Saturday, November 24, 2012


So this is what Thanksgiving has come to: not giving thanks, but fighting with our neighbors to save a few bucks over some cheap item made in China. Disgusting.  The above video is from a Walmart in Georgia.

AU BON PAIN in our stomach: Speaking of black marks and disgusting, an alert reader sent us this link which gives the report on the health violations at Au Bon Pain which serves the REGJB community. It is NOT just a licensing fee issue. Apparently, the county is upset because the cockroaches found residing in the  troubled estaminet were not paying rent.  So far in our poll, the clear winner is bringing back The Pickle Barrel at 49% with keeping ABP at 33%. Nate Silver now puts the chances at a final vote surge for getting rid of ABP at 74.23% based on the release of the health report. 

From the report
Critical. Observed employee engage in food preparation, handle clean equipment or utensils, or touch unwrapped single-service items, without washing hands before putting on gloves. Corrected On Site.
22-23-1  Critical. Observed encrusted, soiled material on slicer.
32-10-1  Critical. Covered waste receptacle not provided in women's bathroom.
32-16-1  Critical. Hand wash sink lacking proper hand drying provisions. mens Corrected On Site.
35A-03-1  Critical. Observed dead roaches on premises. storage room area, kitchen , on floors.
35A-05-1  Critical. Observed roach activity as evidenced by 15+ live roaches found in the kitchen on floor and walls.

What Rumpole is reading: We're going to try and end on a good note. We took a break after the battle of Britain,  and put down for a moment William Manchester and Paul Reid's  Defender of the Realm to pick up Julian Barnes'  "A Sense of an Ending" : a powerful 163 page novel about  a man looking back on his life. The story is compelling and we read the book -cover to cover- on Friday while digesting our thoroughly vegan Thanksgiving day repast. 
From the NY Times book review: What had happened to the energetic boy he used to be, “book-hungry, sex-hungry, meritocratic, anarchistic,” who thought of himself as “being kept in some kind of holding pen, waiting to be released” into an engaged adult life of “passion and danger, ecstasy and despair”...The Sense of an Ending” is a short book, but not a slight one. In it Julian Barnes reveals crystalline truths that have taken a lifetime to harden. He has honed their edges, and polished them to a high gleam."
NB: The novel was recently espied on President Obama's desk in his study in the residence at the White House. For whatever that is worth. 

The weekend is just beginning. It's a nippy 20 where we are. Stay warm, stay out of Walmart,  stay out of Au Bon Pain, and enjoy the weekend and see you in court on Monday. 



Clem said...

New in town,, but a lawyer for a while. Thinking of setting up shop to do some criminal. I already know not to eat at Au Bon Pain. What other advice can your readers give me? Best, worst judges, advertising to get cases? etc. Thanks. I am board certified in both criminal and appellate work, although for the last half a dozen years I was involved in a massive products liability case out of Texas. We won and just got paid, so money is not an immediate concern. I'll probably be the only lawyer in your courthouse with custom-made rattlesnake skin cowboy boots.

Anonymous said...

What in the world were they trying to buy in Walmart? Crazy!

Rumpole said...

A cell phone if you can believe it.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a shock, roaches in the REGJB. This actually represents progress for those of us who remember when rats ran through the wall of Judge Korvick's (how appropriate) courtroom and APD Brian McDonald actually shot a rat while taking a deposition in his office. By the way, 7:34 post lookes like the most transparent piece of malarky I have seen on this blog and that's saying a lot.

DS said...

A lovely little riot to celibrate the Prince of Peace's Bday.

The Au Bon Pan report wasnt so bad, NO RATS MENTIONED....

Anonymous said...

Cigars... Ergo?

"Unabridged American Minority" said...

Go figure Rump the walmart footage assinine, anyhow Paul Mooney was hilarious at the improv, and caught the movie flight right after. You got to see flight.

Rump, do you any idea if "Shadow of Justice" by Milton Hirsch is based upon real events...???

That was a nice short read, Im looking for another of its like.

Anonymous said...

Obama Supporters

Anonymous said...

And that is what is wrong with America

Anonymous said...

Rilya Wilson trial starts on Monday. Just read the Herald article about it. Sounds like the state has a loser of a case.

A scene in Utah said...

Mitty, come to the living room, the kids are here: we're stringing popcorn and then going to see Lincoln.

MR: Muffy, I'm too busy with this middle east mess and the transition. You know the white house has a movie theater and they can get us Lincoln once we move in, although I want them to boil that theater from top to bottom. Those people had teenage daughters and who knows what thugs they brought in to see movies.

AR: Mitty, sweetie pie, you didn't win. We're not going to the white house pumpkins. Now come here and have some hot chocolate and marshmallows. Its the way you like it- the marshmallows are all white and melted.

MR. I like white. White house. White people. White is right. White christmas for instance. When I get sworn in, we will restore this country to the right way- which is the white way.

AR. My poor mittie.

fake jay White said...

Dolphins win....DDDDDDooooolphins WIN

Anonymous said...

Justice is dirty so why not the food too?

khairul044 said...

I have seen on this blog and that's saying a lot