Monday, June 24, 2013


Join the club and hop on our bandwagon. It's full of people who have no respect for gutless carpetbaggers. 

First we'll give the Heat their due. They repeated against a very very worthy opponent. They played well and their play shows they deserved to win. Congrats. 

Now the ugly truth: the Heat are populated, starting with their GM Pat Riley, with gutless carpetbaggers who stand for one and only one proposition: if we can't win, we don't want to play. 

Lebron James is the best player of his generation. But don't use the word "great", because that's reserved for Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Willis Reed, John Havlicek, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlin; basketball players who all elevated their teams to championships. James had the chance to be great, then he left Cleveland, losing whatever claim he may have ever had to the appellation of "great". 

But James is the perfect star player for this town, because the fans of this town live his ethic: if they can't win, we won't come.

Need proof? Games six.
 The Heat down by five with 23 seconds left. The arena emptied. Tens of thousands of televisions were turned off or the channel was changed. The Miami fans were not willing to support their team, win or lose, just like their star player was not willing to support his home team win or lose. And Cleveland isn't just some team that happened to draft James. James was born in Cleveland. He was raised in the inner city of Cleveland. It's his home town. And then James stabbed his home town in the back because he wasn't great enough to lift his team to win an NBA championship. James disappeared in the one series in which the Cavaliers made it to the finals, and then he just disappeared from town. 

And it's not just Riley and James who don't have the heart to win unless the deck is stacked. Ray Allen played for the Celtics last year and slugged it out with the Heat and lost. And then Allen, in true Miami Heat fashion decided that if he you can't beat em, join em. He belongs on this team and in this town if anyone ever did. 

The Heat will never know the greatness of being an underdog and coming together as a team to win. All they will ever know is being the best team money can buy. Good for them. You can have them. The Heat will never be the 1960 Pirates beating the mighty Yankees in a walk off game 7 home-run; they'll never be the 1969 Miracle Mets- going from worst to first. The Heat will never understand the guts it took for the Hurricanes in 1986 to beat the mighty Oklahoma Sooners in the Orange Bowl, and the Heat will certainly never understand the character, strength and integrity of the 1980 Mens Olympic hockey team beating the invincible Russians and then the technically superior Finnish team in the gold medal game after being down 2-1 at the end of the second period. 

The Heat will always be the right team for this city. A group of fans that flees when all hope seems lost. A group of players that doesn't want to play unless they can be guaranteed a win. 

You love the Heat? 
You can have them. They disgust us. They're everything that is wrong with sports. 


CAPTAIN said...


Horace Rumpole, you want the truth? The fact is sir, you just can’t handle the truth ...

Phil Jackson, the man with more NBA coaching titles than any other coach is a carpet-bagger. He dumped the Bulls after six titles and had to join the Lakers to win five more.

Look at the last thirteen NBA champs. The Miami Heat of 2013 had three of their five starters, Wade, Chalmers, and Haslem, that have started and played for only one franchise, the Heat. How many others of those thirteen championship teams can make that same claim - having 3/5 starters that have been with the team since the beginning of their careers and having stayed with the team throughout their careers?

The 2012 Heat with the same three players. The 2008 Celtics with Pierce, Rondo and Perkins. And the 2007 and 2005 Spurs with Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili; and the 2003 Spurs with Duncan, Parker, and Robinson. The rest: the Mavs 1/5 with Dirk; the Lakers (2010 and 2009) 2/5 with Kobe and Bynum; the Heat (2006) 2/5 with Wade and UD; the Pistons (2004) 2/5 with Prince and Okur; and the Lakers (2002, 2001) 1/5 with Kobe.

For that matter, Wilt is a trader. He played with San Francisco, and then went to Philly to win his first title in 1967; and left Philly and went to the Lakers to win his only other title in 1972.

You mention, as examples, Jordan, Bird, Magic, Reed, Hondo, & Bill Russell as those that were not carpet-baggers; they were “great”.

Michael won his first ring in his seventh year. He waited around until management got him the players he needed to succeed. The team he was on as a rookie and the Bulls team that won the 1991 championship, bare no comparison. Four of the five starters were new; Pippen, Grant, Cartright, and Paxton. Only Jordan was the same. Lebron never had his management team provide him with the same talent. And he played seven years in Cleveland before moving on.

Bird. He won his first ring in year two. And two more rings in the next five years. Of course he stayed put.

Magic. He won his first ring in year one. Four more after that. But even Lakers management found three new players between Magic’s first ring in 1980 and his fourth ring in 1985, only five years later. The 1985 team had Worthy, Scott and Rambis. The 1980 team had none of those players.

