Monday, June 17, 2013


BREAKING: Chad Johnson, who has been jailed since last week for patting his lawyer's butt in court for doing a good job has been released after telling the Broward Judge that he was sorry and did not mean any disrespect. So the Broward Judge got her pound of flesh. Happy? 

The AP writes what we in the criminal defense field have known for some time: Bite mark identification is unreliable (witch craft) nonsense (sorry Dr. Souviron). The article is here.
Bite mark identification evidence first came into the popular conscience with the prosecution of Ted Bundy in Miami and the testimony of Coral Gables Dentist Dr. Richard Souviron:

Bite mark analysis hit the big time at Bundy's 1979 Florida trial.

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On the night Bundy went on a killing spree that left two young women dead and three others seriously wounded, he savagely bit one of the murder victims, Lisa Levy. A Florida forensic dentist, Dr. Richard Souviron, testified at Bundy's murder trial that his unusual, mangled teeth were a match.
Bundy was found guilty and executed. The bite marks were considered the key piece of physical evidence against him...
Then came DNA testing. Beginning in the early 2000s, new evidence set free men serving prison time or awaiting the death penalty largely because of bite mark testimony that later proved faulty.

We The Journalists:
Ever wonder who that guy in the USC shirt, huddled in the back of Judge Thomas's courtroom sipping black coffee and using the wi-fi is? 
Why it's ace Herald crime reporter David Ovalle, and the Society Of Professional Journalists ("going to jail to protect sources since 1972") did an article on our own REGJB crime reporter here. 
David likes black coffee, golf, California, and long walks on the beach. 

BOT: BOT is a DUI diversion program for first offenders. It was started in Orlando, and has since spread to Miami Dade, and now West Palm Beach. One guess which county isn't even considering it? Hint: about 27 miles north of the REGJB. 

Another long hot week in a long hot summer. Stay cool and we'll See You In Court.

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Rumpole said...

Gimme an H...Gimme an E .....hey...why so quiet? Where are all the die hard Heat fans?
Hopping off the bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

I posted. Comment after we lost game three and told you we would win game four and two of the final three games. I still stand by that comment. It has been a great series if you like blowouts on both sides. Only great game has been game one. But I'm sure the nba will be ecstatic if it goes seven. And so will Hear Fan.

Great seeing D Wade finally showing up last two games.

I'll be here Tuesday and Thursday rooting for my team.

Heat Fan

Anonymous said...

I never have cared for the 2-3-2 format. The team with the home court advantage should never be behind in a series if they win the games at home. And the team with the home court advantage should never face a close out game if they win their games at home.

2-2-1-1-1 much better and they should go back to it for the finals.

The NBA has what they want. If you didn't watch the first five games, then the series would be 3-2 Spurs as they have had three homes games. So we are exactly where we should be.

Last year Heat were down 3-2 to Celtics and had to win two straight and one of those two was on the road.

Heat will win Tuesday.

And Rump, didn't see any response to my post about golf. Here it is again as it was a late comment last night.

Happy Fathers Day to you Rump and to all the fathers out there.

As for golf, though, you know not what you are taking about.

The most famous shot in a major golf championship does not belong to Hogan. His one iron was spectacular given his health and the conditions at the time.

Gene Sarazen, one the greatest golfers in history has the honor of the greatest shot in golf at a major.

In 1935, on the final day of the Masters, with leader Craig Wood in the clubhouse three strokes ahead of Sarazen, and the winners check already written to Wood, Sarazen had an albatross. He hit a 235 yard 4-wood on the par five 15th hole for his second shot and made a two on the hole. That's three under par for those of you counting at home and the rarest shot in golf.

The shot propelled Sarazen into a tie for the lead. He went on to win the Masters in a 36 hole playoff over Wood.

And as for the most famous one iron in history, that honor goes to the GREATEST GOLFER of all time, JACK NICKLAUS.

In the 1972 US Open, at Pebble Beach, under severe weather conditions, Nicklaus struck a one iron 218 yards on the par three number 17 on the final day of the Open Championship. He hit the ball three inches from the pin, birdied the hole and won the tournament.

Nicklaus went on to win 18 Major Championships and is the greatest golfer of all time.

Happy Fathers Day and GO HEAT

Rumpole said...

Heat Fan: if you'll be before your TV set rooting for the Heat Tuesday and Thursday, I suspect on Thursday you'll be cheering a re-run of CSI Milwaukee or whatever trash is on network TV these days, as I sincerely hope the series is over by then.

Anonymous said...

June 17, 1972. This day in history Rump. One word. Watergate. Followed by Two words. Nixon resigns. What a mess that was. Kind of puts Clinton's I did not have sex with that woman, into perspective.

Hy Peskin said...

The most famous 1-iron in history is Ben Hogan's approach on the 18th at Merion in 1950. I know because I was there.

Mr. Justice Milton HIrsch said...

From: The Mind Of Mr. Justice Milton Hirsh.

To: Moneypenny

RE: Bites and breakfast and afternoon snack.

Moneypenny- please pull all the speeches and writings I did on fingerprints within the last year and see if I mentioned bite mark evidence. I must have and I need to get in on the tidal wave of credit throwing the evidence out. I am sure I was the first to challenge it. If not me then who? Answer me that, will you?

I would like to change breakfast to a small non-fat plain yogurt with organic blueberries. Please have it on my desk by 7:53. After noon snack should now be two slices of low fat mozzarella cheese chunks and eleven no-gluten pretzel sticks, along with the glass of hot green tea and organic honey. Please have this on my desk at exactly 3:11 or bring it to me on the bench at the same time. Please note in the logs for my papers the change of breakfast and snack. Historians may find it useful.


Anonymous said...

How come women don't use the term of endearment "sugar-pie" anymore?

Anonymous said...

@6:07, The only women who use the term 'sugar pie' are working in a diner with a beehive, chewing gum and with a pencil stuck behind their ear.


BTW, Kiss my grits!

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

8:38, It is on. NOBODY disrespects the shumie. Capiche?

Fake Fake GB

Anonymous said...

Kenny W? You there? ... Do you have an issue with Spencer Aronfeld, Esq. and Trial Lawyer, getting so much attention for his designer suits, expensive shoes, handmade custom shirts -- and being seen at every great new South Beach restaurant?

I think Spencer is the man and has a great style.

What say you Kenny W? You have been my hero ever since your bachelor apartment at Quayside in the early 80's!

Anonymous said...

You will note that on this and several other social media outlets there have been increasing false sightings of shumie, from restaurants around town, to the finals in San Antonio, to the hottest restaurants in LA.

The first seal in the book of revelations for the end of times is false shumie sightings. Prepare. The end is near.