Wednesday, November 21, 2012


As suddenly decaffeinated REGJB clerks, lawyers, judges (listed in order of influence and importance) struggle through their day, the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, bringing with it sudden increases of  Tryptophan, making the loss of cafe con leche and cafe cubano from the closure of Au Bon Pain all the more devastating. 

Where is Governor Chris Christie when we need him most in these trying times? 

------Speaking of Au Bon Pain,  look to the left and take our new poll. 

David Ovalle tweets that the juvenile shooter in the tragic school bus shooting on Tuesday has had his case assigned to former ASA Judge Angela Zayas in Juvenile Court. 

Turkey Taken! Cops following trail of gizzards and stuffing. 

SFL has disturbing news for anonymous bloggers. 

We are thankful for.....
Anonymous blogging. 
No hurricanes hit South Florida this year. 
Not the cry baby miami heat. 
That Mitt Romney is pumping his own gas and not surrounded by secret service agents. 
Our continued excellent health. 
That the last volume of William Manchester's superb biography of Winston Churchill was completed with a co-author Paul Reid. Defender Of the Realm is now out and it is beyond great and spellbinding.  Spoiler alert: England wins; Germany loses. 

And last, and least, our loyal readers. Add to the list of what you are thankful for in the comments section; enjoy your holiday and we will see you in court Monday, with a thermos of coffee and pastelitos in our briefcase. 


CAPTAIN said...


Um, correction Rumpole, that the WORLD CHAMPION MIAMI HEAT.

What, no pic of a turkey to lead your story?

I'm thankful for my health, happiness, and having all the family home for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving Horace.

CAP OUT .....

CAPTAIN said...

Oh, and your poll should read bring back Howie and Raul.

Cap Out ....

Rumpole said...

World champion shortened season buy all the best players and barely make the playoffs without any heart and add an asterisk - just doesn't roll off the tongue as "cry baby". Good writers always use less words.

Anonymous said...

Angelica Zayas not Angela.

CAPTAIN said...

Good "fiction" writers, I'm sure you meant to say.


Anonymous said...

The words "Not Guilty"

Anonymous said...

Fewer, not less.

"Unabridged American Minority" said...

I'm thankful for good health,the delegates who held out for the addition of Bill of Rights, the few judges who truly respect the 4th,5th and 6th Ammendments and most importantly God's Omniscient presence, protection and blessings even in adversity.


Anonymous said...

Someone toying around with my name, I shall fix it. How puerile...