Reed. He won his first ring in his sixth year. What did management do for Willis. He won his first ring in 1970 and he was the only player from the 1964 team (his first year) on the 1970 team. The Knicks brought in Walt Frazier, Barnett, DeBusschere, and Bradley.

Havlicek. He won his first ring in his first year. He won eight rings overall; he didn’t need to go anywhere as he played when nobody was beating the Celtics.

Russell. He won in his first year. He played 13 years for the Celtics and won 11 rings. Where’s he going.

Part One - see Part Two below

CAPTAIN said...

Part Two

All in all, Horace, those are pretty lousy comparisons to make. Of course Lebron stays in Cleveland is he wins his first ring in year one or two like Magic, Bird, Hondo and Russell.

Other great carpet-baggers: Tyson Chandler, Jason Kidd, Jason Terry, Pau Gasol, World Peace, Derek Fisher, Laram Odom, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Bruce Bowen, Shaq, Gary Payton, Rich Hamilton, Chauncey Billups, Ben Wallace, Rick Fox, Robert Horry, Horace Grant, Brian Shaw, and the list goes on and on. And that’s just a few of the starters from the past thirteen years of champions.

Oh yeah, and with the fans. I was there for game six and the arena did not empty. Out of 20,000 plus fans, maybe 500-1,000 started heading for the exits. Please, find a better argument than that my fellow blogger.

Horace Rumpole; you are a sore loser. You can’t handle the fact that Lebron James and the rest of this team worked harder than any other team, which is usually the definition of a champion. It’s not the quality of the players, but the quality of their play. Their practice, their preparation, their commitment to excellence. There are many teams over the years that have stacked their teams with the best of the best of their time, with the highest payroll in their sport, only to fall flat on their faces for one reason or another. Not the Miami Heat of 2010-2013. And this year they beat arguably the best franchise of the past 14 years, the Spurs, who have four titles in that time.

Face it, Horace, you can’t handle the truth.


Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah. Lakers tried it and couldn't pull it together with Dwight Howard. Oh and Doc Rivera going to the Clippers. So you don't like the Heat and you are a sore loser and a crybaby. You can't take away the second straight championship. You can't take away the JOY that it brings to the region. Me, I'll be at the parade cheering on my champs!

Rumpole said...
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Rumpole said...
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Rumpole said...

James was the same age as Jordan when they both won their first championship. But only one switched teams. Bird never switched teams. Neither did Magic or Russell or Havlicek or Reed. Neither did Clemente or Stargell or Elroy Face or Mazeroski for the Pirates. The 69 Mets were mostly home grown at the time they won- Seaver, Kosman, Jones, Agee, Kranpool, Harelson, Grote. Some of them may have been added with the initial expansion draft, but they then all stayed with the Mets through 69.

In the history of sports, what James and Bosh and Wade did was unprecedented: and it was accomplished by the greatest no-heart carpetbagger of them all: Riley. He couldn't beat Jordan with Ewing (another player with heart who didn't abandon his team) so Riley did what comes natural to carpetbaggers with no courage: he quit. He packed up his toys and left NY with his Armani suits tucked between his legs and looked for some rich daddy to buy him new toys so he could win.

It all starts at the top, And with Riley it's no surprise the heat have sweet baby James.

Anonymous said...

Why do you have to rain on our parade. Will never log back in. Fuck you.

Fake Josh Gradinger said...


Lebron is no different that the thousands of people who moved to Miami for a job, better weather, and no state income tax. Most are Knicks fans.

Heck, even I did it.

You reigning Suicide Pool Champ!

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of the Heat, but just for the record:

Roberto Clemente was signed and played in the Dodger system. The Doadgers failed to protect him and he was drafted by the Pirates.

Tom Seaver originally signed with the Braves, but his contract was voided by the Commissioner. After his father threatened to sue MLB, General Eckert backed down and opened him up for bids, and Tom signed with the Mets.

Agee, of course, came up through the Cleveland organization and was traded to the White Sox (along with Tommy John) where he was the '66 Rookie of the Year.

None of these players had the ability to choose to leave and sign with other teams; I promise at his first opportunity, Clemente would've left Pittsburgh where he felt isolated and unappreciated.

Secret Judge said...

You Rumphole are such a loser. I never would have suspected. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Lebron grew up in Dayton--not Cleveland--but don't let facts detract from your sloppy, shaky argument. Seems like you have some kind or personal grudge against Pat Riley, but I guess you are a Knicks fan. Isn't just about everybody involved in professional sports now a "gutless carpetbagger," to use your term? About time you got over the 1960 Pirates and 1969 Mets and came into the 21st century.Gara

Anonymous said...

