Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Six & Counting

JUROR ARRESTED FOR THEFT! (This is why we started the blog). David Ovalle has all the details here as a juror who was going through security snapped up a Mac Lap top. Surprisingly good police work solved the "Case of the pilfered 'puter" in record time.



Congratulations to Horace on his 6th Birthday as Administrator of the Justice Building Blog. And with due deference to South Florida Lawyers, Southern District of Florida, and the Broward Blogs, we here would like to say that your BLOG is Number One in our book.

Don't know if you'll be around for another six years, but many of your loyal readers and posters will stick with you for as long as you are willing and able to continue with your fine administration of the BLOG.

On a lighter note:

The Captain Reports:

As mentioned by one of our loyal readers, attorney Miguel de la O, who filed many moons ago for an open Circuit Court seat in Group 42, now has an opponent. That opponent is attorney Greer Elaine Davis Wallace, a solo practitioner with an office in Florida City, she specializes in family law and has been practicing since 1979.

Captain Out .....


Secret Judge said...

Greer Wallace is the wife of longtime Mayor of Florida City, Otis Wallace, who served as an assistant Public Defender in Dade County in the late 70s.

Anonymous said...

Anyone is better than the big "O."

Anonymous said...

The Most Honorable Chief Justice Hirsch is facing reversal of his Shelton cases. Good going!
See Little v. State from the Third today.

Anonymous said...

Sure, happy b-day Justice Building Blog. But if you continue with the stupid posts about Q, Shumie, Angry Girl, Fake (fill in the name of a judge or defense attorney), etc, you might not get to birthday number seven. The blog becomes less relevant with every one of those idiotic posts.

Rumpole said...

Thank you EL Capitan. I generally avoid birthdays.

Weisman Watch said...

Seen today tres casual is our own fop K.Weisman. Sporting a Gucci blazer over a white polo, KW glided through the courthouse with rakiish aplomb. Adding icing to this Lebanese Lothario's ensemble were the skinny french blue jeans and the Tods penny loafers.

No shave necessary for the Fresh Prince of South Pointe.

Anonymous said...

Greer Wallace is a really nice woman who does family law and is married to former PD Otis Wallace, now mayor of Florida City.Otis was a PD in the late 70's and early 80's.

She has an excellent reputation.

We cannot say the same for De la O.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Justice Building Blog!!!

Eye On Q.
Angry Gurl.
He Who Must Not Be Named.
Alan & Chris.
DUI Guy.
Secret Judge.
Fake Blecher.
Fake Mastos.
Fake Kenny W.
Real Fake Blecher.
Real Fake Mastos.
Real Fake Kenny W.

Rumpole said...

1:09- do you understand the difference between a post and a comment? Apparently not. Let me clue you in:

I write the posts.
Readers write the comments.


DR ESQ said...


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Anonymous said...

De la o does not have a good reputation? I disagree. He is smart and and gentleman. I have no clue who is opposing him. She has no rep. Plus she has zero chance of winning.

Anonymous said...

I'm not 1:09, but I often comment here on your blog.  

I thank you for clarifying the difference between a post and a comment. I must have used them interchangeably a hundred times here.  I see why it is important to use the correct terminology, to avoid confusion.  I'll try keeping them straight from now on.

Please ignore people like 1:09.  Predicting the downfall of the blog seems a favorite past time for some of the readers.   As I had previously stated in a comment, this blog serves a great need.  Not everything in our lives is law and REG politics.  Some levity is essential to keep us from losing our minds.   I, for one am happy you are here, and continue to read even when I'm not in on the joke.

Anonymous said...

Greer needs to add a Rodriguez, Perez or some Spanish slang to that name to beat "Miguel" ...

Now who is going to challenge County Judge Gladys Perez?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the 3rd DCA could kill Milt's order without a single reference to Shakespeare or Bible?

Anonymous said...

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Blonde sexy pd said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I know Greer Wallace too. Nice lady. Very polite.

I have litigated against De la O and he took some rather rediculous positions and was not nice to anyone. I must admit, he did a good job but, could have done so without all the attitude.

Anonymous said...

" Some levity is essential to keep us from losing our minds. "

I agree completely.

It's just too bad that the single individual who posts all of the Shumie, Q, and Fake stuff - and I'm sure it is only one guy - is apparently incapable of producing anything approaching wit, humor or intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Don't foregt to budget some funds in for securities' compliance, you will need it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rump, I am in manhattan for a case in the southern district. I am staying in a small hotel that abutts Columbus park. The 1% Protest is a rediculous shit show! There are about 500 weirdos and granola heads, surrounded by about a thousand newsies and every cop in NY , helicopters, horses, and a blimp. The locals in true NY style are ignoring the whole thing as if it didn't exist . But the reporters are in a total frenzy and are interviewing each other if the can't find a passer-by or vagrant to talk to. What a joke! Jason Grey

Anonymous said...

thank god someone is challenging DE la O. dude is worthless

Anonymous said...

They never change. I've represented the laptop stealer before. County employee too.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what you guys think about De la O, he has a great last name.

Anonymous said...

Me too. I too am glad someone is not going to allow De la O to run unopposed.

I had a "run in" with him years ago and was not impressed with his judgment.

Anonymous said...

De La O is someone who is nothing but tries to act like someone. He is a rude, unprofessional, demeaning jerk whose only claim to fame is trying to ruin law student's lives. I litigated against him and on the verge of defeat he used his infamous law student committee to avoid a judgment since my client was leaving the country. He doesn't play fair and should be defeated.