Monday, December 07, 2015


Adolph Trump has now proposed a total ban on allowing Muslims into the United States, and that includes American citizens trying to return from overseas (including members of our military who are Muslim).  What is it about the Constitution of which this guy either is ignorant or willing to ignore.  He already wants to keep Hispanics out.  Who's next?  Jews?  Chinese?  Will he advocate sending all African-Americans back to Africa?

To understand the narcissism of this egomaniacally dangerous man, all you have to do is review the speeches of Hitler in the 1930's.  Nationalism, xenophobia, feelings of persecution, scapegoating ethnicities, the registration of ethnicities he finds objectionable, religious tests for citizenship and the desire to militarily dominate the world.  Will we require loyalty oaths to him before you can vote?

Rise up America.   See Trump for what he is, and what he will be.  The entire Republican field, with the exception of Kasich and Bush, are weak sisters and fear mongers.  Never has our Republic been under assault like this.  It is not the enemy from without, but the enemy from within, we should fear.

As Cicero said in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar (and more appropriately applied here as a quote being used by Edward R. Morrow in his famous broadcast attacking Sen. Joe McCarthy), "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves."


Anonymous said...

is there anything wrong with the position that you should not be allowed to stay in the United States if you are here illegally? With respect to the constitution - It seems a little strange that you could come into the United states illegally and have a kid and that kid is american. comparing him to hitler is as off the wall as him trying to prevent muslims coming into our country. Hitler killed millions of Jews lest you forgot. This dude just wants to keep Muslims out of the usa. Big difference.

Anonymous said...

Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were a couple of bad apples. This country will not react in a way contrary to american values as a result of their actions. However, if this type of violence were to be perpetrated again and again by radical muslims here at home, watch out. The fog of war is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

When do you know it's almost time for the general election? When Democrats start calling everyone Adolf Hitler.

Yes, Trump is the "greatest danger this country has ever faced", Mr. Professor.

So in the name of American Democracy, let's all vote for the biggest beneficiary of nepotism in American political history. A woman whose ONLY elected office was in a state where she never once lived, bought for her by her husband's famous name and big donors. A feminist icon who could not accomplish anything without her husband purchasing it. A multimillionaire grandmother who understands the plight of the poor. A defender of women who personally participated in and sanctioned the destruction of young vulnerable women her powerful husband fucked in the mouth. Someone "proud" to have Republicans as enemies, after voting for the Iraq War and the Patriot Act. A "populist" "democrat" who has already purchased enough Superdelegates for the nomination, before a single vote has been cast! And whose party chairwoman has rigged the debates to completely preclude any competition -- again before a single vote has been cast.

Yes, Trump is the greatest threat to democracy! Thank God for our true American democrat, the candidate who CARES about following the law -- Hillary Rodham Clinton!

See, "Professor"? Anyone can blather hysterically about the other side's candidate, immune to all self-reflection, completely convinced of their own self-righteousness. I can do it from a smartphone on the 7th floor of REG and it's still better written than yours.

Anonymous said...

Don't you appreciate black humor? Frankly, it is refreshing to have Trump around because he threatens the outrageous and will never do it as opposed to our traditional politicians who promise the world and will not do it.
Who knows, it may provoke our bold president to tell us what exactly comprises the "most rigorous screening available" for the proposed Syrian refugees.

Anonymous said...

9:16 I guess I missed the line in the post about Trump being the greatest danger. Your quotes would indicate it came from the post.
Instead of attacking another candidate, why don't you try to defend the one you believe in? Your ramblings are off-topic from the post. I don't recall reading anywhere in this post about Hillary. You want to have a discussion about her, fine. But start another post. This one is about a popular candidate spewing hatred and venom. As Americans and defenders of the Constitution we should all be worried about the things he is saying. And yes, he has a Constitutionally protected right to say them.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Who articulated this Policy :
Donald Trump ? Rafeal Edwardo ( TED) Cruz ? Jerry Farwell?

