Friday, November 16, 2012


Happy Birthday to Tobacco Road, the venerable Miami watering hole, scenes of countless celebrations by lawyers and a few commiserations- for which a few cold ones helped ease the pain of an adverse verdict. The bar turns 100 this weekend. 

REGB Trivia question: Which Miami Judge's family had an ownership interest in the bar? 

Manuel Pardo: Remember him? The Sweetwater cop, ex-boy scout, serial killer? Judge Blake denied a stay of execution. Execution date: December 11, 2012. David Ovalle and the Herald report the story here.  ASA David Waksman was the prosecutor. 

Dolphins lose again. At least they won't lose this Sunday. Devon Bess had a very sweet TD catch but it was not enough. Plus two late INTs sealed Tannehill and the Fin's fate.  

There is NOTHING good about what is going in in Gaza. Mark our words, this could get very ugly very quickly.  If you have money in the market, keep in close contact with your broker. 

The movie Lincoln opens today. There was a private screening for POTUS in the white house yesterday afternoon. We couldn't make it. 

For those of you who follow "Biglaw" Cravath named five new partners.  "Of all the words of song and pen, the saddest are these-'it might have been'. "


Tragedy strikes as Hostess Brands, the makers of Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Wonder Bread, is shutting down, beset by debt, bankruptcy and bakers on strike. 

Another beautiful weekend coming up, followed by a short week (Thanksgiving). Don't you love this time of year?

See You In Court. 


CAPTAIN said...


Judge Stanford Blake's family has the distinction of having Liquor License Number 0001 for TOBACCO ROAD.

I'll be there this weekend with my pre purchased unlimited alcohol ticket.

CAP OUT ....

NO WHERE, UTAH said...

"Mitt honey, come to dinner. Belulah made your favorite: tatter tots wit roast beef and the miracle whip gravy and some nice wonder white bread pudding for dessert."

MR: Anne, for the last time, I am swamped with this transition stuff. Just make me a sandwich and I will eat it in the study."

AR: Mitt, honey, there is no transition. You lost.

MR: I did not lose. Ryan is up leading the recount fight in Wisconsin. Jeepers, he didn't even win his district. How can that be right? And the boys are in Ohio. Lots of blacks voted who shouldn't and Florida, holy moly what a mess. I will be president and I need to get the transition going.

AR: My poor Mitt. Sweetie come to dinner. The kids are coming by for lemonade and we have the Osmond family special from 1985 on video.

MR. Lets see.....Chris Christie, yeah, right. Goodbye fatso. No job for you. Portman to treasury. . . I wonder if we can change the butlers in the white house. I don't want anyone associated with those people left when we move in.

AR. Mittie, I'll tell you what. Come with mommy and have some din din and then you can play transition afterwards, ok sweetie?

MR. OK. Just for a little while. Then I need to prepare the orders shutting down planned parenthood, and I have to call Bibi in Israel. He will be so happy when I am sworn in....

Anonymous said...


Do you know whether there are any vegan judges?

CAPTAIN said...



On Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012, join us at Tobacco Road as we celebrate the 100th Anniversary Party for TR and the 7th Birthday of the JBB.

It was just seven short years ago that Horace Rumpole struck up this ongoing conversation with the criminal justice community. We signed on shortly thereafter and Rumpole was kind enough to invite me to become a contributor and front page poster. I wonder sometimes if he regrets that decision?

I have been honored to be a part of the BLOG and to have occasionally contributed to front page posts on the political scene, judicial races, JNC interviews and appointments, and other topics that happen to interest me, oh say like, HEAT basketball.

Thanks Horace for providing me with the vine, sometimes to hang myself, and sometimes to provide insight, understanding, questioning of the status quo, and challenging the powers that be.

To anyone that I have offended over the years, my sincerest apologies. I always attempt to post the truth and keep it factual. I try my best to not post on rumor and innuendo. I maintain my rule of not posting just to speak ill or unkind of others. I have regularly asked our readers to follow the Golden Rule; that invitaion has pretty much fallen on deaf ears.

