Saturday, November 26, 2011


Then Saturday is?

The confusing thing about this "Black" labeling business is that Wall Street calls historically bad days "black" and retailers call the best day of the shopping year "black". Kinda confusing.

Johnny Walker Black? Good. Black Mark? Bad. In the Black? Good. Black eye? Bad.

I think some lawyers should get involved and resolve this inconsistency. Should only take a team of 20 and about 2000 billable hours to settle on a new word.

Speaking of lawyers, our old friends at Weil, Gotschal and Manages, have settled the NBA Strike! (The link is to the NY Times coverage).

Yes Virginia, there will be basketball this year. Your daddy can pay $500 a seat to see Dwayne Wade and Lebron James et.al., play at the AA arena starting Christmas day. Heat v. Mavs. Go Heat! Another under achieving over paid team of spoiled players.

And yet, this time around the players will not be so over paid. They capitulated. They caved. They didn't like their old deal so they went on strike. They didn't like the new deal offered, so they decertified the union. And then they settled for a pay scale that can go as low as 49% of revenues, or as high as 51%. Under the former deal that the players found so onerous, they were getting 57% of revenues.

The message is don't mess with the guys at WGM. They will eat your lunch and double bill you for it when the deal is done.

Except when they mess with yours truly.

So go hit those day two sales and see just how high your credit can go.

The Fins lost a close one in Dallas on Thanksgiving and say what you want but Tony Sporano and his team have showed real mettle in battling back from a disastrous start and not giving up. We think TS has earned another shot at coaching down the line. Unlike certain basketball teams in town, his players aren't spoiled brats.

See You In Court Monday, turkeyed out.



black eyed peas said...

FIRST! and tonight's gonna be a great great night.

CEO but you'll never know said...

Roy Black? Good.
Blackballed? Bad.

Amex black? Great (especially in the strip clubs. The girls see that and they go wild. Had one with me in Vegas and lets just say more can happen in the champagne room with the black card then you'd ever imagine.)

Black chips? Good.
Blackmail? Bad ( a crime actually).

Kenny W fashions said...

A bit breezy today, so once again I am recommending the sweater played off the shirt. If the sun pops out, just take the sweater off.

For those of you with panache, you can go with the sweater vest, but really you have to be a Dandy to pull it off.

I debuted the sweater vest to rave reviews in the courthouse about 15 years ago and now my wearing of the sweater vest is an annual event, with fashion fans hoping to be the first to catch a glimpse of me strolling in with it on.

Again, you need to be a Dandy to pull it off.

Hugo Boss makes a classic sweater vest that pairs perfectly with the Pione single jersey and you get out for under 3 bills.

HB also makes a nice button down paganic cardigan that you can nab at Nordstroms for 2 or 2 and a quarter.

More tips on fashion, finance, food, and just a bit of romance at my sobelivinglarge blog.

Remember, it's better to look good, than be good.

Anonymous said...

lets talk more about best asses

CMPR said...

I just made my famous post thanksgiving ham-potato-turkey hash. Sooooo yummy. Even the neighbors stop by for a taste. Eat your heart out fake Risivy. I can cook.

Class M Planets Rule (you'll be seeing a lot more comments by me if things work out).


I have a question for KENNY W. Fashions: Is it proper to wear your shirt out and not tucked in under your sweater vest? I see this quite often, but I prefer the "tucked" look better, but maybe it just isn't cool? Please advise as Art Basel is next week and I need your counsel. Thank you "Earl Blackwell of the Justice Bldg.".

CAPTAIN said...

Heat v. Mavs game on Xmas day is in Dallas at the American Airlines Center (as opposed to the AAA).

Looks like we'll have to wait two more days to catch the Heat at home against the venerable powerhouse they call the Wizards.

D.S. said...

I smoked a ham thursday ( oak n hickrey). This eve I will have ham sands and icey St Pauli's while watch the 'Noles.

Anonymous said...

I don't care a lick that basketball is coming back. I can't imagine why anyone would.

Anonymous said...


I should have known you were a 'Nole. Nuf said.

Master Chief said...

Bad ass black mother fucker - good.

black Hole of Calcutta - bad.

Anonymous said...

Hey DS ... Was it "medicinal Ham" that you smoked??? Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the leftovers...

