Wednesday, February 24, 2016


UPDATE: Just left the REGJB Thursday morning. Tried to use the Wifi. No luck. Saw the signal. Couldn't log on. Back to carrier pigeons. 

Michael Hernandez, who committed first degree murder as a fourteen year old student, had a new sentencing hearing and was sentenced again to life in prison by Judge John Schlessinger, who presided at the original trial. Hernandez was represented at the new sentencing by the PDs office, who did as good a job as they could. 

A long time ago Sy Gaer told us that even the best lawyer can't change all the facts of a case. 

If you don't know who Sy was, please leave now. You're not welcome here. 

DOM has all the details on a bad day for lawyers in Broward. One was arrested for a horrendous child-sex porn case, and the other was arrested for forging judge's signatures approving payouts for structured settlement cases. 

Usually the news is a Broward judge getting arrested, so this is a change. 


Donald Trump won the Nevada causes yesterday, and then flew out to begin campaigning in the Super Tuesday states, which just goes to show that what happens in Vegas DOES NOT always stay in Vegas. 

Our colleague Roy Black took to Facebook to comment that he, like the rest of the world, underestimated Mr. Trump. 

Assuming Democrats and Republicans are about evenly divided, Mr. Trump's ability to get close to half the Republican voters to vote for him shows that there are about 25-35% of Americans who are so angry and feel so disenfranchised that they would vote for a man with very un-american ideas. 
Banning people from the country based on their religion or nationality is not something we should be proud of. 

But Trump should no longer be dismissed just because he acts like a buffoon, He has a legitimate constituency and although their ideas are flawed, they need to be heard and dealt with. We dismiss them, and Trump, at our own peril. 

See You In Court.


Anonymous said...

Make America great again. Go Trump



Some writer for the WP today floated the name of Rick Scott as a running mate for Trump.


If that were the ticket and they won, and Carlos Lopez Cantera won the open Rubio Senate seat, (remember that Lopez Cantera is currently our Lt. Gov.), That would make Pam Bondi our new Governor.

Cap Out .....

Anonymous said...

Anyone familiar with the immigration process to move to Canada?

Anonymous said...

8:15 -- interesting that you are not planning to move to Mexico. I wonder why you'd choose Canada instead. Hmmmmmm.

Also, here is a fun game: Google image search any national Republican you think of, over the past 30 years, along with the word "Hitler". Go ahead. Bush Hitler. McCain Hitler. Palin Hitler. Romney Hitler. Cheney Hitler. Bob Dole Hitler. GHWB Hitler. Reagan Hitler. Nixon Hitler. Etc.

See if you cannot get easy hits for every single one. Basically, if you are a prominent Repub, Democrat media get to call you Hitler and print cartoons of you with the mustache. (And in meantime, anyone who ever voted for these candidates, including basically all Americans in 1984 -- are presumably Nazis).

But I would suggest to you, ladies and gentlemen of the bar, that with Trump we have reached the CRESCENDO of Hitler comparisons. Every single article, editorial, cartoon, snide Facebook post, or blog has to hit the requisite Hitler name-calling.

To all Jewish readers of these comments: How do you feel about this? Are you copacetic with calling anyone who supports smaller government, or believes abortion might not be a Constitutional right, or thinks current immigration laws ought to be enforced, or who believes in supply-side economics, or who thinks identity politics are contrary to a cohesive civic society, etc... is the moral equivalent of the man who murdered millions of your family members?

Is every Republican candidate HITLER, such that we should invoke all the cliches ("And then they came for the illegal immigrants...."), put on the mustache, talk about the election of 1933, etc? Is Trump the MOST HITLER OF HITLERS?

Because it sort of seems like the media is blowing its Hitler wad right now. All Trump = Hitler, all the time. That sort of diminishes the evil of the man that murdered 6 million jews, and hundreds of thousands of gypsies, the infirmed, homosexuals, catholics, blacks, and dissidents, doesnt it?

If I think current immigration laws ought to be enforced, I basically have done something as bad as killing all those Jewish men women and children? Just checking. Because if Trump = Hitler, Romney = Hitler, etc... maybe Hitler wasnt so terrible.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why you believe trump equals hitler. Did you watch the debate. We are all free to have our political beliefs. Hitler was a mass murdering monster. One of the worst humans in history. If you don't like trump, don't vote for him. But to compare him to Hitler is a sign of ignorance.

Not JAFI much longer said...

Godwin's Law is still in effect.


12:44 PM. I had no idea about what you are commenting about re the candidate- Hitler google reference.

I support many of the policies advocated by many of the republican candidates but consider myself more of a Kasich Republican then a Cruz Republican. As for Trump, it still amazes me how low educated our voter population is. Trump is the best self promoter you and I have seen in our lifetimes. As they say, he could sell ice cubes to an Eskimo. The man is brilliant when it comes to marketing. From Trump ice, to Trump Air, to Trump University, to all of the Trump properties around the world, nobody does it better. But it is still hard for me to understand or believe that he has been able to pull this off, running for President, in this Information Age. For the first time last night, Trump was attacked by Rubio, with Rubio calling Trump out for having absolutely no policies, no plans, no substance, and it was very effective. But, it may have been too little too late. The time for calling Trump out was about five debates ago, not waiting until the tenth debate. Admittedly, it would have been a lot more difficult with 11 on stage, then the five that are there now. But, somebody has to call Trump out on the facts. The man is the PT Barnum of the 21st century. And if we are not careful, he could end up being the 45th President of the US.