To my regular tipsters, thanks for the emails and hot tips throughout the years.

I hope each and every one of you has a healthy, happy and safe Thanksgiving, Chanukah, XMAS and New Years holiday.

Finally, as for TR:

For tickets, including $10 for general admission and $75 VIP open bar go to:

www.brownpapertickets.com or
or call 305.374.1198

Can't wait to see you all there.

Cap Out .....

Anonymous said...

Oh Captain! My Captain!

Heard Around the Courthouse said...

It's another edition of ....HEARD AROUND THE COURTHOUSE

"I want a chai latte but I'm not sure it's on my Paleo diet."

"Did you see that article on Will Thomas?
Yeah- I never really thought about the fact he was black."

"My abuela insists on stuffing the turkey with beans and rice."

"I told my client that the lawyer who saw him in jail had been disbarred and was sent by a bondsmen to get a kickback. And the client said he didn't care, his fee was half of what I was charging. I told the client he was too stupid for anything but prison."

"That guy can't pay his bills. His office phone was just turned off but every 18 months he leases a new Porsche for himself and a new Lexus for his wife."

And that's another edition of HEARD around the courthouse.

Angry Girl said...

The 2 billion- yes that's 2 BILLION- that Hostess sold of Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Cupcakes probably translated into 10-15 billion in healthcare costs. No great loss with the death of the Twinkie.

DS said...

Captain If I may steal your post:

Thanks Horace for providing me with the vine, sometimes to hang myself, and sometimes to provide insight, understanding, questioning of the status quo, and challenging the powers that be.

Anonymous said...

Dear Heard Around the Courthouse,

You know you lead a very sad and pathetic life when you’re preoccupied with what other people are doing or not doing.

The lawyer that can’t pay his bills but just leased a new Lexus for his wife is probably getting laid right now. I can’t say the same for you.

The disbarred lawyer who cannot and doesn’t practice is still a better lawyer than you and the majority of defense attorneys in Miami right now. He also looks like you want to look, he fucks like you want to fuck, and he’s essentially everything that you are not.

You need to engage in a little more self-loathing and entertain your own shortcomings. Forget everyone else and maybe then you’ll be able to get laid without having to pay for it.

Very truly yours,
Heard Around Your Household

Anonymous said...

Angry Gurl,

I disagree. I grew up eating Twinkies. People say I don't look my age and marvel at how young I look. I credit all the preservatives in the Twinkie and the high quality of sugars I ate as a child for assuring that I will look this way forever.

Fake Kenny said...

I got tickets to the UP WITH PEOPLE revival!WHo wants some? Its sold out, so I have to charge a little more...but still it's worth it.

Anonymous said...

Angry Gurl,

Why do I suspect you're not a real girl? You sound like a middle-aged loser leading a pathetic excuse for a life.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rumpy or the Capt.

Could you post a list of all the division changes coming in January including where the new judges are being assigned. I heard Pooler is going to juvy but nothing about the others.

Anonymous said...

I feel so much cooler, having voted for Pooler.

Anonymous said...

I was reviewing some old files and began to remember some of the old, great, indeed legendary criminal defense law firms of the great old days in Miami.
Goldstein and Mechanic (they still owe me for a referral on a case) Max "the motion man" Engle. The guy woke up filing a motion to suppress and went to sleep filing a motion to dismiss.
Paul Pollock, Adelstein and Matters.

Gray, Gibbson and Polk- three panhandle boys who came down here in the late 1970's, made a fortune in drug money cases, and were back home retired by 1990. Who remembers some others?

Anonymous said...

2:09 PM: You sound like you're close to expiring soon.

Anonymous said...

Rump, conditions being that they are, I suggest that the senior members of the Public Defenders Office convene an article of inquiry board and proceed immediately to an Article 184 hearing for the purposes of removing Public Defender Carlos Martinez from command for being unfit for command.

