Tuesday, April 27, 2010


First- a reminder to go to Tobacco Road tonight, get good and drunk (don't drive home) and tell your favourite Judge just what you think of him or her. Then in the morning start practicing probate.

The Bench/Bar mixer at a Bar is tonight- Tuesday, starting at 5:30 PM.


Say what you want about North of the Border, but they have a sizzling courthouse, sexually speaking.

You have Judges canoodling with Prosecutors (the Gardiner affair) and now you have ASA's affectionately scratching the arm of DUI officers, on video, during an investigation. Click here for the first of what they are calling the "Ride Along Motions to Disqualify" in Broward.

From the motion:

"The video reflects current felony ASA Katya Pisman grabbing and then subtley

scratching Deputy Hager's arm in a manner inconsistent with a purely professional relationship."

In reading the motion, and in particular the "scratching" allegation, we were immediately transferred back to our Constitutional Law class, when the professor, discussing the "appealing to prurient interests" definition of pornography, provided us with a definition of prurient.

We now turn to our faithful blog readers- the Word of the Day Guyz- who answered our email on this subject:

"Heya Rumpole- thanks for the shout out. This is an easy one:

Prurient: Etymology: Latin prurient-, pruriens, present participle of prurire to itch, crave; akin to Latin pruna glowing coal, Sanskrit ploŠĻ£ati he singes, and probably to Latin pruina.

Definitions include: marked by or arousing an immoderate or unwholesome interest or desire; especially : marked by, arousing, or appealing to sexual desire .Uneasy with desire; itching; especially having a lascivious anxiety or propensity; lustful; arousing or appealing to sexual desire."

Call on us anytime.

Word of the Day Guyz. "

Rumpole says: As we suspected and remembered, there is an "itching" component to one who has a prurient interest, and somehow it just fits in the motion's description of the ASA scratching the arm of the deputy in a manner that was "inconsistent" with a purely professional scratching. What exactly is a scratching that would be consistent with a professional relationship? Is it Justice Ginsberg asking Justice Scalia to "scratch my back" during a lull in oral arguments at the Supreme Court?

In any event, it's been forever since a fetching young ASA scratched us in a manner that was anything other than malicious.

See you in court with this itch that we just can't reach......



RFB said...

KATYA- sounds like the name a hottie would have.

Anonymous said...

I knew katya in law school...saucy little Ukrainian number

God has spoken to Gov AZ said...

Well, if any of you are looking to speak directly with God, you can contact the Governor of Arizona because she has today said that God told her to take away domestic partnership benefits in her State.

Arizona Governor Takes Away State Domestic Partner Benefits
Says 'God Has Placed Me in This Powerful Position'

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but Piss Man dehotties it quick.

Anonymous said...

I once had a motion for early termination of probation with the probation officer's agreement in front of Phil Knight. When the judge asked for the State's response to the motion, the ASA said nothing and caressed my back. I then caressed her back, too. Judge Knight said "In light of the State's response, the motion is granted." By the way, there was no relationship with the ASA. She just happened to be a sweet person.

Anonymous said...

Report from Tobacco road-

Wow- who ever thought Joel Brown could go so low in the Limbo, especially while holding a bud light.

Anonymous said...

How about those three cubana judges singing "when irish eyes are smiling" ? aye que calliente!!

Anonymous said...

katya never seems happy in all the times ive seen her in court

CAPTAIN said...



At last count, ten Circuit Court and nine County Court Groups will have contested elections.

Not all candidates have paid the qualifying fee. They have until Noon on Friday to make their decision.

Sandy Perlman still remains without opposition in Group 51 and has the chance of getting elected to a Circuit Court seat without having to face the voters in August. Cheryl Aleman has not filed to run for re-election - yet.

In Dade, Milt Hirsch is in similar shoes in that he stands to win a Circuit Court seat without facing an opponent.

Cap Out .....

Toy Story said...

North of the Border sounds like a madhouse this week!

Anonymous said...

if milt wins without an opponent i will swallow my vomit