Anonymous said...

8:15. I choose Canada because it's non violent and I enjoy looking at moose. They are pretty creatures. Also, being from the northeast, I don't mind the cold. And I am not smart enough to learn Spanish. That's about it.

Huey Freeman said...

12:44 I'm not Jewish so maybe that disqualifies me from addressing any of your points, but I shall in any event. If you google Obama Hitler, Clinton Hitler, Carter Hitler you can also find images and articles comparing them to Hitler. Also if you remember before Obamacare was enacted Republicans ran across the nation claiming Obamacare was creating death panels with this legislation. So the Hitler comparisons fall on both sides of the isle. As for the "Democrat media" isn't Fox News and other Conservative outlets doing the same thing. Minute after minute they peddle fear of liberals and their agenda.

I'll readily admit that both sides make Hitler comparisons far too much. The man was pure evil, no doubts about it. I don't think we've seen another nation's leader be as destructive in out lifetime.*

Trump is great at marketing and branding. That is what has him where he is today in business and politics, despite having zero experience in the latter, AND putting forth zero in terms of actual enactable policy. Marketing and branding require a great command of diction. When Trump calls for a ban on a religion is that not problematic in a nation whose First Constitutional Amendment calls for freedom of religion? (Please do not confuse a ban on all people of a single religion to be analogous to Carter banning Iranian citizens during the crisis. That would be like saying a courthouses ban on weapons being brought inside (Carter's action) is equal to a courthouse banning anything that could be used as a weapon like pens, pencils, neckties, shoelaces, belts, keys, etc (Trumps proposal)).

The things you point out that Trumps stands for are not the same things that are being used to compare him to Hitler. If people think his call to ban "all muslims" was a misspoken word then they are either not being honest or don't understand what he is doing. Even if accomplished that would not solve our immigration problem. Trump isn't Hitler, but he does play to the lowest common denominator in Americans who follow him. He also uses some of the same rhetoric as Hitler (which admittedly can be difficult to avoid when applying for the same job. The script for nation's leader has been written long ago and there's only so much you can promise). He has disparaged muslims, blacks, hispanics, and other classes of people while a homogeneous crowd cheers him on and he declares that he has "muslim/black/hispanic friends". This has not been his only questionable comment/proposal. This is not the type of person who we need as our leader.

Trump on his good side speaks to a large population that is fed up with the establishment, and that is his biggest distinguishing factor when he stands on a stage full of career politicians and pretends to be on the side of the "average guy".

Cap, I also like Kasich compared to all the other people on stage, and agree that the time to call out Trump was early in the races. Now he has a "yuuuuge" head of steam (pun intended), and it's hard to ignore the guy like he's your drunk uncle at the family gathering. The GOP thought he would be good for ratings and bring people to the party who would stay after he dropped out of the race. They severely underestimated him. Rubio, through a PAC, has a new tv ad targeting Trump on the airwaves. We'll see if it is successful.

*While there have been leaders that called for the total destruction of a nation, wiping a nation off the map, etc it has yet to be literally attempted. And then there are all the conflicts in Africa that national news outlets just don't waste airtime on.

Anonymous said...


Claude Erskine - Browne said...

Your right Trump is more George Wallace or Strong Thurman, or maybe McCarthy

Anonymous said...

Trump does target the lowest common denominator. He's just crass and without substance. He's now got white supremacists robo calling for him.

But BLM also caters to the lowest common denominator. So does Bernie Sanders, by the way, as much as I kinda like the guy because he's genuine. But at the end of the day he's a self proclaimed socialist -- in the US of all places.

That's the real problem: how polarized we've become, with wing nuts at both ends playing tug of war to see who can be more radical in the eye of their respective basis.

Just my two cents.

Oh, and to the guy that wants to hang out with Moose. Dude, moose can be incredibly ornery and aggressive. I'd rethink that if I were you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you criminal socarras. Serve, protect and steal. You are a dirt bag. Family must be proud. See you at Walmart greeting

And you should be damned ashamed getting paid on "leave" while us taxpayers pay your salary while you steal. You are shit

Scum bag

Anonymous said...

8:15 I agree -- Canada is delightful. Mexico -- or large parts of it -- is a violent, polluted shit hole. The point of my joke, if I hadnt already made it obvious, is that such a recognition is the same thing that get Trump called a racist monster to begin with. And which presumably is prompting your comment about not wanting to live in a nation that would nominate or elect him.

The real anti-Trumpers should volunteer to go live in Juarez. Money where their mouth is, etc.

Anonymous said...

The Trump Hitler comparisons are inapropriate. Mussolini is the correct one. You know louder and clownier.

Anonymous said...

"there are about 25-35% of Americans who are so angry and feel so disenfranchised that they would vote for a man with very un-american ideas". ???
Bullshit. There are 25-35% who are racist ass-holes. That's who's voting for this moron. The remaining R's are caught between Cruz (an idiot) and Rubio (a demagogue) and neither is an acceptable option.
Hillary is well-prepared and her juggernaut is just beginning. I couldn't be happier.