Sunday, June 21, 2009


The police shooting of Leonardo Barquin, an unarmed 17 year old boy, was the case that started the process that eventually cost David Ranck his job as an assistant state attorney. 

Agree or disagree with Ranck's analysis and subsequent actions, Ranck saw something he didn't like and he spoke out about it. How easy it would have been to join the cosy club of police officers protecting one of their own. But Ranck went where he believed the evidence was taking him, and along the way he incurred the wrath of both the police and the supervisors in his own office. 

Sometime during Sunday a woman purporting to be the mother of Leonardo Barquin somehow found our blog and posted a comment. 

The comment serves as a reminder that when all the legal analysis and politics are over, a boy is dead and a mother grieves. 

Everybody talk about Katherine Fernandez, but not one about Jorge Espinosa, the former police officer who shoot a boy unarmed three times in his back and beat him without mercy. This boy did not have a criminal record contrary to Jorge Espinosa that at the time of the murder counted with a history of police brutality. He was also investigated for trespassing with his police uniform some residences to steal. I’m not exaggerating or creating anything, I’m talking about facts and I can prove it.

Even if Leonardo Barquin was doing something wrong, he had the right to live and this police officer the responsibility to arrest him, so a judge could determine if he was guilty or not. But justice sometime is betrayed and perverted by some unscrupulous people as this former police officer.

Jorge Espinosa is a violent and unscrupulous man who does not know about limits. After “he left” the Police Department and with a murder in his back and as I mentioned a record of police brutality, this man was able to run for a seat in the Florida House of Representatives. When I found out this, I went to one of the Polling House and to my surprise he was there. At the beginning he was laughing at me, but far a way, but with a cynical smile in his face he approached to me and took pictures of me, probably to intimidate me. But definitely he didn’t know that the love of a mother exceed any type of intimidation or fear. 
At first I was skeptical about the “Blue Code” in the Police Department, but not anymore since every time I have seen in the news that a police killed a person, the investigation concluded that the shoot was justified. The translation to the “Blue Code” is corruption and we with our silence are allowing this few people to corrupt our justice system. 
Katherine Fernandez-Rundle won’t be all her life the prosecutor of Miami, but unfortunately I think we need to way until she leaves her office for justice returns to Miami. I think that David Ranck is a prosecutor that believes in the justice system of this country and I would like to have his faith, and one day see Jorge Espinosa paying for his crime. I’m Leonardo Barquin’s mother, a boy that with only 17 years old was graduated from High School. He was looking for a University to enroll. He had a lot of plans, a future that was killed with him by a murder dress with a police uniform. I’ll love him forever and will fight for justice the rest of my life if it’s necessary. 
Beatriz Luis-Garcia


Anonymous said...

There are way too many stooges at the SAO just willing to file whatever charges the cops and/or victims deem appropriate. Any C or B ASA has plenty of shit cases that should have never been filed in their caseload.

David Ranck is human; like all human beings, he has his flaws. But besides being a damn good attorney, his commitment to justice is unparalleled with the exception of Abe Laeser. As one who has been an ASA with David and gone against him as a defense attorney, David fully works up a case before he files charges. He is also not afraid to call foul when it is warranted. He insists that his investigators do all of the neccesary legwork before he makes a difficult decision--whether or not to charge someone with the most serious of offenses. And while an ASA he did a damn good job of it.

Being a police officer is a difficult job; witness the rash of police killings (Pittsburgh, Oakland) over the past few months. Cops are human too. All make honest mistakes, just like the rest of us. A few are scumbags who have no business carrying a badge and gun. Ranck is not afraid to call the latter out.

Plain and simple, with Abe now retired, David has more cojones than all of the other ASAs put together.

Anonymous said...

Step one: Ban police unions.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, interesting decision by the 9th:

"Delivering a blow to bloggers' rights, a federal appeals court has ruled that a Washington state teacher's blog attacking co-workers, the union and the school district was not protected speech, and therefore she was not unlawfully demoted over it. The 9th Circuit found that Tara Richerson's speech was disruptive, eroded work relationships and interfered with her job performance, which involved mentoring teachers. The court also found her speech was "racist, sexist, and bordered on vulgar."


Anonymous said...

There is clearly a brain drain going on at the State. It only
takes 4 or 5 years to make DC
now. These are little puppies wading into big dog territory.
Quite simply its a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Roof roof

CAPTAIN said...


In case any of you missed it, as reported on the federal blog, the list of those that have applied to become a US District Court Judge has been increased by one.

Your favorite, the one and only Judge Peter Adrien, has applied for the position.


Rumpole said...

If you're going to make an allegation of adultery, you had better be prepared to sign your name and back it up.

Rumpole said...

My rules for MY BLOG are that you sign your name. I could care less what anyone else says, does, or blogs.

Anonymous said...

You are kidding, aren't you ... Pedro "Macho Camacho" Clueless Adien is applying for a federal (lifetime) post?! Now I know how screwed up Miami is!

Anonymous said...

Free Maryjane! Free David Ranck!

Anonymous said...

Damn it Rump, "you could care less" implies you care. "you couldn't care less," is what i think you meant.