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At 11:17 PM on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, all five networks, FOX, CNN, CBS, NBC & ABC called the election for Obama.  With five states outstanding, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Ohio & Virginia, it was OHIO that put Obama over the top.  I believe that FOX called it first and all of the other networks were quick to follow within the next 45 seconds.

It is now past midnight though, and Mitt Romney's camp is not prepared to concede.  They do not believe that Ohio is lost and they have not made the "phone call" to the Obama people.  As a result, all the network talking heads are still talking.  They await someone to take a stage, Romney to concede or Obama to claim victory.

There are now three states left to call: Colorado, Florida, and Virginia, (Nevada was just called for Obama a few minutes ago).  I did call Florida at 10:01 PM tonight for Obama after doing a County by County analysis.

With 73% of the popular vote cast, these are the numbers, (you can't make this up):

ROMNEY - 49,028,980
OBAMA - 49,028,645


Judge Andrea Wolfson appears headed to re-election.  With 83% of the votes counted, Wolfson maintains her lead of 53% - 47%.

All three Florida Supreme Court Justices have been retained after each received 68% of the vote.

All but three of the Constitutional Amendments have gone down to defeat.  The only three that will garner the required 60% of the vote are: Number 2: Veterans Homestead Discount; Number 9: Surviving Spouse of Military Veteran Homestead Exemption; and Number 11: Low-Income Seniors Homestead Exemption.

Congrats go out to former ASA Catherine Vogel who will be the next State Attorney in Monroe County.  The 16th Judicial Circuit vote shows Vogel getting 56% of the vote and defeating Mark Kohl.

Say goodbye to State Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff in State Senate District 34.  State Senator Maria Sachs defeats Bogdanoff 53% - 47%.

In a closely watched US House seat, incumbent Allan West is trailing challenger Patrick Murphy.  The vote right now is: Murphy 155,365 (50.16%) - West 154,392 (49.84%).  The margin is less than one-half of one percent - meaning that this race is headed for a recount.

In BROWEIRD COUNTY, there were three Judicial races:  former Circuit Court Judge Julio Gonzalez appears headed to defeat against Laura Watson.  Watson leads 51% - 49%.  In County Court races: Olga Levine defeats Robert Nichols 52% - 48% and Incumbent Judge Robert Diaz will retain his seat over challenger Roshawn Banks 59% - 41%.

Congratulation to all of the candidates and bravo to all those who got out and voted today.

We look forward to our next election cycle in 2014.

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"American Minority" said...

Virginia just confirmed for President Obama. 2:30am

"American Minority" said...

What piques me is that our country's population is 311,591,917 and 106,000,000 Americans vote. A little less than 50% agreed with the radical fundamentalist views and we all know based on absolute bias. It somewhat is disheartening to know that 50% of Americans would vote against middle class virtues which in a lot of cases greatly effect themselves just as much as any other ethnicity. After 200+ years 50% of Americans motives are still guiding by pure hate. I hope that we can progress and move past the bitterness and the narrow minded and illogical ideologies that crippled our progress as a country during the last four years. I pray that we can work together in a logical and comprehensive way as it pertains to legislation that is fair, and comprehensively progressive. This is my hope for our Great United States. I expect that we will move providently and reasonably forward.


Anonymous said...

AM, shut the F up for once and let us enjoy the victory of our president without your ignorant comments. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Looks like the voters in Miami got it right.

Anonymous said...

Fox news is saying there was democrat voter suppression. They are showing a black man standing next to the a voting center. Apperantly they allege that made republicans too scared to go in and vote. Fox is awsome! Just when you think no way.... They go there.

Anonymous said...

Both candidates were sub par. Interesting the country decided to stick with Obama. Not really sure what he did for us in the past four years. I hope he does something for me in the next 4

Scott Saul said...

The public gains by having Andrea Wolfson but really loses out by not having Julio Gonzalez. I pity these two fine lawyers and good people having to duke it out in a dirty political arena.

Fake Josh Gradinger said...

Who knew that American Minority was a republican?

I agree...I can't believe that 50% of Americans are so radical.

Like Terrance and Phillip said, "Blame Canada!"

Anonymous said...

you are wrong........ CNN announced it at 11:18pm and that is what all the papers are saying too.

shumie time in honor of the prez!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am amazed that top notch judge like Andrea only got 53% of the vote. This does not bode well for our community.


"American Minority" said...

I know exactly who you are just by the time that you posted. Listen, it seems as if you really taken things to heart, that's too bad but that's what happens when you are a shitty lawyer. Now I'm going to let everyone see just how ignorant you are by letting you, in your own explanation back up your claim of my comment being ignorant. Point out the aspects of comment that are ignorant. Let's see if it's your contempt for me or does your claim hold merit you know I'm able to back up my claims let's see can you counselor....Go

Btw, you can use a makeover for sure, and that's no exaggeration, tootles.

CAPTAIN said...



Final numbers are in, (when all except for the absentee ballots that they are still countin), and here are the numbers:

Judge Wolfson - 286,895 (54%)

Greer Wallace - 248,031 (46%)

They still have not called out State. Obama currently leads Romney by 48,625. There are still seven counties yet to finish counting their absentee ballots including:

Broward, Duval, Escambia, Hillsborough, Miami-Dade, Okaloosa, and Palm Beach.

Finally, Alan West refuses to concede his seat to Patrick Murphy. West trails by 2,456 votes. And there are many absentee ballots yet to count in Palm Beach County. His seat, the 18th Congressional District inlcudes three counties: Martin, St. Lucie, and Palm Beach. While Murphy garnered more votes in Martin and St. Lucie, the vote in Palm Beach County was:

West - 61,957
Murphy - 61,946

So, West is hoping to pick up those 2,456 votes in Palm Beach County from those absentee ballots.

Cap Out .....

CAPTAIN said...

Hey Rumpole - who won the contest?

"American Minority" said...


It depends on who Rumpole holds as the official reporting source.This is an article from USA Today:

The Associated Press officially called the race at 11:39 p.m.

While Romney still held a lead in the popular vote, Obama is on the track to win as many as 300 electoral votes, and perhaps more; it takes 270 to win a presidential election.

Romney is expected to speak tonight at a convention center in Boston; Obama will follow him with remarks in Chicago.

11:19 p.m. — President Obama wins Ohio, closes in on a second term.

I predicted President Obama at 11:45pm. Maybe Rump is somewhere in his study contemplating the probative vs. prejudicial effects of admitting that I won, as I believe it may entail some co-op journalistic prize. No worries Rumpole make the announcement. Don't let sour grapes spoil. lol


CAPTAIN said...

Rumpole rules said that he would use CBS network time. They called it at 11:16, not 11:17 as I stated earlier.

Anonymous on Tuesday called it at 11:34. I'll let Rumpole figure it all out..

Cap Out ....

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh Bernard, I know you know me. I know you love me!

DS said...

Bernard (AM)
Of course its the contempt for / of you that drives the nasty replies.

Contempt drives half the replies at least.

Learn to laugh so you dont cry..

"American Minority" said...


I dont worry about that if everyone agrees with you then your doing something wrong.