" This cleaning up of our culture must extend to nearly all domains. Theater, Art, Literature, The Press, billboards, window displays Must be cleared of the symptoms of a rotten world and put into the service of a Moral State and culture.
Public life has to be freed from the suffocating perfume of our modern eroticism, also all unmanly insincerity.
For It IS an affair of the State , that means the Government , to Prevent a people from being driven into the arms of spiritual lunacy."

Adolph Hitler - Mein Kampf

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Republicans a few months ago were saying that it violated a person's religious liberty to have to bake a cake for a gay wedding but they have no problem with mass deportations of a religious group.

Anonymous said...

Even I am stunned at how quickly and completely these right wingers will abandon the constitution and our "christian values" over one nut. Fascism is running right under the surface for these unamericans.

Dump Trump said...

Comparing Trump to Hitler is not too far off. Granted he hasn't killed millions of anyone YET, but he has already advocated for it, publicly and unapologetically. (I think Hitler actually advocated for it long before he actually did it too.) His rhetoric is the same as Hitlers, and many of the people who support him at his rallies have no problems getting violent with people they disagree with or are different from them. Saying he is so different from Hitler because he hasn't killed anyone, and then giving him the power to do so is only inviting him to do so. Call me crazy for not doubting that someone who says they will wipe out entire families because of one person will attempt to do so.

Also you can find it strange, but it is the Constitution, and has been that one criteria for American citizenship is being born here, regardless of your parents citizenship. I find it strange that Wet Foot/Dry Foot still exists this long after the cold war, but only for one country because I guess that is the only country that has oppressed people. Strange, but the law.

Maybe the Professor has advocated for Hillary in another post, but I failed to see a reference to her, or any Democratic candidate in this piece, until you mentioned it. To me it sounds like a blog about the GOP front-runner for "Leader of the Free World" who blabs the most ridiculous sh!t one could ever want to hear, with a large following of idiots behind him, and all of his competition afraid to challenge him. Until recently most of the GOP has been afraid of crossing Trump and avoided challenging his ridiculous, unconstitutional, impractical, and hateful blabberings. He actually distinguished two candidates from the GOP crowd of Trumpeteers, and one of them nearly perfectly fits the same self described hysterical blathering you made. But please carry on with your self-righteousness, its as refreshing as stepping in a huge pile of doggie doo that a neighbor left in your yard.

Trump is not fitting to be president of the US.

Anonymous said...

Trump and his followers have already suggested concentration camps for Mexicans,proscription lists for muslims and assorted disrepects for pows,the handicapped and women. However shouldn't jews, blacks and cubans be dealt with now also.

The Professor said...

9:16 - I agree that you do know how to blather.

I'm sorry was there something unclear about the issue I raise that made you believe that I was backing one candidate over another? In fact, if you bothered to read the post on your "smartphone" on the 7th Floor of the REGJB, you would see that my it recognizes two Republican candidates that actually are reasonable and willing to confront this "hysteria".

I would rather be "hysterical"l over a threat to, and in protection of, our republic, than treat such a threat as superficially as your comment. Did I mention any Democrat in a positive or negative manner? Was I even discussing any issue other than the outrageous and xenophobic ramblings of a self absorbed political P. T. Barnum.

Thank you for reading, but it is obvious you can not multitask very well due to a blind spot that prevents you from seeing past your own political agenda.

Anonymous said...

9:16 here. Oh look, a line up of graying baby-boomer lawyers don't like that I criticized Hillary. The point which eludes you is that the "Professor" without fail hyperventilates about any and all Republican candidates, while never acknowledging a single flaw among his beloved Democrat Party cohorts.

My post, in which I TRIED to be over-the-top critical of a Dem candidate, to allow you to see what it would look like (because Lord knows the media will not criticize HRC, nor will your party brook any real threat to her coronation), still fell short of comparing her to a mass murderer, something the "Professor" engages in regularly with Republicans. His fellow senior citizen buddy 12:03 even claims Trump has *publicly* advocated killing millions of people. L-O-fucking-L. A quick cite to that, please, 12:03.

