Friday, April 30, 2010



Our first update comes from North of the Border, where, thanks to the JAA Broward Blog, we learned that Judge Lee "six shooter" Seidman has filed against Judge Leebow, making it a 3 person race for Judge Leebow's seat.

And former Judge Jeff Swartz, who was first in against Judge Adrien, is also first out. Here is his withdrawal letter. Judge (for now) Adrien is left to tangle with the formidable Samantha Ruiz-Cohen. If you go by fundraising and contributions from attorneys, its not so surprising to see that Adrien has had almost no support from the legal community. Now why in the world could that be? Here's one thing for certain: Adrien will not slide by on that "Camacho" scam he pulled off against Judge Hank Harnage. Not when running against a candidate with the last name of "Ruiz-Cohen". So now it's down to competency and merit.

Here's the link to the candidates list. You have to scroll towards the bottom to get to the Judges in Dade and Broward. So far, outside of Johnson getting an opponent yesterday and Swartz dropping out, no new surprises, But that can change as quickly as the clock ticks from 11:58 to 11:59.

There's plenty of judges who didn't sleep too well last night, and who are glued to their computer screen and cell phone. While we predict a few more surprises, most will be ok.

We're going to do a little training today, so if you want to see Rumpole in action, we'll be riding our bike on the Key for a bit, then a short swim, back on the bike and off the key. We'll check in again after we've gotten home and showered.


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Batman said...

Swartz is out and was not going to file anywhere else. If any of you listened to him, his main goal was to assure that Adrien was not re-elected.

However Rump, I disagree with you on the Adrien race. I am not sure that despite Ruiz-Cohen's (Colombian not Cuban) money(??) and support(??) (no different than Harnage had 6 years ago) that she can win in a race where the voter turnout will be 7% at best and more African-American than Hispanic.

Don't under-estimate this guy. He can pander with the best of them. Do not forget the $1 Billion judgment against the Cuban government last year.

Johnson could be saved by the same electorate. However, unless a lot of money surfaces for him, he is in serious trouble.

Seff loses. She actually loses big.