why don't you show more respect for the communities of both "Hispanic's" and/or the "African American" Community, and yet you have the nerve to try to gain their votes! Show respect first before even attemptingto win over their votes!

It's not "Black's" so respect the African American Society!

Anonymous said...

Most Blacks/African Americans don't care which you call them, as long as you're respectful. Just ask them. Probably nowadays most prefer the term Black. African-American is passe. Ask Boby Levy and his Black Educational Justice Committee.

Anonymous said...

YOu suggest I ask Boby Levy and his Black Educational Justice Committee, I will ask.

Anonymous said...

And Mendez was seen passing out those Black Educational Justice Committee cards. So9 where's her respect for "African Americans"?

Anonymous said...

Per your statement as you poseted:

"And Mendez was seen passing out those Black Educational Justice Committee cards. So9 where's her respect for "African Americans"?"

Don't try to even go there! You can never compare yourself with "Mendez" she has class and would never skoop to your level! She has respect for everyone on the other hand you don't!

You already put your foot in your mouth and want to take the rest down with you! I don't buy your lies and those that know "Mendez" knows that what you have just posted is a bunch of lies...Good day, not that you actually deserve for someone to wish you a "good day" but why even skoop to your level:0)

Anonymous said...

It would be STOOP to your level, not SKOOP. If you're going to insult someone, at least be grammatically correct about it.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the sound of stoop---it sounds better as skoop! You must be an old person---not to know the new generations short terminolgy they use today! Sorry, try haning around younger people and stay a live! By the way, I could think of better words to use, but since your not important to me--I can careless about grammer and/or spelling! It's my time, if I feel like checking my grammer and/or spelling--that is-up to me, again--after all it is my time! If you're feeling upset---Don't worry be happY:0) Life is to short to get bent out of shape-try enjoying life more:o)See Yah!

Anonymous said...

Insult, poresito o poresita, que devino querido!

Anonymous said...

By the way---I know it is pobresito-y-pobresita,,,meaning:

"pobresito----poor thing"

Anonymous said...


"It would be STOOP to your level, not SKOOP. If you're going to insult someone, at least be grammatically correct about it.

Thursday, September 14, 2006 8:05:07 PM "

By the way, both of you have it wrong, It is "SCOOP" down! So for you who likes to correct grammer and spelling, take your own advise first before attacking other's!

Anonymous said...

Hello to all, I am a 28-year-old black woman who usually stays away from politics because of the petty attitudes of the very people who are supposed to be mature enough to be our leaders. However, I have made it a mission to fulfill my civic duties by voting at every possible election. I have read this blog and understand where each party is coming from.

As an educated person, I know that there are two things that make democracy work: the involvement of the people and the system of checks and balances created by the three branches: legislative, judiciary, and executive. So, I have applied that strategy to my voting by doing the following: I do vote by name BUT if I vote for an Hispanic/Latin person or other minority for one office, I'll vote for an Anglo/Caucasian in another complementary office. There are no guarantees there, but at least, I hope one will keep the other in line.

On a final note, It is so shallow and ignorant to think that there is anything in a name, to quote Entrepreuneur Magazine, by 2010 approximately, more than 70% of people under 18 in the United States will be of mixed race...try figuring someone's ethnicity by their last name then!

God bless all of you bloggers and have a great day.