Anonymous said...

CMPR?? You're going to do a deal with that blog re-tred? He's been kicked off of half the popular blogs around. They banned him from the Alan-Chris DOT blog in washington DC,

Don't you do it Rumpole.

Holdem hal said...

Poker help= So last night I'm at the Aria in Vegas. Went out for the Tg holiday. Single guy and all that. Usually my speed is the 5-10 game at the Hard Rock. But for some reason I take my whole bankroll ($10,500) and sit the 100-200 at the Aria Poker room. I play tight as I recognize a few local pros and most of the players are good, but as we say, if there wasn't a river there wouldn't be any fish. So there are a few fish in my game and by 3am I am up big- about 22k.

Here's the hand- I am in the cutoff with my favorite splashing hand- A-X suited and in this case it was A-9. I make it 1000 to go and get one caller, a very loose aggressive fish. The flop is A, K, 7 and I am 4 to a flush. I check, expecting a bet and with 3200) in the pot (with the previous limpers when the hand opened before they folded to my raise, Mr. Fish makes it 5K to go. I put him on AK and that he sees my flush draw and wants to take the pot down now.

First Question: Has he priced me out of my draw with the pot odds?

I call, now there's 13,200 and I miss the flush and a Q hits the board so now I need to worry about broadway and so does he, but he moves all in for his last 16,600. Second time in the hand he has over bet the pot.

Now what do I do? Give me some answers and I'll tell you the resolution of the hand. Remember, I can cover his all in with my stack.

Anonymous said...

Let me translate what this show-off fish is saying:

1) Cut off position. Holdem poker has a moveable button that represents the dealer. The button moves after every hand to the left. To be on the button is advantageous because you act last. Cut off position is to the right of the button, so you act second to last unless the button goes out.

2) Loose-agressive. A type of player that plays a lot of hands and raises a lot.

3) splashing hand. A hand in which the player likes to see the flop and throw some chips in.

4) Four to a flush. The player holds two cards of the same suit in his or her hand. he first action is the flop and three cards are placed down. Two of the three cards put down match the same suit as the two the player is holding. Thus the player is four to the flush and needs one more suit with the next two cards to come to complete his flush.

5) Over bet- betting a lot more than the hand appears to be worth. For example, say there is 100 in the pot to be won and someone bets 500, or five times the pot. That is a over bet.

6) Pot odds. lets say there is a 1000 in the pot and a player bets 100 and you have to call a 100 to see if you win. You are getting 10-1 on your 100. Risking 100 to win a 1000. This is a very simplified example of pot odds.

I gotta run. More explanation later.

Anonymous said...

I thought that all this football betting talk was as bad as it could get but now we have found something even lower--poker talk.

Senator Geary said...

Rumpole, you already own or have a controlling interest in four of the major blogs in town. Now my sources tell me you're about to make a move on the Tropigala blog.

Rumpole said...

My dear Madam at 12 noon ( I am chauvinistically assuming you are of the female gender) , having spent a life time doing both, I will quote the great Fast Eddie Felson (Paul Newman) from the Color of Money:

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Kenny W fashions-n-food said...

If it's Sunday night and you're livinlarge sobe style, then you're chowing Chinese. Plenty of nice beach places, but for that special dinner hop in the Escalade and tool over to Tropical Park and order take out from Chinese Tropical. The ribs are fantastic. They have the best dim sum in town. And don't forget an order of Chinese broccoli. An order gives you all the fiber you need at my age, and it's downright tasty.

It's better to look good
and eat good
than be good.

Anonymous said...

The person posting as Kenny W has absolutely no clue, and even less sense of humor. Please stop. You are taking up valuable space on the Internet.

Eye on The SoBe Dandy said...

Dim Sum only at lunch at Tropical Chinese. The chicken in black bean sauce and bang bang noodles are great. Place is consistantly great. You don't have to grease anyone at the door (for the privilege of waiting at the bar anyway).

Long way for a SoBe Dandy to travel for Chinese, I must say.

kendall snob said...

wrongo sobe lame-o. Tropical has some dim sum available at all times.

Anonymous said...

Leave Tropical chinese for the Sobe posers. True lovers of dim sum can find the best at Kon Chau, about 10 blocks further west on Bird on south side.