Thursday, April 29, 2010


Ask not for whom the bell tolls (you robed readers)
It tolls for thee....

Nunc lento sonitu dicunt, Morieris.

Friday at noon is the filing deadline for those who want to run for Judge.

Will Milt Hirsch get opposition?
Will Jeff Swartz jump out of the Samantha Ruiz Cohen race? (She's running against Judge Adrien).

Will Manny Alvarez and Judge Ed Newman challenge each other to a weight lifting contest? Whomever throws up the most plates wins.

Will every single lawyer in Broward challenge a sitting Judge?

Will Judge Lee "six shooter" Seidman lose his famous temper in the final minutes as he paces the halls of the clerk's office in Tallahassee?

We have reporters stationed throughout our state. From the wood paneled chambers of Judges, to the back room at Andrews 288 restaurant in Tallahassee,to Cafe Versailles on 8th street, the Justice Building Blog will bring you up to the minute* updates on who has opposition, who doesn't, who's crying, who's laughing, and what deals were struck.

Plus the award winning** political reporting and commentary of the Captain, make this blog the only site to monitor as the clock ticks down to high noon Friday.

(*we may go for an early afternoon bike ride, but as soon as we get back and shower and towel off, we'll let you know what happened. )

(**I think we gave him an award last year for something.)


CAPTAIN said...



Judge William Johnson draws an opponent. Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat is qualified.

Cap Out.

Anonymous said...

we all knew that was coming-i predicted on here months ago

Anonymous said...

Jeff Swartz is not showing up on the Dept of Elections website as being in the Adrien vs. Ruiz-Cohen race.

Anonymous said...

swartz jumped? watch out county judges!!