Sunday, November 06, 2011


It's race day here in NYC. Nothing like it. We will be nicely ensconced along First Avenue watching the runners, sipping some hot beverage.

Clayton Kaeiser, having barely escaped with his pool life with his faith in the Ravens last week, puts it all on the line with the Eagles against his beloved Bears! CK is picking against his Bears, who are A) Coming off a bye week and B) have done well against Vick in the past. Good luck CK. (Interesting, but this is CK's third or fourth pick of a MNF game. any strategy in that?)

Michael Feiler puts on his Stetson and boots and for the second week in a row picks against the Cleveland Browns and rolls with the Texans in Houston. Good luck.

9 weeks these guys have lasted. Not a blog record, but still impressive.

The Fins roll into KC and we think the wheels are off the bus. The Dolphins usually play better on the road, and they didn't play that badly last week in New Jersey against the Giants. But KC had a nice win against the Chargers on MNF and are in first place and this is no time for a let down. Give the 4 and take KC.

The Bears are 2-1 against the spread against the Eagles over the last three years, including a very impressive 31-26 win last year against Vick and the Eagles. Both teams are riding two game winning streaks and both teams are 2-0 against the spread during those games. The line is anywhere between -7.5 and -9 Eagles, who are at home. The money line is Chicago +400 (meaning if you take no points and bet the Bears to win, you get back 400 for every 100 you risk). Have some fun, go with our initial pre-season assessment- the Eagles are not as good as everyone says they are. Take the Bruins for 50 or a 100 and have a few beers an enjoy the game.

TO has an arrest warrant for failing to show up in court on a case about his child support payments. Anyone know a good lawyer?

See You In Court Tuesday- Monday is a travel day.


Anonymous said...

TO! OR somebody who knows TO- please... CALL THE Q.

Before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

Feiler wins the pool today or both lose, but Rumpole is right- Bears beat Eagles.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody explain just what occurred at Judge Altfield's investiture?

fake kenny said...

These past two days I've recommended playing the light sweater off the sport collared shirt. If it warms up, you throw the sweater over the shoulder. If you're out until the evening and it cools down, you play the sweater over the shirt. Goes well with jeans, chinos, dockers.

For this and more tips on fashion, food, finance, football and just a bit of romance, check out my column at the new sobelivinlarge blog.

FAKE JAY WHite said...

Sparano sparano
stop thinking about tomorrow
today at KC
it's a real dog fight
even though we don't have Lousaka Polite

So roll your team into town
and lets hear

that's ANOTHER Miami Dolphins FIRST DOWN.

ohwhatagooseiam said...

Now I've seen it all

Kenny has a blog?

Holdem Hal said...

Hey Rump= WSOP final table today! 8.5 mill top prize. Starts at 3pm. Want me to provide final table cards are in the air until the final "all in" coverage? Give me blog access and it's all yours.

Rumpole said...

Yes and no.

Angry Gurl said...

Prima donnas in NYC. "Oh look at me! I can run!"

What really bothers me is those fatsos who have no business running a 5k much less a marathon, taking up spots that legitimate runners couldn't get.

These tubos waddle through five boroughs, mostly walking, finishing the course in 5 or 6 hours or more. You should have to run a sub 4 hour to even submit your application and the field should be made up of those who reliably run sub three hours. Sure there can be a seniors division for those runners over 50. Again, at least they are fit and run the course.

I've run the NYC marathon and the Boston one. Boston is harder. So is the Marine Marathon in DC because it's usually really hot.

I won't be watching today.

By the way- those comments about me, while stupid, prove that I've struck a chord. At least in those of you who can read without having to speak each word aloud.

no poker joker said...

HH- so you're some 25 year old punky kid who maybe read super system and few books by Dan Harrington and maybe the newly popular "kill Phil" tournament strategy book. BFD. So you go to the 1-2 nl at the hardrock and hold your own. Nobody cares.

Call me when you've been grinding out a profit for 20 years week in, week out, night in, night out. Then we can talk. Punk.

Rumpole said...

I've often said: It's not really a weekend on the blog until AG checks in.

Anonymous said...

Nothing more boring than watching
Some skinny marathoner run for 2 1/2 hours.

Grove Isle guy said...

I think I would enjoy running behind Angry Gurl. In my mind she has her kong blonde hair in a pony tail, her running shorts are circa 1970' really tight and just abit of cheek showing. WOuldn't be he worst thing I could stare at for 3-4 hours.

Anonymous said...

our Blacks are so much better than their Blacks. WTF is wrong with this statement?????

Eye on two guys said...

Hey Rump. Remember most cigars are half price for as long as the dolphins are in the lead. Free Two guys exclusive brand if the dolphins eek out a win. Come by for a smoke and a few jokes and some game time food served up with a smile by the two guys cigar gals. Really, it's the place to be. Just head west on Bird road and don't stop until you see the everglades or a gator or someone smokin a big stoogie.

Anonymous said...

Let me explain my pick:

(1) the Bears are a very bad play when they are Monday night underdogs on the road against a good team, very rarely covering, let alone winning straight up. The last time I remember them winning in this situation was against Indy (and an injured Payton Manning) in the season opener about four years ago, and the last two similar games (against the Giants last year and the Lions this year) were complete disasters that probably shortened Jay Cutler's playing career by at least half a season.

(2) the Bears are starting a rookie and a one year vet in the safety positions and the Eagles are very strong down the middle and long with great receivers.

(3) the Eagles looked like a Super Bowl team last week against Dallas, dominating the Cowboys in every aspect.

That being said, Cutler played one of his best games last year against the Eagles with four touchdown passes with no interceptions and the Bears defense was up to the task of containing Michael Vick. I'd love to see the Bears win the game, and, if I am going to lose the suicide pool, this is the way that I want to go out.


Secret Judge said...

There's one thing I love about the stock market and sports betting. Everyone thinks they are an expert. They are sure to let you know when they hit a winner, but nary a peep when they get their head kicked in.

Anonymous said...

Arthur Massey passed away .