Magic elevated Kareem and Worthy to greatness? Bird elevated Parrish and McHale to greatness? Chamberlain elevated West and Baylor to greatness?

Anonymous said...

Ouch. Rump hole has been schooled by El Capitan.

Anonymous said...

How Come We Have Never Heard You Criticse Eli Manning For Refusing To Play FOr TeAm That Drafted Him Or The Yankees (And Even Your Beloved MeTs) For Constantly OUt Spending The Other Teams In The League? Lebron And BOsh Were Free Agents........It Appears You Simply Root For Another Basketball Team And Are Trying Foolishly To Make Up GentsArguments....Pathetic....#Losingrespect

You Said Fort PaSt ThRee Years That They Were Losers That Would Never Win... You Were Wrong, Accept Like A Man

Rumpole said...

Clemente's first and Only team was the Pirates. However I might be mistaken about Stargell being on the 60 team. He might have come up a year or two later. He certianly was on the two championship teams of the 70's.

I know sports have changed. But I just find what James and Bosh did as particularly galling. And Reily is a creep. He showed his true colors when he ran like a beaten dog out of NY.

the trialmaster. said...

Like the trialmaster, the HEAT cannot be beat. Next year, it will be re-re-re-heat.

Anonymous said...

I don't give a shit about none of it - the Heat put together a good team and won, so what. The team showed a ton of character throughout the season - you make it sound like they were handed the wins, etc.

So what if people wanted to leave because they thought their team was loosing? Why should they have to stay and show support for a bunch of guys that don't care about them?

I like the Heat, Hurricanes, any any other team from Miami because when they win, it makes MY CITY look good and feel good. Aside from football, I really don't care to watch another sport unless it really matters for my home town.

Miami is my home, I love it, I love the people, and I love to stick my finger up to the rest of the country and cheer we have something special that they don't. Big f'ing deal.

I know you are a sourpuss, but I am surprised you hate Miami so much.

Anonymous said...

Akron. Akron. Is there anyone on the planet that doesnt know James is from Akron?

"Inner city Cleveland"?

Commentators above have hinted that youre a Knicks-fan, and you talk of "this town (Miami)" with the tone of someone who isn't from here. You know what's more disgusting than carpetbagging? New Yorkers who would imagine that all of Ohio is inner-city Cleveland.

Nonetheless LBJ was a Cavalier for the length of his first contract. He fulfilled it, just as you presumably fulfill your end of the contracts you sign with clients. Then James had a choice to sign a new contract with several different client/teams. You oppose that reality?

Or you presume he should have chosen the shittiest team in order to prove something? You only accept clients who confessed and were caught on video, in order to prove your greatness?

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, you dork, ever heard of free agency. There was none in baseball in the 60s. Those players had no choice but to stay with their teams.

You just keep hating while the Heat just keep winning.

Anonymous said...

A Heat win might make the city look good.

But the residents here don't. They look like a bunch of idiots banging pots and pans in the backup of pickup tucks.

Anonymous said...

You are full of shit Rumpole. Go back to NY and cheer for your knicks. If you don't like this city, then leave.

The H in Horace stands for Hater...

Anonymous said...

Okay, as much as I am happy for the heat - what the fuck is up with this shit on Monday - should have been on Sunday. Fucking guys have no business jamming up downtown like this on a work day. I feel like parking a gosh darned garbage truck in front of Arinson's home so that he has to wait there for two fucking hours before he can leave.

Anonymous said...

I get it. You don't like the Heat and you don't like Miami. Adios.

Send a post card from NY.

Anonymous said...

I'm really disappointed that you let your Heat hatred overflow into a post that slams a human being for exercising the basic human right to choose where he wants to work.

The draft system means that workers (players) don't get to choose where they want to work, nor enjoy a free market for their services, for year after year. There's no industry other than sports where we'd even allow this.

You seem to think that because a player is drafted -- not by his choice -- he has to be grateful to the people who told him where he would work if he wants to do the thing he loves. Anyone who believes in supporting human freedom -- the usual tone on your otherwise fine Blog -- should give at least one cheer for someone finally being allowed to choose how to apply their talents.

I won't ask you to give a second cheer for unselfish play, even one seems beyond your dyspepsia today.

- A real believer in human rights

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Rump still believes in the pre-Curt Flood era of pro sports with the athletes having no rights. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Its not surprising that Rump (phil) is down on the heat. He is from Boston. nuff said. just some "Heat invey".

