Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Marshall Lee Gore was set for execution at six pm Monday, but the 11th Circuit issued a stay, albeit a brief one, to consider arguments that Gore is too insane to be executed. Only in America.

There will be briefs filed and oral argument before the 11th Circuit this Thursday. If the court declines to allow further argument, the execution could take place soon after unless the U.S. Supreme Court issues a stay. 

Trivia: Name the REGJB prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges in Gore's two REGJB trials. 

There were two opening statements in the George Zimmerman trial Monday, and the statements highlighted the different styles of the opposing counsel. Prosecutor John Guy got right down to it:
"Good morning.  Fucking punks, these assholes all get away,'" Guy quoted Zimmerman. "These were the words in this grown man's mouth as he followed this boy that he didn't know. Those were his words, not mine."

Defense attorney Don West countered with a "knock-knock" joke, always a risky proposition in a murder case:  "Knock knock. Who's there? George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman who? Good, you're on the jury." 

Retired Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and John Paul Stevens showed up Monday to watch the justices read decisions from the bench.  O'Connor was awaiting the decision in University of Texas v. Nassar, which could have affected her legacy in affirmative action cases, but the court punted and voted 7-1 to return the case to the Circuit Court for further review. 
Litigators and former opponents  Ted Olsen and David Boies were  was also present awaiting a decision in the same-sex marriage case. Alas, no decision was announced. 

There's a lot of law to discuss over the summer, no more basketball to argue about, and a promising Dolphins season to anticipate. 

See you in court. 


Anonymous said...

knock knock, who's there? guilty. guilty who? guilty verdict

Anonymous said...

Judge Jack Coe was scheduled to try Gore and it was taken away from him the day before, or he recused himself in a secret order- thus starting the conspiracy theories in the Gore case that have dominated them to this day. The day before the trial started is known as the "Coe go" day.

Secret Judge said...

Mr. Rumphole has taken a mighty beating these last few days for his point of view on the Miami Heat. I too, agree with his detractors, but no one has seen fit to give credit to 'Rump' for his courage and integrity for actually publishing all the disparaging remarks. Ask yourself this question, if it was your Blog, and everyone was writing in with negative, insulting comments about you, would you actually print them all in their entirety. I think not. Ok, so 'Rump' may not know much about hoops, but the character he has demonstrated by printing the comments says more about the man than anything else. Kudos to Mr. Rumphole and the First Amendment which permits all this fun and nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Just admit defeat in Heat discussion and lets move on into the summer.......

Anonymous said...

Jack Coe was a county judge. He never could have tried a cap case.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear from some prosecutors on the Zimmerman opening.

Thought it was the best opening I have ever heard a prosecutor give.

John Guy is on top of his case. This is a guilty verdict.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:12 a.m.

for SURE.

and that dumb ass dug a deep hole with that ill conceived start to the trial.

horrible decision.

Anonymous said...

What judge did the Arthur hearing for Gore? Back then, county judges did the AH's, so it had to be either Gerry Klein, Bob Deehl, Morton Perry, Fred Nesbitt or Arthur Winton.

Anonymous said...


florida bar says no investigation was ever opened against the lawyer. your oprofession sucks my friends

CAPTAIN said...



After a shaky start on Day One with an ill advised Knock Knock joke, Day Two went much better for the defense.

The final witness of the day for the State was Selene Bahadour. She lives in the townhomes complex where the shooting took place.

In her direct examination describing what she saw and heard in the moments before the shooting, she gave testimony about bodies "moving from left to right" behind her back sliding door area. This was only a small part of her entire testimony.

But, as any good trial attorney knows, it can be one little five word phrase that can take a credible witness and end up destroying their credibility and everything they said before and after those five words.

When lead defense attorney Mark O'Mara got up for cross-examination, he was ready for the kill.

O'Mara took the witness through her first statement with the lead homicide investigator and asked her to show him where she described the direction of the persons moving from left to right. Of course, it was not there.

Then O'Mara took her through a second sworn statement and repeated the process. She still could not locate it.

Finally, he took her through the deposition and asked her to locate it. For a third time, she could not.

She did offer that she met the lead investigator for the SAO on the Thursday before her trial testimony of today. They discussed her testimony for court today. Clearly, the implication was that that extra information was suggested to her at that time.

Dela Ronda, the lead ASA got up to rehabilitate the witness. He asked her about getting involved with this case at all and how reluctant she was. He asked her why she did not want to get involved - and suggested it was for fear of getting on national TV. She said that was the reason she did not initially even go to police to discuss what she saw that night and only came forward later at a town hall meeting.

O'Mara was ready once again on re-cross. He immediately pounced on her because she had done a thirty minute national magazine show, the piece never aired, but she was willing to participate in the national interview.

Then he gored the witness. He pulled up his lap top and brought it over to the witness and showed her her FaceBook page. He asked her if she in fact had signed the Change.Org petition that asked the State to "prosecute the killer of our son". She not only signed it but posted it on her FB page and encouraged others to do the same.

This was a great snippet to take to a law school class and show the effective ways to cross-exam a witness.

Captain Out .....

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Occupy crowd expects - no, thirsts for, a Zimmerman guilty verdict.

We'll see.

Anonymous said...

gary rosenberg and tony genova for trial number one. Seff and peckins trial number two

Anonymous said...

They cant possibly find Zimmerman guilty, its Sanford, not miami , get real people............
It doesnt matter what he should or should have done. All that matters is the seconds before the shooting. Reasonable doubt is the only reasonable verdict after looking at those pictures.

Anonymous said...

Open and shut case, just like Casey Anthony...