While he's teaching himself how to use google, I'll give the rest of you some advice: Take a deep breath. Nearly half of Muslims surveyed worldwide believe suicide bombing civilians is sometimes justified, and nearly a quarter of young Muslims in the USA believe the same thing.

There's something of an issue here. The U.S. Congress has crafted immigration law for two centuries plus based on what is in the best interests of the American people, during times of war and peace. Even in the last few years, there were nearly outright bans on Sudanese entering or North Koreans. To suggest that immigration law ought to take into account the special threat posed by Islamic jihad is not Nazism and you sound stupid (and disrespectful to those whose families were murdered by Nazis) invoking Hitler every time your precious worldview is challenged to grow or account for someone whose ideas are different from your own.

Ok, 12:03... find it yet?

Rumpole said...

Why do I think this post is a collossal mistake?

The Professor said...

9:16 - See the comment at 10:48. Find it yet?

Ashley said...

1:29:00 PM - please cite to your claim that "Nearly half of Muslims surveyed worldwide believe suicide bombing civilians is sometimes justified, and nearly a quarter of young Muslims in the USA believe the same thing."

Rumpole said...

There is no cite. It's total foolishness. Fox news propaganda bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Why does not liking Trump put me in Hillary's camp? Why can't I feel the Bern, or like the R who actually governed? Am I the only one who sees the two cubes as entitled whiners. If they don't like paperless immigrants, why won’t they put mommy and daddy on the next plane to Havana? (or Ottawa.)

Anonymous said...

Difference between Dems and Repubs? Dems believe in facts and science. Here's the Pew cite on Muslim beliefs about suicide.


Anonymous said...

My cite, Ashley:
Pew Research (2007): 26% of younger Muslims in America believe suicide bombings are justified.

The Pew Poll approaching 50% support for suicide bombing civilians was taken in the Palestinian territories. I don't have the year of that poll, but I can get it for you.

Also according to Pew polling in 2013, 56% of muslims in Russia support Sharia, which licenses death for non-believers; 52% in Bosnia; 69% in Kyrgyzstan; 54% in Indonesia; 81% in Pakistan; 81% in Jordan; 75% in Egypt; etc. And before someone objects that there are various, non-fundamentalist ways to interpret Sharia's call for death for non-believers, a majority in nearly every country cited above also reported that there was only one "single interpretation" of Sharia.

The rest of the cites you can research yourself.

The one that you should be most concerned with, if you ask me, and which I highlighted, was that 26% of young American Muslims sometimes or often find suicide bombing civilians justified.

I'll remain silent on Rump's comment that Pew Polling is "foolishness" and "bullshit". I suppose it doesn't fit his narrative, so its easy to dismiss it. Surely FOX is behind it, those scoundrels.

Ill also wait for the cite that I requested, namely where Trump publicly advocates for the murder of millions of people. That was the genesis of this whole conversation, right -- that Trump is akin to Hitler? So Ill wait for that.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article in Herald on disparity in DUI manslaughter pleas. Range from 30 days (Stallworth) up to 25+ years (mostly Broward).

Anonymous said...

Neither Reump nor Hillary should lead this country.

Anonymous said...

Almost all of the 355 mass shooters in the past year were white "christians". Shouldn't all white Christians be rounded up?

Rumpole said...

You are citing polling from two years ago in Palestinine? Russia? Pakistan? And you are OK with that. I see.

Hey new poll Just out. 99% of people believe Obama wants a nuclear war and will start one before he leaves office.
Source. Pew poll North Korea. 2015.

Also. 99% of people believe Obama and US plant false stories about Internet crimes.
Source. Pew poll China. 2014.

Anonymous said...

