Monday, June 29, 2009

Odd Couple - "My Strife in Court"

Perhaps the greatest courtroom scene in the history of television.


Anonymous said...

Courtroom life never changes

Anonymous said...

We love Judge Joe Fernandez!

Anonymous said...

We 'assumed" you did.

Anonymous said...

How about that Law and Order episode where Chief Assistant ADA Jack McCoy has a noticeable boner when he's cross-examining the under-aged call girl in the Season 6?

CAPTAIN said...
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CAPTAIN said...

Very funny Rump, but I have to agree with the AFI that voted My Cousin Vinny as number three all time in legal movies (and number one in comedy).

The scene with Judge Herman (Fred Gwynne) Munster, Joe Pesci, and Marisa Tomei with her testifying is one of the best. I could watch that scene (and probably have done so) at least 20 times.

Cap Out ...

Anonymous said...

I heard on the television machine yesterday about a case in China, where a defendant was convicted of a Madoff-like scheme, only on a much smaller scale.
He was sentenced to death ... except the sentence was suspended for one year, and the defendant was released and given the opportunity to raise the full five million dollars owed in restitution to the victims.

Anonymous said...


You have been a lovely (kiss on the hand), lovely (kiss on the hand) blogger.

Anonymous said...

How about Al Pacino's opening statement in "And Justice for All," shot in one take with no script? Pacino deserved an Oscar for this scene alone. Also liked Jimmy Stewart's performance in "Anatomy of a Murder"--you don't see too many lawyers like him in South Florida.

CAPTAIN said...


Interviews for US Attorney & US District Court Judge will take place in July and the interview list is now public, according to the DBR:

The following applicants remain in the mix for U.S. Attorney:

David Buckner, a litigator with Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton in Miami

Wilfredo Ferrer, a Miami-Dade assistant county attorney

Richard D. Gregorie, a long-time federal prosecutor

Broward Circuit Judge Ilona Maxine Holmes

Curtis B. Miner, an attorney with Colson Hicks Eidson

Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas J. Mulvihill

Lilly Ann Sanchez, a Fowler White Burnett criminal defense attorney

Mark Schnapp, an attorney with Greenberg Traurig

William Richard Scruggs, a Miami-Dade prosecutor

Interim U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Sloman

James H. Swain, former Miami forfeiture division chief

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Daryl E. Trawick

Only four applicants were cut:

Palm Beach County Court Judge Reginald Corlew

Brian Miller, an Akerman Senterfitt securities class-action attorney

Sandra Wiseman, a litigator from Venice, Fla.

Marvelle McIntyre-Hall, a former federal prosecutor

The following 15 will be interviewed by the JNC for U.S. district judge:

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jerald Bagley

3rd District Court of Appeal Judge Gerald Cope Jr.

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Mary Barzee Flores

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Darrin Gayles

Holland & Knight commercial litigator Judith Korchin

Broward County Court Judge Robert Lee

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Peter Lopez

Squire Sanders & Dempsey litigator Patricia Lowry

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ana Maria Martinez

Assistant U.S. Attorney Caroline Heck Miller

U.S. Magistrate Judge Robin Rosenbaum

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Robert Scola Jr.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Barry Seltzer

U.S. Magistrate Judge Patrick White

Federal Public Defender Kathleen Williams

Six applicants were cut:

Randee Golder
Robert Levinson
Judge Maria Ortiz
Emmanuel Perez
Tina Talarchyk

and, Sadly, blog favorite Judge Peter Adrien did NOT make the final cut for District Court Judge.


Anonymous said...


"I hereby blame it on the rain."

Anonymous said...

I am shocked that Judge Adrien did not make the cut. I demand a federal investigation!

Pacificus said...

Great scene Rump but nothing beats Curly being duly sworn, in the Three Stogges Classic " Disorder in the Court"

CAPTAIN said...



It's finally official. The Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled and

AL FRANKEN is officially the Senator from that state.

Cap Out ....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is anybody highering? Who needs an asistent for his or her awfiss?

batman said...

Ahh, but you under estimate Peter Adrien. He will put in his campaign literature that he was an applicant for three Federal judgeships in two different districts.

What a sleaze. Maybe he can borrow some of that $2 Billion being collected from Che Guevara for his campaign.