Anonymous said...

Your comments are incredible especially since you pretend to love Howard Roark so much that you stole his moniker. Roark famously said " I am not a slave". You, however, seem to believe that James is one and that he belomgs to the owners of the Cleveland franchise. The people of Cleveland don't own the Cavaliers and James still represents the city of Akron where he was born. Lebron is a FREE man and like any great American can take his talents wherever and for whatever. What are you? a communist?

Anonymous said...


this is professional sports. Everybody gets paid, a lot too. No team wins a championship without paying for it. The Heat stars, to their credit, took less money than they could have made elsewhere to play together. Of course, that is not celebrated by you or the rest of the haters. I didn't like the Heat celebration when all the players signed in 2010. I thought it was pretentious and unnecessary. But how long will you hold that against them? They have played hard, never given up and won back to back championships. Give them their hard earned respect.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hor-Ass. Don't let the facts get in the way of mentioning Wilt Chamberlain as a "great" player, because he stuck it out with his team.

The man played basketball for the San Francisco Warriors and LOST the NBA title in 63-64. So, what did he do? Stick it out with his brothers in arms? Nope.

He couldn't win with them so he moved his talent to the City of Brotherly Love and won a ring with the 76ers three years later in 1967.

Jordan was "great". Of course he was. So were Elgin Baylor, Karl Malone, and John Stockton. But none of them won a single NBA title.

Jordan needed a team around him and by the time he won his first title all four starters with him were not those from his first year team.

Havlechik was "great". He really elevated his team to victory. You are kidding, right? He joined the team in 1962. The Celtics had been to the Finals in 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, and 1961, winning four out of five in that stretch. Now how did Hondo elevate "that" team of winners? Pleaseeee

Ed Rooney said...

"Pardon my French, Rooney, but you're an asshole"- Sloan's Fake Dad, Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986).

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, Rumpole, Rumpole!

Really?! Although you normally speak so intelligently about so many subjects, this one you've got all wrong.

Wilt didn't elevate any team with whom he played. He was THE dominant player of his time, and for all his greatness only won two titles. He didn't make the players around him better.

How many Hall of Fame players played with Russell. Please count them. It's shocking that so much talent was on one team. The Russell Celtics didnt' win 8 consecutive titles on his talent or his ability to single handedly elevate the play of those around him. They were all great Hall of Famers in their own right.

The supporting casts Bird and Magic played with weren't to shabby either.......DJ, McHale, Ainge, and the Chief......Worthy, Kareem, Rambis, Cooper, Scott were no slouches.

......and Michael, yes Michael is the greatest, without a doubt. But, Pippen is in the top 50 of all time, and received MVP got during Michael's first retirement.....Grant could play, while Paxson, Armstrong and Kukoc were a great supporting cast.

LeBron is a team player who does exactly what you say he doesn't. He looks to elevate the play of his team, and has learned to do what took Michael a couple extra years to.....trust his help.

Give credit where it's due.

Anonymous said...

This Beatdown Of Rump Is Worse Than The 3Rd DCA V. Hirsch.......Its getting Ugly

Anonymous said...

Jeez, what a hater. You must be A Knick fan.

Anonymous said...

1986 Orange Bowl was OK vs. PSU? You stoned? Maybe you were talking about the 1984 Orange Bowl? UN vs. UM? This sucks! I like the old Rumpole better.

Anonymous said...

If any team deserves to be characterized as "gutless carpetbaggers" it has to be the one that starts 3 players (from France, Argentina, and the V.I.) who aren't even from this country and has bench players from Brazil, Canada, and parts unknown (Boris Diaow). And let's not even talk about the money-grubbing mercenaries who make up the roster of your beloved Knicks.

Anonymous said...

Again, just to correct the record, there were no rights attained for the players by Curt Flood's lawsuit. He lost, and lost completely.

The MLB players gained their rights a few years later from an arbitrator's ruling (Seitz).

Anonymous said...

Actually, UM did beat Oklahoma at the Orange bowl during the regular season in 1986.
OU came to town as the #1 but Miami as an underdog pulled off a huge upset.
It was in 88 that UM beat OK in the "Orange Bowl" during the championship post game bowls.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 1:44 am. Let's not forget that Jordan had Pippen. Also, Jordan had an owner who wanted to win and put pieces in place for him to win. Kerr and others provided support.

Lebron left because the owner wanted to make money off of his back, and would not let him win. That is like the lawyer whose client has a great case and refuses to pend the money, when he has the money to spend and say: "just do your best."