Hey Christians believe in Martyrdom more than anyone else. Indeed one of the famous saints said the 'blood of the martyrs is seed for the religion'. Most oppressed people turn to religion as anyone who is going through difficult times. According to Marx it is religion which keeps the poor masses docile. Interesting that Isis is comprised of defeated, humiliated remnants of Saddams structure and the recent European murderers were radicalized petty criminals with nothing to lose. With the exception of those idiots in San Bernardino the radicals can't recruit from the middle class and above. Just from personal experience every muslim i know is a hard working American.

Anonymous said...

In a new round of radio ads, Donald Trump lays out his strategy for defeating the Islamic State which has taken responsibility for the Paris attacks that killed 129 people. His solution? "Bomb the hell out of ISIS."

Civilian casualties could be "astronomically high" if the U.S. simply "bombed [ISIS] to hell," said Will McCants, head of the Brookings Institution's Project on US Relations With the Islamic World. "We would risk committing war crimes as a consequence."


Anonymous said...

Almost all of the 355 mass shooters were NOT white.

Anonymous said...

I want to thanks Donald Trump and all the xenophobic racists that are under his spell. Madam President has a nice ring to it.

Dump Trump said...

12:03 here, otherwise known as "Dump Trump," please forgive me 9:16, 1:29, and possibly some other time (but I can't keep track of all of your idiocracy) but I have better things to do with my busy day than constantly educate the ignorant. I'm not a graying baby-boomer, but I can easily see how your simplistic mind would think so, I also dont support HRC, but again I can easily see how your simplistic mind would think so. In your post in which you tried to be over the top about a Democrat, you also described the former governor of this very state from a different party, but I can see how your simplistic mind would not see that. Since you mentioned learning how to google, please google this "Trump on ISIS: ‘You have to take out their families" and you will find what you have been incapable of finding yourself or just too blind to acknowledge. If you still can't see it here's an example: the two shooters in San Bernardino have had more than two immediate relatives come out and publicly denounce them; take all of those relatives, let's just say 2 friendly US vs 1 Non-friendy for your simple mind and multiply it for every ISIS fighter. Have you done the math yet?
And let's not forget that Hitler didn't start out with a laundry list of everybody he wanted to wipe out from the beginning, but once the machine was rolling it escalated quickly. Please find a front runner from either political party who has advocated killing people based on their religious and or familial ties. That I shall wait on from you.

You want to cite multiple surveys from foreign nations that have been at war dam near forever and cite one weak ass survey from "American Muslims" and call yourself credible? Well here's this for a survey,100% of people surveyed think you're a L-O-Fucking-L ass.

The Professor said...

3:03 - You can wait. I am not. In taking power Hitler never advocated for the death of all jews, just their deportation. But after gaining absolute power and the public support for his policies, he felt free to do as he wished. So tell me, you moron, what history books are you reading. Your obvious ignorance of the history of the Third Reich is astounding. Get educated or get out of the conversation. For if you where educated, you would be as outraged as everyone, except the selfish, gullible and ignorant that support Trump.

You are what is wrong with the Republican party and the conservative wing of that party. You have co-opted the name Republican, but you do not represent the vast majority of the true conservative Republicans in this nation. I am no conservative, but have respect for their opinions, even if I do not agree with them. You live in a bubble of your own ill-informed beliefs and the truth is irrelevant to you. Polls slanted by an organization that is Islamaphobic, anti-Hispanic and xenophobic to the maximum degree are what you site, and with which you comfort yourself. Watch something other than FOX non-News and learn something. Or do you believe that your ignorance, truly is blissful?

The Professor said...

Trump continues to argue that what he speaks are obvious truths and common sense solutions to the "threats all around us." If it could be more eloquently said, it might sound like this:

“There are certain truths which stand out so openly on the roadsides of life, as it were, that every passer-by may see them. Yet, because of their obviousness, the general run of people disregard such truths or at least they do not make them the object of any concious knowledge. People are so blinded to some of the simplest facts in everyday life that they are highly surprised when somebody calls attention to what everybody ought to know.”

Adolph Hitler - "Mein Kampf"