Anonymous said...

Why is Doug Flutie advertising adult diapers? Does he really need the money that bad or does he just have an IBS issue that he wants to help other people with? It might explain why so many of his former teammates didn't like to be around him.

/S/ Long time Flutie hater

Gerald Phelan said...

FU. Flutie was the greatest quarterback in the history of college football. And as I recall he and I had some good memories here.


Anonymous said...

Sonnett, Sale, and Kuehne?

Angry Girl said...

I got up last night and walked out of a restaurant when I saw on the menu a sautéed shrimp with a snarky name "Jamaican me crazy" Shrimp, because it was rubbed with jerk spice. I've had enough of this. Call it sautéed shrimp with Jamaican jerk spice and serve it. But I cannot sit in these eateries with their corporate smug attitude i which the restaurant tries to show their commonness by giving dishes stupid names. So finally, I said no more. I saw the menu, got up and walked out. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

G-d I love AG. I would have paid $500 bucks to watch her read the menu, chew out management, explain to some hapless mope on a date with her why they have to leave, and then watch her storm out, some dopey guy flopping along in her wake. This Girl is a sure fire reality TV show hit and it names itself: Angry Girl, on Discovery, at 10 pm Thursday nights.

Anonymous said...

Rump, can you confirm this is the real "Angry Gurl"?

Anonymous said...

8:50 is the same person behind AG. The schtick is getting old.

btw- you talk about food and linking it to obesity and high blood pressure and cholesterol. What about anger and stress? Anger is also linked to obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol. I know a handful of skinny people with a health problems. Get over yourself AG and enough with the lectures.

Anonymous said...

8:50, I think AG would be better in the Food Network but she would have to learn a thing or two about food before getting the gig like, for example, she'd need to know that Jamaican Me Crazy is a jerk sauce which happens to be the ingredient that gives the "snarky" name to the shrimp she saw on that menu.

Rumpole said...

Yeah, she sent me an email so it's her.

Anonymous said...

Um, I'm new in town. Won't say who I work for (SAO or PD) my family is far away and so I am in town for Thanksgiving, at this point alone. Anyone else in the same situation and want to get together and have a pot luck Thanksgiving dinner? I happen to be a pretty good cook so I will do the Turkey (brined with raw Mediterranean sea salt and fresh cinnamon and a slight slight dash of jalapeno and an organic honey glaze). Respond on the blog and maybe rumpole can put us all together. Otherwise it's just me an a dog and a cat and a grouchy parrot eating my turkey.

DS said...

Call DS at PD , your welcome at my house, But cannt bring your pets, my Dogs are touchy

DS said...

Sat at 327pm
Say what you want about Carlos Martinez, The Video interview Systen w/ Metro West & TGK is a wonderful step forward for the APDs. Cannt wait till its at the Stockade and DCJ.

PS I aint Carlos' PR guy just stating the truth.

DS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

DS - yeah that is why 2 more attorneys gave their notice last week and a dozen more are actively looking for jobs.

Fake Alex michaels said...

Dis is Bullsheeeeeet! My channel guide says "Rocky" 1pm channel 2. But I turn it on and get some bullsheeeeet Keanu Reaves a walk in the clouds cheeeeeek movie. Dey will heeeeer from meeee.

Anonymous said...

Tell me Sir:

1. Was the yellow die dropped at a 1000 Feet ?

2. Where are`the Strawberries?

Captain Queeg said...

I....I have a full explanation for that. ...I conclusively, geometrically proved that the strawberries were eaten and food pilfering is a serious problem in the navy.

DS said...

From the HERALD:

Fallout from privatizing prison healthcare: layoffs

The Scott administration is sending almost 2,000 state workers notices that their jobs are ending, part of the state’s outsourcing of prison health care.


Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau

TALLAHASSEE -- Nearly 2,000 state workers are being displaced from Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s administration because of the nation’s biggest outsourcing of prison health care.

“Due to the outsourcing of this function, your position will be deleted,” reads a dryly worded dismissal notice from the Department of Corrections, sent to 1,890 state employees in the past two weeks.

The Department of Corrections signed a $230 million contract with Corizon Healthcare of Nashville to provide all health care in central and north Florida prisons and is negotiating contract terms with Wexford Health Sources of Pittsburgh to take over health care in nine South Florida prisons for $48 million a year.

In the dismissal letters, prison officials emphasize that dismissed workers will get first consideration for new jobs at one of the two for-profit vendors, though with fewer benefits. The workers also expect to pay more out of their pockets for their own health insurance.

Many make less than $35,000 a year, have not had a raise in six years and live in economically distressed areas home to many state prisons, including Bradford, Dixie, Levy, Suwannee and Union counties.

“This isn’t unexpected, and I understand the state is trying to save money,” said Kurt Bertschinger, 68, of Apollo Beach, a psychiatrist at Union Correctional Institution in Raiford who is paid $115 an hour. “My concern is how much they are going to contract the workforce and perhaps have fewer people do more and more work.”

Spokesman Brian Fulton said Corizon offers “competitive wage and benefits packages based on market surveys conducted in Florida.”

The state and Wexford signed a five-year contract in 2000 to provide health care in South Florida prisons. Wexford sued the state to get a rate increase and won, and the state did not renew the contract.

The latest outsourcing is still not a sure thing.

Labor unions representing many affected workers will be back in court Monday, challenging the state’s authority to outsource health care without specific legislative direction.

“This is bad for employees who will lose retirement and health benefits and probably pay,” said AFSCME spokesman Doug Martin. He calls privatization “a rotten deal for taxpayers” because the cost savings have not been substantiated.

The Legislature wrote language in last year’s budget that required the prison system to save tens of millions of dollars a year by privatizing health care for Florida’s population of 100,000 inmates.

But bureaucratic delays snarled the project. Time ran out and the provision lapsed when a new fiscal year began July 1.

In September, the Legislative Budget Commission gave the prison system the go-ahead to shift $57.7 million between budget accounts to pay for privatization for the rest of this budget year. That has spawned a lawsuit by AFSCME Council 79, the Federation of Physicians and Dentists, and the Alliance of Healthcare and Professional Employees.

DS said...

part 2 from the Herald"

The state’s latest action was based on a provision in state law that allows the prison system to sign contracts with “other entities” to provide services. The state says that’s legal, and the unions say it’s not.

The state argues that even if the unions are right, another law allows the agency to “enter into continuing contracts with licensed health care providers.” The unions say neither Corizon nor Wexford fits that definition under state law.

Scott, a former hospital chain CEO, promised when he ran for governor in 2010 to competitively bid health care contracts. The prison system projects savings of $34 million in the first year of privatization, and that without it, the budget deficit in the prison system will only get worse.

“We think there are efficiencies that will be gained throughout the system,” said Deputy Corrections Secretary Mike Crews. He said the vendors set the pay and benefits for the employees, but that the state has final say over staffing plans.

Shifting to privatization costs the state money, because every displaced worker is entitled to a lump-sum payment for unused sick leave and vacation time.

Prison officials say those payments will total $6.9 million.

The state hopes both vendors can be on the job by January.

DS said...
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DS said...

Since some prisons are now run by by private corps how can it be illegal to escape a PRIVATE lock-up?
After all it aint a State Run Prison, nor are the Guards Sworn officers. A prisoner isnt escaping from a State Run Prison facility, but a private corporate facility.

Anonymous said...

Former ASA Fred Graves recently passed away. Fred was a good soul and was an effective prosecutor during the 70's. His uncles were former Mayor Jack Orr and Judge George Orr. He was 66.
Condolences to his family. May he RIP.